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  • bodapatisai bodapatisai

    Cant u make a recipe without cream......these r not indian recipes....

  • Nazma Shaikh
    Nazma Shaikh 6 hours ago

    Im an Indian....

  • sajjad salim
    sajjad salim 7 hours ago

    Thanks for showing Indian recipes
    Please show indian desserts

  • Asmita Jana
    Asmita Jana 9 hours ago

    Being An Indian.. My Eyes Hurt Seeing This Video. you Ruined All The Authentic Recipes..

  • Tanamay Sinha
    Tanamay Sinha 10 hours ago

    That shit ain't butter chicken 🙄

  • thea
    thea 15 hours ago

    This some white people Indian food

  • indrani thota
    indrani thota Day ago

    Lol.. the chicken biryani which is shown here is nowhere close to the Indian version of biryanis

  • Sutapa Das
    Sutapa Das Day ago

    We Indians don't give so much of yoghurt in biriyani

  • Visa Thurikha
    Visa Thurikha Day ago

    Chicken Tikka biriyani? Seriously!? I really don't want to criticize this video.. but I can't hold it back when this biriyani shit started 😪😏

  • Meera Mahesh
    Meera Mahesh Day ago

    Cayenne pepper, paprika, oven for baking chicken, slow cooker, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, too much butter, yogurt and chiili powder in every single curry that is soooo not Indian. Indian cuisine has so much more diverse food to offer

    DARTHASH PIE Day ago

    This is not Indian food this is just named Indian food.

  • Anshi 7
    Anshi 7 Day ago +1

    Yeah ✌ I m Indian

  • abeer msh
    abeer msh Day ago

    Rip indian food 😅😅😅

  • Bhoomika Gowda
    Bhoomika Gowda Day ago

    It's not Indian food it's an insult to our food 😂😂😂😂 and y every recipe include chicken

  • YK JR
    YK JR Day ago

    Finally hygeinic indian food

  • jimin ssi
    jimin ssi Day ago

    We have vegetables and plenty vegetarians

  • N Arul Selvi Selvi

    This doesn't look like Indian at all and you made something called biriyani right? What the heck was that?

  • zaib shaikh
    zaib shaikh Day ago

    Not indian food, using incorrect onions, not cooking them well, chicken not cooked well, dry masalas added not cooked enough, oil put in is less, biryani was not at all real, theres thousands of indian cooking videos, do better research

  • thiyagesh n
    thiyagesh n Day ago +1

    I am a indian

  • Rose MB
    Rose MB Day ago

    Only Criticism in Comments.
    Toxic environment😷

  • Masudo Okazaki
    Masudo Okazaki Day ago

    I tried food from different countries but Indian food is the best in the world.

  • Emilio Lozano
    Emilio Lozano Day ago

    Hold up. Wait a minute. There’s food in Africa?

  • openyourricetechnology

    I cringed whenever they used the canned tomatoes

  • Hetvi Patel
    Hetvi Patel 2 days ago

    Most of these "Indian" recipes are American perceived recipes.

  • Anshu Kaur
    Anshu Kaur 2 days ago

    Why are they all non - veg most indians are vegeterian

  • Forrest Lowe
    Forrest Lowe 2 days ago

    Lets make an Indian food video where we use the same ingredients for every recipe. Plot twist, only one of them is going to be distinguished from the rest. But like we all saw her season that poor chicken with just salt and pepper. Way to slap culture and diversity in the face, tasty. “Here’s how to make Indian food! Featuring a bunch of white people!”

    • Forrest Lowe
      Forrest Lowe 2 days ago

      White rice? Groundbreaking! Oh I think we seasoned it too much, let’s water the whole thing down. Hurry, let’s tell everyone about the Maillard reaction again!

  • Sana Shaikh
    Sana Shaikh 2 days ago

    Kuch b Bana rahe h salee

  • Ranjeeta Banerjee
    Ranjeeta Banerjee 2 days ago +1

    Indian cuisine is incomparable and truly mouth watering

  • aishani ittan
    aishani ittan 2 days ago

    Well guys as an Indian, criticism aside,I think they really tried so good effort guys ❤


    Maybe it looks like indian food. But this is not our exact recipe and ingridients.

