• Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • the following message is for the guy who amanda saw at the stop light so if u arent him stop reading -

    dm her
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    I LUV U,
    -emma chamberlain
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  • Nayeli Villa
    Nayeli Villa 2 hours ago

    And he wass soo hooootttttt

  • LemonAide_YT
    LemonAide_YT 9 hours ago +1

    This is how many people did not go to Coachella due to corona virus🦠

  • Zoë Gala
    Zoë Gala 16 hours ago

    April 7 is my birthday hahah

  • nana_hope
    nana_hope Day ago

    I don’t think it’s normal to watch a same video 3 times and still not getting bored.😂

  • Payton Jenkinson
    Payton Jenkinson 2 days ago +1

    just imagine you break your nails right before you go

  • Katelyn Moreno
    Katelyn Moreno 3 days ago +1

    I wonder if Amanda ever found that guy😃

  • molly belmont
    molly belmont 3 days ago +4

    the thing she forgot was her lash glue.

  • Cecilia and Eliana
    Cecilia and Eliana 3 days ago +1

    she looks so good with french braids

  • MSPjessica
    MSPjessica 3 days ago

    hey guys ! Just to let you know to beware if you use oil to tan you can get severly burnt. Do not do it if you have a sensitive skin and if you want to try just put a little. Stay safe♥

  • Ryan’s Noodles シ

    Emma’s stress: Preparing for Coachella
    My stress: *hair loss because of testosterone*

  • adriana martins
    adriana martins 5 days ago

    13:27 - a.k.a best part of the WHOLE videoo

  • Juliet Woodhams
    Juliet Woodhams 5 days ago +2

    Omg the mugs Grayson got her in the sister squad video when she was DIYing aww my heart

  • Yvellice Noemi Paredes
    Yvellice Noemi Paredes 8 days ago +2


  • madison hoxsey
    madison hoxsey 8 days ago +1

    emma: i'm focusing on my health
    also emma: probably pulled an all nighter to edit this lmao

  • Sydney Lee
    Sydney Lee 8 days ago


  • katrinna murphy
    katrinna murphy 8 days ago

    Teheehee April 7th is my bday

  • Lauren Huggins
    Lauren Huggins 8 days ago +1

    Low key loving the dance moves 💃

  • Everything Pearl
    Everything Pearl 9 days ago +1

    i am watching this like a year later and i forgot that this was posted so long ago so when i saw emma touch the elevator button i was like CoROnA TimE

  • Macy Lockey
    Macy Lockey 9 days ago

    So I went off of the video and I came back on and my eyes weren’t working and I bought her nose ring was the loading symbol so I sat here for a good 2 seconds thinking my video was loading 😂 I need sleep

  • destiny santos
    destiny santos 9 days ago

    Bro Emma changed my sister she USED to be a emo but now she likes to dress in dresses and yea so thxs Emma

  • Lindsey Lussow
    Lindsey Lussow 9 days ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who fell for it when she said that the video was over but it wasn’t

  • Abigail De Bruyn
    Abigail De Bruyn 9 days ago

    Can We support small youtubers🙌💓?

  • Bizzy Kids
    Bizzy Kids 9 days ago

    Emma: “I’ve been trying to look for a pink shirt”. Also Emma: (WEARING A PINK SHIRT)

  • Robin Wong
    Robin Wong 9 days ago +1

    me when i see emma drinking sth other than coffee😳😱😨😰

  • Violet Motuku
    Violet Motuku 10 days ago

    Your raw eyebrows are on fleek

  • FUCK 12
    FUCK 12 10 days ago

    I got......


  • Jasmine Boston
    Jasmine Boston 10 days ago

    I love how u make the mess things look attractive u know * no weird stuff*

  • -Marina- Collins-
    -Marina- Collins- 11 days ago

    2020 people?

  • Sofia Gilmore
    Sofia Gilmore 11 days ago

    I like how she is talking with her eyes closed

  • Linda Inês Gonçalves

    Emma where did you get your chain choker/ necklace?? it's super nice

  • Amélie Swagyoloswagyolo

    does anyone know where she bought that multi colored shirt in the beginning of this video??🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Megan Meloon
    Megan Meloon 14 days ago

    crazy to think that now every girl is customizing AF1’s and denim. and doing the shoelace belt. emma gets no credit for setting trends

    CAPRI . LOVELY 14 days ago

    Laurdiy and Emma should collab #diybabes 😂

  • Cynthia Santamaria
    Cynthia Santamaria 15 days ago

    who's watching this during quaratine? bc i am lmao

  • GotyBoty
    GotyBoty 16 days ago

    13:28 when I see my crush

  • Naomi Adera
    Naomi Adera 17 days ago +3

    When she was practicing her dance she literally did "guragiya" one of ethiopian cultural dances.

