Overwatch Angry Review [RF]


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  • GIGGI'
    GIGGI' 7 days ago

    symmetra was garbage, and garbage was who was using or maining her before the remake.

  • Nameless NPC
    Nameless NPC 9 days ago

    hoo boy, this is dated.

  • Elliott smith
    Elliott smith 15 days ago

    Fun game if only the community wasn't toxic as hell or push people away.

  • MysterioBerlin
    MysterioBerlin 16 days ago

    The community changed alot 😂

  • Sincear 777
    Sincear 777 23 days ago +1

    Sample text

  • D00M SL4Y3R
    D00M SL4Y3R Month ago +1

    Overwatch: "I'm the saving grace of the FPS, and I won GOTY"
    DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal: "That's real cute, kid... Want a cookie?"
    *DOOM Slayer proceeds to effortlessly run 'n gun armies of omnidimensional Demons, who can easily wreck anything in existence, while ripping off their arms, and beating them with them, ripping Demons in half vertically, punching their chests in, and ripping off Demon legs like toilet paper*

  • Derek Night
    Derek Night Month ago

    This game gets a Sample Text/10

  • trash
    trash Month ago

    The gameplay is nice, but compared to TF2, the characters' personalities are extremely flat and one-dimensional

  • MysterioBerlin
    MysterioBerlin Month ago +1

    9:47 this community is toxic af 😂

  • Mason Nix
    Mason Nix 2 months ago

    This game sucks.
    Should be a F2P game at best ,not a full priced retail game.

  • Salty Bulldog
    Salty Bulldog 2 months ago

    Damn this game has changed sooo much since then.

  • Frosty KR3W
    Frosty KR3W 2 months ago

    You should review it again.

  • Mark C
    Mark C 2 months ago

    Even today this game is only getting better.

    • Mark C
      Mark C 2 months ago

      That one asian guy so you clearly don’t play the game, I won’t judge, I’m just saying it’s fun if you’re not picky about everything there is when it comes to games.

    • That one asian guy
      That one asian guy 2 months ago

      Are you high lol, Overwatch is in its worst state atm

    OVERPOWERED OW 2 months ago

    Season 13.......

  • ryan bunce
    ryan bunce 2 months ago

    That pretty awkwardy moment when a unanimous goty for 2016 gets a 7 out of 10

  • Elliot Nolan
    Elliot Nolan 3 months ago

    i'd love to hear your opinion on this game now, over two years on from the game with so many maps added so many changes to the point this feels like a completely different game to the one you see in this video. just curious

  • OG Reaper
    OG Reaper 3 months ago +1

    13:18 padalins........... IQ300...shit review...you are a biased bitch(so am i)

  • Fragmentis
    Fragmentis 3 months ago

    2 years later and people complain about balancing.Shity maps and so o . OverWatch is just shit . DooM its faaar more fun.

  • nikolai moeller
    nikolai moeller 3 months ago

    I feel like Joe got a lot wrong. Lootboxes does not affect the gameplay. So there is no reason for him to be mad about it. Yes 60$ is a lot but blizzard promised a lot more value and gameplay for your buck and they kept the promise. He forgot that blizzard promised that the game would get more content overall. I think Joe forgot to do some research before going straight in.

  • Warmachineguy
    Warmachineguy 3 months ago

    Nahh fuck that game I can't support it at $60 for a multiplayer only game I think this is a $20 game

    DAWGZofWAR 4 months ago

    Wonder why Joe hasn't revisited this game since the creation of the OverWatch League among other things... There are many changes to the game now many many more new maps and heroes... You can no longer choose multiples of the same hero in competitive or even in quick play... The arcade mode is really fun and there's so much more... It would be cool if you guys Revisited this game

  • Shady Sal
    Shady Sal 4 months ago

    *sample text*

  • ML
    ML 4 months ago

    This aged badly.

  • ironBatDion Haskins
    ironBatDion Haskins 4 months ago

    No story mode

  • Shadow storm
    Shadow storm 4 months ago

    Joe you should check out the game now again if you have time that is

  • MrMecka
    MrMecka 4 months ago

    “Sample text”

  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl 5 months ago +3

    Picked this up last weekend for $12 from the humblebundle, and I gotta say that where the game is now, and at that price point, its a 10/10. Probably wouldn't feel the same if I paid $60 though... which is why I waited this long. Im not usually into competitive online FPS games, but this one is different. Would like you to re-review this Joe, since not only is there rankings now, but even professional competitive teams.

