The Study That Involved Dolphin Sex and LSD (feat. Jay Duplass & Shiri Appleby) - Drunk History

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • In the 1960s, a team of researchers set out to study the possibility of communication with dolphins - and it ended up involving a lot of dolphin sex and LSD.
    About Drunk History:
    Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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Comments • 735

  • Mrs Maisel The Marvelous

    Those dolphins know better English than the narorator

  • Crocoshark
    Crocoshark 7 hours ago

    "I'm from the ocean. You? I don't know what the fuck you're from. You're some kinda monkey thing. I think I know what will make you happy, though. That's making me cum."
    "If you believe in yourself. If you truly believe in yourself, you can get a monkey descendant to make you come." - Words to live by

  • Cornlips 4
    Cornlips 4 2 days ago

    Dr Drew was is a great guest host!

  • jusgoofin newbootgoofin

    Duncan Trussell is a national treasure

  • BigSirZebras
    BigSirZebras 3 days ago

    "you don't go to japan and kidnap a Japanese man and start jerking him off and giving him fucking acid and then ask him to learn English!" I could be wrong but I think it is probably very safe to say that if they got to live with Shiri Appleby and she was the one jerking them off that the vast majority of men in Japan would be 100% ok with that scenario.

  • Kaddywompous
    Kaddywompous 4 days ago

    Wait, Dr. Drew is yoked?

  • Fact: Beagles Are Best

    Looks like the guy who plays the hound on GoT without the deep voice

  • Rick
    Rick 5 days ago

    I fucking lost it at 2:18 the fucking dolphin scream
    the music cue absolutely killed me

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 5 days ago

    Psychedelics is the only thing Duncan talks about and it was kinda funny at first but now it kinda drives me nuts when i hear it

  • cpoky
    cpoky 5 days ago

    ....aaannndd Sea World was created

  • Sith Lord Dread
    Sith Lord Dread 5 days ago +1

    Drunken Tussle!!

  • Jason Hammer
    Jason Hammer 5 days ago

    This is crazy hilarious XD

  • Veteran Bicycle
    Veteran Bicycle 6 days ago +1

    Wasn't old boy one of the first drunk historians?

  • Kaycee Whitham
    Kaycee Whitham 6 days ago

    Fuck Dr. Drew!

  • ubiquity
    ubiquity 7 days ago +1

    The man was more interested in getting the animal high than learning how it spoke. That's what drugs do to your brain

  • thatsthetea sis
    thatsthetea sis 7 days ago

    they forgot to censor all the curse words in this episode

  • kevina warner
    kevina warner 9 days ago

    Did this inspired the shape of water 🤔movie

  • Osito Cedar
    Osito Cedar 9 days ago

    For the spins- lay down and put one foot or hand on the floor, and you’re goody 👍

  • NeutralObjections
    NeutralObjections 10 days ago

    Fuck man, that noise goddamn BROKE ME.

  • edd monte
    edd monte 11 days ago +1

    Drunk history is the best thing to happen to history!

  • joliecide
    joliecide 12 days ago +1

    Shit this was hilarious! The Carl Sagan rant toward the end was epic!

  • raidenwave
    raidenwave 12 days ago

    Oh I was so dead at the end of the most epic monologue ever in the history of science

  • Justus Xii
    Justus Xii 12 days ago

    It's not just a guttural sound you blow out of your hamburger tube hahaha

  • Justus Xii
    Justus Xii 12 days ago +2

    Sounds like Steve-o

  • Melancholy Melchior
    Melancholy Melchior 13 days ago +1

    I fucking died at "YOU DON'T GO TO JAPAN..."

  • Badd Mouth
    Badd Mouth 13 days ago

    I love how he laughs at his own jokes. I usually hate it but he makes it so funny.

  • A.J. das
    A.J. das 13 days ago

    John c Lilly invented the sensory deprivation tank too

  • Brother Of The Stone
    Brother Of The Stone 14 days ago

    Any body seen the video on TheXvid of the bee of mdma ?

  • amystubby
    amystubby 14 days ago

    He was a fucking dolphin. Give him a break.

