Alienware Area-51m review: an upgradeable behemoth

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • Alienware’s Area-51m isn’t just a high-end gaming laptop with lots of power, although it definitely is that. It’s a laptop that can be upgraded like a desktop, including both its CPU and GPU. The new Area-51m starts at around $1,950 and can be configured well north of $5,000. It is a behemoth that calls back to the time when all gaming laptops were thick, heavy computers that never left the comfort of a sturdy desk.
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Comments • 211

  • The Verge
    The Verge  2 months ago +38

    How do you like the size of the Area-51m?

    • ikutake
      ikutake 19 days ago

      @Allan Sh What game are you playing ? ofc is you want to use a 2080ti it will not be powerful enough, and you can't have portable as a laptop and powerful as a desktop at the time...

    • ikutake
      ikutake 19 days ago

      @Parzival Par your desktop is thinner ?

    • Parzival Par
      Parzival Par 2 months ago

      No, too big for the convenience of upgrading CPU and GPU in the future. Plus, CPU upgrade path is also dicey as Intel change sockets/chipset every year.

  • ikutake
    ikutake 19 days ago

    For the cost issue you just buy the base version and you upgrade
    People who want to have transportable desktop will buy it
    The thing that could be cool is a way to use watercooling, so less noise.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    If it doesn't have a CPU applicator, I don't want it.

  • Raymie Deans
    Raymie Deans Month ago

    just bought one,waiting impatiently!!
    keeping my moody m17xr3,its got hdmi input so dual screen fun,sooooon


    Can you do a lot of 3d modeling and gaming at the same time?

  • scooter800m
    scooter800m Month ago

    even the base version is faster than any desktop/laptop that i have used to date. i feel a little sad now.

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    But Can It Run Crysis?

  • Sizar Raza
    Sizar Raza Month ago

    Ordered over a month ago from dell UK .. My estimate delivery date being pushed back three times so far all I am getting from dell sorry we have shortage of parts in factory but estimate shipping time on the site and when I spoke to the sale guy was4 working days.. It's a joke..

  • commander duck
    commander duck Month ago +1

    Ok , if you think that it being heavy is a problem then you aren't a gamer. If you are a true gamer then you only care about performance

    • Myst
      Myst Month ago

      Jay Da Rose ikr, I’m tired of all these laptops being skinny and stuff. It’s pointless.

  • T baz
    T baz 2 months ago +2

    I'm still using my Alienware 18 monster... I love it!

  • piby 180
    piby 180 2 months ago

    white or black?

  • Junaid Yasin
    Junaid Yasin 2 months ago

    This guy is worthless. Cannot review properly!

  • arjun saini
    arjun saini 2 months ago

    hey guys anybody owns this laptop? like a daily user or something? planning to buy and heard lots of complain about Quality issues........ motherboard burn due to high temps?

  • ubbgn
    ubbgn 2 months ago

    Has an ex IT these upgradable laptops are stupid, after 2 years what cpu are u going to upgrade?
    And the gpus mxm are expensive asf!
    All this depending on dell also and we know how that goes!

  • ALPHA mythic
    ALPHA mythic 2 months ago +14

    Does it include a swiss knife with hopefully w skrew driver?

  • Randall Rash
    Randall Rash 2 months ago

    I bought mine for kinda portable mixing and mastering . Then to game on occasion. lol

  • BaboonLoveMonkey
    BaboonLoveMonkey 2 months ago

    Will I need an Allen wrench?

  • Jeb Hack
    Jeb Hack 2 months ago

    You can get these things for up to 25% off. I got mine (9700k, 2080) for about $2,900. Still pricey, but really a great value for the performance in a laptop form factor. Anybody buying these things at retail price aren't doing their homework.

    I really feel like reviewers completely overlook how big the discounts are and how often they are available on these kinds of laptops. Alienware's website has had 17% discounts on these things almost every other week and that's on top of any other discounts you can find.

  • kofi junior
    kofi junior 2 months ago

    which fools invest in this

  • sir1junior
    sir1junior 2 months ago

    1080p because of the already ridiculous power draw.

  • barnzstorm2036
    barnzstorm2036 2 months ago +1


  • Parzival Par
    Parzival Par 2 months ago

    Not sure how the thermals from desktop components will standup to a years worth of dust accumulation.

  • xspager
    xspager 2 months ago

    What is a "pound"?

  • Øbese Čhungus
    Øbese Čhungus 2 months ago

    Hmm... an i9 9900K...

  • Vytautas Vaicys
    Vytautas Vaicys 2 months ago

    Can it run Crysis?

  • 林白Vinu
    林白Vinu 2 months ago +1

    And then came STADIA.....

