Bartok the Magnificent - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • Don Bluth has made some great films, but does Anastasia’s comic relief fall in that category? Critic looks at the odd little spin off that takes flight in Bartok the Magnificent.
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    Bartok the Magnificent, directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, is a 1999 direct-to-video spin-off and prequel to the 1997 film Anastasia, which features Hank Azaria as the voice of Bartok, Kelsey Grammer as the voice of Zozi, and Jennifer Tilly as Piloff.
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Comments • 3 662

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  3 months ago +372

    What's your favorite Don Bluth film?
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    • StephaniethePenguin
      StephaniethePenguin 15 days ago +1

      +Connor Plisga That's my favorite too. :)

    • Ben Fulmer
      Ben Fulmer Month ago

      I don't have a favorite Don Bluth film, but it might interest you that the wrong names are under the wrong writers in the intro. 0:27

    • Dream Delirium
      Dream Delirium Month ago

      "All Dogs Go To Heaven" was my nostalgia...and now to ruin everyone's childhood:
      Go look up what happened to the little girl who did the voice of Anne-Marie. (She was also the voice of Ducky in "The Land Before Time").
      Unusually...relevant. :(

    • Dream Delirium
      Dream Delirium Month ago

      What's so "odd" about this Bartok movie, even as you outline how nearly every scene and character choice is already a well-worn trope?

  • Nicky J
    Nicky J 2 days ago


  • marion lewis
    marion lewis 2 days ago

    Review hansle Gretel and stand man

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 3 days ago +1

    I think ludmilla's transformation scene is the reason why im married to an argonian in skyrim😕

  • Alisa Johns
    Alisa Johns 4 days ago


  • Joshua Reese
    Joshua Reese 5 days ago

    I always thought they should make this into the series like The Land Before Time or something

  • Jay Tender
    Jay Tender 6 days ago

    I have this movie on VHS. Who else does?

  • The Nostalgia Network

    I mean, Don Bluth worked with Disney for a long ass time, a lot of the early animal animations you see are Bluths work in Disney so... does Don Bluth rip off Disney or does Disney rip off one of their best animators they’ve ever had when they decided to lay him off?

  • marcwolfleach
    marcwolfleach 11 days ago +1

    Who is the top and bottom female dragons on the left

  • marcwolfleach
    marcwolfleach 11 days ago +1

    Who is the top and bottom female dragons on the left

  • chibiktsn3
    chibiktsn3 12 days ago +1

    I remember when this came out and watching it often. It's a fun and creative movie, and entertained me as a kid.

  • kennyx221
    kennyx221 13 days ago +1

    I am the one who got turned on by the dragon song part.

  • Serious Spike Sam
    Serious Spike Sam 14 days ago

    Raa-raa-Rasputin... weirdly enough I remember watching Anastasia multiple as a child... even when the death scene scared the hell out of me.
    Oh well... more dragons and breast expansions for the folks I guess.

  • Mallard Duck
    Mallard Duck 14 days ago

    I think that the prince is the son of Dimitri and Anastasia, I mean seriously look at him

  • StephaniethePenguin
    StephaniethePenguin 15 days ago

    Mrs Teavee: Loompa Land? There's no such place!
    NC: Piss off bitch.
    XD XD XD

  • nerdy noctowl!
    nerdy noctowl! 15 days ago

    11:40 bowsete.

  • E.O.W.
    E.O.W. 16 days ago

    i remember as a kid watching this movie a lot and liking it more than anastasia

  • cvc
    cvc 19 days ago

    MOTHERCUCKIJ G BARTOK!!! Staring everyone's discount Commissoner Gordon, Gary Goldman.

  • Elliott Wolfe
    Elliott Wolfe 23 days ago

    So is the prince still in that pit or

  • Michael Welsh
    Michael Welsh 25 days ago

    Also, kinda weird how NC and Nostalgia Chick both blasted Anastasia for being an expensive Disney knockoff and Disneyfying a real life tragedy when most other critics liked the film, and it was actually a huge hit in Russia of all places.

  • Zoltán Marosi
    Zoltán Marosi 26 days ago

    In Soviet Russia

  • mollymation7
    mollymation7 27 days ago

    Holy crap! I watched this as a kid and recently showed it to my own figuring It wasn’t as good as I remember, but I honestly enjoyed it! The backstory about the production company explained a lot.

