Blind Breakfast Burrito Taste Test

  • We know what you're all wondering. Which fast food breakfast burrito is best? Find out on today's video, Blind Breakfast Burrito Taste Test! GMM #1644
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Comments • 80

  • Westwood
    Westwood 11 hours ago

    Why do you guys always think Sonic has big portions? They literally skimp on everything!

  • Taylor Cessna
    Taylor Cessna Day ago

    Pleaseeee do a frozen breakfast burrito showdown!!!!!

  • AngeliqueStarsMommy
    AngeliqueStarsMommy 4 days ago

    Burger King sausage is like eating tires wtf?? noooooooooo

  • St Louis Cardinals 2020

    I would love to be on this show just to get to eat

  • Ryan Meester
    Ryan Meester 7 days ago

    Hortons would win tho 👍

  • Fat Kinnie
    Fat Kinnie 7 days ago

    Why did Rhett say “you like burnt sausage? Noted.”

  • Bob42047bmx
    Bob42047bmx 10 days ago

    Whataburger beats them all by far

  • Natalie Uhlenhake
    Natalie Uhlenhake 11 days ago

    Link always starts with a 5 and Rhett always starts with a 4

  • Brad winter
    Brad winter 11 days ago

    Why is good mythical morning all about food now 😭

  • Phoebe Smith
    Phoebe Smith 12 days ago

    Dont put the answers on the screen so we can play too please!!!

  • Cheddah Slammer
    Cheddah Slammer 12 days ago +1

    Burger King must have changed their breakfast Burrito because last time I had one years ago it was small and I got sick from it.

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis 12 days ago

    Y’all gotta try Blake’s Lotaburger burritos with green chili...if next time you’re in New Mexico

  • Cyborg panda 113 Panda

    9:12 look at Rhetts face

  • Jose Nunez
    Jose Nunez 12 days ago

    Why no chick fil a bumreakfast burrito

  • Fox Of GAOA
    Fox Of GAOA 12 days ago

    "It didn't give me a breakfast experience" maybe bite it from the top and not the side

  • MrComplex9fo
    MrComplex9fo 13 days ago

    Taco Cabana cannot be topped 👏

  • PHM Aspect
    PHM Aspect 14 days ago

    Whataburger would have one all my Texans would know

  • kyle wallace
    kyle wallace 16 days ago

    Gotta do the chick fil a burrito. It's the best

  • Aisha Nichole
    Aisha Nichole 16 days ago


  • MermaidChansons
    MermaidChansons 17 days ago

    Link slurps a burrito like he’s at a ramen shop😂

  • Nicole Diaz
    Nicole Diaz 17 days ago

    McDonald’s has the best I don’t care it’s GHE BEST EVER

    • Xhad3zx
      Xhad3zx 16 days ago

      Nicole Diaz you must have never rate an a real breakfast burrito

  • Isr tv vl
    Isr tv vl 17 days ago

    "One man can't tell another man not to touch his burrito🌯"

  • Liam357
    Liam357 18 days ago

    Link gets on my nerves always wanting so much slack

  • Ellen christan14973
    Ellen christan14973 19 days ago

    Link at 14:26 omg he’s eating like a perverted savage 😂☠️

  • Ellen christan14973
    Ellen christan14973 19 days ago

    Momma would burn your sausage 😂😂😂😂

  • Junior Vargas
    Junior Vargas 19 days ago

    Link has no logical reasoning. And never likes anything 🙄

  • Mark Min
    Mark Min 19 days ago

    Whataburger would of won

  • Crystal Riedel
    Crystal Riedel 19 days ago

    The del taco burrito looked depressing

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson 19 days ago

    Should've ate them with the salsa from the restaurants

  • SquishySquid
    SquishySquid 20 days ago

    They keep guessing sonic's the good one, they're never the good one.

  • Michael Coulter
    Michael Coulter 20 days ago

    Man me and my sisters used to watch Good Mythical Morning religiously I haven't seen anything from these guys in a while welcome back fellas

  • Brad Castner
    Brad Castner 20 days ago

    Sonic enormous burrito is the best!!

  • pink fluffy cat 23
    pink fluffy cat 23 20 days ago +1

    taco bell good bruh

  • Ulysse Worsfold
    Ulysse Worsfold 21 day ago

    Link is a violent eater...I almost feel bad for the burritos he is eating

  • rhonda90402
    rhonda90402 21 day ago

    This one cracked me up!

  • Angelica Davis
    Angelica Davis 21 day ago

    I like link an Rhett videos an I watch link an Rhett

  • Mhe Anne
    Mhe Anne 21 day ago

    Aww he say bestfriend.....😭

  • C Biscuit
    C Biscuit 22 days ago +1

    Those burritos look soooooooooooooooo good!

  • justin time
    justin time 22 days ago

    Why can't you just use your hands?

  • C. Babs
    C. Babs 23 days ago +13

    Link smiling when Rhett calls him his best friend is too wholesome.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 24 days ago

    Damn it Rhett you had it right the first time 😫😫😫

  • Rizqi Radia Rosadi
    Rizqi Radia Rosadi 24 days ago

    You’re friendship makes me sooo happy.. I just love u both!!

