Is Nick Diaz OK? | Luke Thomas

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Nick Diaz sat down for a lengthy interview as part of Ariel Helwani's ESPN MMA Show. It's the first time in years Nick has spoken at length to the media, leaving many to speculate as to his views of his brother Nate Diaz's career success, what he's been up to and whether he'll return to fighting for the UFC.
    I wanted to wait a few days before reacting to absorb what I had witnessed and to process it all. While at moments Nick seemed lucid and had interesting things to say about Jorge Masvidal, UFC 244, the BMF belt and more, there were also some other somewhat troubling elements to the interview as well. In this video, I discuss what I saw and try to answer the question in the title.
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  • Cro nus
    Cro nus Day ago

    Maybe all that vaping and weed and he is aging. Also he was never really articulate in expressing his thoughts nor is Nate. Some lucid things to say lol You mean not many lucid things was said. In your case you just ramble on and said the same things over and over. Now you are giving him respect never the less. "I don't know man. I don.t know " . My take you are worried about him.

  • Literally Sam Hyde

    I'd feel comfortable if he were rematching Condit. Ultimately I think he needs to scratch the itch of fighting again while it's still feasible for him. I wouldn't put him in there with a killer like Masvidal till we see where he's at physically.

  • Grant Bayliss
    Grant Bayliss 3 days ago

    He’s fine. He’s just high as fuck.

  • Jumping Jackjeebs
    Jumping Jackjeebs 5 days ago

    Your making too much out of this Brother. Things change so we need to check out his training. If he still hold his own against Andre Ward I'm pretty sure he should be able to do the same against Gamebread.

  • Joseph Bagayas
    Joseph Bagayas 5 days ago

    He did repeat saying " no I'm not okay, my brother got kicked in the face "
    Think about it. His reference on that echoed with his body language looks like Nick is ready to fight.
    I totally get it and get you Nick, it's pride for family and your life. Jorge did disrespect so yeah. he is trying to keep it together until he gets a hold of Jorge. GO NICK!!!

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me 7 days ago

    NO!!! Him and his brother both have been hit in the head too many times. Besides that they ONLY fight for money. NOTHING ELSE!!! That would be great if winner took all. Unfortunately thats not the fight game theyre in. Theyre just taking advantage of their WWE type fans. Im not hatin on their tactics though. If they were fighting opponents closer to their rankings there would be no money in it because we would have no clue who their opponents were. I think Nick/Nate just wanted 1 more money fight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Aa JV
    Aa JV 7 days ago

    Nate doesnt hold Nick accountable too nice needs too fuckin slap nick

  • Jose Sadavar
    Jose Sadavar 9 days ago

    Definitely not same ol nick. I’ve always followed Nate and nick and understand they are not the best speakers, but a while
    Back after Kenny Florián and Tyron posted a social media thing nick responded and I could not make out a word and I thought he was drunk but clearly somethings up. He was on camera speaking shortly after his ban speaking clearly, so something is up and it sucks hope he’s alright. Fighters are tough but forged from hard times for hard times.

  • James C
    James C 10 days ago

    This dude is such a patronizing peace of garbage. His uppity and overly intellectual approach to fighting is so overdone. The estrogen oozes out of his persona. Lowlife's like this really need to do something active in adulthood because talking about the actions of other men makes them sound beyond female. He is probably a feminist

  • william g
    william g 12 days ago

    your a double talking idiot

  • Jair Bear
    Jair Bear 12 days ago

    let's stop beating around the bush...the Diaz brother's are clearly showing signs of brain damage

    kAOTIKGHOST 12 days ago


  • Legally Concealed
    Legally Concealed 13 days ago

    Both them Diaz’s have brain damage and that’s just real talk listen to them speak hate to tell you that has nothing to do with smoking weed i smoke every day and can still speak coherently

  • Jim Foster
    Jim Foster 13 days ago

    dramatic much???? its. a. fight dude.....he will survive

  • Young Goodman Brown
    Young Goodman Brown 14 days ago

    He be drankin'

  • Jordan Campbell
    Jordan Campbell 14 days ago


    FAIRYS r REAL 14 days ago

    Why should he fight again like fans and others like to see. Fuck that the dude has paid his dues to entertain us, let Nick be remembered as A Fucking LEGEND and thats it!!!!