  • Nelson Dsilva
    Nelson Dsilva 2 days ago

    You'll are good at preparing Western dishes. Why don't you'll just stick to that.

  • Nashra 822
    Nashra 822 2 days ago +1

    First of all Indians don't bake their food they fry it
    Second Indians don't eat boneless chicken
    And third Indians eat chicken with roti ( most )
    Fourth indians not always make their curry red putting tomato sauce too much ..
    Fifth we don't know what type of meat u use, i mean pork or something ...
    No hate btw ....just telling u something about Indian food

  • B Bom
    B Bom 2 days ago

    These are cheap shortcut recipies, as an Indian I can say that our food is far superior to this

  • Uzair Qureshi
    Uzair Qureshi 2 days ago

    korma and Biryani are Pakistani recipes not Indian.

  • Aazim Domki
    Aazim Domki 2 days ago +1

    Indian food is delicious ❤️😍

  • Ishita Singh
    Ishita Singh 2 days ago

    Well Indian food is mostly vegan but all these recipes had meat

  • Anushree Shirodkar
    Anushree Shirodkar 2 days ago

    Are you seriously calling it a biryani

  • Abhilash Bhattacharya

    There are more amazing stuff than the same old chicken curries

  • adharsh vishnu
    adharsh vishnu 2 days ago

    Though all of those chicken dishes look the same and has almost the same ingredients, the blend of the spices are different, ie the ratio in which the spices are added and cooking time of each of the ingredient imparts a different flavors and taste..
    Though this doesn't represent the entire Indian cusine, these are staple dishes found in and around the subcontinet.
    As always good effort❤️

  • Anwesha Misra
    Anwesha Misra 2 days ago

    I'm an Indian I love your recipes.

  • Frances Brooks
    Frances Brooks 2 days ago

    lets chat?

  • Sweetbangtan
    Sweetbangtan 2 days ago +1

    the LACK of variety in this video, along with the overuse of unnecessary of ingredients (cayenne!?) and that biryani? didn’t do the dish justice. good video though, just wish it was thought out a lot better is all

  • MiRose Gamer
    MiRose Gamer 2 days ago

    T series food

  • Muhammad Rafay
    Muhammad Rafay 2 days ago +1

    biryani is a pakistani food also

  • bala krishna maganti
    bala krishna maganti 2 days ago +1

    I never add tomato sauce and cream, I don't no who add that much and eat, sorry not trying to rude but I suggest non indians to not try these recipes , very disappointed

  • nirmal vishal
    nirmal vishal 2 days ago

    What a disappointment, been a heavy follower of you guys. But you fucked up at the Indian cousine.

  • Priya Bhattacharya
    Priya Bhattacharya 2 days ago

    That's a kid version of butter chicken.. not the real one

  • Shahzaman Shaikh
    Shahzaman Shaikh 2 days ago +1

    Thats not how u make biriyani

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 days ago

    This Da white version of Indian food

  • Mature Name
    Mature Name 2 days ago


  • Noor ZäîñäB
    Noor ZäîñäB 3 days ago

    According to this video indian dishes are directly proportional to chicken

  • Anamika Khan
    Anamika Khan 3 days ago

    I am an Indian and I love butter chicken. And I would never suggest anybody to make this butter chicken. 😅😂

  • Yash Chaudhary
    Yash Chaudhary 3 days ago

    Still Searching for Indian Food..

  • Pudding and Pie
    Pudding and Pie 3 days ago

    Literally my whole stay in India I didn’t see a tomato once, although that could have just been that part of India.

  • raktim barua
    raktim barua 3 days ago

    Oh you silly Americans, always mess other cultures food up. I can say you guys made the same Shit over and over again, and there are so many errors in your way of cooking. No doubt you guys have diarrhea with this style of Indian cooking. A real Indian would never eat that Shit you're cooking.