  • PoorMarvoloSawyer
    PoorMarvoloSawyer 27 days ago

    It's a prequel, dude, duh.

  • Lyrictheac
    Lyrictheac 28 days ago

    This movie scared the shit out of me as a kid, but so did Anastasia.

  • Allan Tampubolon
    Allan Tampubolon Month ago

    6:50 screw you, I like the "bwaa, waa" part.

  • fuzzydragon
    fuzzydragon Month ago

    Don Blooth movies have a proud tradition of creating new fetishes.

  • Gandaleon
    Gandaleon Month ago

    Also, it's not monarchist propaganda, so that's a nice touch for an Anastasia spin off.

  • Barry the Behemoth
    Barry the Behemoth Month ago

    Sure there's a lot of female dragons in movies...
    ...but WE have Draco and friggin Smaug, bitches!

  • Becky's Bettas
    Becky's Bettas Month ago

    I just watched this movie for the first time and thought the EXACT same thing with the transformation cut scene lmao

  • WrinkleinTime42
    WrinkleinTime42 Month ago

    Anastasia was one of my favourite movies ever. But Bartok the Magnificent was so much more fun!!!

  • 8523wsxc
    8523wsxc Month ago

    Anastasia isn't a Disney film.

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola Month ago


  • 999568 3ui2t4t
    999568 3ui2t4t Month ago

    Is this movie even canon? I mean, in comparison to Anastasia, this movie feels surreal. The animation of the clouds, which are unrealistically abstract in comparison to Anastasia as well as the other abstract settings, the fact that it is a more fantasy based setting, the existence of Baba Yaga (a myth) and a talking bear? Is this canon? If it’s a spinoff and not in the same universe, then how is it real? Is it non canon, not real, a dream? A ‘spin-off’ doesn’t make sense if it is in a different universe but same character. So is it real?

  • Snapshot the Mad Hatter

    OMG this video came out on my birthday and TheXvid just recommended it today to me 2 months later... I feel stupid... (༎ຶོᗝ༎ຶོ)

  • nmgh marquis
    nmgh marquis Month ago


  • Adiaha Alexander
    Adiaha Alexander Month ago

    "Which I seriously doubt, you're a bear!!" I love the way he said that lol

  • Formoka
    Formoka Month ago

    I love this film. The story. The voice acting. The music. It's so good!

  • Jacob Servino
    Jacob Servino Month ago

    @3:14 ...say what?

  • A.D.S.F
    A.D.S.F Month ago

    لا أحد في العلية لا أحد فوق الكرسي .. مع ذلك انا متأكدة ان في منزلي زوار

  • Nomannice
    Nomannice Month ago

    I loved Bartok when I was little!

  • Shark fan of the sea
    Shark fan of the sea Month ago +1

    That dragon transformation isn’t my proudest boner. DON’T JUDGE ME

  • Gregory The Gamer
    Gregory The Gamer Month ago

    11:42 Don't worry, I have higher standards than that. I do.

  • Kurama Asura Mode
    Kurama Asura Mode Month ago +1

    On the female dragons part, what's the name of the blue one in the top left corner?

    • Axterix13
      Axterix13 Month ago

      She's the (evil) queen from Enchanted. Narissa.

  • Speems
    Speems Month ago

    "Tentacle candyland" wow, a 2-in-1 deal?

  • misteria247
    misteria247 Month ago

    This video just made me remember a bunch of forgotten memories of Don Bluth movies that I saw as a young child, this one included. Thanks for making me have a giddy nostalgic field trip!!

  • Angus MacKnight
    Angus MacKnight Month ago

    3:57 Wait....ONLY 15 people in the palace? How tight a budget was the monarchy on? Or was it a small palace?

  • Revyaura
    Revyaura Month ago +1

    I....only recognize Saphira, Maleficent, and The Dragon from Shrek at 12:11. who are the other 3?

  • y'all be crazy
    y'all be crazy 2 months ago +1

    This movie terrified the ever loving fuck out of me as a young kid . Especially that fucking skeleton,the opening song and the way its animated just ........I dunno man .

  • Dan Eyal
    Dan Eyal 2 months ago

    12:16- Drago from Bakugan, Smaug from The Hobbit, Deathwing from Warcraft, Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures, Toothless from HTTYD, Malchior from Teen Titans...Yeah, I don't think that the scales are more tipped towards one gender on this subject, Doug...

