"PLEASE DON'T BURY ME!" Eddie Hearn Responds to John Fury Message | Lopez Sr Comments & Haney-Diaz

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Boxing Social's Andi Purewal spoke to promoter Eddie Hearn ahead of WBC World lightweight champion Devin Haney's clash with Joseph Diaz on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

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Comments • 865

  • James Grainger
    James Grainger Month ago +94

    love him or hate him. his work ethic is unbelievable. Eddie is everywhere.

    • Dale Grant
      Dale Grant Month ago +1

      Not hard just speaking all day is it???????

    • Lol
      Lol Month ago +3

      Wtf are u talking about he’s been key in a lot of canelos recent fights, usyk Joshua, Joshua klitschko and many others, no other promoter has made the top 135ers fight each other and he took the Lopez kambosos fight and made a great event yet ur saying he needs to leave the market if he doesn’t make kambosos v haney when Haney hasn’t even fought JoJo yet 🤣🤣

    • Bryce Horton
      Bryce Horton Month ago

      Fuck where he’s been, what major fights has he made?? We have to reevaluate what work ethic is from a promoter’s point of view. If he can’t make Kambosas vs Haney needs leave the American market

  • submissions72
    submissions72 Month ago +132

    This is why I like Eddie dude, he literally treats everyone with love. No other promoter besides Alex( usyks promoter) treats people with love like Eddie does.

    • George P
      George P Month ago +1

      Lucas Hood didnt make fun of galahad at all what are you on about 🤣🤣🤣

    • Redstar Dwight
      Redstar Dwight Month ago +5

      @Lucas Hood You're alright mate, you've already convinced me. So glad you helped me see the light tonight on TheXvid.

    • Lucas Hood
      Lucas Hood Month ago

      @Redstar Dwight Uhm go look at what he said on Twitter about the fight.

    • Lucas Hood
      Lucas Hood Month ago

      @Darren Johnson Yeah but those promoters are universally hated, yet people pretend Eddie is some different bloke when he isn't.

    • Darren Johnson
      Darren Johnson Month ago

      @Lucas Hood you can say the same to many promoter's talking shit about rival fighter's

  • BoiBoy 1995
    BoiBoy 1995 Month ago +97

    Eddie looking real comfortable knowing Big John can’t get into the USA 😂

    • War Dawgs.
      War Dawgs. Month ago +1

      Big John made a fool of himself. And I love the geezer.

    • Pie Eater
      Pie Eater Month ago

      Brilliant 😂😂😉

    • Kyle Durrant
      Kyle Durrant Month ago +2

      @geo love this🤣🤣

    • IWTBF
      IWTBF Month ago

      😂😂 facts

    • geo
      geo Month ago +4

      Big John will swim across the Atlantic if he has to

  • Tema Loveless
    Tema Loveless Month ago +197

    Lol is funny how Teofimo said what he said about Wilder, then acts like how he did after losing

    • HarleyGPFYL
      HarleyGPFYL Month ago

      @Patric Pitbull wasn't that close. George was 5 rds up

    • s h
      s h Month ago

      @Sly_tendencies87 sure

    • BAT THINK 2
      BAT THINK 2 Month ago

      Unvaxed lives matter ( hilarious ) 😂😂

    • M
      M Month ago

      I think it’s more embarrassing for wilder as he is a grown man in his 30’s coming up with ridiculous conspiracies like his trainer drugging him blaming racism and loaded gloves etc

    • Spud Xa
      Spud Xa Month ago

      Www w w on

  • ruppan
    ruppan Month ago +38

    That Canelo impression came out of nowhere. Eddie Hearn is always good for a laugh.

    • Javier Flores
      Javier Flores Month ago +2

      “Horrible business.” Oh my god Eddie. 💀

  • Andrew Swales
    Andrew Swales Month ago +14

    I don't care what people say, I love Eddie. What he said about Lopez Sr was spot on! Delusional 💯 and he ain't afraid to say it. Mad respect 🙌

  • Ben_Scotty_
    Ben_Scotty_ Month ago +38

    I like Eddie he just takes everything as a joke, love the way he just said it's the business, about John burying him lol

  • D Eleqtronica
    D Eleqtronica Month ago +74

    It’s hard not to like Eddie Hearn, he’s being interviewed, has an amazing life, and takes time to give interviewer his shine, what a chap.

