Mouth-Watering Indian Food Recipes • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Indian food recipes pack a punch of tasty flavor!
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Comments • 2 316

  • addu farheen
    addu farheen Hour ago

    as an indian .. my head hurts so much by seeing this ! although good try 🌻

  • Malaika Mahapatra
    Malaika Mahapatra 10 hours ago +1

    Hopeless.... Absolutely hopeless
    Tasty please use some more brains and research some more. If you can't find authentic recipes then pay a visit to India....very very disappointing.....

  • Thelisted things
    Thelisted things 15 hours ago

    Indians don't put chicken in every thing bro...

  • Achintya Kallat
    Achintya Kallat 23 hours ago

    Traditional indian food does not use heavy cream, canned tomatoes or slow cookers. This is highly over simplified. You should've just named the video 'how to cook spicy food'. Calling it indian is just an insult. And dont even get me started on the fact that the entire video only has rice related dishes. Indians are also large consumers of bread rotis, dosas ,bhakris,theplas, the list goes on and on.

  • Lakshmi Sankar
    Lakshmi Sankar Day ago

    How NOT to cook an Indian dish

  • Aatrayee Mukherjee

    I am an Indian

    ANAMI DUTTA Day ago

    I am proud to be an Indian 😁😁😁😁😁

  • foody moody
    foody moody 2 days ago

    You don't know that how to cook indian food .you are not browning onions you are aadind raw onion .these recipes are very bad

  • Gayatri Ramasubramaniyan

    Please rename the video as 5 Indian chicken gravy recipes. Not very well researched and provides a very one dimensional view of Indian cuisine. Very disappointed

  • NAVNEETA Navneeta
    NAVNEETA Navneeta 2 days ago

    ase nhi bantaa ye sab

  • Colin Mikhail
    Colin Mikhail 3 days ago

    1. Use Ghee
    2. Roast whole spices, seeds, cloves, etc. and then add onion
    3. Lack of diversity

  • Sahana Rajagopal
    Sahana Rajagopal 4 days ago +1

    As a Tasty channel lover and follower , this video put me off completely.
    Indian cuisine has an immensely long list of dishes that this video doesn't even begin to compare to. Chicken is NOT the main ingredient in every dish. There's other vegetables , pulses and meats used which are unique in their own way and are used to make a variety of dishes!
    Also Indian cuisine is diverse to such a manner that every corner of the country has their own unique twist which adds a wonderful flavor to the dishes. For example in some places ,people use Mustard oil , others use coconut oil and yet others use gingelly/sunflower oil and so on. Combining all the "masalas" doesn't give you an authentic "Indian flavor".
    I genuinely expected better from Tasty.

  • Ludhiya Jetty
    Ludhiya Jetty 5 days ago


  • Manasee Telaang
    Manasee Telaang 5 days ago

    sanjeev kapoor has left the chat

  • Samiksha Gajbhiye
    Samiksha Gajbhiye 5 days ago

    This not the way in which indian food is cooked.

  • Bindu Rajmohan
    Bindu Rajmohan 5 days ago +4

    *Tomato sauce in Indian butter chicken*

  • carol misquitta
    carol misquitta 6 days ago

    Wtf u just ruined the Indian recipes

  • The Great Legend
    The Great Legend 6 days ago +2

    You are making biriyani in wrong way

  • psr agencies
    psr agencies 6 days ago +1

    as an Indian I was very happy to see the video.Thank you so much.

  • unknown Ankush
    unknown Ankush 7 days ago


  • Leena Arland
    Leena Arland 7 days ago

    I'm sure all the Indians are out to get Tasty after this video

  • Lavanya
    Lavanya 7 days ago

    *makes a video on indian food*
    *cooks nothing but chicken while india has the largest population of vegetarians in the world*

  • urbi goswami
    urbi goswami 8 days ago +1

    From when did butter chicken have tomato sauce?

  • Ihlasul Iqbal
    Ihlasul Iqbal 8 days ago

    If you are making indian recipe like this..what about you other recipes??

  • Sanisha S.S
    Sanisha S.S 8 days ago

    Anything for vegetarians in there?

