Adele Absolutely HATES Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 14, 2017
    She hates everything!
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  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares  2 years ago +2797

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    • ABODE007 GT
      ABODE007 GT 2 months ago

      Who ever is running this account, keep up the good job the community loves you

    • maniacram
      maniacram 2 months ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Oh so you’d love it if someone comes into your house told you to wear blue clothes everyday?

    • maniacram
      maniacram 2 months ago

      bob moe bitch fuck off. Your ass is old. She ain’t all that old.

    • bob moe
      bob moe 3 months ago

      She’s an angry old ... Pack it up and retire.

    • Tango Toes
      Tango Toes 5 months ago


  • Unbiased Indian
    Unbiased Indian 2 hours ago

    U r old school lady

  • mzurilove
    mzurilove 5 hours ago

    Adele is a true pessimist.

  • blanque
    blanque Day ago

    I'm impressed on how the designs are really cheap, Who did Gordon hired for this designs, I'm with adele.

  • Ian Elgar
    Ian Elgar Day ago

    This stubborn old decrepid bitch needs to crawl in a corner and die. Gordon should give her the old stuff back but take the employees with him

  • Happy Shitkicker

    Ol' granny ain't callin the shots anymore...

  • Earthysonic
    Earthysonic 2 days ago

    Adele: Ugh I hate Salmon

  • fatyowls
    fatyowls 2 days ago

    80 year old child!

  • Rahul Mahay
    Rahul Mahay 2 days ago

    old white people are so annoying

  • Jaja Taroy
    Jaja Taroy 2 days ago +1

    That lady sounded like she was about to cry when she said
    “I can’t believe someone hates blue!”

  • Dot Sy
    Dot Sy 3 days ago

    Honestly it was better before

  • Scott Muir
    Scott Muir 3 days ago

    A silly stubborn woman.

  • Induced Rhino438
    Induced Rhino438 3 days ago

    “I hate the salmon, IT TASTES LIKE FISH”, Duh, what do you expect it to taste like, chicken??

  • Roman Minárik
    Roman Minárik 4 days ago

    Old grainy b!tch

  • Katie Gaming
    Katie Gaming 4 days ago +1

    I’m so shocked, *looks like she’s gonna cry* I’ve never heard anyone say they hate the colour blue 😖

  • Owen Broxk
    Owen Broxk 5 days ago +1

    4:28 Egh salmon tastes like a fish REALLY HOW CRAZY IS THAT

  • Owen Broxk
    Owen Broxk 5 days ago +1

    I was not a fan of the seating but everything else was nice

  • dean raynsford
    dean raynsford 5 days ago

    She needs to die. Her time has been and gone

  • Stevie Butla
    Stevie Butla 5 days ago

    Oap old aged prick

  • 10k subs with no video Subscribe or you'll die

    She cannot even appreciate it

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones 6 days ago

    Miserable old bag is there anything in life she does not moan about?

  • Milkyway Gamer
    Milkyway Gamer 6 days ago

    Who hates blue??

  • Milkyway Gamer
    Milkyway Gamer 6 days ago

    The blue looks terrible with it

  • rg.newbz.
    rg.newbz. 6 days ago

    “I hate blue” but she wears a blue shirt 😂

  • annastine hammersdottir

    Some people love to fail so they can hold onto their pity points. "Feel sorry for meeeeeee - what's wrong?" Narcissist!

  • Pepe Loco
    Pepe Loco 7 days ago

    what a selfish old bitch.

  • aaronxlycan
    aaronxlycan 7 days ago +1

    I like trains 3:47

  • Vybz Psyrath
    Vybz Psyrath 7 days ago


  • Vybz Psyrath
    Vybz Psyrath 7 days ago

    Lady: *has bad restaurant*
    Gordon: *makes it amazing*
    Lady: I hate it cause it’s BLUE

  • Alan Wolf
    Alan Wolf 7 days ago

    If Adele doesn't accept the changes in the restaurant, her bank balance will be *Rolling in the Deep*

  • R H
    R H 8 days ago

    i really want to tell adele to fuck off and stop whining

  • 葉國樑
    葉國樑 8 days ago

    Geez... this 80-year-old little girl just won't stop complaining, huh? why doesn't she just complaint about herself? you're old, why don't you just retire? you're too old for this.