  • Annabella
    Annabella 15 days ago

    I thought this was just a SNL sketch!

  • The United Marshmallow Federation

    So Roosterteeth?

  • Jimmy Arthur
    Jimmy Arthur 18 days ago

    That was a lot of jerking off

  • Emmanuella Morin
    Emmanuella Morin 18 days ago

    Where are the links to sources?

  • Abezeth Aby
    Abezeth Aby 18 days ago

    3:25 is that dolphin dick?

  • Zohaib Javed
    Zohaib Javed 18 days ago

    Hahahahhahaha it fucken breaks me down when Carl Sagan comes to the lab hahahahahahha

  • Zohaib Javed
    Zohaib Javed 18 days ago

    Hahahahhahahahhahhahahahhah OMG this is soooo funny!!!!!!

  • Nick Leon
    Nick Leon 19 days ago

    I’m all for getting drunk/stoned every now and then, but it is sickening to have dr drew hosting a show about getting intoxicated. Piece of shit

  • Steven Hinkle
    Steven Hinkle 19 days ago

    Uber for dolphins fuking !!! hahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Gg Dr
    Gg Dr 19 days ago

    Is that a Gucci sweatshirt? 🔥

  • Seba Seba
    Seba Seba 20 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Promit Ghosh
    Promit Ghosh 20 days ago

    i love this show

  • Sean Faulkner
    Sean Faulkner 21 day ago +1

    My girlfriend just sent me this video with no explanation.. Is she trying to tell me something?

  • v
    v 21 day ago

    NASA is like, 'fuck man, let's do this'

  • Hillary G
    Hillary G 22 days ago

    “There’s nothing else?”
    “Not drinking so much”
    Cut to next shot, with a full glasses in his hand. 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Winter Flower
    Winter Flower 22 days ago

    John so dumb...

  • Porkchop Sandwiches
    Porkchop Sandwiches 22 days ago

    If you believe in yourself, if you truly believe in yourself you can get a monkey... to make you cum

  • Sam Ortiz
    Sam Ortiz 23 days ago


  • The Ignant Activist
    The Ignant Activist 24 days ago

    People go swimming in there now.

  • Weeding Wainbow
    Weeding Wainbow 25 days ago

    Duncan Trussel aint funny

  • Maou
    Maou 25 days ago

    therefore, the way to communicate to aliens is to jack them off and give them LSD.

  • Maliceah
    Maliceah 26 days ago +1

    I think this is the funniest one I've seen yet.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith 27 days ago

    Healthy people aren't interesting

  • June Hatter
    June Hatter 28 days ago +1


  • wickedpissade
    wickedpissade 29 days ago +2

    Duncan youre awesome buddy. Your point of view on many subjects is interesting and entertaining. Keep it up man. You were great on rogans podcast.

  • TheNexan
    TheNexan 29 days ago

    RoosterTeeth did NOT prepare me for actual facts of this story.

  • Eric Steinlage
    Eric Steinlage Month ago

    Dr. Drew is so cool!

  • Kyle Goldston
    Kyle Goldston Month ago

    She didn't just jerk that dolphin off. They had intercourse.

  • Thornback
    Thornback Month ago

    Carl Satan has entered the conversation

  • Mortar & Ivy
    Mortar & Ivy Month ago

    They could’ve brought Dr Drew in for any episode... and they used him for this.

  • Malcolm Brenner
    Malcolm Brenner Month ago

    I nominate this for the official public record of what happened at the Communications Research Institute. It couldn't possibly have been more fucked-up than what they show here! I asked Lilly during an interview if he had ever taken LSD himself while giving it to the dolphins. He said not. Another great opportunity missed...

  • Sister Sad
    Sister Sad Month ago

    Satan called a meeting

  • Camryn Prenger
    Camryn Prenger Month ago

    TheXvid: (recommends video called "the study that involved dolphin sex and lsd")
    Me: okay how can I possibly not click on that

  • Cornell Waters
    Cornell Waters Month ago

    Thank You 🥃

  • Christian Jessop
    Christian Jessop Month ago +1

    His voice to me is so calming, the best part is when he tries to speak dolphin.