  • Madeline Kozak
    Madeline Kozak 17 days ago

    i love how she is so proud fo her customized shoes and shorts little does she know, he did'nt even go the day that she had that outfit planned.

  • Adyson Mercer
    Adyson Mercer 17 days ago +1

    Did her best??? she was freaking BEAUTIFUL!! like wthhh! 😘

  • quinn schatzke
    quinn schatzke 18 days ago +1

    i miss emma’s old squad tbh... like hannah and ellie and summer etc the only person that’s still apart of her life is olivia

  • Ève Claveau
    Ève Claveau 18 days ago

    Lol backnee facial

  • charlee sheinbaum
    charlee sheinbaum 20 days ago +17

    whos here like a year later bc they're bored in quarantine and its late at night

  • tik tok lover ♡♡♡

    I almost died when she start dancing

  • Neha Vagjiani
    Neha Vagjiani 21 day ago

    The description😂😂😂

  • Morning_Star 420
    Morning_Star 420 22 days ago +21

    This is the number of people whos watching this during quarantine

  • x [ ɓεαη ] x
    x [ ɓεαη ] x 22 days ago

    everyone else: i don’t know
    emma: ino

  • Grace Wigraft
    Grace Wigraft 22 days ago

    i love emmas amazing dancing

  • Selah Bradley
    Selah Bradley 23 days ago

    “If I have extra space in my suit case I’m definitely missing something.”- Emma Chamberlain 2020 relating to everybody

  • Selah Bradley
    Selah Bradley 23 days ago

    When she was using olive oil I was like girl just use tanning oil 😂

  • Andrea Senora
    Andrea Senora 24 days ago

    Quarantine gang

  • Sugar Puff
    Sugar Puff 25 days ago

    'I need a pink top' she is wearing one

  • Mariam Soufi
    Mariam Soufi 25 days ago

    you at target is how I was in my first vlog at walmart.... haha

  • Alessandra Sabandal
    Alessandra Sabandal 25 days ago

    she looks like caillou in the beginning

  • Fuzzies
    Fuzzies 26 days ago +1

    when she was practicing her dance moves, I was laughing my ass off

  • Ashley Fong Monzon
    Ashley Fong Monzon 28 days ago

    *me noticing that was posted on my birthday that I had fun while seeing that my birthday this year wasn't as fun even tho it was so post to be special this year but isn't cause of the CoRoNa ViRuS*

  • Stella Rawlings
    Stella Rawlings 29 days ago +4

    the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen in Australia CUT sushi sooooo ye

  • MuchFoodLondon
    MuchFoodLondon 29 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can find a hoodie similar to Emma @8:39? (I’m from the uk so no American sites pls 🥺)

  • Jahshsbb
    Jahshsbb Month ago

    19:30 lol me w my mom shopping

  • Tessa Protopapa
    Tessa Protopapa Month ago

    My mom used to put olive oil all over herself and then would tan in the sun. Because of this she now has a lot of wrinkled all over her body because of this. ://

  • Alexandra McGinty
    Alexandra McGinty Month ago

    she didnt show her outfitttttttttttttttttt

  • golden attitude
    golden attitude Month ago +1

    omg the montage part 😭😭

  • Joel Arthur
    Joel Arthur Month ago

    "i hope he's at coach-e-lllaaaaa"

  • Cass Everdeen
    Cass Everdeen Month ago

    anyone else binging Emmas traveling videos during quarantine

  • Katie Mumford
    Katie Mumford Month ago

    anyone else watching this during quarantine and I just watched the video where Emma went to Coachella and she didnt even get to wear the outfit she diy because they didnt go on day 3.

  • Lily Hussey
    Lily Hussey Month ago +2

    who’s watching this now in 2020

  • itsyagirlfiona
    itsyagirlfiona Month ago +1

    anyone watching this during quarentine

  • Naomi Javier
    Naomi Javier Month ago

    amanda is such a mom

  • Alviendae Ratnaweera
    Alviendae Ratnaweera Month ago +1

    emma, your bored? :0

  • Lily Palmer
    Lily Palmer Month ago

    10:30 is a vibe 😂👏🏻

  • Holly Fusco
    Holly Fusco Month ago

    Emma: I can't do that one
    Me: And which one is that sorry?

