Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL Wireless Gaming Headset - Audiophile & Gaming

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
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Comments • 104

  • MrPoppasmurf79
    MrPoppasmurf79 7 days ago

    Been using the ath-ad700x ever since I saw your video about mid range gaming headphones. We love em at home.

  • bandgeekforever100
    bandgeekforever100 27 days ago

    I'm looking at getting the wired version with the Creative Labs SoundblasterX G6. I'm play mostly FPS games. Is there anything else you would recommend? I don't play in a noisy environment and its pretty much mostly for gaming and watching TheXvid

  • nomnoomz
    nomnoomz Month ago

    Has anyone used this Headset for Voice calls? Also, it would pick up a lot of noise, right? so maybe not...

  • Raf f
    Raf f Month ago

    Audiophile+ gaming headset= sounds perfect!

  • Aldair Antonio López Vásquez


  • xKen
    xKen Month ago

    Are you guys gonna review the Sennheiser GSP 370? Really hyped about that 100hr battery life :o

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris Month ago

    This headset looks really nice 👍

  • ninja90177
    ninja90177 Month ago

    Wireless? May replace my current set with these. Price point isn't terrible . . .

  • ManaNeko
    ManaNeko Month ago

    I had a special discount at an online store so I got the QuadCast following your review.
    Great stuff, looks cool.

  • Blue Demon
    Blue Demon Month ago

    audio technica make great headsets

  • supaethan
    supaethan Month ago

    I like Audio-Technica products, watching this with ADG1

  • Dave's Sweeps
    Dave's Sweeps Month ago

    This giveaway is awesome!!
    How does this headset compare to say a Hyperx A51?
    Thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone :)

  • Kaelvin Lau
    Kaelvin Lau Month ago

    Looks awesome! Is it worth the price point though?

  • Snyp3r
    Snyp3r Month ago

    Are we allowed to enter in other countries? I'm from Aus.

  • StasRyadinsky
    StasRyadinsky Month ago

    Thanks for the opportunity guys. This is a cool headset for the price. Awesome

  • Robert Hanson
    Robert Hanson Month ago

    Audiotechina makes some badass headsets

  • komar
    komar Month ago

    no usb-c pass

  • Fritz Hall
    Fritz Hall Month ago +1

    I'm so confused. Been searching for a daily driver, but so unsure what I wanna buy.

  • Yong Yen Chung
    Yong Yen Chung Month ago

    hmmm micro usb....

  • IND4GR0V3
    IND4GR0V3 Month ago

    250 bucks? and its not even type c? LMFAO would never buy maybe the wired one tho if it is 3.5 mm audio jack rather than usb

  • bensonライン
    bensonライン Month ago

    How are you still in business

  • ImNitroman184
    ImNitroman184 Month ago

    audio technica is the best

  • Brett Saltrick
    Brett Saltrick Month ago

    I bought these a couple weeks ago and play a good amount of FPS games. No regrets here. They sound very detailed and the mic quality is fantastic. I would definitely buy them again if I was comparing them all again. There are better options for wired I believe but these are great for a wireless pair in my honest opinion.

  • Tj Allen
    Tj Allen Month ago

    I just wish there were open back wireless headphones for home use. It's something that I really REALLY want. Heck I'd settle for Semi-Open back.

  • Tobias Bäcklund
    Tobias Bäcklund Month ago


  • Gen Rai
    Gen Rai Month ago

    I love Audio-Technica headsets/headphones, nice to know that they are also doing wireless now

  • Theodore Van Winkle

    Hypercardiod is just the term for the field of angles from which the microphone is most sensitive to. Hypercardiods have a slightly more focused "bulb", or the main part that would be picking up your voice. This would be helpful for eliminating sounds coming from behind you that you don't want to pick up. On the other hand, the hypercardiod shape would be much more likely to pick up keyboard clacks or mouse clicks.

  • XZekeX
    XZekeX Month ago

    New Text Layer! I seent it

  • Brad
    Brad Month ago

    would be a great upgrade over my Sound Blaster Jam bluetooth headphones

  • Km Mm
    Km Mm Month ago

    I'm kind of amazed how flat the head band can stretch. Seems like very good all around headset!

