Every major fresh food meal kit reviewed

  • Published on Apr 16, 2020
  • If you're thinking of adding a meal kit to your stay-at-home life, this is the guide to what's what. Jenn Harris spent a week getting seven different popular fresh food meal kits delivered for her and her family to try and these are her rankings.

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Comments • 33

  • Carter Benson
    Carter Benson Year ago +6

    Love the video. Very helpful and honest review! Quick tip for the audio, using a ‘hi pass’ filter will get rid of a ton of that audio rumble and boominess and will make the audio much better. Your mic/recorder might have one or you can do it in most video editing software. Cheers!

  • lhamilt
    lhamilt Year ago +3

    I found Blue Apron to be quite tasty and serving size was generous

  • Somer Flowers
    Somer Flowers Year ago +6

    Hello Fresh has been my saving grace during this time! Don’t have to go to the store and so appreciate meals showing up to cook! 🙌🏼 we’ve tried a few others like blue apron and sun basket. Weren’t impressed. But hello fresh has been bomb meals each time! Minus one. One we won’t talk about 🤣 but every meal the last 2 months has been awesome!

  • LCM Denver
    LCM Denver Year ago +2

    Nice! I truly have wondered about the many options out there!

  • D Chan
    D Chan 12 hours ago

    I love washing dishes. Food in the box looks interesting , the suspense of waiting for your to arrive at your doorstep is just thrilling.

  • Tosh T
    Tosh T Year ago +4

    👍 From someone who has yet to go this route, this was super interesting and quite comprehensive. Well done. The text including dietary options and price was perfect and Jenn's dishes all looked really delicious.

  • D'Andra S.
    D'Andra S. Year ago +2

    Totally disagree with the EveryPlate review. The ingredients have all been fresh, simple recipes with bright flavors, and tasty. They give you very clear instructions on how each piece of the packaging can be recycled. My kids learned to cook with EveryPlate. No, they don't offer lot of choices (seems to be getting better every month), but you get what you pay for. And even with shipping, this is the cheapest and best option for these meal boxes. I've also used Martha Marley Spoon boxes and would choose EveryPlate for value - food quality were equal.

  • Bill Garbutt
    Bill Garbutt Year ago +1

    Well,to be honest,you did not pick the best meal from Gobble.We,as my family ,have liked the Gobble meals.And they do overnight delivery.Everyplate never showed up ontime,or day

  • Laurie Gold
    Laurie Gold Year ago +1

    I bake but can’t cook. My husband is a fabulous cook, but plague and grocery delivery where we live is pretty catch as catch can. Plus, I need to build my confidence cooking, so we signed up for hello, fresh, After two weeks, I can say that all but one meal is worth repeating, and those I’ve made ... easy ones ... are tasty. But, these meals tend to pack a caloric punch and last night I purposely ate a third less because 1,000 calories for dinner is too much for me. This next week we are trying some of the lesser calorie meals, but it’s a real balance between “it’s expensive but worth it” and “it’s a rip-off.” Thank you for doing this timely video. It’s helpful.

  • SK Reviewer -
    SK Reviewer - Year ago +3

    I always enjoy the videos Jenn does. This was an interesting topic. Lots of companies to choose from

  • pixpusher
    pixpusher Year ago +8

    Maybe try making a video showing how much food you can buy and make with the same amount of money you paid for each of these boxes. Example: If you bought 1 whole chicken what could you make with it. You can make a lot of different meals even with a cooked rotisserie chicken. Just an idea with fewer packing materials:)

  • Dan D
    Dan D Year ago +1

    Sun Basket for me comes to like $12/serving (meaning $24/meal). Not sure why it's like 1/4 of that in the video.

  • ro pro
    ro pro Year ago +3

    Yeah, that's what I hate about these meal kits, all that packaging and plastic. They're super handy, but I had to stop subscribing because of all that waste. (Since less than 9%

  • RJay
    RJay Year ago

    Hello Fresh is about $10 per meal including shipping where I live in California

  • Fahad
    Fahad Year ago +1

    i like her, such a good sport

  • Carlos Almendárez

    Very helpful video.

  • Foo Shampoo
    Foo Shampoo Year ago

    I think you ought to challenge your taste buds and add more seasoning.

  • Ashe Foxxo
    Ashe Foxxo Year ago

    Hello fresh is not 6.48 a meal especially when its at 7.99 a meal

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago

    For Gobble, if the instructions say to break the cauliflower, and you end up to breaking the cauliflower in unequal pieces, then that’s your fault. I wouldn’t dock them down for your lack of food handling.

  • M. Gustafson
    M. Gustafson Year ago +4

    👍 Have been curious about these meal kits, but only knew of two you tried! 😷 Stay safe & well! (And dream of chicken 🍗 restaurant reviews to come....? 😋)