  • GokuzKamehameha
    GokuzKamehameha 5 months ago

    Its impossible to reason with a stupid person. Sruoid people compare games with each other and say one is better than the other... just play both and SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY YOU TOXIC BABIES.

  • Cameron Rice
    Cameron Rice 5 months ago

    So much fail in the comments and video. Lmao This game is killing it

  • hotman718
    hotman718 5 months ago

    Paladins is free it's just as fun as Overwatch.

  • Eduardo Bráulio
    Eduardo Bráulio 5 months ago

    15k deslike?! Im a tryhard fan of blizzard but I agree with Joe :)

  • ricky ticky
    ricky ticky 5 months ago

    This game is still laughably unbalanced to this day. The team at blizzard is either unable or unwilling the fix the balance issues with both heroes and matchmaking. They like to use the word meta and not meta but that is just an excuse for bad balance

  • Zach Montgomery
    Zach Montgomery 6 months ago

    You know who won? Capcom won.

  • FizzyElf
    FizzyElf 7 months ago

    is it me or joe play overwatch in 15 fps ?

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV 7 months ago

    overwatch is free on PC, just saying

  • Andrey Sparrow
    Andrey Sparrow 7 months ago

    2018... blizzard finally killed game, just like they always do :)

  • kelvin garrido
    kelvin garrido 7 months ago

    Jesus that fps during gameplay

  • BananaMan
    BananaMan 7 months ago

    they fixed basicly everything bad u said in this vid XD

  • galaxy man . jpg
    galaxy man . jpg 8 months ago

    they only add cosmetics for loot boxes, even if you have a completely new account versus someone who has 500 skins. The out will be no different
    also its kinda childish to complain about the nature of randomness, ive gotten so many skins (even ones that cost 1000 tokens), highlight intros, sprays, victory poses. without spending a penny. Just from playing for a while

  • Ronan Higgins
    Ronan Higgins 8 months ago

    i feel like joe should review this again in 2018 seeing as how it is so much different

  • Sub-Zero
    Sub-Zero 9 months ago +1

    Joe the level cap max is 20,000 XP needed. The best way to level up is by playing Arcade. And now there are 27 characters, none of the extra ones are needed to be payed for. And the most fun mode is customs with friends, I hope you've tried it out. There's events for different times during the year. For example right now is the anniversary event, which is the first event to get all event loot and skins and so much more. Something else I want to add is that: I had never played a first person shooter before, I tried this out and it was a perfect kind of shooter to get into. Anyone who is in the same situation should pick this up as their introduction to the genre.

  • Ronan Higgins
    Ronan Higgins 9 months ago

    He should redo this in 2018

  • Aristotle Menace
    Aristotle Menace 9 months ago

    I know I shouldn't say this but...

    But can Overwatch challenge Makoa

  • Jura Lith
    Jura Lith 9 months ago

    I see joe playing my dva x3

  • Prey old
    Prey old 9 months ago

    Mercy mains approve

  • Philly Eagle
    Philly Eagle 9 months ago

    Paladins is F2P version of this that is tons better...this game is crap & regularly goes on sale, often times for 50% off...this game feeds the social media junkie...with the need to feel validated, lol. Even Battleborn was more fun than this

  • NightRaven
    NightRaven 9 months ago

    You can earn the currency by playing to get the things you want. And you should really revisit the game now. Especially with retribution

  • xXChrisXx KCC
    xXChrisXx KCC 9 months ago

    "One of the greater communities out there" AGHAHA HAHA HA oh my

  • BEATmyguest31
    BEATmyguest31 9 months ago +1

    The only way i EVER come back to FPS PVP is if they have rankings like Rocket League. Experts that have no life should NEVER be playing against someone who squeezes in a couple hours a week between having a life & responsibilities. Playing against the no-scopers & the types who know EXACTLY where to be & when have RUINED PVP for me. The day game developers figure out how to properly set up a FAIR & BALANCED match is the day i come back.

  • Patrik Liba
    Patrik Liba 10 months ago

    Then do not buy it making video about something just because you do not have money for getting subs likes from guys who think same just because they do not want to invest for it go play f2p games or battleborn and be happy.

  • Dubois Watkins
    Dubois Watkins 10 months ago

    Loot boxes in this game is not a issue. Its all cosmetic

  • megapper
    megapper 10 months ago

    Sampled text

  • Cihad
    Cihad 10 months ago

    You can get it for 20 bucks from time to time. I bought it for that price in the anniversary event last year. There is more content and it is way more fun now. The Teamplay in ranked can feel so good sometimes. It's my favourite game

  • Will Gold
    Will Gold 10 months ago

    I love how Joe messed up the final verdict, and all it was, was "Sample Text"

  • Hari Naicker
    Hari Naicker 10 months ago

    Joe, no one likes these RF reviews.