  • Charley Weinhardt
    Charley Weinhardt 14 days ago

    Lots and lots of weed, lots and lots of pain. Coherence, why even care?

  • Adam Syamsuri Mohd Radzuan

    say it to nick face to face

  • DaViEbh0Y cLanDoNaLD
    DaViEbh0Y cLanDoNaLD 15 days ago

    Media has babied him for years, given him passes and excused his bullshit. Multi milionaire playing the victim.

  • Blumpkin
    Blumpkin 15 days ago

    Listen to this in 1.25 speed. You'll save some precious seconds of your life.

  • Stoney Flats
    Stoney Flats 16 days ago

    Alcohol, drugs and head punches. Don't.

  • Al Pratt
    Al Pratt 16 days ago

    Talk about rambling lol

  • Mike Rossi
    Mike Rossi 16 days ago

    You thought nick was bad!

  • Mar Tin
    Mar Tin 17 days ago

    He drinks it's no secret. You can find videos of him drunk and talking about drinking on here.

  • icecreampaintjob
    icecreampaintjob 17 days ago

    Luke is trying to get his level up by talking shit... Just don't listen ! Nick gonna be fine

  • Robert Rabaglia Jr
    Robert Rabaglia Jr 18 days ago

    *** Luke Thomas Please Read This Comment**I am new to finding you're channel, via a Nick & Nate Fb Group, subscribed and hit the bell for all notifications. Ty for you're work. I couldn't agree with you more, Luke. There is reasons for him PERSONALLY calling out Texas, as a place to fight next.. There is a reason he's already complimented about Madvidal, back in the day, and now Nate losing to Masvidal, right before Nick's ban is coming to an end. Please think about this people. This isn't just mysteriously how things end up lining up, or falling in place. I also believe the media help make Nick look this way, that's why Ariel even said, the video was so long, they cut it short.. They also chopped it, to make it look this way, it's more then obvious to me. You can 100% tell, if you pay attention to the cuts in the interview. Most all sports have a predetermined & scripted outcome to them. You are an authentic reporter, in a theatrical world. You don't think the UFC, Nick, and others haven't already noticed, what you are noticing. I believe that's pry most of the reason, Nick named Texas, because he/UFC already knows these other places he may not pass. I'm not judging this video by any means, I think it was a very authentic & from the heart video, but you have to realize, they have already sold their soul, to the life of scripted theater, loonnnggg ago. Nate & Nick are pry the two most authentic guys in the UFC, and that's why they have been silenced, and had so many problems with the UFC, they dont want to take a scripted loss, for the money, they want to fucking whoop some ass and were fighting against the script. Like the old Strike Force, WEC used to be. Not because they didn't want to take fights, or blah blah blah like media & tv want you to think. From Football, to Golf, to WWF, to the UFC, to mainstream media, plus much more is all theater. Please check out "Zachary K. Hubbards" work on TheXvid before he is fully silenced. He teaches ""Gematria"", which means ""Geometry In Language"" on channels ""Gematria Effect News"" & ""Gematria Effect Sports"", which is a Ancient Geometry nurmerologic code, exposing how all the things I've mentioned are scipted. This is no joke people. If you make it to check out this mans work, and dont believe what he is exposing, pls fact check everything he is saying, and try to prove him wrong. He is only exposing with what is put right in front of our faces, everyday. Nate Diaz was the perfect 35th win for Masvidal, especially when Nate Diaz sums to 35 in Gematria. It's all geometry/number ritual, birthdates, day of age, dates on the calendar, ect ect. Just like they have always told us the whole world is built from Geometry. Miles to the sun, circumference of the earth, ect ect, tis the same way everything is scripted around us in theater. Sorry for the long winded comment, but if you made it through this far, please do yourself a favor, and go channels I mentioned above to learn more about this knowledge.

