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  • Published on Jan 30, 2020
  • Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is back in session! Today, James Beard Award-winning cookbook author and chef Amy Chaplin teaches you how to slice (nearly) every vegetable at the market. Finding the proper technique for preparing your veggies can elevate your culinary game to the next level, so if you're ready to learn how to slice every vegetable, Amy and Epicurious have you covered.
    00:00 Intro
    00:30 Peanut
    00:55 Brussels Sprouts
    01:42 Peas
    02:09 Snap Peas
    02:28 Wakame
    03:06 Garlic
    03:57 Shallot
    04:35 Watercress
    05:10 Green Beans
    05:45 Asparagus
    06:21 Fava Beans
    06:50 Scallion
    07:21 Celery
    08:21 Spinach
    08:55 Kombu
    09:41 Okra
    10:20 Nopales
    10:58 Onion
    12:03 Broccoli Rabe
    12:44 Endive
    13:37 Radicchio
    14:38 Bok Choy
    15:29 Cabbage
    16:18 Chicory
    17:13 Mustard Greens
    18:07 Collard Greens
    19:19 Swiss Chard
    20:17 Fennel
    21:00 Leek
    22:03 Iceberg Lettuce
    22:32 Kale
    23:35 Butternut Squash
    24:59 Kabocha Squash
    26:00 Tomatillo
    26:39 Tomato
    27:07 Zucchini
    27:46 Cucumber
    28:09 Chayote
    28:44 Pepper
    29:13 Jalapeño Pepper
    29:47 Bitter Melon
    30:28 Eggplant
    31:22 Radish
    31:59 Turmeric
    32:32 Ginger
    33:14 Beetroot
    33:51 Carrot
    34:38 Parsnip
    35:07 Turnip
    35:40 Potato
    36:17 Taro
    37:00 Rutabaga
    37:47 Daikon
    38:27 Jicama
    39:00 Lotus Root
    39:37 Artichoke
    40:28 Cauliflower
    41:06 Romanesco
    41:36 Broccoli
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    How To Chop Every Vegetable | Method Mastery | Epicurious
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  • reeeEeeEEE
    reeeEeeEEE 2 years ago +11395

    This video taught me that if you don’t know how to cut a vegetable, just cut it at an angle. It works for every vegetable.

    • L
      L 18 days ago

      @Terahnee Cool 😎

    • Terahnee
      Terahnee 18 days ago +1

      @L eh. I've also since learned through practical application that the carrot slices don't roll off the cutting board as easily and it's a larger surface area for the Maillard reaction :-)

    • L
      L 19 days ago

      @Terahnee because it looks…..pretty…?

    • L
      L 19 days ago

      @dai cram Sure, if he’s a vegetable

    • L
      L 19 days ago

      Just throw it in a pot and boil it lol

  • Rant All About It
    Rant All About It 9 months ago +271

    I love that she included the parts of veggies that many of us end up throwing away or overlooking like the stems.

    • Sapphic•Enby
      Sapphic•Enby Day ago

      The stems of broccoli are quite good with ranch, and they are great raw. I have asked my mom to by a head of broccoli be hade I wanted to eat just the stem lol

    • Drave4Gaming
      Drave4Gaming 6 months ago +5

      The stem of the broccoli is the most delicious part of it

  • Sandy Wagner
    Sandy Wagner 6 months ago +691

    This has been the final piece, I've watched every how to on this channel. I have surpassed Gordon Ramsay. This channel has opened my third eye. I have learned how to tame a country simply with my culinary knowledge. I am afraid of myself.

    • Lucy Lang
      Lucy Lang Month ago +2

      This is so funny. 🤣

    • Life with Loki
      Life with Loki 4 months ago +9

      It is now my goal in life to surpass you in culinary skills

    • Lucas Alvarez
      Lucas Alvarez 4 months ago +14

      Not only have I watched every method mastery video, but I also now know every way to cook a tomato, egg, salmon, steak, pizza, and burger patty. And people still say that technology rots your brain.

  • Geist_Fueled_Scarecrow
    Geist_Fueled_Scarecrow 4 months ago +64

    God, just *IMAGINE* the stew the crew made afterwards with all the stuff she chopped

  • Thu Trang Hoàng
    Thu Trang Hoàng 2 months ago +26

    This is gold for an absolute beginner like me. I love my mom but she's hard on me in the kitchen =))) So it's just great to have someone guide you through 42 mins without any nagging.