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 months ago

    For some reason i thought this would be a video about Goku's dad 😂

  • Enzo Nuñez
    Enzo Nuñez 2 months ago

    12:08 Faltan Tohru, Lucoa, Kanna y Elma?

  • Ben Doverson
    Ben Doverson 2 months ago

    the queen reminds me of Cersei

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed 2 months ago

    Do Anastasia...I dare ya

  • Чивапчича
    Чивапчича 2 months ago

    Ra-ra-rasputin lover of the russian queen(sorry)
    P.S. lol, Baba yAga xD Generally speaking correctly is Baba yagA

  • Michael Bradley-Robbins

    While there is an abundance of female animated dragons, the greatest animated dragon is arguably Draco from Dragonheart. What we males lack in quantity we make up for in quality.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 months ago

    I use to have the Bartok teddy bear as a child.

  • Versipellis the rogue Changeling

    Now he needs to review Titan A E

  • Sonic D
    Sonic D 2 months ago

    F Don Bluth

    PRETZEL KING 2 months ago +2

    This movie reminds me of a smell from very long ago and other senses I can't pin down

  • stav srefis
    stav srefis 2 months ago

    Pilof is slow cooked rice and lamb

  • Denis Pepic
    Denis Pepic 2 months ago

    baba yaga is a russian version of the wicked witch of thr west

  • Lionclaw9869
    Lionclaw9869 2 months ago

    11:36're not wrong. And yes I am. XD

  • Spencer French
    Spencer French 2 months ago +1

    I like Don Bluth's Anastasia

  • MusicofLukeErickson
    MusicofLukeErickson 2 months ago

    Riddle me this: do you have Prince Albert in a can?

  • Sam DeMonic
    Sam DeMonic 2 months ago

    The film for me was better in Spanish, dunno why

  • Jackal Jackie
    Jackal Jackie 2 months ago

    Weirdly enough, Baba Yaga's depiction is surprisingly accurate. She (or they, as there were sometimes many Baba Yagas in one fairytale) is supposed to be this very old witch who was either nasty or just a nice old magical woman depending on the story. She's supposed to have a leg of bone tho.

  • B.J. Stewart
    B.J. Stewart 2 months ago

    I bet I watched this movie 300 times as a kid. I watched it every single night, and sometimes twice a night. Good memories

  • urraca _42
    urraca _42 2 months ago

    So is this film a prequel to Anastasia?

  • VickiDaGurk [Purple-Guy's-Admirer]

    The lip syncing is terrible

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim 2 months ago +2

    Tim: I’m always good for a laugh. What am I?
    Me: A clown?
    Tim: That’s it!

  • 666Wesker666
    666Wesker666 2 months ago

    I'm not sure if someone has already asked about this, but can you tell me who are these dragonesses Critic mentioned ?

  • DarkBlader88
    DarkBlader88 2 months ago

    Why did disney never show this on tv?

  • R. C.
    R. C. 2 months ago

    Secret of NIHM is amazing!!!!

  • Carrie Ritts
    Carrie Ritts 2 months ago


  • IrishWolven
    IrishWolven 2 months ago

    Male Animated Dragons that come to mind are; Smaug, the dragons from Flight of the Dragons, the two headed dragon from Quest for Camelot, Toothless, Mushu, Draco from Dragon Heart, and Haku from Spirited Away.
    Actually I would love an episode on the Flight of the Dragons, it was such a surreal animated film.

  • Loxagn
    Loxagn 2 months ago

    Prince? ... Wasn't the first film set after the communist revolution?

  • Chakwaina
    Chakwaina 2 months ago

    Head Cannon time!
    So this is a prequel, because it takes place in a much earlier time period. after this movie Zozi and Bartok continue saving people and being heroes, but tragically Zozi dies. Bartok returns to Russia to seek Baba Yaga's help in bringing him back to life but she fails and instead curses Bartok with immortality. Having no place left to turn the Russian prince now grown up offers for Bartok to stay with him and his family. Centuries later and after bitter sadness has consumed Bartok and been long forgotten by the royal family, Bartok meets Rasputin who promises him that if Bartok helps him over through the royal family he will resurrect Zozi. Bartok accepts and becomes Rasputin's helper :3

    VERNAR 2 months ago

    LOL, BEARS IN THE CENTRE OF MOSCOW)0) It is my native town guys. I like bears and people who make fun of this stereotype. Guy in the glasses, big love to u! ;) Are there somebody else from Russia?