    • Mr.B
      Mr.B Month ago

      @Nigel Nuttingson 🤣🤣Ok boss 😜

    • Nigel Nuttingson
      Nigel Nuttingson Month ago

      @Mr.B don’t speak unless spoken to

    • Mr.B
      Mr.B Month ago

      His father gave him this life.. Real fact.. Daddy's money 💰 😜

    • BAT THINK 2
      BAT THINK 2 Month ago

      Unvaxed lives matter ( hilarious ) 😂😂

    • Nigel Nuttingson
      Nigel Nuttingson Month ago

      @Nick you want a taste

  • J
    J Month ago +36

    Teo’s dad basically saying why didn’t you pay the judges 😂

  • Leonardo Samuel
    Leonardo Samuel Month ago +75

    Eddie is right about the bitter people in boxing. The fear they have of Eddie is strange.

    • Dean Charles Martin Whyte
      Dean Charles Martin Whyte Month ago

      @FReSh JiVE calm down mate

    • Y b
      Y b Month ago

      @B what are the odds this guy gets zero women in real life. I’d say pretty high

      CUTWEST Month ago +2

      Eddie Hearn dropped the ball once again. This man has YET to provide the big fights for his big names.

      Eddie FAILED to get AJ Wilder for Undisputed
      Eddie FAILED to get AJ Fury for Undisputed
      Eddie FAILED to get Whyte Wilder for WBC title
      Eddie FAILED to get Haney Lomachenko
      Eddie FAILED to get Andrade any of the other champs at 160.
      Eddie FAILED to get Haney Teo for Undisputed
      Eddie FAILED to get Tevin Farmer...ANYONE

      I can go on for days.

      And Rumor has it Kambosos is gonna fight Tank Davis next so Devin gets NO undisputed bout yet AGAIN if he gets passed Jojo Diaz next and the rumors are true.

      By far the most overrated over praised promoter of all time no one fears him one bit. =/

    • Gabriel Steffensen
      Gabriel Steffensen Month ago

      @FReSh JiVE
      hes saying it’s not as big anymore and certainly not the biggest British fight. That ship sailed long ago and that’s what he’s saying and it’s true.

    • The Gaffer
      The Gaffer Month ago +5

      Hes the most bitter man in boxing hes not once said anything good about a fight that he is not involved in

  • Havar4567
    Havar4567 Month ago +44

    09:30 for John fury chat

  • Carlos Grullon
    Carlos Grullon Month ago +4

    How a boxer cones from defeats is what makes greatness. That is why they say, boxing is a mental game. Not just a físical confrontation.

  • The Thrill
    The Thrill Month ago +80

    Thanks Eddie for being in the sport your not protecting no fighters your allowing them to put fist to words. I enjoy everything your doing. Plz keep putting the fans first.

    • PennyRoyal T
      PennyRoyal T Month ago

      @Philly M
      Me too, read what I just wrote, you're so right!. 🥊✌

    • PennyRoyal T
      PennyRoyal T Month ago

      @Philly M
      Yeah have limited time to talk due to my job, so I try to catch up on my boxing at any chance I get, but you're 💯% right. Usually ignore, sometimes it's too much fun not to!.
      Shumë respekt!. 🥊✌

    • Philly M
      Philly M Month ago +1

      @PennyRoyal T but yet you did 😂👍

    • PennyRoyal T
      PennyRoyal T Month ago

      @Philly M
      Generally cannae be arsed to comment tbh!

    • Philly M
      Philly M Month ago +1

      @PennyRoyal T I don't care I think its hilarious watching people bite at anything that mentions Eddie hearn 😂

    IAMROBERTPESTON Month ago +59

    Straight talking as ever say what you want about Hearn but he’s the best promoter in the business and there’s no bs

    • Rauno Loik
      Rauno Loik Month ago +3

      @Foxxyy I will never forget how Wilders team started talking shit and how Hearn drove them absolutely nuts with his stupid, witty jokes.
      They started it and could not take it. I found it hilarious :D

    • Gary Gleed
      Gary Gleed Month ago +2

      Straight talking mmmmmm dunno about that

    • Bud The Chud
      Bud The Chud Month ago +3

      Straight talker is stretching it a tad fella.

    • Foxxyy
      Foxxyy Month ago +2

      He knows how to piss everyone off with subtle jabs 😂😂😂

  • Lee Ingram
    Lee Ingram Month ago +39

    I feel for Eddie, he seems one of the most genuine fellas in boxing. I hope people calm down and just enjoy the sport and promote it to families to enjoy.