  • Nihal
    Nihal 2 years ago +38573

    You guys expect people to watch a 42 mins video of someone cutting vegetables?
    You’re absolutely right

  • Happy Mushroom
    Happy Mushroom 4 months ago +73

    I love the presenter. She is clearly skilled and comfortable with what she's doing. Good job chef Amy!

  • Elyka Marisse Agan
    Elyka Marisse Agan 3 months ago +16

    Im actually proud that I eat almost 90% of these veggies on a regular basis.

  • The Socially Awkward Falcon 🇺🇦

    41:05 Can't say I've ever had romanesco, but I absolutely love how it looks. The thing's a straight-up real-world example of a fractal

    • monterra
      monterra 5 months ago +2

      I ate it and it is very similar to cauliflower 10/10would raccomend

    • Kyla Robinson
      Kyla Robinson 5 months ago +2

      I moved to Belgium 7 years ago and had romansco and endive (witlof) for the first time. Romanesco is amazing but I hate endive!

    • Ricardo Saltos
      Ricardo Saltos 5 months ago +7

      ive had it before when i was a kid, dint remeber the taste but boy oh boy how was i mesmerized by the fractals its the most beautiful vegetable ive ever eaten, i remember not wanting to eat it because i was just admiring it

    • Leonie Pielnik
      Leonie Pielnik 6 months ago

      its very delicious a more flavourfull Coliflower or a much milder Brokkoli^^ but Same consistence

    • Milo Robinson
      Milo Robinson 6 months ago +14

      You get that calculus out of relaxing my vegetable video😂

  • Cheap Shots Lens Reviews and Photography

    Great tips, not just for chopping, but for prep and usage too. Loved this video!

  • rachel
    rachel 2 years ago +4263

    *When it’s late at night and you’re learning about how to cut vegetables you’ve never heard of for 40 minutes*

  • GlitchedReborn_YT
    GlitchedReborn_YT Month ago +4

    As a Nigerian, it’s nice seeing okra in this video since my mom makes okra soup with my grandma and man it taste good 👍

  • J N
    J N 7 months ago +21

    Great video. Thank you!
    Could you please create a video of how to identify when all these vegetables are fresh. Possibly with examples of each vegetable at different stages: e.g. picked too early, fresh, acceptable, cook only, dispose; and obvious markers to spot real spoilage vs imperfections.

  • JessT2K7
    JessT2K7 4 months ago +10

    Thank you. I know how to chop the majority of these vegetables but this was actually incredibly informative on vegetables I wouldn't usually buy or cook.

  • Channing Liao 礼傲臣宁
    Channing Liao 礼傲臣宁 6 months ago +14

    I have been cooking Bok Choy all the time with entire leaves, but separating the leaves and the stems make so much sense because the stems are indeed harder to cook! Learnt sth new gotta try it soon thx!

    • Guest
      Guest Month ago

      Isn’t it bonkchoy?

    • UB3RFR3NZY
      UB3RFR3NZY 5 months ago +4

      Yeah idk why I never thought to do that. I was always annoyed that the leaf part got overcooked lol. Tbf the leaves are kind of big and hard to eat in one go anyway, makes sense to make them smaller.

  • Decorating Beautifully
    Decorating Beautifully Year ago +4255

    I am not mad TheXvid recommended this to me. After watching this I feel like I have graduated with a master's degree in vegetable chopping. I am also more motivated to eat veggies. Off to watch how to slice every fruit!

    • Beast Teacher
      Beast Teacher  Month ago +1

      there are so many replies on this comment that its invading other comments

    • Jaden Ruanes
      Jaden Ruanes 3 months ago


    • Strike Out Anamika
      Strike Out Anamika 3 months ago +1

      Me too got recommendation

    • Faith :}
      Faith :} 3 months ago +1

      I just watched that one last night at like 1am, I saw it in my recommended and I was like “interesting *click*” and I was not disappointed. I even bought kiwis today and sliced one like in the video and it was delicious! Then I ended up watching how to mix every cocktail because I‘m obsessed with watching Bar Rescue

    • Dominique Fessenden
      Dominique Fessenden 4 months ago

      @Relief Relax yes

  • samurai1833
    samurai1833 9 months ago +5

    Her casual approach to the mandolin is amazing. Lot's of new stuff to try, thank you!