  • Whitney A
    Whitney A 25 days ago

    What about Carl’s Jr.?!!

  • devyn jackson
    devyn jackson 26 days ago

    Farmer boys should've been in this.

  • Digitalbumpin
    Digitalbumpin 27 days ago

    The supersonic breakfast burrito rules all. Onions, peppers, egg, tomatoes, tator tots and sausage. Of course they got the basic one.

  • Patrick Dorrian
    Patrick Dorrian 27 days ago

    No Chick-fil-A?

  • marker of the past
    marker of the past 28 days ago

    Mcdonalds has burritos???

  • David Spence
    David Spence 28 days ago

    the girl announcer is probably abou t the age of 12 or 14

  • David Spence
    David Spence 28 days ago

    lets guess the age of rhett and link i think rhett is 34 and link is 27

  • Kurlzz _
    Kurlzz _ 28 days ago

    When they said Burger King all i heard was Burger King foot lettuce

  • T Thompson
    T Thompson 28 days ago

    BK burittos are clutch...

  • Christopher Sully
    Christopher Sully 29 days ago

    “The random object used to serve, and they can’t use their hands” gimmick is corny and getting old. Why can’t they hold a god damned burrito?

  • Lauren Sawyers
    Lauren Sawyers Month ago +1

    I worked at McDonald's for 2 years made the burritos. There is exactly 2oz in every burrito yes they are stingy. Not just with the burritos but every thing that is either on the dollar menu or the cheapest things on the menu.

  • NoStep OnSnek
    NoStep OnSnek Month ago

    I knew BK was gonna win. Quick check is best though

  • Don't Reply
    Don't Reply Month ago +5

    “I don’t know if it was a particular bite I had” my guy neil you literally ate it from the side, a burrito is layered to specifically be eaten from the top so you get everything so of course you only got cheese what kind of backwards logic is this

    • Brandon Solis
      Brandon Solis 12 days ago +1

      Don't Reply for real that was bothering me the whole time lol

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Month ago

    Link is so me 😂 ‘I’m just grateful to be here’

  • Yhowbyjytub310
    Yhowbyjytub310 Month ago

    Too bad they don't have Taco Johns

  • VeggieGroupFilms 1
    VeggieGroupFilms 1 Month ago

    I want retts hoodie

  • BoOniEDoTsShOw
    BoOniEDoTsShOw Month ago +1

    Link: "I KNOW that they throw everything *mild stroke*

  • Jake Man23
    Jake Man23 Month ago

    This is the best episode of good mythical morning. 😂😂😂😂 I’m dying

  • Revierie
    Revierie Month ago

    Sonic breakfast burrito needs the picante.

  • Shantè B
    Shantè B Month ago

    The Burger King burrito is huge !

  • Braulio Ortiz
    Braulio Ortiz Month ago +1

    Rhett and Link: tie for the millionth episode
    Everyone: This is so suspenseful, I wonder who will win!

  • Chase Davison
    Chase Davison Month ago

    taco johns b2 breakfast burrito sausage is the only correct anwser

  • uncle Jakob
    uncle Jakob Month ago

    I peed at 1107

  • Charles M
    Charles M Month ago

    Burger King has some bomb Jalapeño sauce too.

  • kingg_ jayyy
    kingg_ jayyy Month ago

    That eggnormous burrito be the truth when you loaded😂😂

  • DragonLordDraco
    DragonLordDraco Month ago

    Why not Whataburger theres r the best

  • Jubei Kibagami
    Jubei Kibagami Month ago

    Fully Loaded Croissandwich FTW!

  • BasLindo
    BasLindo Month ago

    This show has lost its spark.

  • Angara Anirudh
    Angara Anirudh Month ago

    Eat properly with your hands!!

  • Lashonda Johnson
    Lashonda Johnson Month ago

    I always get the croissants from Burger King too!...or French toast sticks.

  • vero_7712
    vero_7712 Month ago

    I'm so mad that my country doesnt have breakfast burritos... They look so damn good.. All we have is mcdonalds...

  • plastr1ck
    plastr1ck Month ago

    BK rly does have the best burrito tho. Also bring back the whopperito

  • Danielle Mcintosh
    Danielle Mcintosh Month ago

    Country store humboldt county

  • jjpena76
    jjpena76 Month ago

    Hey everyone. Here in South Texas, we have breakfast TACOS. Not burritos. You haven't lived until you've had South Texas breakfast tacos!

  • Yak_attack_girl_for_life!

    I've never see someone attack a burrito quite like Link does!

  • Selön
    Selön Month ago

    "Sue me", "i dont care what you think about me" rhett really is confident about his opinions

  • Jon S
    Jon S Month ago

    RHETT!! As a Wisconsinite I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying you can’t ever have too much cheese!

  • Random Nerdery
    Random Nerdery 2 months ago

    Rewatching this episode, I am reminded how gross Link is while eating.