  • The Cake Glutton
    The Cake Glutton 2 months ago

    Totally NOT worth it.

    • Lesbi Bitch
      Lesbi Bitch Month ago

      The Cake Glutton what’s worth my friend? What’s worth to general? What makes you happy? What would you recommend me to buy? Lifetime supply of pasta for like three fiddy? Is that what is worth?

  • shyam
    shyam 2 months ago

    no its not

  • Issa Aron
    Issa Aron 2 months ago

    What games was he playing?🤣

  • BExT
    BExT 2 months ago +2

    Why does any one not make these review videos in 60 or 120fps?

  • Sunil Prajapati
    Sunil Prajapati 2 months ago

    No idea how much 8.5 pound is

  • Chad Day
    Chad Day 2 months ago

    How is the fan noise compared to a desktop with equivalent specs?

    • Darkn3ss F4lls
      Darkn3ss F4lls Month ago

      Chad Day not even gonna come close with the bequiet etc style fans out there that you can place in big cases.

  • Tunan Guo
    Tunan Guo 2 months ago +2

    Besides everything else, it is really pretty though.

  • RySec Newton
    RySec Newton 2 months ago +1

    What's wrong with the quality on this video? The image quality is awful an unfocused.

  • Someone Something
    Someone Something 2 months ago

    On the bright side, you wouldn't have to pay for a gym membership once you buy this... should I even call it a laptop ? XD

  • Asian PuP
    Asian PuP 2 months ago +2

    Did it come with a CPU installing tool?

  • Nitin Stark
    Nitin Stark 2 months ago


  • Shaun Scott
    Shaun Scott 2 months ago

    It's great if you move often, not constantly but often. the armed forces would love something like this.

  • zKMotion
    zKMotion 2 months ago +3

    Owned an Alienware r17 before and definitely worth every penny. Not sure why there's so much hate for the Alienware products

    • zKMotion
      zKMotion 2 months ago

      @Øbese Čhungus nah, they are ranged very well and good support. If you think it's pricey, just get others

    • Øbese Čhungus
      Øbese Čhungus 2 months ago

      Because their overpriced

  • Lewis Kelly
    Lewis Kelly 2 months ago

    Not enough ports for the price

  • The Davis & Dennis Show

    I’m not too sure how many content creators would enjoy using a 1080p display in 2019

  • Tobi Olusola
    Tobi Olusola 2 months ago

    Nice set.

  • Valentin Radu
    Valentin Radu 2 months ago

    Where the f do you find that disassembly video? Is it that hard to put a useful link in the description or as an info card? All these video effects and you can't get the basics right.

  • GamersName
    GamersName 2 months ago +4

    I'll buy Kia sportage instead

  • McGinnis 34
    McGinnis 34 2 months ago

    Is this the same channel that had that black guy molest that poor computer?

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 months ago

    That’s a gargantuas Laptop. Still looks cool . I will consider buying one ☝️ but
    Next year after initial price settle down . Right now , it is more likely to burn a
    Hole in my pocket.Finally , the fans sound like a vacuum cleaner. I guess majority
    Will carry this beast to flaunt their wealth . Alien 👽 man . Lol

  • Juraj Benak
    Juraj Benak 2 months ago

    But does it run Crysis?

  • D Dawg
    D Dawg 2 months ago +1

    I think that 1080p on a 17" is perfectly fine. And in regards to the whole desktop argument... I'm a university student, I'm in a dorm, there's no space for a desk and a monitor and a tower. So this is the next best thing :)

  • Nilesh Kumar Routray
    Nilesh Kumar Routray 2 months ago

    Hi The Verge..... do you remember Acer Predator 21x that was a big powerful machine.....but when it comes to portability it was a joke even it was marketed as a laptop....... Alienware area 51m is comparatively only on portable side and it has better components than the former...... don't you think...... either way it's relatively a better one as it's portable and powerful than Acer Predator 21x

    • Nilesh Kumar Routray
      Nilesh Kumar Routray 2 months ago

      @Nemao yeah it requires a damn pelican case

    • Nemao
      Nemao 2 months ago

      lol ofc it is better than the predator 21x, i would said only the screen is better in the 21x but well its not even portable

  • Karabo ManneZA
    Karabo ManneZA 2 months ago

    Will be useless when they make Unreal 5

  • Mete Tuncay
    Mete Tuncay 2 months ago +5

    Upgrade to 4K cameras. Channels with a fraction the subscribers you have use them...

    • Øbese Čhungus
      Øbese Čhungus 2 months ago

      @Mitchell Steindler, exactly. Also what right do you @Mete Tuncay, to make the content creator change their preferred filming settings, they might even use 4K cameras but your device can not display it

    • Mitchell Steindler
      Mitchell Steindler 2 months ago +1

      Most people watch TheXvid on their phones. Anything over 1080p is quite marginal.