  • Jennifer Davies
    Jennifer Davies 9 months ago +4

    Amazing and so informative. Maybe it could have been in two parts but it was so useful. I am never quite sure about some roots of veg and which to cut. If only we all ate more vegetables !

  • Donald P. Morgan
    Donald P. Morgan 9 months ago +5

    Excellent video. Great for both knife skills and vegetable preparation and use. Well worth the time to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  • i.rodriguez
    i.rodriguez 7 months ago +3

    23:34 In the "Technically Fruits" you forgot to include the butternut squash and kabocha squash, and pumpkins.
    28:08 Chayote seeds are edible. You don't have to take them out if you don't want to. Also very good raw in a salad when thinly sliced as you would do with
    jícama. (38:26)
    29:45 For the bitter melons is best to salt them for at least 15-30 minutes to take the bitterness out a bit just as you would eggplants. (30:27)

  • Claudia Lawrence
    Claudia Lawrence 2 years ago +5215

    How’s your quarantine going?: I’ve watched how to cut every fruit, how to fillet every fish, every crustacean now how to cut all vegetables. I might end up being a chef at this point

    • The over Edited arena
      The over Edited arena 2 months ago

      @Dom C “ riveting” I’m dead bro

    • Mrinalini Mukherjee
      Mrinalini Mukherjee 2 months ago

      Cut every fruit, cut every vegetable, fillet every fish, every crustacean, cook every pasta, make every cocktail, prepare every insect, crack every nut, ground every spice. I am god.

    • Charlie AnC
      Charlie AnC 6 months ago


    • Umm Khan
      Umm Khan 7 months ago

      @Evie Infinite how to cook vegetables

    • Gabe Alvarez
      Gabe Alvarez 9 months ago

      dont forget how to serve every cheese🧀😫

  • Wayne Pedelty
    Wayne Pedelty 9 months ago +5

    This is THE best video I have ever viewed regarding the preparation and use of vegetables. I am inspired to to return to cooking.

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn 5 months ago +3

    Great video! Very informative! I definitely learned how to handle a few new vegetables that I didn't know how to chop up before; but being Asian, there are a few veggies that we cut up or use differently. And some vegetables that I kept wondering if they might be featured here that didn't make an appearance. Love the axe on the Kabocha squash. That was effective. I usually use a big Chinese cleaver with a hammer to chop in half, then the cleaver makes quick work on the two halves which we roast and make into soup almost every other week.

  • macy
    macy 5 months ago +2

    just started working in the produce department at a grocery store and this helps me sound like I actually cook and eat veggies lol

  • Mira Yank
    Mira Yank 4 months ago +3

    Thank you I really needed this. I'm worried my diabetes will take away my foot soon so I better get munching. Can't wait to sink my teeth in some lettuce or better yet some celery, yum yum!

  • Justin Doan
    Justin Doan Year ago +1609

    Me: Oh you're a vegetarian? Name every vegetable
    This lady: aight

    • Mom Of Three
      Mom Of Three 2 months ago

      @bonelessmice you do/can cut corn off the cob.

    • Chris Augustin
      Chris Augustin 2 months ago +1

      @Mykal Lee because corn isn’t a vegetable

    • Ash Animates
      Ash Animates 9 months ago

      @bonelessmice I mean yeah if you cut it off the cob

    • Mykal Lee
      Mykal Lee 9 months ago

      @bonelessmice oh but still every other veg table is in here

    • bonelessmice
      bonelessmice 9 months ago

      @Mykal Lee wait but you don’t cut corn

  • Nahma
    Nahma 16 days ago

    Personal timestamps
    10:58 - Onion
    22:01 - Lettuce
    26:39 - Tomato
    33:51 - Carrot

  • Doomrider
    Doomrider Month ago +1

    She has my admiration for doing all of that with the beet while resisting the urge to drop it.

  • Anti-Pope Elmo
    Anti-Pope Elmo 3 months ago +2

    When she cuts the carrot she just says eat the carrot when its freshly dug and don’t do anything to it. Definitely recommend. Dirt and pesticides provide a very good and sour aftertaste.