  • Cherry Bomb Studios
    Cherry Bomb Studios 2 months ago +1

    Wait a minute.... WHO THE HELL IS PRINCE IVAN???
    Anastasia was based on a ‘what if’ idea about a REAL PERSON.
    But who the hell is ‘Prince Ivan Romanov?’

    • Cherry Bomb Studios
      Cherry Bomb Studios Month ago +1

      Tru Gara
      1 Ivan the Formidable was not a Romanov. His first wife was a Romanov. 2. If this were Ivan at a young age, the clothes wouldn't look so European. If you look at the timeline of rulers from Ivan the Formidable to Nicholas II, the Russian Tsardom dressed in a somewhat Mongolian style (not surprising, since Ivan the Formidable's mother claimed to be part Mongolian.) The earliest the Tsars of Russia started dressing like Europeans ~1680's when Peter the Great took the throne.
      I'm sorry, but I highly doubt Bartok is 370 years old.

    • Tru Gara
      Tru Gara Month ago

      Cherry Bomb Studios Ivan the terrible

  • main3rror
    main3rror 2 months ago

    Baba Yaga is a famous witch in bulgarian and slavic folklore.

  • Monty Woodside
    Monty Woodside 2 months ago

    I honestly watched this all the time as a kid. Anastasia's obviously better but still watchable for kids

  • Charlie Livaditis
    Charlie Livaditis 2 months ago

    4:50 uh John Wick will

  • Samuel Fisher
    Samuel Fisher 2 months ago

    This was one of my favorite movies as a kid but nobody who I know remembered it I thought I was hallucinating

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 2 months ago

    this sounds like a fun one, can you please review classics like chitty chitty bang bang, mary poppins, bedknobs and broomsticks

  • Caitlyn Crull
    Caitlyn Crull 2 months ago

    You forgot about Shruikan... granted he wasn't in the Eragon movie for very long... still a male animated dragon though

  • Drengade
    Drengade 2 months ago

    *It's Bartok the Magnificent,
    With a 'Hah' and a Ha-Yah' that are significant!
    That Dragon hasn't eaten since that fateful day,
    Thanks to B - A - R - T - OK!*

  • Masterpotato
    Masterpotato 2 months ago

    OH SHIT! I've been wondering the name of the movie Titan A.E.

    Wait that's a bad movie?

  • *** ***
    *** *** 2 months ago

    Wow, who knew all we had to do to make the critic edgy is call him an sjw a few times? Lmao

  • Safersephiroth777
    Safersephiroth777 2 months ago

    A spin off better than the main movie? Seriously?

  • Gorinich Serpant
    Gorinich Serpant 2 months ago

    Taking rescuing advice from children makes sense, when your the kidnapper and your trying to mislead someone expendable to go to a witch. Also, of course the witch never changes her clothes and smells, she's a witch who lives alone somewhere isolated.

  • Night Fox
    Night Fox 2 months ago

    Do swidania

  • Chainsmoking Raptor
    Chainsmoking Raptor 2 months ago

    What would you guys do if when you died and you faced the void, the Nostalgia Critic intro just starts to play?

  • Dylan Ogg
    Dylan Ogg 2 months ago

    Maybe Bartok woud have had an easier time if he also found Mei and Shu.

  • Emerald Axe Records
    Emerald Axe Records 2 months ago

    Baba Yaga is a famous folk character in most East-European countries. In Poland she's the witch who tried to eat Hanzel & Gretel, while living in a house on a chicken leg.

  • Alexandria Teutsch
    Alexandria Teutsch 2 months ago

    Well, Anastasia wasn’t the best but it gave us Once upon a December so I can’t complain

  • Ileana Braniste
    Ileana Braniste 2 months ago

    pilaf is a rice dish...soft and mushy

  • deprest furrby knockoff

    12: 05
    Yea but smougl beets all of them

  • Golden Freddy Fazbear Gamer1983

    Play space ace

  • RoweYurBoat
    RoweYurBoat 2 months ago

    I want to see you review The Animals of Farthing Wood

  • Zebra Savant
    Zebra Savant 2 months ago

    i really loved this movie when i was a kid. anastasia was too adult for me at the time