  • Ezekiel dvrma
    Ezekiel dvrma 2 months ago

    6:54 "Banglore" ?

  • javier caicedo
    javier caicedo 2 months ago +1

    i'm surprised this guy didn't end with a "you are better off with an apple product"... hahahahaha.... the verge, The apple channel

  • Dr Bunny
    Dr Bunny 2 months ago +1

    2K for 30min gaming ? I am out

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G 2 months ago +1

    Don't think it's worth it....even for an eSports gamer. Lighter, faster and more battery life, that should be all laptop designers goal.

  • André
    André 2 months ago +2

    Say the truth and you shall always win... Man people don't want a laptop they want a portable desktop in the first place. If I had the money this would be the exact computer I would buy.

    • André
      André 2 months ago

      i dont know what is going to happen when that happens. but i would still buy it.

    • Jakub Brych
      Jakub Brych 2 months ago

      André even when there is the online gaming in a near future? Actual question, would this be worth it when in a couple of years google and other companies plan to provide the gpu power online

  • CJ Jacobs
    CJ Jacobs 2 months ago +2

    BTW, the Area 51m doesn’t replace the old 17 inch Alienware laptops. The Verge is just computer illiterate.

  • Yousuf 95
    Yousuf 95 2 months ago

    As soon as I saw this reporter, I thought this review is gonna be full of hate for this product!. Haven’t forgiven him for all the Samsung reviews!

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 months ago +1

    Wait.... Tobii tracking on a LAPTOP....

  • praxis22
    praxis22 2 months ago

    Modded Skyrim will sap the grunt, I guarantee it.

    • StormFTW
      StormFTW 2 months ago

      Nah, that thing is tooo much of a behemoth lmao

  • Tamás Farkas
    Tamás Farkas 2 months ago

    Portable for 1 hour. Seems a great solution.

  • Sudip Chatterjee
    Sudip Chatterjee 2 months ago +1

    Outstanding! I was not aware of this. Upgradability is the name of the game here! Thanks for the excellent video, Dan/Team Verge!

    SIKKY 2 months ago

    What's the 3 leg like lamp in the back?

  • Neurotic Knight
    Neurotic Knight 2 months ago

    Can i use this to play minecraft?

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar 2 months ago

    I think, it more for DJs they will surely buy this.... maaan it looks cool so why not.

  • Manuel Pagan
    Manuel Pagan 2 months ago

    Sorry but I will buy a laptop for gaming when it comes with at least a 34"screen.

  • Urabouy
    Urabouy 2 months ago

    Stfu that will crumble under crisis 3

  • Abdul NJ
    Abdul NJ 2 months ago +1

    Thanks google stadia

  • cphginger
    cphginger 2 months ago +19

    Good luck when Intel changes the pin number or chipset requirement lol

    • campkira
      campkira 2 months ago +1

      Most people more interest in changing GPU.

    • Phoenix Dawn
      Phoenix Dawn 2 months ago

      I think that's the main limitation but with a current i7 you won't need to upgrade the CPU for 5 years or more tbh.

  • DexPex
    DexPex 2 months ago

    This laptop is phenomenal. But still I prefer a desktop for gaming. Small form factors are better👍

  • ThePrada21
    ThePrada21 2 months ago

    Well said with E-Sports Player

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan 2 months ago

    face it, it's called laptop just because it has a hinge below its display connected to the reat of its body

  • the pharaoh
    the pharaoh 2 months ago

    This guy is realy good

  • rkramer105
    rkramer105 2 months ago

    So are we not using "desktop replacement" anymore?

    Mr. BUN-BUNNY 2 months ago

    You got problem with KG ??

  • Duwane Knight
    Duwane Knight 2 months ago +1

    I love heavy laptops

  • lexustheimpaler
    lexustheimpaler 2 months ago +1

    what headphones?

  • andcore
    andcore 2 months ago

    All plastic and a 1080 p display.
    Not bad.
    A 2012 macbook has an aluminium body and a 2880p screen.

    • spackenparty
      spackenparty 2 months ago +3

      This has an magnesium alloy housing, not pure plastic my friend :-)

    • 6644pmr
      6644pmr 2 months ago +5

      And can maybe run Tetris

  • Rauf LKC
    Rauf LKC 2 months ago +4

    The cost is the main thing its really too much

  • Jason D
    Jason D 2 months ago +9

    You should note that the upgradeable GPU will only be upgradable if Nvidia releases the next gen mobile GPU's with a similar size. It's not a future proof GPU by any means which is why it supports the Alienware Graphics AMP still. Still a solid machine.