  • holdmybeard
    holdmybeard 10 months ago

    This review could have been better.

  • Pitching Wedge
    Pitching Wedge 10 months ago +1

    I'm looking for a game I can play on Friday nights. Anyone recommend this?

  • Xan Sabar
    Xan Sabar 10 months ago

    Good stuff Joe. Ignore the haters. Your honesty here is appreciated. I'm sorry, but Overwatch is no better than any other fully priced game with tempting micro transactions out the ass, thus solidifying peoples retarded belief that cosmetic micro transactions should be accepted as the middle ground between gamer and corporation. In fact, Overwatch was one of the first AAA games that really showed the industry how to implement FTP mechanics in fully priced games. If you pay full price for a game, then any micro transaction is essentially a scam to get UNNECESSARY amounts of money out of your pocket. If anyone needs a more in depth understanding about cosmetic micro transactions, look no further than the Jimquisition. (And you guys that are saying "But Joe, the game has SOOO much more value now," are stupid. HE RATES GAMES BASED ON HOW THEY RELEASE! As it should be. Jesus Christ guys.)

  • GlowBat
    GlowBat 10 months ago

    the community is one of the better communities" lol say that now Joe, Overwatch's community is now one of the most toxic in gaming history.

  • Bundy
    Bundy 10 months ago

    community one of the better communities. oh how times have changed.

  • liam white
    liam white 10 months ago

    I feel like Joe should do RF and normal reviews

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago +1

    I love how Blizzard gets away with lootboxes, but when Ea puts them in everyone goes nuts... Not that im defending Ea, but imo Blizzard is even worse tbh... Blizzard fanboys attack!!!

  • Cat
    Cat 10 months ago

    People saying Joe should re-review Overwatch are uninformed on the the uninformed in one way or another. Overwatch as it is now is definitely worth $30-$40, but without the loot boxes of course. Since, they have no place in a premium game.
    However, when this game launched it was a shell of its current self, which should have been reflected in the price. I don’t know why, but everyone seems to either not know or forget how Minecraft was originally marketed. It was basically a paid early access, done right.
    In early June 2009, Markus “Notch” Persson described his intended pricing model on his blog. Those who paid for the game were promised access to all future updates at no extra cost. A free edition of Minecraft would still be available, but only the current half-finished version of the game. For those who bought a copy of Minecraft immediately, there was a discount. When the game entered beta-development, the price would be raised to $20, and the finished version would cost $26.
    Genius, right? Sadly this strategy is never implemented in today’s half-baked releases. And the only people that suffer are the customers and dedicated fans. However, back to Overwatch. Joe shouldn’t review Overwatch again, because that’s not the point of a review in my opinion. I argue that you only review “what's in the box” day one, and insist that a game review is most relevant at launch, and should only reflect the state of the game at launch, since this is when the game is released at full price. It’s on the part of the consumer to do a quick search for the game’s changelog if they wish to purchase a game somewhere down the line after the initial launch. If they just discovered this cool looking game that’s a couple years old, but see a bad score, it’s on them to see if what the reviewer said still holds up.
    This is all just my opinion, but if you agree or have anything you’d like to say, feel free to leave a reply and I’ll be glad to read it. :)

  • forthecool official
    forthecool official 10 months ago

    Am I the only who who’s like whats the point

  • Derick Lasing
    Derick Lasing 10 months ago

    Thank God I found paladins cuz overwatch it too much at 60 yea

  • david jin
    david jin 11 months ago

    When shit u say back fires...

  • Samuel H.
    Samuel H. 11 months ago

    "SAMPLE TEXT" lol

  • Adam Block
    Adam Block 11 months ago

    Overwatches legs long enough still Joe?

  • Angeliceron
    Angeliceron 11 months ago

    Do a review of the game now, Im sure your view on toxicity will change

  • Thomas Linkous
    Thomas Linkous 11 months ago

    I know this is late to the game, but wei paladins patch taking it backwards i think you should review it.

  • Larry McMorris
    Larry McMorris 11 months ago


  • Mark C
    Mark C 11 months ago

    I love this game, and as smart as it is to not give us all the characters and make them free as well, but I wish we got them a tad sooner and not a month and a half at a time it feels like.

  • Geeco91
    Geeco91 11 months ago

    When you would do a Review of this Game again you would give it some more Points because it developed even better now

  • hjuliochaparro chapapapa
    hjuliochaparro chapapapa 11 months ago

    This review of joe was spot on. I would not play league of legends if it costed $60. I mean, moba's are repetitive A F.

