We made his wish come true! Gaming PC Shopping Spree!

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • When we found out that his wish was to meet me and build a computer together, even after dealing with Cancer, we wanted to make this Make-A-Wish an unforgettable one!
    Thank you to Make-A-Wish and Micro Center for making Kees wish a reality!
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Comments • 5 024

  • lxam
    lxam 2 hours ago

    This made me so happy

  • nibbit r6
    nibbit r6 2 hours ago

    What for a case is that

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Lucky man! Hope your doing okay! Hows the build show us benchmarks!

  • Foodstampshawty
    Foodstampshawty 6 hours ago

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having an issue with the fan splitters on the Maximus XI

  • Winxyyy
    Winxyyy 6 hours ago

    I would love for this to happen to me, my pc is very bad and my parents are going through a financial crisis so I don’t really ask for new pc parts

  • sezza122
    sezza122 8 hours ago

    This was awesome what you and everyone involved did Jay :-) awesome mate.

  • Daniel Belay
    Daniel Belay 10 hours ago

    I subbed cuz I thought you were a goofy dude who could help teach me to build a pc. I then found this video and realized you're a goofy dude with a giant heart. Good on you, man.

  • mason noyes
    mason noyes 12 hours ago +1

    No jobs where I live and I’m 15

  • mason noyes
    mason noyes 12 hours ago +1

    I’ve been wanting a pc for over 10 years

  • Jokerboy 169
    Jokerboy 169 13 hours ago

    I’m jealous of his old pc to be honest but glad he got his wish and gets a dope pc

  • Laidan 22
    Laidan 22 13 hours ago

    For the people who disliked your the ignorant individual who wishes all the attention was around you, and think the world revolves around you.
    Your a disgrace to humanity

  • Gorerilla Warfare
    Gorerilla Warfare 16 hours ago

    Man wish i had a chance to build a PC with him ive built 4 computers for friends and my build dates back to 2013 as a birthday present these are the specs MSI X79A-GD45 PLUS-R, i7 3820 lga2011 cpu, cheapest 1600hz ddr3 ram at the time 16 gb, gtx680 (much graphics), 900w psu, and a case which i only remember as a baja case that came on the cyberpower black pearl (was like 2.5 ft tall)

    The build that i did that i like the most was a b450 gigabyte pro wifi, gtx 980ti, trident z royal ram, 500w psu, ryzen 5 2600, and a rosewill prism s case in white they are amazing i ended up buying one.

  • #Bestestimes
    #Bestestimes 16 hours ago

    Thats awesome. Good luck champ. Yes he is a natural. Needs a regular spot on this channel.

  • Global warming is hot
    Global warming is hot 19 hours ago

    Missed this video when it launched. Hope the kid is doing alright and I'm glad he had fun.

  • Dakota Kasal
    Dakota Kasal 19 hours ago

    This is the best thing you have ever done man.

  • Youtube Fuuriocity
    Youtube Fuuriocity 20 hours ago +1

    Prayers out to the family 🙏

  • M Emlay
    M Emlay 23 hours ago

    Off course he watches Linus' videos; where do you think he learned how to drop cpu's?

  • E20
    E20 Day ago


    BOT ΛKMΛLΛΞ Day ago

    not gonna lie your so generous been subbed since some time keep it up bro

  • Ryder Tee
    Ryder Tee Day ago

    I wish the best for Kees

  • Ryder Tee
    Ryder Tee Day ago

    Man if I could build a pc with anyone it would be with you

  • Faisal Chowdhury

    Thank You Jay. Much love from NYC

  • Georgie Miller
    Georgie Miller Day ago

    that would be my dream
    hes so lucky

  • Axyll Picardal
    Axyll Picardal Day ago

    The Verge just got their ass handed to 'em with this kid's overall perfect build

  • Dylan Land
    Dylan Land Day ago

    I wish I could have a computer I only have Xbox one I don't even have a desk and I still love watching 😊

  • Juniir Gonzaldz
    Juniir Gonzaldz Day ago

    Yooo let's go im a rainbow six siege player to

  • Andre B
    Andre B Day ago

    Can I build a pc with you guys I can’t afford one but I really want one not just for gaming but for school



  • AspectX
    AspectX Day ago

    my computer is great, but nobody watches my stream 😂

  • Extend
    Extend 2 days ago +1

    9:32 The "Nova effect" Is real in this one.

  • Kesav Manoj
    Kesav Manoj 2 days ago +1

    Damn, I wish I had cancer

  • Tech J
    Tech J 2 days ago +1

    wow 439 dislikes I guess they are fortnite players

  • xOPx_TILT_
    xOPx_TILT_ 2 days ago

    Is i5 bad

  • MrCCJ 04
    MrCCJ 04 2 days ago

    Yeesssssss. A siege streamer!!! Is it on twitch or youtube and what is his name on those platforms?

  • MAx jansson
    MAx jansson 2 days ago +1

    Daaaamn wish u would get me a pc my pc is litterly worse then a toaster, ur a good man for Doing this to him!

