Overwatch Angry Review [RF]

  • Published on Jun 1, 2016
  • *Sry for FrameRate Drop & Video Quality, this review done while on a Family Vacation on my Laptop!* *Sample Text is supposed to Read the Review Score* Though it is pretty funny as Overwatch = SampleText/10.
    AngryJoe Reviews Blizzards first new IP in over 17 years and their first FPS, how does it measure up to the hype? Find out!
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  • christopher Barham
    christopher Barham Day ago +1

    Overwatch is overrated asf. Titianfall 2 should’ve won goty of that year or uncharted 4. If the game would’ve released at 20 dollars, than maybe.

  • Introvert 2.0
    Introvert 2.0 4 days ago

    I wonder if joe still plays this ?

  • ShaneRtube
    ShaneRtube 7 days ago

    Here in 2019 and idk why. But this game is a 10/10 almost 4 years later and this is my main go to game. And it was the best 60$ I ever spent and I never spent anymore money in this game other than the $60 and I have almost every skin that's ever came out unlocked. The main reason I love this game is because every map, every hero, every game mode has been FREE! In 2019 what other game can you say that about? NONE. Microtransactions rule the gaming world and Overwatch never got into that. And this is why I love you Blizzard ❤

  • Ally-C-83
    Ally-C-83 8 days ago

    Random Angry review playthrough day 3 review 22 14/09/19 nice one AJ

  • MazeMaker4Life
    MazeMaker4Life 21 day ago

    Overwatch is Overrated

  • slapypenguins101
    slapypenguins101 Month ago

    Paladins is a great *free* alternative.

  • Golden Gamer
    Golden Gamer Month ago

    Man this review sounds really ironic if you watch it now 2019

  • Ku Klux Klan Head master
    Ku Klux Klan Head master 2 months ago +1

    Battleborn is better and deader

  • TheJigen
    TheJigen 3 months ago

    Joe should to a revist review.

  • star burns
    star burns 4 months ago

    Ah, a time before sombra, brigitte or orisa. It was a better time. R.I.P. good overwatch

  • Jack_1414
    Jack_1414 5 months ago

    It's funny how every game now aday is $60

  • Dave
    Dave 5 months ago

    game was only good for the first 6-7 months

  • Myre36
    Myre36 5 months ago

    Angry Joe: No one is excited to get this type of shit
    When a new legendary or epic skin comes out: Everyone screams of exitment

  • George Nadian
    George Nadian 5 months ago +1

    Tbh the loot box system is fair because it’s all cosmetics that don’t really matter

  • George Nadian
    George Nadian 5 months ago +3

    When 60 dollars seemed overpriced...
    Miss those days

    • The Espatier
      The Espatier 5 months ago

      George Nadian Yeah... and $40 on PC.

  • alex costa
    alex costa 5 months ago

    Favorite game sense tf2

  • RVeeb
    RVeeb 5 months ago

    It’s absolutely worth 60 or 40$, which you can also buy on console, since the game gets constant new updates, hero changes, new heroes, new maps, new skins, new events, new game modes, and new competitive changes constantly every month or 2, FOR FREEEEEEEEEE

  • Must Rästas
    Must Rästas 6 months ago

    Its literally unreal tournament lol! Im tired of it- my childhood was all day long with this game. But to play that now, maybe kids! Theres out many mindful games that can give you more than this. My vote 6 out of 10.

  • Imp Augie
    Imp Augie 6 months ago +1

    the game sucks now... for me at least

  • HiiighAsAKite
    HiiighAsAKite 7 months ago

    Sample Text

  • GIGGI'
    GIGGI' 7 months ago

    symmetra was garbage, and garbage was who was using or maining her before the remake.

  • Nameless NPC
    Nameless NPC 7 months ago

    hoo boy, this is dated.

  • Elliott smith
    Elliott smith 7 months ago

    Fun game if only the community wasn't toxic as hell or push people away.

  • MysterioBerlin
    MysterioBerlin 7 months ago

    The community changed alot 😂

  • Sincear 777
    Sincear 777 7 months ago +1

    Sample text

  • D00M SL4Y3R
    D00M SL4Y3R 8 months ago +1

    Overwatch: "I'm the saving grace of the FPS, and I won GOTY"
    DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal: "That's real cute, kid... Want a cookie?"
    *DOOM Slayer proceeds to effortlessly run 'n gun armies of omnidimensional Demons, who can easily wreck anything in existence, while ripping off their arms, and beating them with them, ripping Demons in half vertically, punching their chests in, and ripping off Demon legs like toilet paper*

  • Derek Night
    Derek Night 8 months ago

    This game gets a Sample Text/10

  • HolstFan32
    HolstFan32 8 months ago

    The gameplay is nice, but compared to TF2, the characters' personalities are extremely flat and one-dimensional

    • HolstFan32
      HolstFan32 6 months ago

      sure, you think they're douchebags, but they're douchebags with personality

    • Purrcat
      Purrcat 6 months ago

      lol flat you say tf2 merc are nothing but a bunch of douchebags name one of them with a nice personality

  • MysterioBerlin
    MysterioBerlin 8 months ago +1

    9:47 this community is toxic af 😂

  • Mason Nix
    Mason Nix 9 months ago

    This game sucks.
    Should be a F2P game at best ,not a full priced retail game.

