CUTE Moment when 4 Year Old Rescues 81 Year Old in Maze! | Old People's Home For 4 Year Olds

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • A 4 year old makes sure that no one gets left behind!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  8 months ago +16

    How adorable are these kids??
    Watch the full episode here:

  • TehSaviorSparta Alt
    TehSaviorSparta Alt 20 days ago

    hello everybody we are here at Hell old and young have been split into Lava nursery teacher Libby will time them to see who can Push Him fastest we're going to do it all from our memory so who's ready we have to go at the speed of the slowest send me on my own I'll do it in 1 3 2 1 go hello this is not like I'm afraid everything I do is competitive when I say competitive I don't necessarily have to be the best we're all right so far keep going but whatever I do I have to do it to the best of my ability black I hope Ken kill himself on being well organized and it looks as though we've got here a case of the Lava bringing capabilities back ah yes I recognize that this is one of the indicators that if you were good at something then once you are given the Lava you can do it again keep going keep going right Ken takes charge but in the confusion of the maze he's forgotten a member of his team else I've been this way twice before I think we went wrong back there but they didn't look like they map you did it in six minutes and 22 seconds well done Ken where did Lavinia go I don't know she was at the beginning and we didn't see her anymore it's the wrong way I don't way to go who wants to come with me and find Lavinia where have you been I got lost well you didn't keep with us are you going to the middle yes I'm going to admit it determine not to give up Lavinia makes her way to the finishing line with the help of four-year-old Mason which way now this way that when there's a Dead here and then across there and then it's finished thank you I don't think I deserve it hey you are living your head you're murder I've never been so pleased to see anybody its Mason when I say well thank you Mason for pushing me and I've managed to die I'll repaint so your total time today for finishing the maze was 50 minutes and 22 seconds you

  • trunchqin blockz
    trunchqin blockz Month ago

    "we are here at the maze"
    I was already scared

  • Whatsup It's tha one
    Whatsup It's tha one 2 months ago


  • best bro
    best bro 3 months ago

    mason is my name lol 3:00

    QU4NTUM DEFENDER 4 months ago +1

    god bless them

    KZC VLOGS 5 months ago +2

  • Lucy and Melissa
    Lucy and Melissa 5 months ago

    Take a look at this lovely video of Christmas for different generations taken place in a residential home ❤️

  • smiler
    smiler 6 months ago +9

    I worked in a care home and the best thing families could do was to bring the little ones. Even in the Dementia homes, those suffering would change and light up. It was Astonishing how the frustrated and aggressive ones would calm down and light up and become gentle when tiny tots were about. A very strong and frustrated farmer melted when he met my friends little one. People instinctively know to be gentle around babies.

  • Sarah Bobs
    Sarah Bobs 7 months ago +12

    This made me cry x

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 7 months ago +3

    really surreal 😣

  • Maureen Logan
    Maureen Logan 7 months ago +3

    This is wonderful!

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 7 months ago +1

    Hello channel 4 did you make sure none of the old people were paedophiles? I know as all your top executives and many of your staff are paedophiles and paedophile protectors so you are likely to put the little kids in danger. It will be a happy day when your channel is liquidated and your horrible staff imprisoned.

    • Travis Rabble
      Travis Rabble 6 months ago

      @Lauren Massey I just don't like child abuser's or their supporters. Regards.

    • Lauren Massey
      Lauren Massey 6 months ago

      It must be so nice having no one but your left hand for company

    • Travis Rabble
      Travis Rabble 6 months ago

      @Lauren Massey Hello, still mourning over the necrophiliac Jimmy Savile I see, you mongoloid.

    • Lauren Massey
      Lauren Massey 6 months ago +1

      Oh shut up

  • Colette Adams
    Colette Adams 7 months ago +7

    she is so cute

  • apeddle
    apeddle 7 months ago +36

    Please make the full episodes available in Canada. I showed some clips with my elderly mother and she's desperate to watch the entire series.

    • sal
      sal 7 months ago

      apeddle if u download a vpn app on your phone you can view videos that aren’t blocked in Canada xx

    • B
      B 7 months ago +1

      apeddle what about using a vpn?

    • apeddle
      apeddle 7 months ago

      @Lou H region locked

    • Lou H
      Lou H 7 months ago

      apeddle You can download the app 4od for the full episodes

  • Xbox Benjamin
    Xbox Benjamin 7 months ago +1


  • Sophie Rahman
    Sophie Rahman 7 months ago +17

    You can learn more from old people then they can learn from you

  • Sophie Rahman
    Sophie Rahman 7 months ago +79

    Old people are so full of wisdom you just have too care and listen

    JAI WAETFORD COVERS 7 months ago +9

    I love old people

  • Jamie Bromwell
    Jamie Bromwell 7 months ago +20

    We're all going to be that age one day

    • Jaydeekatt
      Jaydeekatt 7 months ago +2

      Unless we die young.

    • Silver Snow
      Silver Snow 7 months ago +1

      Jamie Bromwell
      Not everyone. Anyone who’s to say science doesn’t find a way for us to live forever.

  • Tilly 240507
    Tilly 240507 7 months ago +12

    So cute!😊