  • CCninja86
    CCninja86 8 days ago

    "I hate salmon. It tastes like a fish."
    Hmmm yes, the floor is made of floor

  • Mari741s
    Mari741s 8 days ago

    Feels like she really tries to find something bad about the new makeover. A.k.a. bad excuses to not be at the restaurant.
    First the color. Then the salmon that 'horribly' tastes like fish..

  • Danyal Nasir
    Danyal Nasir 8 days ago

    Her shop was shit and was getting no customers then begged gordon to help and he made it look great then she saw all the works done looks nice but didnt want to pay but wanted to keep the changes
    Ungrateful old bitch

  • tea party
    tea party 9 days ago +1

    " I HATE the colour blue🤢 "
    *Next day wears an all blue shirt ;-;*

  • WatchMeKillThis
    WatchMeKillThis 9 days ago

    Oh wow , well guess we know where the problems came from

  • Dani Wood cruz
    Dani Wood cruz 10 days ago

    Disgracefull old lady I hope she dies old peaple grumpy as hell they belong underground

  • Maverick Assasin
    Maverick Assasin 11 days ago

    This is fake af. I mean just look at her expression when she enters the restaurant. She loved it.

  • Abhinav Tripathi
    Abhinav Tripathi 12 days ago

    How much are they paid to overreact like that?

  • multifandom hoe
    multifandom hoe 12 days ago

    dude, how can this woman not be grateful for such an EXPENSIVE TRANSFORMATION?! LIKE, I’D BE CRYING TEARS OF JOY IF I WAS HER >:00

  • fujokingg
    fujokingg 12 days ago

    You're fucking welcome, ungrateful child. "I loved what we had" she must have been the only one who loved it.

  • Mihai Laurentiu
    Mihai Laurentiu 13 days ago

    *she a bich*

  • Sal Fishman
    Sal Fishman 13 days ago +1

    Gordon and her are the same person lol

  • Emily O'Shea
    Emily O'Shea 13 days ago

    Wow, I can't imagine eating fish and having it taste like fish. 😱

  • iipatty
    iipatty 13 days ago

    Gordon really out here teaching this old rag valuable lessons I learned in first grade.

  • kawaN !
    kawaN ! 14 days ago

    i'm with her! this is horrible marshmallow style...

  • World Peace
    World Peace 14 days ago

    Im not so sure about this blue too. Quite cold. But her reaction is well ... strange

  • Emily Flanagan
    Emily Flanagan 14 days ago

    Hates blue yet wearing the ugliest blue blouse in the last scene 😂

  • wishawlad
    wishawlad 14 days ago

    Ungrateful auld bat

  • uwu mation
    uwu mation 15 days ago

    Shut up grandma

  • Sagarmatha
    Sagarmatha 15 days ago

    i feel terrible for the workers hired to renovate the place for that ungrateful little shit

  • Zey k
    Zey k 15 days ago

    It’s called jealousy honey


    Someone put that bitch in an abusive old folk's home.

  • Jonjie Bacurnay
    Jonjie Bacurnay 15 days ago

    I hate salmon.. Taste like fish😂😂

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 15 days ago

    Someone spends nearly a million to help you, even if you don’t like it, don’t say “I hate it”!😒😒😒

  • Grenadier on beans
    Grenadier on beans 16 days ago +1

    Control freak narcissist psycho does not want anything to change if she is not instigating the change, the sense of powerlessness is freaking her out.

  • Wotdermatter
    Wotdermatter 17 days ago

    Doesn't like blue yet wears clothes that are shades of blue. It is obvious she has never eaten any food that has been made from fresh in her life.
    'nuf sed.

  • Shae Birt
    Shae Birt 17 days ago

    "I hate blue" said by the same person in the episode she wears a blue shirt.

  • Yosra Shaban
    Yosra Shaban 17 days ago +2

    Her: "I am dumbfounded!" *Tears up*
    Me: Ooooo because she's being ungrateful?
    Her: "I have never heard anyone say they don't like the colour Blue!"
    Me: *_*