  • Lisha Ali
    Lisha Ali 3 days ago

    the chicken curry was just chicken in tomato paste

  • Lisha Ali
    Lisha Ali 3 days ago

    that is DEFINITELY not how u make biryani

  • AllergicToHumans Anti-evertything

    Um curry can be green too. Shiiiii. Usually made with *curry* powder

  • Arannya Samanta
    Arannya Samanta 3 days ago

    There are a lot of varieties of currys in India. And we don't use chicken in every one of our curry. Go and educate yourself first. Typical western people.

  • hayla London
    hayla London 3 days ago

    Tasty thank you for this looks amazing - ignore the overly sensitive Indians having a bitch fit over your ingredients. Ridiculous. If you don't like it go make your own recipe channel

  • Abigail A
    Abigail A 3 days ago

    Indian food isn't all North Indian type hotel chicken .

  • Abigail A
    Abigail A 3 days ago

    Repetitive and totally doesn't do justice to Indian food.

    I SUPPORT PEWDIEPIE 3 days ago +1

    This video is sponsored by chicken 🐔

  • AoT-Cobalt
    AoT-Cobalt 3 days ago

    What the hell is this westernization of Indian food. You do realize that a lot of India is vegetarian and that literally no traditional method was shown in this video. You sacrificed so much taste for an "easier" dish. That is the curse of Indian food: it takes hours to make and is gone in minutes. Don't cheat the system.

  • Adarsh Bilekal
    Adarsh Bilekal 3 days ago

    Most of the Indians are veg and pls show veg recipes

  • Títí & Nia
    Títí & Nia 3 days ago

    Definitely mouth watering alright 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Aishwarya Erande
    Aishwarya Erande 3 days ago

    Can we get some VEGETARIAN options please..... I mean chicken and meat are reserved for only special occasions and more than 80% of the time we eat VEGETARIAN dishes. So if you will.......

  • Alie Sasha Alif Chan

    Tbh they all look much less the same. Indian food is not just all chicken or all curry and the curry is not always red it could be green or yellow. ( but they do look very delicious )

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy 3 days ago

    I can imagine why people pressed the ‘Dislike’ button. Next time, maybe get actual Indian people to cook authentic Indian food. No pressure.

  • sneha priya
    sneha priya 3 days ago

    ●It's difficult to sell goods to Indians especially if it's about nation's pride.❤
    ●Other videos in "tatsy" are awesome but this video has really made most of the Indians upset.
    ●We use tomato puree and not tomato sauce.

  • Veera Deep
    Veera Deep 3 days ago

    Ruined indian cuisine !! We saute our onions, we add whole spices
    first n let them release their flavours, cinnamon powder n turmeric n coriander powder are added after onions are fried properly, garam masala is added mostly towards the end of the recipe because keeping it in the pan for long can burn the masala. What the heck have you guys done ? We don't cook boneless stuff and we don't use olive oil for God's sake. We don't use cayenne or paprika !! Guys, some respect pls. That thing can never claim itself as a part of indian cuisine. What you made was not even close.

  • vishal zhaoyun
    vishal zhaoyun 3 days ago +1

    Pls make some vegetarian meals.... Most Indians don't eat meat..... But delicious vid😅🤩🤩