  • Susmita Mohanta
    Susmita Mohanta 4 months ago +1

    I want to eat all of these.... Wondering the taste.... Thank you for this ♥️

  • Amani
    Amani Year ago +3596

    Expectations : learning how to chop vegetables perfectly
    Reality : finding out about vegetables that I didn't know they existed

    • Pahit
      Pahit 4 months ago

      @Richard Reveles godzilla dies from aneurism by reading your reply

    • alessibiza000
      alessibiza000 11 months ago +1

      @Trace Brooks you know where this goes

    • Bethany Davis
      Bethany Davis Year ago

      Too bad for us. There's multiple ways to cut food.

  • Carl O
    Carl O 6 months ago +2

    The variety of vegetables is simply amazing.

  • Donut Max
    Donut Max 5 months ago +1

    do you know how much i just love her chopping every veggie so confidently and smoothly?

  • Coco Poco
    Coco Poco 4 months ago +1

    Very educational and helpful video that people actually need!! Thank you

  • ClockworkFirebird
    ClockworkFirebird 14 days ago

    This video actually made me feel hungry and keen about food. As someone with an eating disorder (trauma based) that's a damn achievement. Thank you Amy!

  • TheRealKman
    TheRealKman Year ago +3817

    I had suspicions that she wasn't human when I figured out she'd eaten all these vegetables at one point, but when she cut the onions and shallots with out shedding a tear, it confirmed my suspicions.

    • Meteoryte Krenaryte
      Meteoryte Krenaryte 19 days ago

      @Carolina Wood I feel like the sulfur released into the air by the onion would damage your contacts (but this is just something I think is logical, so feel free to correct me!)

    • Carolina Wood
      Carolina Wood 19 days ago

      She probably has contacts in. Onions don't affect me either bec of them

    • Nadya Eliantina
      Nadya Eliantina Month ago

      In Indonesia..the shallots are smaller but the vapor stronger..even if you only peeling the skin the tears come right away

    • Meteoryte Krenaryte
      Meteoryte Krenaryte 2 months ago

      @[Redacted] [Redacted] Where do you come from? Your English is abhorrent! D:

    • SG 2048
      SG 2048 3 months ago

      Also, she LIKES all of these.

  • Riley Olszewski
    Riley Olszewski 6 months ago +2

    I feel proud that I have only had 10 of these Vegetables in my life

  • Pearline
    Pearline 3 months ago

    Don‘t cut the root part of the onion first! Cut it last, it makes your eyes water less since a lot of the liquid with the enzymes that makes you tear up is near the roots. I am personally quite sensitive to that and I find that it helps. You can also use it as a sort of handle while chopping for a better grip I find.

    MIZO PA 6 months ago +5

    Pepper: grows Spicier to keep predators away
    Humans: *mmmm flavor*

  • Carmen Mendez
    Carmen Mendez 9 months ago +4

    Thank you, I learned a lot about veggies!!!! 😊💕

  • lilly 15
    lilly 15 Year ago +2254

    Can we just appreciate the lady's knowledge and patience .

    • Caitlyn Baker
      Caitlyn Baker Year ago +2

      “The lady” has a name and Chef Amy Chaplin deserves our full respect...OP

    • Hotdiggityboi12
      Hotdiggityboi12 Year ago

      I know it annoys me

    • Stephanie P
      Stephanie P Year ago +4

      @melissa Patterson claw grip; cut, move fingers back, cut, move fingers back.

    • Tejvir
      Tejvir Year ago

      Why do you think the video has 100k likes? No

  • Mia Schu
    Mia Schu Month ago +1

    I always thought that butternut squash would be more difficult than that, so I buy it frozen and cubed. I'm now going to have a go at cooking a fresh one this autumn.

  • Kevin Loo
    Kevin Loo 8 months ago +38

    “A lot of people prefer [shallot]”
    Uncle Roger: “I prefer non-poverty”

  • Krys Elizabeth
    Krys Elizabeth 5 months ago +1

    Epic! Just love her personality, accent, and wisdom! Thanks!