  • swishpronoob
    swishpronoob Month ago

    I love this company!

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee Month ago

    Wonder how the audio quality is over wireless.

  • P
    P Month ago

    I honestly don't think they can beat the MMX300. Thats microphone is superb and audio just as well. Pretty identical to having a DT770 Pro with ModMic 5. On the other hand, those are not wireless of course...

  • aGA1nstY0U
    aGA1nstY0U Month ago

    giveaway FTW

  • Aleksander Drzewiecki

    Yeay, hope I win

  • Montadar Almasseri
    Montadar Almasseri Month ago +3

    i seriously never won a givaway in my entire life and i've been joining these youtube givaways since ages. hope this one is mine

  • Nikolaj Lund Andreasen

    Sounds like a great headset! Could be a great upgrade!

  • Jaskatzu
    Jaskatzu Month ago

    With the way they flex, seems like they'd be fairly durable.

  • Mobius_35
    Mobius_35 Month ago

    I have 2 disappointments with these, though kinda minor. First being that I just bought an amazing pair of ATH-CKS5TWs, and the charging case uses type c, and the second being my ATH-SR6BTBKs have a 30 hour battery life. I'd be willing to chalk up the battery life to a better mic or bigger drivers, but the type c shouldn't have had any issues being implemented unless the slightly larger size was impossible to accommodate. I know this is nitpicking but I love AT and would love to see them go a little more consistent in the small stuff. Probably still gonna get these for work though.

  • TechyEskimo
    TechyEskimo Month ago

    This looks like the best wireless gaming headset, might have to pick these up over the new Corsair Virtuoso headsets 🤔

    • DomesticLlamas
      DomesticLlamas Month ago

      I really like Audio Technica headphones. Need to get a headset tho and these are also my two picks. Wish I could just try them both out for a couple days

  • LegendACB
    LegendACB Month ago

    No C no party

  • Björn Brinkmann
    Björn Brinkmann Month ago

    Please clean that tower, dust since at least two videos.

  • Jacob Barrera
    Jacob Barrera Month ago

    Interested in the microphone monitoring...

  • Pixel master
    Pixel master Month ago +1

    WHY NOT USB-C OMG ITS ALMOST 2020 !!!! jesus.... ALMOST perfect... but i never again buy wireless headset without usb-c, that micro usb charging is a pain so slow just like the logitech g933

  • Rodrigo MA
    Rodrigo MA Month ago

    Looks great

  • Merk618
    Merk618 Month ago

    Ath g1s or hd 58x?

  • Subversive Hippie
    Subversive Hippie Month ago

    I would love to get a pair, especially if the quality is anything like their other offerings. The price tag's gonna keep me from getting them for a while though.

  • McAllstar
    McAllstar Month ago

    Poggers in chat

  • nonikita
    nonikita Month ago

    I see Logan is going the full Joker look (without the makeup)

  • akaCisco
    akaCisco Month ago +8

    This is not supposed to be said in a mean way, but I swear he reminds me of lord farquad with his hair 😂

  • selenica101
    selenica101 Month ago

    there is no description

  • CE-StoneR
    CE-StoneR Month ago

    i use the ath 700x, id love to test these

  • Bill Hepner
    Bill Hepner Month ago

    Looks like a good quality gaming headset.

  • CasuaL
    CasuaL Month ago

    I would rather buying the new Corsair wireless Headset. Sounds Vetter, Looks more Premium and it cost less then 250$

  • jantestowy123
    jantestowy123 Month ago +3

    At this price lack of USB C, and bluetooth makes it big no no, also bluetooth is 2,4 GHz, I don't understand the decision to go with dongle....

  • VerticalKatana
    VerticalKatana Month ago

    I neeeed!

  • Siim Kuusik
    Siim Kuusik Month ago

    Great job on just being honest about how you feel about the surround feature and bluetooth missing Logan 🎧

  • guliverovi
    guliverovi Month ago +3

    How can you hype up that mic so much when it sounds like it sounds, it just makes me not take seriously or care about anything said in the video. Stream with that lmao

  • Noctis
    Noctis Month ago

    Black Metal shirt?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    premium mic my ass. sorry AT, better luck next time.