  • Aman Sapra
    Aman Sapra 3 days ago

    Warning: Don't prepare butter chicken that way, well if you want to eat a shitty version then I will not stop you guys. I'll write down the recipe below if you want to taste the real butter chicken:
    Butter chicken with bone
    The first part to make a perfect butter chicken is how well your Bbq/ tandoori chicken is
    It is the simplest of recipe without any frills andn fancy and the outcome is yum! If you wish to cut your work time to only 30 mts then order for a tandoori chicken from ur nearby restaurant n after doing the sauce / gravy add it to the same
    In the meanwhile .....
    Step 1 : BBQ
    •6 full legs approx 1 kg . Washed n pat dried . Incision made with a sharp knife that cuts n touches the bone
    First marinate
    Lemon juice of 2 +Ginger Garlic paste 3 Tspn + salt 1 tspn + Garam Masala 1 tspn +chat masala 1.5 tspn +black pepper 3/4 Tspn+red chillies powder 1 tspn + Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 tspn. Rub it in the incision very well . Rest for 3-4 hours
    Second marinate
    Hung curd 200 gms + Corriender pwdr 2 tspn +1 tspn cummin pwdr +kasuri methi 1.5 tspn +green Corriender 2 tbspn +mustard oil 2 tbspn
    Rub in very well . Rest for another 2 hours
    ***The first marinate is light and lemon juice helps to penetrate the GG paste and salt . So even deep down you will get the taste of seasoning. Also in this marinade chicken after seasoning will leave sum water which we just throw . In the second marinate we have added mustard oil which won’t help the marination to work so well in such less time . But yes mustard oils is being added since it has a high burning point and works as a coat on the chicken
    Start the fire and roast directly with low flames once u have spread the coals in ur tandoor grill . Bbq n keep basting with butter mixed with veg oil or if you don't have a oven pan fry them untill they are cooked. The only difference will be missing smoky flavour.
    Once your chicken is done do rest it for 10 minutes before you add this to the gravy . Can chop the tangri/chicken leg to two halves
    Step 2 : Gravy / sauce
    Boil water and add 10 medium sized tomatoes that have been bruised with a cross on its mouth with a knife for easy removal of skin . Remove skin n chop . Keep aside .
    In hot water keep 10-15 cashew nuts for them to soften . I added these to the boiling water of tomatoes midway .
    Heat a wok and add vegetable oil preferably or a oil without a strong flavor. Once it heats up throw in finely chopped ginger 3 “ ,followed by one Medium onion finely chopped n after 2 mts finely chopped 8-10 big Chinese Garlic cloves . Sauté on medium flame and once translucent add your par boiled n chopped tomatoes n 3 chopped fiery green chillies + cashew nuts +Kasuri methi 2 tspn crushed in palms +red chillies 1/2 tspn + Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 tspn + handful of chopped green Corriender + 1.5 tspn of sugar / honey + garam masala 1 tspn +1/2 tspn of black pepper pwdr +2 tbspn of tomato ketchup + 100 ml tomato purée + 3 dollops of salted butter + salt to taste .
    Stir till it becomes mushy and the raw smell of masala n ginger garlic had left . Let it cool
    Once it’s cooled down blend it nicely n sieve. Bring this to simmer after adding a glass of milk n sum boiling water . Keep stirring since we don’t wish the milk to cuddle . Ad 100 ml of fresh cream while stirring all the time . We don’t care much for cream but one can add more . Remember cream thickens the gravy . Once it simmers add slowly while stirring 3 big dollops of butter .
    Once the gravy boils bring it to simmer and add juice of one lemon or more and the Bbqed chicken along with its juices from the plate in which it was resting. Stir and let it rest for 10 mts bfr u serve .
    The dish should taste sweet sour and way down salt .
    Garnish with chopped green Corriender and julienned ginger n a slice of lemon . Serve with Pranthas .
    Note :- if u wish to have a semi thick gravy then you need to add milk and water and cream . And if you wish to have a thick gravy then only milk and full tetra pack of 200 Ml of cream will do .

  • Amritha Krishnan
    Amritha Krishnan 3 days ago

    Is that biryani???? Fuck off

  • Ranjana Chhauda
    Ranjana Chhauda 3 days ago

    Haat bc.You guys are making the same thing over and over.This is nonsense you guys don't have balls to make authentic and diverse Indian food.Motherfckers

  • Anuj Suryavanshi
    Anuj Suryavanshi 3 days ago

    All will taste same :/ and *Nothing Vegetarian*

  • Rambo
    Rambo 3 days ago

    4:47 what’s the device she’s making in??

  • Maharshi Mothkuri
    Maharshi Mothkuri 3 days ago

    You make it simple... but I can make it complicated every time lol...😄😄😄

  • Megha Kulkarni
    Megha Kulkarni 3 days ago

    A big dislike to this video....