    • Dean Charles Martin Whyte
      Dean Charles Martin Whyte Month ago

      @The Gaffer he’s got plenty of money to not have the daily abuse of boxing fans if he didn’t like the sport

    • Dean Charles Martin Whyte
      Dean Charles Martin Whyte Month ago

      @The Gaffer yeah that’s the business of boxing. Eddie is just more open about it than others. They all lie. I’m a Fury fan, but Bob Arum barely knows what day it is and chats a lot of rubbish too

    • The Gaffer
      The Gaffer Month ago

      @Dean Charles Martin Whyte he’s a money man not a boxing man. When the money isn’t about anymore he’ll be out the sport without a second thought

    • Dean Charles Martin Whyte
      Dean Charles Martin Whyte Month ago

      @The Gaffer looking at the past 10/15 years. I’d say he’s a boxing man🤣 he might be a weasel but that’s what most promotors are. At least he knows it and takes it on the chin. Probs got more chin than AJ tbf

    • The Gaffer
      The Gaffer Month ago

      @Dean Charles Martin Whyte he’s not even a boxing man boxing was the last thing he tried he’s an ex failed golf agent

  • DHPJunior
    DHPJunior Month ago +43

    Eddie Hearn is not in competition with the other boxing promoters he is living in a whole nother universe... Love this man!

    • Ben Drake
      Ben Drake Month ago +2

      @Fat Panda Pop you know the numbers then?

    • Money Tttt
      Money Tttt Month ago

      @NshyD kell betrayed Eddie tbh after everything his done for him

    • Addyy Brown
      Addyy Brown Month ago +3

      @Fat Panda Pop don't die in ur hate

    • NshyD
      NshyD Month ago

      Mee too he's a legend. but definitely bitter over khan brook fight

    • Fat Panda Pop
      Fat Panda Pop Month ago +5

      Dazn doing terrible numbers and he has hardly any champions left at matchroom the man is on suicide watch

  • pouu ktin
    pouu ktin Month ago +2

    I feel for Eddie, he seems one of the most genuine fellas in boxing. I hope people calm down and just enjoy the sport and promote it to families to enjoy.

  • LR266
    LR266 Month ago +2

    Eddie is right on paper Haney vs Diaz is a more closer and competitive fight than Lopez vs Kambosos. Diaz is not to be overlooked, really looking forward to this fight. Eddie delivering another great fight. I hope he can get Fury vs Whyte done for early next year.

  • Darren Timms
    Darren Timms Month ago +2

    Love Eddie Hearn. He's a class act.

  • JP Lamoureux
    JP Lamoureux Month ago +11

    That interview has given me a new found respect for Eddie, top man ...

  • Scratcher Bre speakman

    U gotta give it to Eddie for this interview the truth to the fullest

  • Javier Flores
    Javier Flores Month ago +9

    Love this guy, Eddie is always kind yet tells it how it is not to mention he’s very charismatic and funny.

  • I am_Dave
    I am_Dave Month ago +9

    Eddie seems to have passion for boxing not just for the money 👍

  • scipio africanus
    scipio africanus Month ago +69

    This guy is living the life..

    • Mr.B
      Mr.B Month ago

      @Dillon James Sound, how do you know what I sound like, you didn't hear me speak.🤔.Text form this is dude.😜.And get off the crack pipe if you're seeing blue haired people on the streets..😂

    • Dillon James
      Dillon James Month ago

      @Mr.B Mate you sound like those blue-haired people on the streets. Chill out. No one cares

    • Mr.B
      Mr.B Month ago

      @Dillon James Easy life didn't work hard at all Eddie was born in a rich environment .His father is Barry Hearn, Owner of Matchroom Boxing and he (Barry) is CEO of Darts and Snooker organisations since the 60s.. Eddie is just playing around with his dad's money and is only a promoter in his Father's company ,no hard life for him building an Empire. His father did it all.. All facts, no hate...

    • BAT THINK 2
      BAT THINK 2 Month ago

      Unvaxed lives matter ( hilarious ) 😂😂

    • emma willis
      emma willis Month ago

      @Chr Cip you can keep your Eddie Hearn hate yet still watching every single interview obsessive hate to yourself. Get a life outside of Eddie. You’re all over the comments hating on positive comments about him. Seriously get a life. I won’t be responding to you again. Very pathetic

  • Kev Brown
    Kev Brown Month ago +18

    You have to give it to Eddie Hearn everyone hammers him but he still comes up with the goods great move to DAZN this platform is far and above sky’s and BT the thing is especially with sky it’s adverts everytime they get a minute but with dazn you don’t get the adverts and Hearn is right the Brooke v Khan is no we’re as big as it would of been years ago

    • Kev Brown
      Kev Brown Month ago

      @Ben Drake joker 😂😂

    • Ben Drake
      Ben Drake Month ago +1

      @robz8701 you're completely wrong and not a true boxing fan

    • Kev Brown
      Kev Brown Month ago

      @robz8701 you may be right mate but sky will never be what it was without Hearn sky does my head in because it’s all about adverts
      it will take time but DAZN will defo become the face of boxing as in the end the top fighters will join them it’s early days and Hearn is just building his platform just as he did with match room

    • robz8701
      robz8701 Month ago

      Disagree. DAZN with boxing alone is not an appeal. Apart from the Canelo vs Saunders fight what others one have actually been worth it?