  • Jyothi Prasad
    Jyothi Prasad 8 days ago

    It is kurma

  • Arohi Mittal
    Arohi Mittal 8 days ago +2

    tf is that ? are u kidding me ? its just chicken all over lol

  • madhu mitha
    madhu mitha 8 days ago +2

    There is no baking in Indian cooking!!!

  • Aditi Saurav
    Aditi Saurav 8 days ago

    Okay... These are american versions of Indian foods. Indian curry may look red but Indian foods not at all have ketchup in them. butter chicken is not butter+chicken. 😂😂😂 Also Indian don't always eat curry. Indian food is diverse than people think. Undoubtedly indian food tastes the best in India.But stilll appreciation for trying.😉

  • Anita Avadhanula
    Anita Avadhanula 8 days ago

    We dont use Cayenne pepper

  • sanjay singh
    sanjay singh 8 days ago

    Heaven for chicken lovers❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💛💛💛💛

  • Khushi Chauhan
    Khushi Chauhan 9 days ago

    In Indian food we don't add yoghurt or tomato sauce you are cooking our food in your American way please come to India and learn how we cook our in our way and then make the video

  • Pranav Swarna
    Pranav Swarna 9 days ago

    Bruh u guys didn’t mention a single vegetarian dish, yet most of India’s population and cuisine is vegetarian. Next time you guys should do some research before making videos of foreign cuisines.

  • Shakti Maan
    Shakti Maan 9 days ago

    No matter what people are saying.. lovely hands lovely food.

  • Hruthik mahender
    Hruthik mahender 9 days ago

    Proud to be Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳, especially from Mysore ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • sweet dreams
    sweet dreams 9 days ago

    People are commenting this is not indian dish and these type of comment but I think tasty made a replica of those indian dish in their ways .so pls respect the effort
    It's just they know indians like spicy food or something
    P.S im not an indian just know their food type

  • Shoaib Malik
    Shoaib Malik 11 days ago

    Actually they thinks that Indian people like to add a lot of spices in there dishes,and they only eat curry, gravy or any heavy stuff but that's not what Indian people like to eat...there are trillion of dishes except curry and having low-spice and they also ate vegetables

    DHRUV GAMER 11 days ago +1


  • Kabyashree Pathak
    Kabyashree Pathak 11 days ago

    Wow enchanting 😵

  • SilentAutumnHues _09
    SilentAutumnHues _09 11 days ago +1

    1) Seeing these nearly made me cry.
    2) That is NOT a biryani. Please stop insulting the original goodness.
    3) What even is tikka masala...

  • Sreejita Roy
    Sreejita Roy 11 days ago

    Dear Tasty, are you pathetic.

  • Debanand Bhoi Bhoi
    Debanand Bhoi Bhoi 11 days ago

    Indian recipes are not chicken only there many different kinds of Indian recipes 😈

  • Animesh Sharma
    Animesh Sharma 11 days ago +1

    Same base gravy for all the recopies . Which all happened to be non-vegetarian for a country with the most vegetarians in the world .

  • Mr. Muffin
    Mr. Muffin 11 days ago

    Who cares if it’s Indian or not it’s still DeLiChIoUs

  • Ananya Garg
    Ananya Garg 11 days ago +1

    Btw most people in India are vegetarian and have a more variation of foods that r pure from the heart and not a bunch of stuff together soooo try to follow real India

  • Mithlesh Sinha
    Mithlesh Sinha 11 days ago

    Indian food takes hours of preparation adding 14 oz of sause in butter chicken doesnt make it one . Indian food is a blend of spice not tomato sause

  • ARMY Forever BTS has destroyed me

    Ah I wish the actual recipes were this simple

  • Rajdeep Kundu
    Rajdeep Kundu 12 days ago +8

    This channel: *makes biryani*
    Indian biryani chefs: look how they massacred my boy

  • Lily Hope
    Lily Hope 12 days ago

    Indian food is all abt spicing (in my opinion)

  • Priyanka Srinivas
    Priyanka Srinivas 12 days ago

    RIP Tikka biryani

  • Po the panda I
    Po the panda I 12 days ago

    *Sanjeev Kapoor has left the chat*

  • boi
    boi 12 days ago

    Tasty is gettin unnecessary hate from a good chunk of indians from this vid, i don't know why ? don't watch the vid if you didn't like it, i saw like 1 guy who gave some constructive criticism, while yes these dishes do largely vary from normal indian food, why so rude ???