  • Cambodian Exploits
    Cambodian Exploits Month ago

    Best one yet

  • Aozotra
    Aozotra Month ago

    wtf is dr, drew hosting this show lmao

  • The Ohtorian
    The Ohtorian Month ago

    Wait a minute, THE STORY IS REAL

  • SirCommoner
    SirCommoner Month ago

    Holy shit. When I do acid I need to watch this video

  • Kintan Diary
    Kintan Diary Month ago

    I wish they got ken (from hangover) to play carl seagen..

  • just me
    just me Month ago

    Why couldnt these smart fuggin scientists come up with some sort of dolphin flesh light instead of jerking them off with their hands??

  • just me
    just me Month ago

    2 solutions to the spins: lay down and put your hand on a flat surface. Or slowlyyyy turn in the opposite direction of the spinning.

  • pinut187
    pinut187 Month ago

    He sounds a bit like Steve-O

  • Maddie lanzi
    Maddie lanzi Month ago +1

    "Oh wow,he needs to f**k"

  • TVted
    TVted Month ago +1

    Duncan looks like drunk Charles drawin *_*

  • MLC
    MLC Month ago

    Blech, Drew Pinsky.

  • Aku From the future

    I'll watch ANYTHING with Jerry Smith's voice actor in it

  • jpkjnn
    jpkjnn Month ago

    7:25.. OMG.. funniest thing I've ever seen on drink history. Lol

  • Waylon Chaos
    Waylon Chaos Month ago

    7:10 your welcome

  • Jazmyn Brown
    Jazmyn Brown Month ago

    Why does he kind of sound like Steve-O ?

  • Fire Fine
    Fire Fine Month ago

    Guillermo del Toro Gómez saw that and thought "I make a film about that story and I call that shape of water"

  • bluesheep4
    bluesheep4 Month ago

    This is like the best drunk history lmao

  • Laurantalasah
    Laurantalasah Month ago +1

    So... the subtitles bleeped all the fucks and fuckings but the audio didn't... pffft

  • LukeIAmYourMother
    LukeIAmYourMother Month ago

    Duncan has the same track suit as Jeffree Star

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    SNL did a funny 😄 skit on this with Kate McKinnon

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    😂 😝 lol, the 🐬 dolphin speaking at 2:22!

  • Emperor Nimbala
    Emperor Nimbala Month ago

    Duncan is the best

  • cameron miller
    cameron miller Month ago

    Kidnap a Japanese man and start jerking him off and giving him acid lol

  • Ryker Quackenbush
    Ryker Quackenbush Month ago

    Pre-end of the world.

  • Aaroni Peperonip
    Aaroni Peperonip Month ago

    Nowwwwwww :'( why lil peter had to die.... Nooo

  • Liana H
    Liana H Month ago

    I feel like there was an snl sketch about this

  • This is Della K. Sigler.

    Dr. Drew Pinsky has Dule Doctorates. What is he doing here?¿

  • Lil Lou2
    Lil Lou2 Month ago

    This dude sounds like Steve-O lol

  • Elle Bee
    Elle Bee 2 months ago

    Wow. This is my favorite Drink History episode.

  • Einbert Alstein
    Einbert Alstein 2 months ago

    Duncan Trussel looks like a dude who could start a christian hippie cult.

  • Diego Daly
    Diego Daly 2 months ago

    This is fucking genius

  • Dove HQ
    Dove HQ 2 months ago

    Dude, spinning is the best part

  • Cole Kuper
    Cole Kuper 2 months ago

    Hey comedy central im doing a Presidential March madness debate and if you could upload the JFK meth Dr feel good part of this episode it would be very awesome since i need to slander Jfk

  • Cole Kuper
    Cole Kuper 2 months ago

    why isnt the JFK one on youtube

  • B Cause
    B Cause 2 months ago

    Can somebody go and talk about Simon Bolivar? I would pay money for it

  • Patrick Chole
    Patrick Chole 2 months ago

    Woah that was fucking great. Maybe my favorite.