      Also accessing DAZN is an issue. At least with Sky you can access BT, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Not having that follow through isn’t good for accessibility.

      I have zero interest watching fights over a tablet, phone or having to connect my TV to one of those.

      Sky Glass will put the final nail in the coffin of DAZN. Will do well in random territories like Aus, Central Europe but will bomb in the UK and no massive fights (unless Canelo commits) to make a splash in the US

  • Craig Shurmur
    Craig Shurmur Month ago +11

    So true how can we expect teo to have respect and accept the loss when his dad goes around saying what he is saying and acting the way he does all
    American fighters are the same when they lose its everybody else’s fault accept there’s

  • nrolla1
    nrolla1 Month ago +11

    This is the best and most honest I've heard Eddie .👏

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +4

    Love Eddie and all he does for the sport of boxing! Thank you for this video 🍻

  • Lee Doyle
    Lee Doyle Month ago +27

    If Teofimo’s dad said it was raining outside, I’d put my flip flops on and pack my suntan cream!

  • AudiAliasTT
    AudiAliasTT Month ago +19

    Eddie is just so right. Delusional is indeed the discription.

  • Stayhumbleya
    Stayhumbleya Month ago +67

    Eddie doesn’t want his eye gouged out

    • Mr Gonzalez
      Mr Gonzalez Month ago +1


    • Sora 明美💫♀️
      Sora 明美💫♀️ Month ago

      18歳以上の場合 ⤵️⤵️(◠$◕)♪❤ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 👉 Aishite.Tokyo/Tatsuhisha 💌💖💋

      TheXvid: This is fine
      Someone: Says "heck"
      TheXvid: Be gone
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      #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

  • S Manns
    S Manns Month ago +25

    Gotta love Eddie. Such a genuine guy. Hope he can do something with Kambosos!

      DEEEEEEEENCH Month ago

      @libbad no it won't but do keep coping 😘😘

    • libbad
      libbad Month ago

      @DEEEEEEEENCH your account will be taken down soon. Because you think you can say what you want. Simpleton doesn't even know the YT guidelines

    • libbad
      libbad Month ago +1

      @DEEEEEEEENCH meet the middle finger, bozo 🤣🖕

    • B
      B Month ago +2

      About as genuine as OJ Simpson

      DEEEEEEEENCH Month ago +2

      @Scott Malcolm what has that got to do with the price of bacon?

  • chris mchale
    chris mchale Month ago +16

    Well said Eddie, George was out of this world he boxed his head off i gave Lopez 2rd's maybe 3 but that's it George was great. Lopez didn't no what to do. His corner team was a joke, i could of done a better job with his cut's and am a nobody. The lads needs to break from his dad then the lad might be good again. Everybody in the boxing world needs to tip there hat's to George Kambosos because he was brilliant Sunday morning. A class act all-around. Well done lad.

    • chris mchale
      chris mchale Month ago

      @Adz But missing and George was controlling him around the ring. I was watching the right fight. Maybe you have blinker's on.

    • Adz
      Adz Month ago

      @chris mchale you must of been watching a different fight pal he won’t Atleast 4/5 rounds he was applying pressure and moving forward.

    • chris mchale
      chris mchale Month ago

      @Adz No he didn't i like Lopez but he got beat. DOMINATED.

    • chris mchale
      chris mchale Month ago +1

      @Random chipfat Nice 1 i like that funny.

    • Adz
      Adz Month ago

      Come on teo won more rounds than that even though he lost.

  • Beverly Patama
    Beverly Patama Month ago +1

    I really like eddie hearn, i feel like he is the most genuine honest promoter u can find in Boxing! Never change Eddie, you are a bright spot as far as promoters go!!

    My name is Shawn btw

  • Duncan Forbes
    Duncan Forbes Month ago +11

    Hearn gotta b the best promoter in boxing so down to earth 🌎 dude is a good man I can listen to him all day

  • Left the building Ritz

    You know you’ve made it when your being interviewed right in-front of the Vegas sign.

  • Jim Lightfoot Carp & Predator Fishing

    Great interview & kudos to Eddie..always positive 👏🏻🥊

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith Month ago +3

    Big respect to Eddy 👍

  • hunter
    hunter Month ago +36

    All eddie needs to do is hire micky Theo as security 😆

  • The Son Man
    The Son Man Month ago +2

    Eddie is what ALL promoters should strive to be like!

