I Pretended I had NO SKIN, then showed my RECON EXPERT and they FREAKED OUT!

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • I Pretended I had NO SKIN, then showed my RECON EXPERT and they FREAKED OUT!
    #reconexpert #rareskins #defaultskin
    Idea from Brandon: thexvid.com/channel/UC0a2KUQ5qG0eAa7LWfhEL_Q
    Just a young kid trying to make it on TheXvid !
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  • Horsing
    Horsing  5 months ago +3777

    Default Skin or Recon Expert ?? 🤔 (this is a skit ❤)

    • Mason Jones
      Mason Jones 22 days ago

      Default for dayz

    • Ro Garcia
      Ro Garcia 3 months ago

      Can u give me a scin please

    • Grilla Grilla
      Grilla Grilla 3 months ago

      Anyone u like

    • Craig Army
      Craig Army 3 months ago

      Horsing I have an idea let’s teams up and stop default bullying

    • Craig Army
      Craig Army 3 months ago

      Horsing I have an idea let’s teams up and stop default bullying

  • The Donut Birds
    The Donut Birds Day ago

    Horsing: I got renegade bruh. Idiots:bro bro huddle up (in public chat) we can steal his account. Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA but seriously just becaus he has no skin does not mean he sucks jeez F.U.

  • Katherine Croft
    Katherine Croft Day ago

    This video is fake a Fortnite bully would not bully that hard

  • rocket league king
    rocket league king 2 days ago

    7:53 u never know what they can whip out, no homo on that too bruh

  • Desmond Jackson
    Desmond Jackson 2 days ago

    He’s tuff but I have a feeling this is fake

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    John Doe

  • ina
    ina 4 days ago

    I’m not sure if you have any questions or just want to call me

  • Ethan Lutes
    Ethan Lutes 4 days ago +1

    I love the sound of a squeaker screeming in the morning

  • sujithra pratheep
    sujithra pratheep 4 days ago

    Bruh the bullies were so trash

  • Will Roderick
    Will Roderick 5 days ago

    Banger vid

  • AdamzVid Z
    AdamzVid Z 6 days ago

    Who else saw the og skull trooper in the background in spawn island

  • Julian Gath
    Julian Gath 6 days ago

    PS4 Players are toxic

  • Galsandamba Bayaraa
    Galsandamba Bayaraa 7 days ago

    I think you just invite youtubers

  • Baluloy Austria
    Baluloy Austria 7 days ago

    This is why I hate this game

  • Prettyboyrye Ryerye
    Prettyboyrye Ryerye 8 days ago

    Horsing. You said if we like sub we would have recon expert

  • Ibrahim Rohman
    Ibrahim Rohman 8 days ago

    Yo i really want recon expert

  • Maurice Dusauci
    Maurice Dusauci 9 days ago

    I don’t have any skin can someone gift me pls pls

    SANTI RAIN GAMING 9 days ago


  • Yeet McSkeet
    Yeet McSkeet 9 days ago

    this shit is so staged

  • Faze_ NickYGR ツ
    Faze_ NickYGR ツ 9 days ago

    -I have a surprise for you
    -OMG recon expert 🤣😂😱😱😱

  • Bearz
    Bearz 10 days ago

    B bb b

  • Chase Uppole
    Chase Uppole 10 days ago


  • Scott stevens
    Scott stevens 11 days ago

    I'm on ps4

  • Scott stevens
    Scott stevens 11 days ago

    Add me plssss

  • chris the fox man
    chris the fox man 11 days ago


  • TheLegendary_Bros1
    TheLegendary_Bros1 12 days ago +1

    This series: random squad and creative
    4:49 help this kid

  • Kofi Payne
    Kofi Payne 12 days ago +1

    You the best

  • xJay x
    xJay x 13 days ago

    How many times has he said breh god damn

  • The Swanton Show
    The Swanton Show 14 days ago

    8:33 you don't need to be sorry for it....you are a good content creator and you deserve the 10 minute ad revenue

