Catching and Cooking King Crab - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Jun 15, 2016
  • Gordon heads to arctic Norway to catch the dangerous and delicious king crab.
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  • Nehemiah Mcgrath
    Nehemiah Mcgrath Hour ago


  • MugiwaraXD
    MugiwaraXD 3 hours ago +1

    I guess the 4.9k dislikes are the restaurant that Gordon shut down.

    BOB THE AWSOMEST 3 hours ago

    0:09 is a nightmare

  • AD HD
    AD HD 4 hours ago +1

    Those hurt your hands when you try to break there limbs

  • Miami Thug
    Miami Thug 6 hours ago

    *Imagine you seeing your brother being taken away by two people in scuba suits*

  • Ya Yeet
    Ya Yeet 8 hours ago

    My local CRAP hunter

    LIANNE SANTER 9 hours ago

    You just need 20 mukbangers and 30 bowls of cheese then there won’t be as many 🤣

  • Russel Tassle
    Russel Tassle 11 hours ago

    Shit! Thats alotta crabs down there.

  • Herr Senfkorn
    Herr Senfkorn 12 hours ago

    Did he hurt the crab? I hope he killed it quickly...

  • Jetrider91
    Jetrider91 18 hours ago

    Imagine having the luck of Gordon cocking for you.

  • intersu
    intersu 23 hours ago +1

    No crabs were harmed during this video*

  • Jonathan Wong
    Jonathan Wong Day ago

    Did he just say it was ugly

  • Heck171
    Heck171 Day ago

    I’m eating cereal while watching them eat so I can think I’m living the good life.

  • Zazy Gaming
    Zazy Gaming Day ago

    Ramsey: ok I’m just going to simply put all this seasoning on it.
    Me: I can put pepper on my soup...

  • Trending Squad
    Trending Squad Day ago

    Anybody’s mouth watering? Or is it just me? Hmmmmmn 🤤

  • A B
    A B Day ago

    Cooked!? Eat it raw son! Or steam it

  • Unknown Force's
    Unknown Force's Day ago +1

    Sounds like he said “local crap hunter”

  • C Fen
    C Fen Day ago

    3:24 i wheezed

  • 대식구
    대식구 Day ago


  • Chris Livengood
    Chris Livengood Day ago

    Salt, pepper, oil, mayo, Lemmon. With slight variations of herbs and veggies

  • Chris Livengood
    Chris Livengood Day ago

    Do these videos end? Iv been up for 2 days. And i cant move to turn my media off

  • Emily Pardo
    Emily Pardo Day ago

    poor camera man
    He had to film that

    And he got no crabs

  • Emily Pardo
    Emily Pardo Day ago

    No one:
    Angry vegetarians

  • Emily Pardo
    Emily Pardo Day ago

    I would honestly rather die

  • Will Motomura
    Will Motomura Day ago

    Forget the fucking turtles, save the crabs

  • Lydia Truglio-Chavdarova

    I always watch Hells kitchen

  • DaniPlayz Yt
    DaniPlayz Yt Day ago


  • Daniel TheBest
    Daniel TheBest Day ago

    *cough* *cough* what about the spider crab

  • XDFozzie
    XDFozzie Day ago

    Surely they don’t grow up to 6ft

  • NorwayGaming123
    NorwayGaming123 Day ago

    NORWAY!! i love food

  • Harrison Tanner
    Harrison Tanner Day ago

    It’s like going around the world to just eat a meal and go back home

  • First Name, Surname

    I wanted to see Gordon eat that airplane food

  • Andrew Conlan
    Andrew Conlan Day ago

    i blame Upisnotjump why i can't help but laugh at parts of this

  • Nor vis
    Nor vis Day ago

    That fucking crab looks so tasty

  • pijana tijana
    pijana tijana Day ago

    *eat them before they get to the uk*

  • Kill me please
    Kill me please Day ago

    And here you will see the elusive Crab stick they feed on small bacteria and the happiness of children

  • Carrot Trump
    Carrot Trump Day ago

    I am from Norway so i love this video becuse uss Norwegian's are used to the cold and not used to the swearing. You can see how the divers dont know what to do when Gordon sweares.🤣🤣

  • Ks Fallen Angel
    Ks Fallen Angel Day ago

    3:54 that crab has another crabs claw in its own claw

  • Not a Lime a lemon
    Not a Lime a lemon 2 days ago

    I swear if we go to war with crabs

  • Blisterybrush86 Yo momma

    When is he going to start yelling at the crab?

  • Eboz 25
    Eboz 25 2 days ago

    Doesn’t this man scream at every man in the world because of 00000000000000000000.1 over cooked food

  • maia tyler
    maia tyler 2 days ago


  • Okoye Forever
    Okoye Forever 2 days ago

    "I feel like a big fucking condom"...🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️Only Gordon

  • Lindsie M.
    Lindsie M. 2 days ago

    I'm making dinner right now, but now I want crab legs 😩😍😋

  • Pablo De State
    Pablo De State 2 days ago +1

    Gordon: sees crab in the water.
    Also Gordon: “its fucking raw”

  • Gladys Reyes
    Gladys Reyes 2 days ago

    Imagine having the opportunity to catch so much crab and only catching one

  • Acro Dance
    Acro Dance 2 days ago

    Did that crab just lick its lips at me 0:01

  • Brendan Chaney
    Brendan Chaney 2 days ago

    Ice cube balls..

  • Golden Glowie Animations

    Hey Dat ain't bigg
    Japanese Spider crab is Bi GG

  • Ruben Barrera
    Ruben Barrera 2 days ago

    2:36 LMFAO

  • bizotically_yours83
    bizotically_yours83 3 days ago

    They're creepy Chef. 😿

  • Eleeth Tahgra
    Eleeth Tahgra 3 days ago

    And a table made of ice. Nice.
    However, should have caught more than 1...3 to 5 maybe. So little meat.Also spare some for the camera crews.

  • Sprite Snakeu
    Sprite Snakeu 3 days ago +1

    Gordon: because the body isn’t that good to eat
    Mukbangers: *eats guts*

  • Alvin Wu
    Alvin Wu 3 days ago

    They should send a crab catching committee to go to that place. They'll be filthy rich

  • Nathan Bailey
    Nathan Bailey 3 days ago

    I'm friking terafied of crabs

  • W ø ñ đ ə ř
    W ø ñ đ ə ř 3 days ago +3

    Gordan is just like Ron. Both love food and "Bloody hell"

  • Yang
    Yang 3 days ago

    this man curses a lot

  • SoulYTx
    SoulYTx 3 days ago

    Wait Norway? Where I live? :0

  • Kepler 22b
    Kepler 22b 3 days ago

    King Crab: I'm the biggest crab on earth.

    Japanese Spider Crab: I'm about to end this crab's whole career.

  • xx israel
    xx israel 3 days ago