  • Maestro PoruRaion

    "sample text"
    yup illiterate fucking jow strikes again! jesus fucking Christ jow, get other fucking joe to proof read this shit ffs!!!!!!!!!!!! unless he cant fucking read either. he does look like a dumbass

  • Maestro PoruRaion

    $60 for what should be a F2P game
    just like Evolve again

    • Jacobisaweeb
      Jacobisaweeb 11 months ago

      Path Of The Heavens Bruh this was years ago are you fucking stupid

  • VideoGameConnection

    Dude Overwatch is good

  • Tracer
    Tracer Year ago

    There’s so many of them? 6 is not many

  • Tracer
    Tracer Year ago

    26 characters

  • Tracer
    Tracer Year ago

    Dude are you blind there’s a big thing next to arcade called competitive that’s ranked wow are you stupid?

  • warrick102
    warrick102 Year ago +1

    Overwatch earns a "Sample Text!"

  • Billy Humphrey
    Billy Humphrey Year ago

    Looks like a cool game if you’re into PVP but until it has a single player or coop campaign I’ll pass. Thanks for the review Joe

  • Billy Humphrey
    Billy Humphrey Year ago

    Why the fuck do people ask Joe to update his review? Are you that insecure that you need his approval to like what you like?
    His channel, his review, his own fucking opinions. Don’t like it, do your own review. Or just play your games and don’t worry about what others think.

    • Jacobisaweeb
      Jacobisaweeb 11 months ago

      Billy Humphrey yeah but it's evolved so much obviously

  • Tomi
    Tomi Year ago

    Games like PUBG, Star Citizen, Counterstrike, Overwatch or all the newer CIV games and Total War games... those games show the absolute hypocrisy of the gaming community when it comes to dlc outrage and mtx. They lose their shit when Destiny does some kind of mtx or lootbox systems but don't even dare critique the absolute fucking ugly dumpster fire of dlc regurgitation or lootboxes from the games I mentioned above . That's completely fine . Fuck you gamers , fuck you in the ear.

  • Stealthylion
    Stealthylion Year ago

    theres currency for skins so you can get what ever skin you want if you get the right amount

  • Joel mares
    Joel mares Year ago

    Redo another review mate

  • DJ Gassewitz Videography

    "the community is actually one of the best communities i've ever played with" LOOOL this man hasn't tried ranked yet

  • Aiden Gumaer
    Aiden Gumaer Year ago

    TF2 is better

  • YouTube Blue
    YouTube Blue Year ago

    "Casual" lol

  • Noodles TV
    Noodles TV Year ago +1

    Sample text

  • TheGamingWard
    TheGamingWard Year ago

    I got a Legendary skin for Tracer on my first loot box

  • Allan Vang
    Allan Vang Year ago

    I would for sure buy Overwatch if it had a storymode with cut scenes like the trailers and other single player modes. I know that defeats the teamwork aspect but at the same time it gets annoying either playing against pros or playing with people who have no idea what they are doing.

  • James Gould
    James Gould Year ago

    but all dlc is free and events happen very often need to update review

  • Çyberneticz 547
    Çyberneticz 547 Year ago

    You think the game completely relys on how much the game costs?

  • Pokemon Trainer Pokevan

    Btw pretty sure ow has content to cost more than 60

  • Pokemon Trainer Pokevan

    Aleight lets sue Terraria because it copied a pick axe from minecraft

  • awoKen
    awoKen Year ago

    Overwatch is so overpriced and overhyped when TF2 a much deeper game with more mechanics and a higher skill ceiling is free

  • Mahphone PH1
    Mahphone PH1 Year ago

    The goty version is £23 rn on g2a

  • Miss Nuker
    Miss Nuker Year ago

    its a good time to buy this game ? is there alot ppl playing it? did they add ranked system?

  • Feras Nj
    Feras Nj Year ago

    i feel inclined to dislike this review even thou i rly like ur reviews and they are spot on most of the time
    2 reasons:
    1-u shouldn't rly review moba or hero shooter games in their first couple of months from lunch coz most of the time they aren't polished yet and they get 10 times better after their first year of lunch.
    2-this review should've not been made with this shitty fps and graphics, it was like watching a slide show tbh, u could've waited till u got a decent pc to make the review with 60+ fps.
    anyways to prove my point here, battleborn is now a dead game which u gave the same rating as ow at that time and ow itself now is one of the most popular online games atm.