    Wow u r very talented

  • Haadia Imran
    Haadia Imran 12 days ago

    Listen if you don't know how to make Pakistani/Indian foods then don't stop insulting our food

  • mami levia
    mami levia 12 days ago

    as a desi im offended

  • Poot Potatoes
    Poot Potatoes 12 days ago

    I have a question, does this team have an Indian and diverse group of chefs and cooks? I'd like to see more diversity in the Home cooked meals of different cultures and different styles. Not just the stuff you'll find in a tourist trap. Like Real Indiana Food, Real Mexican food, and real Asian food.

  • Ishan Mukul
    Ishan Mukul 12 days ago

    Very offensive. Who uses Cayenne Pepper in Butter Chicken? Use Dahi(Yogurt) instead of Heavy Cream for God Sake! I know you did not just use caramelized onions in my Chicken Biryani. Don’t ever use Wine Vinegar for Chicken Curry. Stop using Paprika instead of Chilli Powder. That Music is not and never will be indian. MAKE SOME VEGETARIAN OPTIONS!!!!! DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO THINK INDIANS ARE JUST CHICKEN,CHICKEN, CHICKEN!!!!!!

    I am a very big fan of Tasty. Sooooooo Much! But please don’t do this Tasty. 🙏🏾

  • Samarth
    Samarth 12 days ago

    And most of them r mughlai

  • Samarth
    Samarth 12 days ago

    The indian food needs love to be cooked it is a mixture of many spices I m just 13 and a boy still I can cook better food than u

  • SayAnka BisWas
    SayAnka BisWas 12 days ago

    Just ignore all the negative all tried your best, thats what I believe....and we Indians are also not experts in making foreign food....So please don't discourage this channel ppl!

  • shivanshi soni
    shivanshi soni 12 days ago

    aree yrr....chicken mainn sauce kon dalta hain😭😭...

  • Taslim Khan
    Taslim Khan 13 days ago

    my indian soul is crying🙁

  • Deeksha Sachan
    Deeksha Sachan 13 days ago

    Indian food has a huge variety of vegetarian food which you missed ! Try to keep the diversity in Indian food because our food is not always red and we use ghee instead of butter
    -better luck next time.
    this comment just a critic not a backlash

  • Mohammad Ohiduzzaman
    Mohammad Ohiduzzaman 13 days ago

    **American Indian food

  • last stand
    last stand 13 days ago

    Each and every dishes is northern Indian. There are many part of India with different types of food.

  • little sister
    little sister 13 days ago +3

    Actual indian receipes never use heavy cream.. Except in desserts.. Not even in butter chicken...
    Also garam masala is added towards the end.. 5-8 mins before turning off otherwise it turns.. Bitter..

  • Sharanyo Paul
    Sharanyo Paul 13 days ago

    Ah Christ! That IS not biriyani!

  • sandy vigram
    sandy vigram 13 days ago +1

    This is not the way we cook... I am an INDIAN... If you cook like this then the taste of the dish will definitely not like our dishes
    And we never use tomato sauce...

  • Seetharam Kalinga
    Seetharam Kalinga 13 days ago +7

    Being an Indian and watching this 😑😂

  • nia h
    nia h 13 days ago +11

    Indians !!!we need to help tasty😂😂
    This is surely not the way we cook

  • Syed Akhter
    Syed Akhter 13 days ago

    O hello chicken tikka biryani is a Pakistani dish

  • Moumita Garai
    Moumita Garai 13 days ago

    Adding turmeric and garam masala powder to american recipes doesn't mean the recipe would be Indian!
    We have different process of making each curry, and we do not make the gravy with tomato sauce and yoghurt!
    It seems to me a american bunch of recipes with li'l bit of indian spices to make it feel indian recipe

  • Harsha Bharti
    Harsha Bharti 13 days ago +6

    I died a little when the tomato sauce was added in the first recipe. I’ll get disowned by parents after eating that. 💨

  • Eepshita Dutta
    Eepshita Dutta 13 days ago

    This video has nothing Indian. ..u don't even know how many spices are used in Indian cooking...this is ridiculous....