  • Sans Gaming
    Sans Gaming 15 days ago

    Now a days kids I hate it i stop playing fortnight because I don’t have any friends on fortnite they don’t want to be my friend because I have no skins they keep calling me poor

  • Swifty
    Swifty 16 days ago

    They are toxic

  • Little default
    Little default 17 days ago

    7:08 they r adding him but I thought they all ready did?😀

  • turtle Playz
    turtle Playz 18 days ago +1

    The acting is really bad

  • salim dirani
    salim dirani 18 days ago

    I love you horsing I'm big fan

  • Keke The Kawaii Cat
    Keke The Kawaii Cat 19 days ago

    Your the best

  • Shadow Foxes
    Shadow Foxes 19 days ago

    Mean peoples

  • Shadow Foxes
    Shadow Foxes 19 days ago

    I hate people in fortnite who say: "u have a no skin u must be awful cuz u poor". It's not true if someone has a no skin that their bad at fortnite

  • THE Y-verse
    THE Y-verse 19 days ago +1

    Horsing after every sentence :bruh

  • Uzma Anjum
    Uzma Anjum 20 days ago

    The caption everytime
    I got bullied and then i showed my recon expert

  • Storm Pillar
    Storm Pillar 22 days ago

    Horsing........I tip my hat to you...one legendary skin to another

  • Ronel42
    Ronel42 22 days ago

    They said you are hacking when you are on console

  • Jimmyphu123
    Jimmyphu123 22 days ago +1

    Every single sentence horsing legit says “bruh”

  • Hunter Mills
    Hunter Mills 22 days ago

    Can you make the people not be that annoying and then i will watch ur vids more

  • GPC1001
    GPC1001 23 days ago

    I am the guy the skull trooper

  • Viamix Gaming
    Viamix Gaming 23 days ago

    They toxic 😂😂

  • The_ KingGamer303
    The_ KingGamer303 24 days ago

    Why this kids always calls default skinner into nuubs then when they been killed they say yiu were hacking...LMAOOO!!.... skinners are pretty trash actually...for real

  • GingyAndWingman
    GingyAndWingman 25 days ago +1

    4:48 how it feels to chew 5 gum

    DRAGO RUSSIA 27 days ago

    U scream higher pinc t

  • FaZe junior
    FaZe junior 29 days ago

    The king default has come back to show his defaults to become strong

  • Natalie Delgado
    Natalie Delgado 29 days ago


  • J Quinn
    J Quinn Month ago

    8:20 is the code you better use it or a dinosaur will step on you when you're sleeping

  • Wilson Opar
    Wilson Opar Month ago

    Why even do people disrespect people with no skin

  • Magnus Eriksson
    Magnus Eriksson Month ago

    na bruh na bruh are those the only words u can speak

  • XDalexX Ivo
    XDalexX Ivo Month ago +2

    Under shop is a text it says if you buy something in the shop you will be not better in the game stupid kids

    SOLO_LOSER YT Month ago

    I rather have a default skin

    TTV_WHY YT Month ago

    Horsing is a flexor and click bait

  • june16 gaming
    june16 gaming Month ago

    This a real story i got no skin but i have win 20000000 and im a legendary i havt bullyd i will kill 60 kills

  • pauline Gracia
    pauline Gracia Month ago +1

    Bullied for 3 years? Season 1 was like i year ago

  • Christian Pereira
    Christian Pereira Month ago

    Thanksskull trooper and skull ranger renegade raider I want all those rare skins that you can have because I have been subscribe and like and dropping and everything cuz you said if you wake up the next one every time the renegade or the recon for Abby and your Walker I want renegade raider Galaxy whatever skin is that white and green skin whatever I are ionic skin ionic not iconic ionic Royal bomber aerial assault trooper skull trooper and skull ranger renegade raider on all of those Redskins so hopefully you can hit me up just give me all the rare skins off everything that Batman's uniform 02 Batman 0 5 0 2 no capitals