  • Manaia Nathan
    Manaia Nathan Month ago


  • kiran s
    kiran s Month ago

    nobody :
    Emma : tries to tan , brings self tanner and gets a spray tan in the span of 4 days

  • Maddi Gibson
    Maddi Gibson Month ago +1

    Hey Emma I noticed you are stressing about your acne. I think I have a solution. Breylee, they have facial cleansers and in a week or so you should be clear. Also I love you!!
    Please consider it

  • d x a n a
    d x a n a Month ago +4

    emma: this is why i cant go to fricking target i come in here and say eh i could use some of that.
    *next clip*
    emma: you know what i could use some more shampoo and conditioner
    me: the he-

  • caleigh
    caleigh Month ago

    & u ended up staying at the pool instead of day 3

  • alissa robinson
    alissa robinson Month ago

    Love ur sweater
    Anybody know where to get it

  • Lexi Sena
    Lexi Sena Month ago +1


  • Lexi Sena
    Lexi Sena Month ago

    Who’s here when Coachella got cancelled 😰

  • Desio12
    Desio12 Month ago

    this is just a vlog before coachella lol

  • kaii
    kaii Month ago +1

    13:11 she literally was airing her moyth bc of wasabi ut she didn't eve opened so the air could enter lol (not hate for the beeches that saay its hate and yeah beech i don't want to write b*tch so i write beech ok bye to much talking).

  • Keri Kinsella
    Keri Kinsella Month ago +1

    love the way nike litrelly made the shoes into a thing and sold them after you lmaooo

  • rossniquatea. sheepydesi

    Who is here after watching her try to make her own. 🥺🥰

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M Month ago

    How was this a year ago wth

  • Kendra Scott
    Kendra Scott Month ago

    I love how Emma was just eating and not giving a fuck about the hot guy her friend saw😂

  • Talia Derbedrosian
    Talia Derbedrosian Month ago +1

    watching in pain because of corona quarantine

  • DivineDevinn 04
    DivineDevinn 04 Month ago

    If I’m being honest, you looked a bit like Joanna Ceddia in the thumbnail lol

  • Hailey
    Hailey Month ago

    chew with your damn mouth closed, watching you eat that sushi was soooo cringe

  • braylee reedy
    braylee reedy Month ago +1

    Just because it’s In the bag Emma doesn’t mean you used it | love ya❤️❤️

  • ilyess bouabid
    ilyess bouabid Month ago +158

    Let’s be honest it’s not your first time watching this video

  • Briana Graves
    Briana Graves Month ago

    Your friend who called is literally me

  • Elina Molcanova
    Elina Molcanova Month ago +1

    In primary school we read horror stories, There was a girl, she went on holiday with her grandma and grandpa, grandpa wanted a tan so bad, everyday on the beach the grandma would put sun screen on him but he would just burn and there was no tan... one day the work up he was missing and he was properly cooked and dead with the bird pulling its eye out 😂 when they arrived back home, she sneaked downstairs at 2 am cuz she wanted a toilet ( dunno why there wasn’t any upstairs lol) then she saw her grandma in the kitchen putting the olive oil from the sunscreen back into the olive oil can and she went back to bed. Soon her parents knocked on the door and she didn’t tel anyone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️🤣🤣

  • Jessi Carla
    Jessi Carla Month ago

    That’s sad you have to tan 😔 I’m already brown/tan teehee

  • Katelin Nielsen
    Katelin Nielsen Month ago +1

    watching this in april 2020 because im nostalgic for coachella. don't get corona xoxo

  • Skyler Hollister
    Skyler Hollister Month ago +38

    watching this while coachella 2020 is supposed to be happening lol rip

  • lol lol
    lol lol Month ago +1

    who els is watching this in quarantine because coachella should be on rn?

  • Bobby McNabb
    Bobby McNabb Month ago

    Emma when lockdown is done and ur acne is gone tan with coconut oil

  • lou haemmerle
    lou haemmerle Month ago

    is any one els bingeing Emma wile corentine

  • Aanya K.
    Aanya K. Month ago

    She looked like joana ceddia in the thumbnail

  • Marcus Freeney
    Marcus Freeney Month ago


  • Emily EASTWOOD
    Emily EASTWOOD Month ago +1

    17:35 back when you could push buttons with your bare hands

  • Emily EASTWOOD
    Emily EASTWOOD Month ago +1

    a year ago today ...