  • Jonathan Ibanez
    Jonathan Ibanez 18 days ago

    So on point about Nick Diaz 👌🏼

  • Big Man
    Big Man 19 days ago

    Your a complete D-BAG luke

  • Walter Lippmann
    Walter Lippmann 19 days ago

    Luke "signal to noise" Thomas

  • michael delaney
    michael delaney 19 days ago

    This is more than weed its life style

  • michael delaney
    michael delaney 19 days ago

    marijuana is used to bring you down from other drugs, like alcohol or whatever NIck might be taking but this is more than weed this is what a combination of drugs does

  • C Jay
    C Jay 19 days ago

    Articulate and compassionate analysis. Enjoyed.

  • peter randall
    peter randall 19 days ago +1

    He's fine. He was just very baked in his last interview

  • Reinfarcements
    Reinfarcements 19 days ago

    If a grown ass man says he wants to fight, and can pass all the regulations to be allowed to fight, then let him fight. If you are concerned the UFC doesn't have good enough regulations, say that and push for them to get changed. Its not my job to create these regulations, and I don't claim to be able to do that job better than the people already doing it.

  • shwayTV
    shwayTV 19 days ago

    They banned him for marijuana at the peak of his career when the money fights started becoming a thing how much would he have made man. Anybody would be angry and now its legal yet he was hung for it .

  • shwayTV
    shwayTV 19 days ago

    What do we analyse the diaz bros like this ? Url in the media like to pick on the weed thing

  • Rob The Vampire Slayer
    Rob The Vampire Slayer 19 days ago +4

    Weed is bad don't do it. Don't listen to the "cool kids"

    • Shlutty Mc'Shlutface
      Shlutty Mc'Shlutface 16 days ago

      @Stoned Mario You have a strong confirmation bias and are twisting my words. I know you mean well, I guess you are quite young and most of your knowledge is from reading and not through experience.

    • Stoned Mario
      Stoned Mario 16 days ago

      Shlutty Mc'Shlutface
      Also if you ever smoked weed before you would know that yes it actually is TRUE that your first couple time smoking you may experience paranoia this is a well know occurrence (you claimed this to be false). Of course everyone is different so some may experience more than others, or none at all, commonly it can induce some paranoia though.

    • Stoned Mario
      Stoned Mario 16 days ago

      Shlutty Mc'Shlutface
      People that are prone to diseases such as schizophrenia may experience increasing paranoia over time so I would ask you to please stop smoking (is that honest enough for you?). This DOES NOT happen to everyone though and is actually rare. For example my dad has been smoking weed since he was 17 he’s now 60 and he’s perfectly fine. You can’t just claim that if you smoke weed for a long time you will become paranoid that’s false information.

    • Shlutty Mc'Shlutface
      Shlutty Mc'Shlutface 16 days ago

      @Stoned Mario not true. It started happening about 10 years after i started. Please be more honest and open about this issue. Higher cbd with lower thc helps but the topic being ignored and buried is doing everyone an injustice.

    • Stoned Mario
      Stoned Mario 16 days ago

      Shlutty Mc'Shlutface
      When you first start smoking weed yes that will happen to you. After about 3 times that stops happening and you really get to enjoy the experience. I feel like weed heightens your sense that’s why we feel paranoid because we’re being extra careful.

  • Danny D
    Danny D 19 days ago

    U say u don't know alot then what do u know?

  • Spita23
    Spita23 19 days ago

    i cant believe this dude gives his opinion on MMA dude probably gasses getting out of bed.

  • D davis
    D davis 19 days ago +6

    Luke: I know there is a lot of armchair experts
    Also Luke: proceeds to be an armchair expert

    • D davis
      D davis 15 days ago

      @Sean D. I'll trust nick and the medical professionals to make that decision.