  • Adam Stankus
    Adam Stankus 2 months ago


  • mark vaz
    mark vaz 2 months ago +2


  • WawamuStats
    WawamuStats 2 months ago +10

    Got it for 17% off (9900k, 2080) bought 64GB of 2666mhz Corsair vengeance RAM, 1TB Samsung 970 pro, 1TB 970 EVO for upgrade for a total of $4300 🙃

  • Frenchy789
    Frenchy789 2 months ago +21

    Playing Forza Horizon on a keyboard?!? Blasphemy!

    • phreakinpher
      phreakinpher 2 months ago +1

      While talking about ray tracing... SMH.

  • Nisco Racing
    Nisco Racing 2 months ago +1

    Please fix the blacks in your video's, it looks very amateur like.

  • BluMac.
    BluMac. 2 months ago +1

    Better not let that black guy upgrade it
    Somehow is will manage to screw it up

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes 2 months ago +2

    I own an Alienware 17 R5 and I like think the design is worst on the new flagship. Those rounded shapes, honeycomb vents, letters on the chassis, white body and shinny plastics aren't that good looking. I wish they kept the design.

  • david juneja
    david juneja 2 months ago

    Behemoth is also a word.
    I get to learn today.

  • Tech Pulse
    Tech Pulse 2 months ago

    Can this video get more dislikes please : after suffering from this guy's S10 review

  • 5000 subscribers or everybody gets ligma

    4k is useless for such a small screen

    • 5000 subscribers or everybody gets ligma
      5000 subscribers or everybody gets ligma 2 months ago

      @ChuddyzZ I didn't know that

    • ChuddyzZ
      ChuddyzZ 2 months ago +1

      Kinda disagree because for content creators, a 4K panel will help them get the job done when it comes to color grading and vfx and such since that panel will most likely have a better color accuracy.

    • TheManHimself
      TheManHimself 2 months ago +4

      @nixon samuel especially if it's a high refresh rate display. 2K 120 fps is all you need.

    • nixon samuel
      nixon samuel 2 months ago +5

      2k display is a sweet spot for high end laptops

  • ishmam rahman
    ishmam rahman 2 months ago

    the only reason anyone would buy this is to show off to their friends

  • Catherine Holmes
    Catherine Holmes 2 months ago +1

    Buuuut does it have a cpu bracket

  • Grimmjow 678
    Grimmjow 678 2 months ago

    Yeah even fortnite 😂😂😂

  • Luke Caruana
    Luke Caruana 2 months ago

    Verge reviews are so hit or miss. This one, a real miss. It is really hard to find people who know what they are talking about when it comes to many different products/spaces but the host here reviews the gaming machine poorly here. If you would like more feedback I can be very constructive so just reply beneath.

  • Abhishek Moharana
    Abhishek Moharana 2 months ago +8

    But can it run Crysis? /s

  • Siddharth Suttraway
    Siddharth Suttraway 2 months ago +3

    Please use metric system -_-

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago +4

    also it will be an awesome machine for a business/corporate person who travels a lot and happens to be a hardcore gamers as well; like myself. it makes business travel a lot more tolerable!!!

    • Jakub Brych
      Jakub Brych 2 months ago

      Michael would you actually choose it over more portable gaming laptops? I am genuinely interested if you would spend the money and carry this in your luggage as I do not know anyone having the money and being a HC gamer

  • Highway Pro
    Highway Pro 2 months ago +2

    If you wanna do AAA gaming, a desktop computer is gonna be better because Alienware is crazy expensive, I think it's gonna be rather rare to wanna play a AAA game on the go & if it isn't, my suggestion is to get a life

  • MrThinistro
    MrThinistro 2 months ago

    It is worth exchanging an Avell/clevo With i7 6700 32gb GTX 1080 screen 2k soundblaster m.2 1tb + SSD 1tb + HD 1tb ?

    • Ibrahim Oshodi
      Ibrahim Oshodi 2 months ago

      If you're looking for gaming power, not at all.

  • Madhivanan Anbalagan
    Madhivanan Anbalagan 2 months ago +6

    6:54 "Bangalore"? That's a city in India.

    • mcslender
      mcslender 2 months ago

      "Oscar Mike! I'm spotted"

    • mcslender
      mcslender 2 months ago

      @Krishanu Ray yes I do. I'm more of a Pathfinder/Lifeline main though

    • Jeeva Jp
      Jeeva Jp 2 months ago

      I live in Bangalore

    • Krishanu Ray
      Krishanu Ray 2 months ago

      @mcslender dude have you ever played Apex Legends?? Bruh..... Although I hate that character

    • mcslender
      mcslender 2 months ago +1

      "Spent gunpowder, smells like victory!"