Daz Watches The Strangest Video On YouTube

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
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  • Ashley D
    Ashley D 3 hours ago

    Drugs are bad, m’kay?

  • Jazzy’s World
    Jazzy’s World 6 hours ago

    The girl in white has torrets I don’t know how to spell it I love your vids and you make me laugh but plz don’t bully her well I think

  • Beth Swingler
    Beth Swingler 15 hours ago

    She looks like she’s on drugs😂

  • Roy Thorpe
    Roy Thorpe 18 hours ago


  • Drift Tap 97
    Drift Tap 97 Day ago

    She was wanking off a koala 😂😂

  • ZB AndFries
    ZB AndFries Day ago

    You remember Fazbear entertainment... NOW GET READY FOR:

    *D A Z B E A R E N T E R T A I N M E N T.*

  • ZB AndFries
    ZB AndFries Day ago

    5:06 *Daz needs to have career in acting, this is high quality shit right here.*

  • xXItzKashaGeeXx
    xXItzKashaGeeXx Day ago

    Aye I don't believe in god. I think "god" is bullshit.
    And somehow I got a A- in Christian studies at school.
    I mean I kinda have to see things to believe it.
    So today I heard that Juice WRLD died yesterday. I know really sad. But I just wanted to be sure that I'm not being fooled so I did research on it and he did die because of a seizure that he had walking threw the airport. The seizure had an unknown cause.
    But god m, Satan, angles, devils in my opinion are just fake. The Bible's how did they come. Someone had to make up all the hillside stories. A Bible didn't just one day fall from the sky. You know I really wanna know what dip shit made up god.
    And give me hate for taking shit about your god but shit. He really is just fake.
    But I ain't just about to tell people to stop believing. This is just my opinion and I don't feel like keeping it to myself. Most my mums family apart from her are religious. My mum was forced to be as a child and she hated it. So she didn't make us so here we are (by we I mean me my older brother and younger sister).
    My nan (my mums mum) is religious to the extreme. Me and my siblings used to go over to her house or to the beach with her but all she does is talk about god. We might be talking about school and she'd tell us to remember when the teacher talks about the christian god to tell them who the real god is (that will get us probs in detention or even suspended). My mum kinda banned us from going with her. We learnt to just agree with our nan so she doesn't get mad and sometimes me and my older brother will entertain us with it by like making stupid comments or just ask stupid questions while my lil sister is on her phone the whole drive.
    Fun times.
    But seriously idrc if someone is religious or not. If my great nan talks about god we let her and we respect her because she never does in front of us because she respects that we are not believers and we respect that she is. We do the same with our nan but she gets kinda annoying sometimes.
    My body energy is at like 2% but I wanna keep watching Vids.

  • Ah y ret r ses gems and

    One day hes gonna actually get a women called Linda to come I'm and that will make the joke even funnier than it already is 😂 😂 😂

  • Rose
    Rose 3 days ago

    I honestly thought it was pimping the dead

  • rememberyourvegetables Kys

    Is her arm not asleep like tf if I held my arm up for like 2 secs at school it would be like nope and fall off 😂

  • Wyatt Goins
    Wyatt Goins 4 days ago

    I know one wizard: Gandalf

    Harry Potter: “You still don’t know my name”....

  • •|EnderShazz|• X V I I

    I accidentally put Daz on 0.25x trying to turn off captions and oh god

  • Sully 4
    Sully 4 5 days ago

    They have been possessed by satin

  • Amazing kiki
    Amazing kiki 5 days ago +1

    What did I just watch 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caydence Garey
    Caydence Garey 6 days ago +2

    There's been so many pornhub jokes. Man, Daz has been busy.

  • Megara Lyons
    Megara Lyons 6 days ago

    1. That younger chick is buff as fuck keeping her arms up for 30 minutes straight every video.
    2. Paymoneywubby

  • Lil_bean 0
    Lil_bean 0 6 days ago

    I’m pagan but this is just......

  • Kia Maree
    Kia Maree 6 days ago

    Dang, if earth is run by a wizard I'm all for it

  • Shea Shea Athey
    Shea Shea Athey 9 days ago

    i wish he would finish that vid. they talk about how wrong it is to have a family and kids lol

  • S K
    S K 9 days ago +2

    I'm a Christian and might need to become an atheist now 😂

  • Bish Lasagna
    Bish Lasagna 9 days ago

    Are you really an atheist

  • Quentin Jurney
    Quentin Jurney 9 days ago

    their weed was laced with DMT

  • butterfly God12
    butterfly God12 9 days ago +1

    daz: "I'm an atheist."