  • Paul E
    Paul E Month ago +2

    Eddie "fucking legend" hearn...........love this guy 🥰

  • Mary Ross
    Mary Ross Month ago +3

    Eddie and Canelo are the best, the biggest ever hell of a team

  • El J
    El J Month ago +34

    “ please don’t bury me anytime soon” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dimmy Ahmed
      Dimmy Ahmed Month ago +2

      @sandglass thought she might reply to me after you called her a sket 😂😂😂

    • Dimmy Ahmed
      Dimmy Ahmed Month ago +1

      Hand over your snap El J, looking decent 😂

    • ItzMinorr
      ItzMinorr Month ago +1

      change of alias 😂😂😂😂😂I’m dead

    • ItzMinorr
      ItzMinorr Month ago +2

      change of alias 😂😂😂😂

  • Greenhouse Fitness
    Greenhouse Fitness Month ago +2

    I like Eddie Hearn now after this interview 🤦🏾😂 damn lol he went in!!!

  • Monterrio Alexander
    Monterrio Alexander Month ago +2

    Blaming the promoter for a loss! Lmaoooo that’s called grasping for straws.

  • Gaz Tomkinson
    Gaz Tomkinson Month ago +5

    Eddie is the man - best promoter in the game easily 🔥🔥🔥🔥 smashing it in the us now aswell 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Mr. hemphead
      Mr. hemphead Month ago +1

      Don't think it's going at all well in the UK but it seems like he's got it sorted overseas .

  • Alex B
    Alex B Month ago +62

    I’ve got to say it’s always weird seeing John fury announce himself “as big John fury” and speak in 3rd person like he’s the rock or something. I dunno, if my dad started talking about some of the things he talks about I’d be crippled

    • The Bomber
      The Bomber Month ago

      @Patrick Mullen John Fury is a cringey ballbag

    • Amoriii-alhabashi
      Amoriii-alhabashi Month ago

      @Patrick Mullen what has he done to be a legend? No disrespect but I’m just curious. All I see him doing is cussing people out.

    • Patrick Mullen
      Patrick Mullen Month ago

      @Danny Hawthorne John fury is a legend

    • YouTubedeletesmychannels2
      YouTubedeletesmychannels2 Month ago +5

      True I never understood that either his record ain’t all that impressive to be called big John but he will take your eye so watch ya self. Keep an eye on him🤣

    • horny Lorney
      horny Lorney Month ago +8

      He's a joke..mitch Winehouse

  • Sho Sholly
    Sho Sholly Month ago +47

    John Fury has a massive chip on his shoulder.

    • eddie mclaughlin
      eddie mclaughlin Month ago

      he does have big shoulders though

    • G D
      G D Month ago +1

      @Glenn UK he’s just as bad as teofimo sr

    • paul michael richardson
      paul michael richardson Month ago

      bang right sho got miles to much to say

    • Craig Dobbin
      Craig Dobbin Month ago +1

      @Chris Kelly If it's fucking crinkled ,WATCH THE FUCK OUT

    • AndyW
      AndyW Month ago +3

      @Glenn UK They hide behind their faith, but none of them go to church on a Sunday, weird that!!!

  • Μακ μακ
    Μακ μακ Month ago +1

    you can see his ethics when one of his fighters is hurt..He is taking care of his fighters , he should get more credit.

  • jeribimin
    jeribimin Month ago +17

    Edy is a blessing to boxing period.

    • Lee
      Lee Month ago

      Pass me the sick bucket 🪣

  • Beverly Patama
    Beverly Patama Month ago

    I really like eddie hearn, i feel like he is the most genuine honest promoter u can find in Boxing! Never change Eddie, you are a bright spot as far as promoters go!!

    My name is Shawn btw

  • Beverly Patama
    Beverly Patama Month ago

    I really like eddie hearn, i feel like he is the most genuine honest promoter u can find in Boxing! Never change Eddie, you are a bright spot as far as promoters go!!

    My name is Shawn btw

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson Month ago

    Any of those fighters with a decent corner behind them have got to be confident to beat kambosos. The fight literally boiled down to teofimo not having a decent cut man and his dads poor advise. I think given that it was close those were the deciding factors.

  • Reiner Duvenage
    Reiner Duvenage Month ago +24

    Eddie might be walking around with an eyepatch one of these days if he doesn't watch himself.

  • ub3r
    ub3r Month ago +4

    think eddie is starting to rein it in a bit recently in his interviews tbf, can't deny he is a great promoter but seems to alienate himself sometimes from others in the sport. gl to you though eddie, i know your fighters are losiing alot recently, maybe your realising that someday soon your going to need some of these people your pissing off .

  • veltdog09
    veltdog09 Month ago +3

    Eddie hit em with he Canelo "Horrible" 😂

  • Eamonn O Maoltuile
    Eamonn O Maoltuile Month ago +2

    Eddies a proper nice bloke, always good for a laugh, doesn't take life to seriously and doesn't seem jealous of anyone. Thats how you get a head in life. (or so I'm told..lol)

  • icfbug
    icfbug Month ago +4

    Real talk Eddie 👍🏾👍🏾

  • adonisDNA2000
    adonisDNA2000 Month ago

    I love Eddie Hearn can listen to him for days.