  • Salty Bulldog
    Salty Bulldog 9 months ago

    Damn this game has changed sooo much since then.

  • Frosty KR3W
    Frosty KR3W 9 months ago

    You should review it again.

  • Dell Conagher
    Dell Conagher 9 months ago +1

    Even today this game is only getting better.

    • Dell Conagher
      Dell Conagher 9 months ago

      That one asian guy so you clearly don’t play the game, I won’t judge, I’m just saying it’s fun if you’re not picky about everything there is when it comes to games.

    • That one asian guy
      That one asian guy 9 months ago

      Are you high lol, Overwatch is in its worst state atm

    OVERPOWERED OW 9 months ago

    Season 13.......

  • ryan bunce
    ryan bunce 9 months ago

    That pretty awkwardy moment when a unanimous goty for 2016 gets a 7 out of 10

  • Elliot Nolan
    Elliot Nolan 10 months ago

    i'd love to hear your opinion on this game now, over two years on from the game with so many maps added so many changes to the point this feels like a completely different game to the one you see in this video. just curious

  • OG Reaper
    OG Reaper 10 months ago +1

    13:18 padalins........... IQ300...shit review...you are a biased bitch(so am i)

  • Fragmentis
    Fragmentis 10 months ago

    2 years later and people complain about balancing.Shity maps and so o . OverWatch is just shit . DooM its faaar more fun.

  • nikolai moeller
    nikolai moeller 10 months ago

    I feel like Joe got a lot wrong. Lootboxes does not affect the gameplay. So there is no reason for him to be mad about it. Yes 60$ is a lot but blizzard promised a lot more value and gameplay for your buck and they kept the promise. He forgot that blizzard promised that the game would get more content overall. I think Joe forgot to do some research before going straight in.

  • Warmachineguy
    Warmachineguy 10 months ago

    Nahh fuck that game I can't support it at $60 for a multiplayer only game I think this is a $20 game

    DAWGZofWAR 11 months ago

    Wonder why Joe hasn't revisited this game since the creation of the OverWatch League among other things... There are many changes to the game now many many more new maps and heroes... You can no longer choose multiples of the same hero in competitive or even in quick play... The arcade mode is really fun and there's so much more... It would be cool if you guys Revisited this game

  • Shady Sal
    Shady Sal 11 months ago

    *sample text*

  • ML
    ML 11 months ago

    This aged badly.

  • IronBatDion Haskins
    IronBatDion Haskins 11 months ago

    No story mode

  • Shadow storm
    Shadow storm 11 months ago

    Joe you should check out the game now again if you have time that is

  • MrMecka
    MrMecka Year ago

    “Sample text”

  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl Year ago +3

    Picked this up last weekend for $12 from the humblebundle, and I gotta say that where the game is now, and at that price point, its a 10/10. Probably wouldn't feel the same if I paid $60 though... which is why I waited this long. Im not usually into competitive online FPS games, but this one is different. Would like you to re-review this Joe, since not only is there rankings now, but even professional competitive teams.

  • GokuzKamehameha
    GokuzKamehameha Year ago

    Its impossible to reason with a stupid person. Sruoid people compare games with each other and say one is better than the other... just play both and SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY YOU TOXIC BABIES.

  • Cameron Rice
    Cameron Rice Year ago

    So much fail in the comments and video. Lmao This game is killing it

  • hotman718
    hotman718 Year ago

    Paladins is free it's just as fun as Overwatch.

  • Eduardo Bráulio
    Eduardo Bráulio Year ago

    15k deslike?! Im a tryhard fan of blizzard but I agree with Joe :)

  • ricky ticky
    ricky ticky Year ago

    This game is still laughably unbalanced to this day. The team at blizzard is either unable or unwilling the fix the balance issues with both heroes and matchmaking. They like to use the word meta and not meta but that is just an excuse for bad balance

  • buuphan67
    buuphan67 Year ago

    is it me or joe play overwatch in 15 fps ?

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV Year ago

    overwatch is free on PC, just saying

  • Andrey Sparrow
    Andrey Sparrow Year ago

    2018... blizzard finally killed game, just like they always do :)

  • kelvin garrido
    kelvin garrido Year ago

    Jesus that fps during gameplay

  • BananaMan
    BananaMan Year ago

    they fixed basicly everything bad u said in this vid XD

  • galaxy man . jpg
    galaxy man . jpg Year ago +1

    they only add cosmetics for loot boxes, even if you have a completely new account versus someone who has 500 skins. The out will be no different
    also its kinda childish to complain about the nature of randomness, ive gotten so many skins (even ones that cost 1000 tokens), highlight intros, sprays, victory poses. without spending a penny. Just from playing for a while

  • Ronan Higgins
    Ronan Higgins Year ago

    i feel like joe should review this again in 2018 seeing as how it is so much different

  • Sub-Zero
    Sub-Zero Year ago +1

    Joe the level cap max is 20,000 XP needed. The best way to level up is by playing Arcade. And now there are 27 characters, none of the extra ones are needed to be payed for. And the most fun mode is customs with friends, I hope you've tried it out. There's events for different times during the year. For example right now is the anniversary event, which is the first event to get all event loot and skins and so much more. Something else I want to add is that: I had never played a first person shooter before, I tried this out and it was a perfect kind of shooter to get into. Anyone who is in the same situation should pick this up as their introduction to the genre.