    First of all,how did you think we were all made? bY Le fAtHeR Of aLl, Le gOd ;^;

  • I’m a cookie In milk

    Wait if your an atheist but you ask for holy water.... I’m confused

  • Amara_PlaysRoblox
    Amara_PlaysRoblox 10 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/YWN81V7ojOE/video.html I went to the most recent video on your front page of reactions to give you this link, It will bring you to a video, Its very weird. If you get this and watch it, I would like to know the meaning.

  • Blink
    Blink 10 days ago

    5:13 nobody tell him about the entire fucking point of Harry potter

  • GayIsYay XoX
    GayIsYay XoX 10 days ago


  • Jules V
    Jules V 11 days ago

    YUP, wrong prescription lololol

  • G̶h̶o̶s̶t̶l̶y̶P̶o̶m̶ ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ シ


  • Alyssa Larson
    Alyssa Larson 12 days ago

    Your really funny

  • Joe Decker
    Joe Decker 12 days ago

    Daz a atheist😢

  • K0ncursus
    K0ncursus 12 days ago

    Edit: uhm that answer in that description did help

  • Cameron Craven
    Cameron Craven 12 days ago

    Times Daz laughed:
    Ok I give up Daz laughs too much 😂

  • Scarlett Ritchings
    Scarlett Ritchings 12 days ago +1

    I ♥ UR VIDEOS!
    IM UR NO.1 FAN

  • So Farr
    So Farr 12 days ago

    Daz : idk what she's doing with her arms
    Me : she's channeling her last air bender powers-

  • -Belue-
    -Belue- 12 days ago

    Also, there was this guy on acid outside a coffee shop while I was waiting for my lift and he kept talking about how he can feel the earth being born, how he could see the trees a different color and described how he saw a tree that was in front of us being born, growing, living and dying all happening at once...THESE LADIES! 🤨

  • -Belue-
    -Belue- 12 days ago

    I'm sorry, but these two people are literally on an acid trip...My parents are from the 60'S, sooooo 😳😳

  • Carrie Red
    Carrie Red 13 days ago

    Was this filmed inside the grounds of some kind of Hospital ???👀

  • Kyle Hickey
    Kyle Hickey 13 days ago

    Guys no one stands a chance without updraft

  • Kyle Hickey
    Kyle Hickey 13 days ago

    Found you from the I Prevail video. You’re fucking hilarious.

  • Kaiden Billett
    Kaiden Billett 13 days ago

    Did you just fucking say purple her shirts blue

  • Rachel Gray
    Rachel Gray 14 days ago

    Daz *

  • Rachel Gray
    Rachel Gray 14 days ago

    Dax: I don’t know not to heal light

    Me: turn the lamp off 💡

  • Gaia Lapupa
    Gaia Lapupa 14 days ago

    *that sounds like the plot of (idk) with Matthew (idk) not gonna lie*

  • Alaskan Girls
    Alaskan Girls 15 days ago

    daz: HEY DAZZERS!!!
    me: *gets jump scared*

  • Lennoz 1379
    Lennoz 1379 15 days ago +1

    I just noticed they are way too calm.
    Wonder what could it be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • WeAreInsane
    WeAreInsane 15 days ago +1

    daz: LYNDAAAA!!!!
    his daughter: YEAAAHHH

  • mike rotch
    mike rotch 15 days ago

    More minecraft please

  • Jr king 101
    Jr king 101 15 days ago

    When was this new daz 😂😂😂

  • Kaden Blomkum
    Kaden Blomkum 15 days ago +1

    Why do I wanna punch both of them in the face

  • An Chi Nguyen
    An Chi Nguyen 16 days ago +3

    Daz: “as an atheist”
    Daz: “oh my god!”
    Tik tok: God: “so you’re still thinkin of me”

  • Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson 16 days ago +1

    Me to i don't believe in God only the devil just think for a second I realised that what if people walk past them and think "tHeRe NoRmAl PeOpLe" Daz games: *reads* i still dont understand what shes doing with her arms

  • The Kacey Shaw channel

    I think there possessed 😭😂😭

  • Ky
    Ky 16 days ago


  • Śeñšëî Mãx _G
    Śeñšëî Mãx _G 16 days ago

    Yay!! Welcome my atheist friend. You are not alone. XD

  • XXgamer boi
    XXgamer boi 17 days ago

    5:06 😂

  • XXgamer boi
    XXgamer boi 17 days ago


  • XXgamer boi
    XXgamer boi 17 days ago

    The sound is this asmr mom hitting gods balls

  • XXgamer boi
    XXgamer boi 17 days ago +1