  • Jonathan Parks
    Jonathan Parks Month ago

    Eddie hearn was right about everything he said except when it comes to Demetrius Eddie hearn did not give him canelo or triple g so there you are that's my words and my opinion but I guess it is another fight that doesn't matter for Demetrius other than to win and hold on to his title

  • asif waqar
    asif waqar Month ago +1

    Love Eddie coz he already keeps it 100% 👍

  • Charlie Rich
    Charlie Rich Month ago

    Title killed me 🤣

    I’d love to see Fury put it on Hearn and then get slapped by big bad Eddie

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni Month ago +1

    I like Eddie he just takes everything as a joke, love the way he just said it's the business, about John burying him lol

  • peter defreitas
    peter defreitas Month ago +1

    It’s Not Eddies fault nor DAZNs fault. Eddie stepped in and save the fight, Triller was messing them around. Lopez lost fair and Square.👊🥊🥊

  • Sunset
    Sunset Month ago +2

    Sounds like Big John has some dirt on Eddie, and Eddie knows it. I think we can all guess what it is.

  • Harj G
    Harj G Month ago +1

    Eddie is cool. Keeps the banter light and funny. John is too intense and depressing and always seems to want to prove a point. His "them against us" persona has become very tiring and boring to be honest.

  • Seth Arora
    Seth Arora Month ago +1

    🤣 Eddie knows how to troll his rivals

  • Felicity Bolt
    Felicity Bolt Month ago +44

    Eddie “I played poker with Saul last night” Hearnelo

    • Tema Loveless
      Tema Loveless Month ago

      Hearnelo 😂😂😂😂

    • Yasmin Malik
      Yasmin Malik Month ago +1

      Brilliant 🤣🤣

    • Alister Liscott
      Alister Liscott Month ago +2

      Class 🤣

    • Sora 明美💫♀️
      Sora 明美💫♀️ Month ago

      18歳以上の場合 ⤵️⤵️(◠$◕)♪❤ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 💜 👉 AISHITE.TOKYO/Tatsuhisha 💌💖💋

      TheXvid: This is fine
      Someone: Says "heck"
      TheXvid: Be gone
      #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков
      #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

  • Gregory Larry
    Gregory Larry Month ago

    Eddie is always ready to chat. Great promoter.

  • Gordon Chuck
    Gordon Chuck Month ago +12

    Ed is living his life doing what most of think of .. I repeat not everyone can bring money to table for real. Ed your are doing well ..

  • JB
    JB Month ago +1

    Teofimo was flexing with Canelo last week 😬

  • Cus's System
    Cus's System Month ago +2

    Eddie Hearn is the man the best boxing promoter in the world.

  • robz8701
    robz8701 Month ago

    One minute he says “we didn’t make an offer”. Then says “we withdrew our offer” in regards to the Khan Brook fight. Proper 🐍

  • orangeslice72
    orangeslice72 Month ago

    Great interview, Questions and answers with no Nonsense ..... Boom Boom Booom ..... and no, the Teo duo are not good people , they represent the sport in an awful way as human beings.... The Better man won that night and i couldn't be happier for Kamboso

  • LEX HW
    LEX HW Month ago +15

    Biggie "said the more money you make more problems u have." Eddie just ignore the haters stay positive and happy life will be sweet.

    • Minhaj Uddin
      Minhaj Uddin Month ago +2

      @Georgie Winghis was *the white transliteration

    • Georgie Wing
      Georgie Wing Month ago +2

      I believe the term was - mo money , mo problems.

  • I'll name this account later

    Khan v Brook should have been treated as a loss leader for Dazn. Yh, you are overpaying for a below average fight, but this fight is going to attract the 'casuals'.

    Right now the Dazn app is great if you really like boxing, but if you are a casual fan there is no reason why you would pay the monthly subscription. Dazn app becomes a real success once casuals sign up.

    The Khan v Brook fight could have been a fight to entice some casuals to sign up.

    • Foxxyy
      Foxxyy Month ago

      @I'll name this account later I wouldn't say its totally shit. I'd imagine PPV in the UK which probably isn't as much compared to Showtime or fox ppvs. Just sad it didn't happen when they were both champions or on the P4P list in terms of best welterweights.

    • I'll name this account later
      I'll name this account later Month ago

      @Foxxyy I agree it is a s*** fight, two fighters way past their best trying to pretend they hate each other still to make money.

      But Khan is still a star in the UK. An appeared on a popular reality tv show in UK not too long ago which only helped his profile.

      In the UK casual fans will tune in for this.