  • Jeremy Aber
    Jeremy Aber 2 days ago

    How is He doing now? is He getting better? Hope he gets well =(

  • RandomFortniteClips
    RandomFortniteClips 3 days ago

    I agree. when you have cancer there ain't no sports anymore :(

  • RandomFortniteClips
    RandomFortniteClips 3 days ago


  • RenardIIDX
    RenardIIDX 3 days ago

    I wanna cry so bad. ROCKET LEAGUE SQUAD UP.
    If you reach any of these comments and want an help, add me up!
    steam: /id/renardiidx

  • Ty Aeusud
    Ty Aeusud 3 days ago

    Who else thinks make a wish is sponsoring this video

    • Mister iRate
      Mister iRate Day ago

      Who cares if they are? Not the point of the video at all. Lol

  • Itz Brownyboro
    Itz Brownyboro 3 days ago

    That PC looks amazing and I need a lesson on how to make it 😂 I would like a PC but not aloud one I get it tho there so expensive wonder how much the one you made was

  • Lachareno
    Lachareno 3 days ago

    i mean 92% survival rate

  • Marco Jaramillo
    Marco Jaramillo 3 days ago +1

    what a great kid.

  • HeyThereImCloud
    HeyThereImCloud 4 days ago

    what's his Twitch?

  • Wayne Yates
    Wayne Yates 4 days ago

    Damnit and I went all this time watching jayz vids without feeing a lick of emotions and now you got me weeping like a brand new baby boy! Hate you jay! Have a fucking blast Kees - you are a Dope ass kid and you deserved this for sure! Kick that cancers ass like PELE and keep on gaming - GAMERS RISE UP!

  • Luke Bowman
    Luke Bowman 4 days ago

    Why buy him all this shit if he’s gonna die anyways

  • fucking freshman
    fucking freshman 4 days ago

    The people that disliked wear black air forces

  • not ncb
    not ncb 4 days ago +3

    I wish you could bring me to a store and buy pc parts to build lol

  • Ruth Cordle
    Ruth Cordle 5 days ago

    Well done guys ok 😀🤩

  • PotatoCato
    PotatoCato 5 days ago

    But a 1050ti does handle games at 45 fps+ right?

    • PotatoCato
      PotatoCato 2 days ago

      @:/:/ no, it does handle all games at 45 fps and above if you're willing to play at high-med. No exceptions.

    • :/:/
      :/:/ 2 days ago

      PotatoCato Eh depends on the game ,

  • Undertoker-UK
    Undertoker-UK 5 days ago +10

    433 dislikes ? - Mentally imbalanced fortnite players perhaps ?
    This is a child with cancer guys - bravo Jay and co, for me this is your best video yet

  • Dominic Goudos
    Dominic Goudos 5 days ago

  • XVoider
    XVoider 5 days ago

    Wheres that micro center at

  • C2 Kozmo
    C2 Kozmo 5 days ago

    Gosh that’s my dream also but u know I can’t make a wish so ye because I don’t have cancer

  • EL4Gaming
    EL4Gaming 6 days ago

    I need to upgrade my PC but I can’t afford it with college and everything else. Could you help me out and hook me up maybe even with some deals? Thanks for anything

  • jake simmons
    jake simmons 6 days ago

    need more microcenters , so cool

  • MiTz Veggyy
    MiTz Veggyy 6 days ago

    I wish I had a pc that good. 🙁

  • Leo Dillon
    Leo Dillon 6 days ago

    i dont care i this kid has cancer my grandad died of ancer but aht kid is just fucking annoying

  • Im P4jek
    Im P4jek 6 days ago

    Wait wait wait he has cancer and he doesnt play fortnite. This doesnt add up

  • Hive_Flared
    Hive_Flared 7 days ago

    Fuck yea R6 fan

  • ZenPN YT
    ZenPN YT 7 days ago


  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 7 days ago

    I love this positive side of the internet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • YT Im dirt 420
    YT Im dirt 420 7 days ago

    i wish i had a better pc i play fortnite in 30 fps on 400x300 and gta runs in 20 i bought it for 1000 few years ago its a hp pavilion 23 and id love to get a new pc

  • KrystalGod
    KrystalGod 8 days ago

    very sad ligma

  • Gunther
    Gunther 8 days ago

    Someone expose the dislikers lmao

  • Ynvade
    Ynvade 9 days ago

    Its not easy, its Jayz

  • NKD frames
    NKD frames 9 days ago

    This is 100% a feel good video

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez 9 days ago

    Must be nice 🙂

  • KrajceZzZ -_-
    KrajceZzZ -_- 9 days ago

    Ahhh if i even could get that

  • William Sånnek
    William Sånnek 10 days ago

    Idk if my Guy Will see this because their are alot of comments but still stay strong man i belive in you!!❤️

  • 蔡Joe
    蔡Joe 10 days ago

    more of this!

  • TLG Bobandy
    TLG Bobandy 10 days ago

    It's funny, you have to be dying. To get what you want.

  • James Grooms
    James Grooms 10 days ago +1

    You should give him a job. Grow your guru like LTT did.

  • Eric Dominguez
    Eric Dominguez 10 days ago

    My prayers 🙏

  • Doctor Chief15
    Doctor Chief15 10 days ago

    When he didn't say fortnite when asked what games he plays I was so proud