Can We Build a Better Mac Mini?

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • For a fraction the price, can we Hackintosh a better Mac Mini?
    The Intel NUC we used on Amazon:
    The story of the $9 Billion scam: Theranos
    We also used this SSD for storage on Amazon:
    And our 16GB of RAM for the NUC from Amazon:
    The Gigabyte Gaming Box external Thunderbolt 3 Radeon RX 580 graphics card on Amazon:
    Quinn's excellent Mac Mini video we "borrowed" from:
    The tutorial we used to Hackintosh the NUC:
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  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 months ago +1872

    Of course... But can you build more overpriced mac mini?

    • shadow
      shadow 23 days ago

      +Toxic Can thats toxic (you get the joke)

    • Abdul Muhaimin
      Abdul Muhaimin Month ago

      And Apple AirPower has been canceled

    • Zavier
      Zavier Month ago

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    • Scaredscorch
      Scaredscorch Month ago

      +Austin Evans yes that would great to try For you must find the most overpriced products on the market to Match it with

    • Jaroslaw Pelczar
      Jaroslaw Pelczar 2 months ago

      Glue diamonds to the apple logo or buy Matrox graphics card X-D

  • Williams Ingebrigtsen
    Williams Ingebrigtsen 15 hours ago

    bamboozled again with that apple logo in the thumbnail i thought u added a cool light

  • CannedBread
    CannedBread 7 days ago

    Emo austin

  • Limes
    Limes 11 days ago

    Or use a VM for the real Mac part

  • Michael Lupo
    Michael Lupo 16 days ago

    Mac is dead.

  • Martin Guder
    Martin Guder 17 days ago

    Short answer: always.

  • Out To Date
    Out To Date 17 days ago

    is hackintosh legal ?

  • rsr789
    rsr789 20 days ago

    The Mac Mini is overpriced, BUT it comes with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, the SSD is faster, 10 gigabit ethernet, a warranty and no issues running MacOS, i.e how much is your time worth?

  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 23 days ago

    Human garbage

  • Aaron Barreto
    Aaron Barreto 24 days ago

    Some NUC’s support a 2.5 inch SATA drive

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams 26 days ago

    The Nuc community makes a one step hackintosh installer.

  • Safaiat Hossain
    Safaiat Hossain 27 days ago

    Can anyone plz give me a download link of a latest mac os...plz plz plz

  • AndroidBrick
    AndroidBrick 27 days ago

    You don't need a Mac, you can do all the things on Windows PC, for creating a Live USB for Mac OS I mean.

  • C O
    C O Month ago

    Ryzen nuc would be even better

  • Kang Mus
    Kang Mus Month ago

    Is QE/CI without external GPU?

  • Noob Bam
    Noob Bam Month ago

    Check out LTT video on converting a PC into a VM then installing MacOS. All your problems regarding supported hardware are solved.

  • Douglas Medrano
    Douglas Medrano Month ago

    Is it reversible

  • No Names
    No Names Month ago +1

    Just go with Linux, people and forget all this Hackintosh nonsense.

    • caliboyfriend
      caliboyfriend Month ago

      C O Yeah, sure. Using wine is the same as kissing over the glass. Not a real thing.

    • C O
      C O Month ago

      +caliboyfriend wine

    • caliboyfriend
      caliboyfriend Month ago

      Yeah? What about Photoshop and any other apps that does not even exist on Linux?

  • Vahlir
    Vahlir Month ago

    does that mean bluetooth devices like magic mouse or magic trackpad won't work with it because bluetooth doesn't work on it? is there a usb/bluetooth device you can add to it to make airdrop and other things work?

  • RythmicStorm 42
    RythmicStorm 42 Month ago

    Hey guys do you think i could persuade my mum to bid on a MacBook Pro on eBay its ‘15 2017 model for 10.00 starting

  • Mike Silverii
    Mike Silverii Month ago

    Can we please get a full how-to video for this setup (for educational purposes) ?