    • Foxxyy
      Foxxyy Month ago

      @I'll name this account later Maybe for the UK DAZN but I can tell you now nobody outside the UK will have any real interest in that fight.

    • I'll name this account later
      I'll name this account later Month ago

      @Foxxyy In the UK customers can't just sign up for one fight, customers have to subscribe for at least a month.

      Most casuals may just sign up for one month and then leave but some will stay, some will forget to cancel.

      Having the Khan v Brook fight is a way to entice people to use the platform and see if they like it.

      Additionally if Dazn were able to sign AJ then they could entice the casuals to stay on the platform for longer.

      Having Khan v Brook in Feb and the Usyk v Joshua rematch in April. The casuals may be enticed to stay longer.

    • Foxxyy
      Foxxyy Month ago

      The casuals would sign up for just the fight, not the monthly subscription

  • Raigar Müllerson
    Raigar Müllerson Month ago

    Love the photobomb in the corner though. If that was planned, my god mate. Brilliant journalism Andi, brilliant

  • Oscar Maidana
    Oscar Maidana Month ago

    The Lomachenko card where he won 10 rounds (wtf) was the start of delusional Teo. Since then, every fight he wins less than 10 rounds is a robbery, I guess.

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago

    Now imagine what Eddie would be saying if Lopez was his fighter

  • Michel Desgrottes
    Michel Desgrottes Month ago +3

    Someone is lying, Amir said Eddie offered more

    • J C
      J C Month ago +1

      So did kells dad

  • JCJ
    JCJ Month ago +3

    He is a very happy businessman 🙂

  • DaleG
    DaleG Month ago +42

    Everybody hating on Eddie because he’s so much more successful bless them 😅

    • Shiven Goberdan
      Shiven Goberdan Month ago

      Couldn't have said it any better...

    • Chr Cip
      Chr Cip Month ago

      @Hu Mann downplaying the opposition is not part of the remit. All that does is reduce interest and belittle your fighters' achievements if they then go on to defeat that fighter than hearn has told everyone was crap

    • O JL
      O JL Month ago +1

      I dont think that's why anyone hates him

    • Hu Mann
      Hu Mann Month ago

      @Chr Cip It's the boxing business though. Eddie is a promoter. It's his job to puff up his own guys like Joshua and downplay the oppisition.

      He'd be a crap promoter if he was always puffing up fighters he didn't work with.

    • Welsh monster Hunter
      Welsh monster Hunter Month ago +1

      Successfully failing boxing fans yes

  • Slinky
    Slinky Month ago +22

    That’s probably the stupidest thing he’s ever said, “I’m not worried for kell or Amir as it isn’t a brutal fight no more and they aren’t in their
    Prime”?? Wtf are you smoking??
    They wearing pillows as gloves and are Head shots not allowed like?? Weapon of the week right there!

    • wriches
      wriches Month ago +3

      I don't get what you don't understand. Amir never had huge power and he has even less now. And Brook has clearly lost his power. And that was a couple of years ago - they won't suddenly get some snap back in their punches

    • Craig Dobbin
      Craig Dobbin Month ago


    • makeshift112000
      makeshift112000 Month ago +3

      probably because it will be a glorified sparring contest with both guys laughing their way to the bank off the back of mug punters.

    • E Willio
      E Willio Month ago +2

      Not all Truths are easy to take. Neither of those guys can continue to fight much longer. As a promoter I see that he should be boosting the fight but at the end of the day, the truth can't be ignored. If he said they're the still major players in the division, people would see right through that. They are both past their best. It's a grudge match at best. It has no sway on the division itself. Heck it's at a Catchweight so that says it all.

    • Damare Konayaro
      Damare Konayaro Month ago +6

      He is right, this is a a final payout for two fighters well past their sell by date.

  • libbad
    libbad Month ago +17

    Funny the way John Fury just bullies his way around the boxing community 🤣

    • KING SLENDER 2.0
      KING SLENDER 2.0 Month ago

      @Hornswoggle Lover39 If someone wants a fight they don’t place time limits and random place to meet where there’s nobody in the gym you practically run . Lol. I guess in the U.K blinding someone is a big deal ? IDK ,Over here in the U.S no one would even notice something like that back in the day my family would laugh at someone trying to be be hard cause they did time being drunk and assaulting someone,my grandfather through someone over a ledge on the rail road tracks and watched the train run over him for assaulting a girl...now that’s true Irish tough . 😂

    • Hornswoggle Lover39
      Hornswoggle Lover39 Month ago

      @KING SLENDER 2.0 I don’t get it cause Theo called him out for a challenge. Fury responded saying there’s no point for ppl they should just meet. I saw an article that says they were going to meet but Theo never went. So I don’t get it cause then I hear Fury was gonna go to his place but didn’t.