  • sandy the darun
    sandy the darun 3 days ago

    In this video ,there is no 100percent indian food .there is d9me invansion if you western guys .tht dumb rice mix is not a biriyani.if u do this in india.youll be hit with stones.i am an indian.

  • Harsh Tigga
    Harsh Tigga 3 days ago

    Tasty : Indian Food
    Indian : nande kore wa

  • Vaishali Ravi
    Vaishali Ravi 3 days ago

    We Indians only eat CHICKENNNN

  • Jojangandha Mukherjee

    This is an indo-american style of actual recipes. Like we have adopted Indian style of Chinese food.

  • Harsh Tigga
    Harsh Tigga 3 days ago

    Indian: South Indian food,north Indian food ,indo Chinese food ,.........
    Typical foreign stereotype: CURRY

    This is just a joke. don't get offended

  • Harsh Tigga
    Harsh Tigga 3 days ago

    Every Indian went Gordon Ramsay in the comments😂

  • Truptimayee Mohanty
    Truptimayee Mohanty 3 days ago

    really such unprofessional

  • Piyush Mishra
    Piyush Mishra 3 days ago

    India Or Sweden?

    SUBASH PRAVEEN 3 days ago

    I'm also an indian

  • deepak sharma
    deepak sharma 3 days ago

    Don’t defame indian food like this please 😂

  • Foodies Taste
    Foodies Taste 3 days ago

    What???! for three hours and what do u think do you think making biriyani is so easy. And the last question where did you eat all these and where did you learn it from. It can never be from India because we don't eat lots of tomato sauce or paste and even we never put lots of yogurt to chicken. I like tasty but this video made me upset

  • avneet kaur
    avneet kaur 3 days ago

    A tip . Marinate the chicken overnight if you have the time

  • Foodies Taste
    Foodies Taste 3 days ago

    This is European's food. We Asians and we Indians eat with bones and we don't pour kgs of tomato sauce or paste. We don't even pour heavy cream

  • Incredible Gamer 10
    Incredible Gamer 10 3 days ago +1

    I'm an Indian and I love my curry

  • Abdullah Nazir
    Abdullah Nazir 3 days ago

    Try pakistani food that is more mouth watering then this . Indian food is also good but I think this is not Indian food . Other than this I like your food

  • Shilpa Haridas
    Shilpa Haridas 3 days ago

    I have been following tasty a lot but it has disappointed me when it comes to Indian cuisine.. we do not use tomato sauce in curries and the quantity of garam masala is very high in all your curries, also not every curry is red
    In butter chicken one cannot have these big pieces of onions and 5 inches long cinnamon stick it will ruin the taste and authenticity.
    Biryani takes hours to make and needs a lot of patience and work.. everything is not simple as shown here..

  • mynameisash subscribe??

    not rascist btw

    y is there italian music in the background

    • Harsh Tigga
      Harsh Tigga 3 days ago

      At least there is no munni badnam hui in the background

  • bishnu priya
    bishnu priya 3 days ago

    Can you please tell from where did you learn the recipes from and who the hell said you Indians only eat rice on a daily basis,if you think like that then please get proper information.Indians eat roti,naan,kulcha paratha etc etc.
    For curry there are thousands of dishes, tumhara peet phat jaega pare khana khnaa nahi hoga😎.
    Every Indian does not eat chicken and every curry is not red in colour nd all dishes don't include the same masala's and cooking process there are way more recipes nd cooking process for some recipes are very different,you showed only chicken recipes where did the paneer,aloo matar,gobi ki sabzi etc etc go.
    It seems like you are just trying to make a joke of Indian food

  • Ridhtang Duggal
    Ridhtang Duggal 3 days ago

    Butter chicken curry should be be thick

  • Dyna FMascarenhas
    Dyna FMascarenhas 3 days ago

    The food looks yummy n it's a good attempt but Indian prep is way different. I'm sure if u taste u wl notice the diff..... this is westernization of Indian recrpies

  • Kshitiz Anand
    Kshitiz Anand 3 days ago

    Loved it..they are easy to cook and tastes like home!