  • Savitha S
    Savitha S Month ago

    Hey Guys, this is Austin, and here is Apple, here to sue me.

  • Swish Dagger
    Swish Dagger Month ago

    Why not make it 32GB or 64GB of RAM? Where is the compatible WiFi card?

  • mannyxp20
    mannyxp20 Month ago

    You kinda remind me of Alan from two and a half men

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher Month ago

    It won’t break I’ve had a hackintosh for over 2 years and has been my daily driver. I have had no problems

  • Diggnuts
    Diggnuts Month ago

    And now build it so it is legal and usable for a company.

  • C S
    C S Month ago

    I never understood why someone would put up with a Hackintosh and all the tinkering, when you might as well install Ubuntu and learn some Linux. Ubuntu 18.04 has Thunderbolt support built in.

  • D. A.
    D. A. Month ago +2

    Barely works, no wifi, yeah that's a big fail

  • jeremy perez
    jeremy perez Month ago

    He’s wearing his shirt inside out

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    That stupid intro still? It's 2019

  • Nam Vu
    Nam Vu Month ago

    lol you should try to install arch linux

  • Jhon Shephard
    Jhon Shephard Month ago

    question: does XCode, brew and other development tools work correctly in these? Every search I did returns kind of a solid no.

    • Jhon Shephard
      Jhon Shephard Month ago

      for context, I am a Ubuntu/Windows developer but a work assignment requires me to work on iOS development to port stuff I did on Windows.

  • MikeTheShadowWolf
    MikeTheShadowWolf Month ago

    You can tell these guys don't know what they're doing when they're using unibeast

  • Elliot Stanley Brown

    You dont really need a mac to setup, you can get the OS and put it onto a USB to boot from a windows PC

  • MΛX
    MΛX Month ago

    Based sticker

  • anthony-y
    anthony-y Month ago

    Austin bro just go with a buzzcut or somm smh

  • VhmSephiroth
    VhmSephiroth Month ago +1

    What a disappointing video.
    You did not explain anything except that you can make a cheaper Mac, wow respect. That's all?
    Luckily, there are enough good videos that explain this in more detail and better.

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago

    Is the Austin Evans Haircut still worth it in 2019?

  • Nick K
    Nick K Month ago +3

    DON'T use HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) if you're using an SSD. APFS is going to have superior performance and longevity.

  • Nick K
    Nick K Month ago

    What's the cooling / thermals like on the NUC vs the Mac Mini? The Mac Mini throttles after about 1 minute of full CPU load. Hits 100C very quickly.

  • Nick K
    Nick K Month ago

    I'd rather see someone address the cooling issues on the mac mini by making a 3rd party case or something that would actually improve the cpu cooling. Hackintosh is OK for messing around but if you use OS X for your main income, I wouldn't bother. It can be a headache. I've run several OS X VMs before, and they worked OK, until I tried to apply security updates...sometimes it would render the VMs unbootable, which is fine, cause I could easily go back to the previous saved state (thanks VMWare) in 2 seconds...can't exactly do that with a physical machine.

  • James Muirhead
    James Muirhead Month ago +2

    I'd have not bothered with the Hackintosh. I'd have just put Linux on it and been happy!!!

  • Alexander PH 272
    Alexander PH 272 Month ago

    Isn't that an Apple TV to connect to a TV?

  • Alex Wielinga
    Alex Wielinga Month ago

    You can also just install Ubuntu with a theme or CentOS if you already weren't going windows, and you'd have way better driver support.

  • I use to be Him
    I use to be Him Month ago

    I wonder if Apple is going to copyright strike them lol

  • csmemarketing
    csmemarketing Month ago

    All that wasted time just to show how much trouble you're willing to go through, to run Mac OSX. You could have just installed Linux Mint or Ubuntu Studio in less than 15 minutes, and used an extra 10 minutes to get the Drivers for the RX 580 working. And it would be way faster than Windows, Mac OSX.
    And people say Linux is troublesome when it comes to drivers...lies.
    Hackintosh is just too much headache.