    • Eli Nino
      Eli Nino Month ago +1

      @KING SLENDER 2.0 is this when John was a professional fighter?

    • Dean Charles Martin Whyte
      Dean Charles Martin Whyte Month ago +1

      @KING SLENDER 2.0 Mickey Theo and Porky just after views from the Fury name. Stalking him for over a year now 😂

    • KING SLENDER 2.0
      KING SLENDER 2.0 Month ago +2

      @Eli Nino John ducked Mickey Theo . Wasn’t the bully then ,made every excuse not to,fight him ultimately told him to meet him in his gym on a random notice and never pulled up on him like he said he was going to do at Theos place . Lol

  • J B
    J B Month ago +17

    Eddie knew by saying “he’s his soul promoter I believe” would wind him up 😂 he got wound up and then he said why you getting wound up 😂

    • B
      B Month ago

      What's the end-game of trying to wind him up?

    • Sora 明美💫♀️
      Sora 明美💫♀️ Month ago

      18歳以上の場合 ⤵️⤵️(◠$◕)♪❤ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 💜 👉 AISHITE.TOKYO/Tatsuhisha 💌💖💋

      TheXvid: This is fine
      Someone: Says "heck"
      TheXvid: Be gone
      #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков
      #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

  • Andy C
    Andy C Month ago

    HAHAHAAAA! Eddie is Hilarious! 🤣

  • matt k
    matt k Month ago +1

    Everyone should root for Eddie. Hes doing good things. I think hes modeling himself off dana. Just watch 8:00-9:30. Great attitude for boxing and he keeps stealing fighters so hopefully this keeps going

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Good interview Andi!

  • dorry fila
    dorry fila Month ago

    Straight talking as ever say what you want about Hearn but he’s the best promoter in the business and there’s no bs !

  • Nuwport
    Nuwport Month ago +1

    Eddie Hearn has my dream job

  • Sophiya-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    Eddie is just so right. Delusional is indeed the discription.

  • Moe Flores
    Moe Flores Month ago +13

    Eddie is a classy guy .He always has to put out fires that can start at any time an always shows respect to whom ever it is ,an hes not afraid to speak his mind ,if I was a boxer I sure would like to have him In my corner cause he really cares for all boxers an speaks the truth whatever it may be .

    • Drew Cowan
      Drew Cowan Month ago +1

      @Moe Flores cute

    • Moe Flores
      Moe Flores Month ago

      @Gary Gleed What’s embarrassing is your comment ! Lol Get a grip Gary not everything is sexual. Just a good compliment about a good business man

    • Moe Flores
      Moe Flores Month ago

      No Hahahahah I don’t fancy the gentleman I’m just saying the man is a straight up Goodman who’s not afraid to speak his mind ,he handles business well an promotes the biggest fights in the world an takes care of all the boxers that are signed under him ,if that makes it sound like I have a thing for him maybe you have a secret crush on ol Silver Spoon Eddie .How bout that Spartacus or Drew even control pairs ? Hahahahah Check yourself before ya wreck yourself 🤔

    • Random chipfat
      Random chipfat Month ago +1

      @Gary Gleed gotta ask yourself why it bothers you Gay Glee sorry I meant Gary

    • Gary Gleed
      Gary Gleed Month ago +1

      Embarrassing 😳comment there u fancy eddie or something

  • Miguelx Espana
    Miguelx Espana Month ago +2

    Eddie is the best 🤣

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment Month ago +1

    As long as these fighters continue to fight each other boxing is finally coming back. Devin beats jojo they have a unification fight. Shakur hopefully fights Chris Colbert and Oscar Valdez 2022 unify that division, Terrance vs Spence etc….

  • tonyface2007
    tonyface2007 Month ago

    @9:33 I am not one for causing trouble but I reckon with a bit of training Eddie Hearn could take John Fury, he wasn't much cop in his prime. Enzo Calzaghi RIP.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago

    It’s funny how John keeps saying Eddie is jealous of fury but in reality John hella jealous and has been for a long time 😂

  • chris mchale
    chris mchale Month ago +3

    Josh rips Lopez apart. He is far too good for Lopez. Josh and Crawford's the fight WE i need to see. That is the best fight in boxing.

  • GP Moto
    GP Moto Month ago

    Fair enough eddie. Love him or hate him..hes a fooking good promoter and knows his shit.

  • Raul Gallardo
    Raul Gallardo Month ago +1

    Say whatever u want about Hearn but it's true every promoter acts bitter & miserable but him even when he loses at least on camera he doesn't look as much of a fool as the rest

  • Phil Laysheo
    Phil Laysheo Month ago

    Brook v Khan will do 1 million PPV.

    Haye v Bellew did 1.5 million PPV

    The fighters maybe be past their prime, but people are still interested in the fight