Enchanté | French Lessons Avec Moi

  • Published on Sep 29, 2021
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  • Remember 1D

    As a French person, I must say your accent and prononciation got better over time

  • seedyrom247

    It’s good that Daniel still keeps his friendships. I had a mate in Perth a few years ago go mountain biking. One of his riding mates said “Can I bring a friend along?” …. That friend turned out to be Danny Ric. Classic.

  • Ela
    Ela  +449

    Your guide to Ricciardian French:

  • chilisbestie

    daniel is secretly a ballerina in between race weekends

  • Melissa Lecis

    Ricciardo should have his own show on tv ❤️

  • Zahraa Kajee

    the serotonin boost i got from this one video . daniel always comes through with the laughs

  • Onelostalien

    Daniel speaks French like zack brown speaks Italian 😂

  • Emilie Walford

    Daniel’s little dance at the beginning 😂

  • Andrea Saint Martin

    I definitely wasn't expecting that ending, but It made me laugh xD. Love the enchanté collection!

  • Arnaud J.
    Arnaud J.  +44

    Ricciardo anytime, anywhere, for any reason be like :

  • Mika Miranda

    The ending had me choking on my water while sitting in my cubicle at work - should have known better 😂

  • Juliet B.
    Juliet B.  +168

    Me, who is a native french speaking person : « sure let’s take French lessons from Danny Ric » 🤣

  • Alexis Pennings

    The ending was the best thing I’ve seen all week. Bless this man.

  • J M
    J M  +12

    for the unaware, he also co-owns that beer brand that he showed at the end of the clip, it's called Blue something, it's based in south of France i think ... in summary: DR is loaded and has done very well for himself financially!

  • Aleksander Kärg

    I just love how Richardo behaves, he's always so positive and happy and brings a smile to me too

  • Kelly Wouters

    Please stay the 'bandit' you are because we f****g love it! Never change and keep laughing 🧡🧡🧡

  • LH_44
    LH_44  +1

    Good evening Daniel I very love your optimism and your enthusiasm I'm French and I can tell you your accent is great 😀 I wish you a good continuation at mclaren and very well done for you P1 at Monza!

  • Kasey Arkinstall

    Then ending had me laughing way to loud on night shift 😂 may of woke a few patients. Absolutely love it Captain Danny Ric

  • Gaëlle Guénan

    Parfaite vidéo pour commencer la journée ! enchantée Daniel et bonne chance pour la suite ;)