  • Regular Gamer
    Regular Gamer Month ago

    thats better than my pc.

  • jdgregson
    jdgregson Month ago

    *tapes a stick to a rock*
    "Wow, this is actually better than EVERY Mac..."

  • TheHeartyBanana
    TheHeartyBanana Month ago

    I miss your non-mustache

  • Toasty Volvo
    Toasty Volvo Month ago

    How do I get the opportunity to get you off, Austin?

  • Bleep Bloop
    Bleep Bloop Month ago

    wtf is that twink haircut? is matt your bear?

  • Sora Tech
    Sora Tech Month ago

    2:01 oh my god Yoshiko

  • Philipp Hoppe
    Philipp Hoppe Month ago

    Rx 580 is 200$ not 400$? 😂

  • xXArmageddon1382Xx
    xXArmageddon1382Xx Month ago

    Austin, anybody can make a better Mac Mini

  • George Lynch
    George Lynch Month ago

    2:24, just admits to unoriginal content

  • Setto Arisaki
    Setto Arisaki Month ago

    You don't need a max, a VM which is pretty fast done, it takes me like 5 min to get one running after you downloaded the right files.
    And you can easily just jump over the USB Stick part and put the OS on the other drive, just connect it to your pc over USB if you have an USB to SATA or M.2 Adapter or plug it in by SATA if you have a Desktop.

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter Month ago

    hi austin...have you lost weight since christmas just been

  • Bendik Hallstensen
    Bendik Hallstensen Month ago

    The question is; Can you run iMessage on it?

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy Month ago

    if by "we" you mean Intel, then yes.

  • lilrush151
    lilrush151 Month ago

    Hackintoshes are the biggest pain in the ass - absolutely not worth it.

  • Top Technology KH
    Top Technology KH Month ago


  • Matt Smillie
    Matt Smillie Month ago

    someone link me to the sticker at 1:57

  • Stanley
    Stanley Month ago

    0:48 that guy's voice is like P E R F E C T for the video

  • Aidan gribble
    Aidan gribble Month ago

    can you build a windows machine with mac os

  • Space
    Space Month ago

    you don't NEED a mac, you can just make a VM on a pc and then do it that way!

  • liang jh
    liang jh Month ago

    nuc8i5beh model may be better

  • The Mastr
    The Mastr Month ago

    wtf is with all the $400 8GB 580s? Mine was only $180. lol

  • Frank HunInvader
    Frank HunInvader Month ago

    How come you guys didn't install clover config? I did that and I did a much more complicated build with AMD Ryzen /AMD RX580- High Sierra.

  • michaeltechroom
    michaeltechroom Month ago

    this Peter Paul Chato guy doe's Hackintosh on his youtube channel two

  • Leo Young
    Leo Young Month ago +4

    Some issues with this video.
    1 - DO NOT use Unibeast/Multibeast. Do a vanilla install. You are much better off in the long run.
    2 - You do not need a Mac to create the install media. You can easily find instructions to make the installer using Windows.
    The install issues they had are almost certainly due to using the *beast method.

  • Cristóvão Nunes
    Cristóvão Nunes Month ago

    LTT ?!??!?!

  • Bunny
    Bunny Month ago

    Has Austin Evans become a Emo?

  • Florent Guedon
    Florent Guedon Month ago

    Can somebody do an actual step by step video for this build?

  • Robert Ober
    Robert Ober Month ago

    "Hey Guys". You may want to try a more professional style.

  • Sündkerße
    Sündkerße Month ago +1

    „It‘s a headache“ Have you tried to install Mac OS on an AMD 8350?(AMD OS X)

  • Vru Patel
    Vru Patel Month ago

    apparently not.

  • Nick Poverman
    Nick Poverman Month ago

    Hey Guys this is Austin. You really need a better opening. FYI a Core I3 is not quad core. You do not need a Mac to do this. You guys don't know what your are doing.