    • Sean D.
      Sean D. 15 days ago

      Well, you could just roll the dice on Nick being the first fighter to die in the UFC. Lmao.

  • Rick John
    Rick John 19 days ago

    Nick should sue the commissioner and the Nevada State ..specially now, Marijuana is becoming legal in few states ..

  • Anthony Anthony
    Anthony Anthony 19 days ago +4

    Puke Thomas, haven't tuned into this loser in a minute.

  • Juan Guerra
    Juan Guerra 19 days ago

    NATE and NICK DIAZ make more sense than this RAMBLING FOOL

  • Giorgos Kourtellaris
    Giorgos Kourtellaris 19 days ago

    Luke is selling merchandise? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaha

  • wh0 man
    wh0 man 19 days ago

    Luke thomas 1.25 speed trust.

  • Hellonheels618
    Hellonheels618 19 days ago


  • Shane Daniels
    Shane Daniels 19 days ago

    Glad you said it. He is clearly suffering from severe CTE, and is not the "same old Nick". People who want guys like him to fight are pathetic and ignorant. You don't risk someones life for your entertainment -especially if you're a "fan" of them.

  • Fish please
    Fish please 20 days ago

    This summation was just as hard to understand

  • djdani
    djdani 20 days ago

    Hey Luke, I like your logic and analysis. Maybe just speak more straight and frank. No need for so many disclaimers and carefulness. Anyone interested in MMA usually aren’t from the PC brigade. Basically don’t waffle so much but speak your mind and to the point. I don’t mean to criticise, but it makes me wanna skip forward when you spend half your time explaining how you don’t mean to offend anyone etc. hope that makes sense. Keep up the great work and thanks always for your contribution to the MMA world. Cheers.

  • Rock Chalk
    Rock Chalk 20 days ago

    This clown comes off as "ALL WISE", but needs more proof that he was inebriated? Anyone in their right mind, or at least above the age of 16, can see clearly Nick was high or drunk on something. Doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Doesn't help either that he has been punched in the brain several times. Lastly, on top of all that, Nick is just spacey and can't articulate his thoughts very well mixed along with frustration. THERE I SAID IT. There's your CORRECT analysis for ya hot shot...

  • Ponderous Josh
    Ponderous Josh 20 days ago

    Also he’s hiiiigh alll the time yo.

  • MerseyMinded
    MerseyMinded 20 days ago

    You suck Luke

  • Viva Palestina !
    Viva Palestina ! 20 days ago


  • sinkiy
    sinkiy 20 days ago

    Dude these guys take millions of head shots every day for our entertainment for decades of course they’re not going to speak like Obama. People are retarded I swear. Look at Ali, frazer and so many others. It’s a sport that fucks up your brain duh. Wtf do you expect? Have you seen how the diaz brothers fight? They take more head hits than anybody I’ve seen and still keep rolling! You want them to speak like Obama too ? Lol

  • Ramses Vasquez
    Ramses Vasquez 20 days ago

    Not sure what's more incoherent and self contradictory this one Nick's interview lol what a wuss "I'm not judging but... Judging statement" this some bullshit boo this man.

  • geoffbrent
    geoffbrent 20 days ago

    sounds like a bunch of passive/aggressive stuff as he says one thing and then says he's really not saying it, he is passing judgment or he wouldn't have made the video

  • Gary R
    Gary R 20 days ago

    Not everyone sits on their ass and talks all day. Put the drama away little girl.

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer 20 days ago

    Right mustache connector is out of control

  • Noname Mothafuqer
    Noname Mothafuqer 20 days ago

    Bro on the real shit I get high everyday get crossed every now and then and I’m pretty articulate still.he talks like someone whose on acid it’s probably CTE from fighting all those steroid heads. I feel bad for the guy nick prolly not the type to say what’s really going on in his life he lo ki kinda guy