  • hemkesav kumar
    hemkesav kumar 13 days ago +5

    As a indian we don't use ketchup in any of our dishes while making it ☹

  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose 13 days ago

    No no no no no no no this is just wrong

  • Munha' s Munha' s
    Munha' s Munha' s 13 days ago

    Indian people are getting mad over this video. Because we mostly use tomato puree instead of tomatoes. And Indian curry and biryani is very famous all over the world.

  • Thushara Rajesh
    Thushara Rajesh 13 days ago

    YESHHHH FINALLY THANKS TASTYYYY.. now my mouth is watering..

  • Bhatt S
    Bhatt S 14 days ago


  • Abdulla Al Faiyaz
    Abdulla Al Faiyaz 14 days ago +7

    This is not how chicken biryani made in my country, Bangladesh...and as a neighbouring country I m sure this isn't the way chicken biryani made in India as well !!!
    Biryani is an art and more diverse than this !!!

  • zareena mohammad
    zareena mohammad 14 days ago

    I am also a indian I love all the recipes😘😘😘😘😘

  • jn shaikh
    jn shaikh 14 days ago

    No indian food is not like that

  • Binisha Tete
    Binisha Tete 14 days ago

    Not Indian food. Would put a dislike for it.

  • Ashikha s
    Ashikha s 14 days ago

    We don't use this much tomatoes!!! All the recipes look horrible. These are not actual Indian food!

  • Arya Chavan
    Arya Chavan 14 days ago

    Best food ever 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Shivani Prasad
    Shivani Prasad 14 days ago

    I feel like the only way to get this right is to have INDIANS cook Indian food. What's with the stereotyped music too?

  • Maisha Mumtahina Islam

    Bro Bangladesh is a country beside India
    Why do you have to make videos of India only
    Make smthn of Bangladesh as well
    We also have "MOUTH-WATERING" food like the Indians

  • Operation Blackout
    Operation Blackout 14 days ago

    Tasty = bake everything

  • Dolagobind Mohanty
    Dolagobind Mohanty 14 days ago

    I don't know why everyone is manipulating tasty .... As an Indian I also want you should improve your Indian cooking skills..I am happy that you like our Indian food that you wanted to try it.. I think it's not that well but good job.

  • Vasto Lorde
    Vasto Lorde 15 days ago +2

    That is SO not how you make chicken tikka biryani you silly 😂

  • Forever Gamer
    Forever Gamer 15 days ago +1

    Who cam here after searching 'tasty food' because you are bored and hungry and there's nothing to do...

    And then you found this shit...

  • pooja pendharkar
    pooja pendharkar 15 days ago

    As an Indian student studying in Europe. I have curated a few recipes which may not be authentic Indian but like any Indian would cook to get that desi taste and spicy flavor -
    Click! Click! Clickity click!

  • Natalia c
    Natalia c 15 days ago +1

    BF’s chicken seasoning methods disturb me.

  • Kawaii Tsudere Neko Baka Face

    Chicken butter butter

  • Deeya Choudhury
    Deeya Choudhury 15 days ago

    Use your hand rather than spoon while eating Indian Food....It feels like heaven💝💝

  • aithaf
    aithaf 16 days ago

    deja vu !

  • capital radio
    capital radio 16 days ago

    not every curry is red and we don't add tomatoes all the time

  • Rajiv Matta
    Rajiv Matta 16 days ago

    Tasty I thought you knew better than this. Don't use tomato sauce and heavy cream for every goddamn curry

  • cutiee girl
    cutiee girl 16 days ago


  • Shilpa Mitra
    Shilpa Mitra 16 days ago

    Don't dare to coock Indian food ever. Coz this is not the way to coock indian food.