  • RocketLR
    RocketLR Month ago

    Fcking apple. I want Mac OS but i refuse to pay an extra $1000 for low end hardware... And i dont want to spend a day making a hackintosh that is only going to partially work...

  • Cheung Ka Kit
    Cheung Ka Kit Month ago

    Did they count the value of time? A Pro technical working for 2 days...That should be at least more than $300

  • Christopher Lantesh

    I don't want to come across as too negative here, but rather than continually bragging about how much cheaper it is you should have actually shown the process of what you had to do to make it work.

  • ThisIsNotOkay _
    ThisIsNotOkay _ Month ago

    Wow, an Austin evans ad on a Austin Evans vid

  • Yudachi owo
    Yudachi owo Month ago


  • Satyam Panchal
    Satyam Panchal Month ago

    oh nice, i am watching this on my hackintosh machine (dell inspiron 5567) ;)

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    You are more odd than Linus !!!

  • Ares Varvaro
    Ares Varvaro Month ago

    So you are saying apple products are expensive? No shit!

  • Rainbow Ram
    Rainbow Ram 2 months ago

    This guy sounds like John tron

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 months ago

    How did Ken not get fired at the end of that video

  • Duncan Mitchell
    Duncan Mitchell 2 months ago +5

    It’s hardly a fully working hackintosh ! Light work what does that mean ?

  • Peter Breis
    Peter Breis 2 months ago

    Did I miss something but you left it still with reboot problems? And what was that you replugged at the back of the eGPU? Just the monitor cable? If so, which one?
    I'm willing to try a Hackintosh but I'm not going to pay over US$1000 to buy a PITA. That's not saving, that's throwing money away.
    I bought a Dell Laptop to experiment with W10 and it ended up costing me over $1000 after upgrades, has a comparatively crap screen and W10 issues, which I didn't mind whilst I still had my Macbook Pro as my work horse computer. When I lost my Macbook Pro, I was left with only the Dell and that $1000 was looking like money not well spent. It could have gone towards a new Macbook Pro instead.
    Reliability and productivity trump clockspeed every time.

  • No: Six
    No: Six 2 months ago

    Thanks, man

  • Jacob Hallatt
    Jacob Hallatt 2 months ago

    Anyone else wondering what this would be like performance wise with Windows? I'm not a Mac OS user at all, but that seems like a strong spec sheet for a tiny Windows PC and box sizes I might be able to conceal in/behind a desk 😱

    STNLY 2 months ago

    Why is his T-shirt wrong way round

  • Matthew Orrell
    Matthew Orrell 2 months ago

    To be fair, if you look of the build quality of the Nuc compared to the Mac Mini it is as black and white. The Nuc is obviously cheaper just by looking at it. Build quality is definitely the one thing that Apple has above everyone. (imo)

  • Cayden Dunn
    Cayden Dunn 2 months ago

    I got a Austin Evans ad on this and thought I clicked the wrong video

  • InsaneFire10YT
    InsaneFire10YT 2 months ago

    intel nuc, more like an intel succ

  • BreakerSneaker official

    If it works on windows why installing mac?

  • Remus B.
    Remus B. 2 months ago

    I haven't seen Austin a long time, just because of its intro..... but what is going on with his haircut?

  • Satoscio
    Satoscio 2 months ago

    1:58 fucking love you man, Yohane best girl!

  • Gerard W.
    Gerard W. 2 months ago

    Uh. Can we "build" a better Mac mini? Then proceeds to buy something almost prebuilt like the NUC and shove expensive components inside, not to mention hook it up to an external gnu, which is as much an apple way of doing things as the next. There's nothing creative about this at all, just a neat trick to impress the noob tech fans. I'm not bashing your work as total trash, but this is honestly a boring video that's been replicated by numerous ytuber.

  • larrbaII
    larrbaII 2 months ago

    Austin, that NUC runs Linux Mint19 perfect.