  • Nduka Nwankwo
    Nduka Nwankwo 8 months ago +2

    Just what i needed, a close up view of every vegetable for my nutrition class, Thank you

  • Pat's Tasty Tasty Review
    Pat's Tasty Tasty Review 2 years ago +3778

    0:34 Peanut
    0:55 Brussels Sprouts
    1:43 Peas
    2:11 Snap Pea
    2:28 Wakame
    3:06 Garlic
    3:56 Shallot
    4:34 Watercress
    5:09 Green Beans
    5:44 Asparagus
    6:20 Fava Bean
    6:49 Scallion
    7:21 Celery
    8:21 Spinach
    8:55 Kombu
    9:41 Okra
    10:20 Nopales
    10:58 Onion
    12:03 Broccoli Rabe
    12:45 Endive
    13:36 Radicchio
    14:39 Bok Choy
    15:28 Cabbage
    16:19 Chicory
    17:14 Mustard Greens
    18:07 Collard Greens
    19:20 Swiss Chard
    20:16 Fennel
    21:00 Leek
    22:04 Iceberg Lettuce
    22:32 Kale
    23:35 Butternut Squash
    25:00 Kabocha Squash
    25:59 Tomatillo
    26:39 Tomato
    27:08 Zucchini
    27:46 Cucumber
    28:09 Chayote
    28:43 Pepper (including Jalapeño Pepper)
    29:46 Bitter Melon
    30:28 Eggplant
    31:23 Radish
    31:59 Turmeric
    32:32 Ginger
    33:13 Beetroot
    33:51 Carrot
    34:39 Parsnip
    35:07 Turnip
    35:39 Potato (including Sweet Potato)
    36:17 Taro
    37:00 Rutabaga
    37:47 Daikon
    38:28 Jicama
    39:00 Lotus Root
    39:36 Artichoke
    40:28 Cauliflower
    41:06 Romanesco
    41:36 Broccoli

    • Síntique Alves
      Síntique Alves 4 months ago

      @ilikebacon I genuinely feel bad for you. How unhappy someone needs to be to leave a comment like this?

    • ilikebacon
      ilikebacon 4 months ago

      @Síntique Alves The timestamps are literally in the description. You're the reason why I believe humanity is doomed.

    • Síntique Alves
      Síntique Alves 4 months ago

      Bruh, you're the reason why I believe there are good people in the world.

  • 11thShadowDragon
    11thShadowDragon 5 months ago

    I didn't realize you could eat the large broccoli stem, gonna make use of that in the future! Plus putting more stuff in stew and soup. I like making those and I felt like I could really expand what I put in it since the ingredients I use now are delicious, but pretty mundane.

  • Mati Vln
    Mati Vln 5 months ago

    Nice video! By the way endives are also great cooked we do that a lot in belgium caramelised with brown sugar and served with a good piece of meat or our infamous « chicons gratin » that looks hideous but brings some great childhood memories 😁
    I truly love this series of videos and I feel like I always learn so much from them even after years of being passionate about cooking so thank you !

  • Zakaria Zahrani
    Zakaria Zahrani 4 months ago +1

    Great idea, but you should also do: How to wash and store each vegetables for maximum health benefits.

  • togdochroise
    togdochroise 8 months ago +1

    I just love this. So approachable and helpful.

  • RustyRocket
    RustyRocket Year ago +4088

    Me at 8:00 PM: I’m going to bed early tonight
    Me at 3:00 AM: Aw hell yeah, vegetable cutting

  • Wederse
    Wederse 5 months ago +3

    The one big thing i really learned was to cut everything on an angle to make it fancier 😌✨

  • J
    J 4 months ago

    This video was awesome. I used to try a whole bunch of different unknown produce and this has inspired me to start doing that again.

  • Zeinab Hashem
    Zeinab Hashem 4 months ago

    That was so satisfying and fun to watch!!

  • casey__boy
    casey__boy 4 months ago +1

    Makes me want to eat vegetables now!

  • qsdfcvgyjmkl
    qsdfcvgyjmkl 2 years ago +1397

    Her: uses only one knife and mandolin to cut everything
    *Kabocha squash appears*
    Her: so let me just bring out my handy dandy *AXE*

    • 이가윤
      이가윤 6 months ago

      Just use metal chopstick for making a few holes and put the whole thing in the microwave for 4 mins or steam it for 10 mins

    • Alexandra Valenzuela
      Alexandra Valenzuela 2 years ago


    • J Pink
      J Pink 2 years ago

      @m & m Does that count as a cursed comment? I think that counts as a somewhat cursed comment unless you are trapped in hundreds of years ago yet somehow have access to a phone and internet connection

    • Peridot Nation
      Peridot Nation 2 years ago +1

      It showed up right as I read this

  • Home Chef
    Home Chef 2 months ago

    That's great Thanks a lot learnt a lot from you I have watched few times even 😀

  • Dojo Breaker
    Dojo Breaker 5 months ago

    The way I like to pickle onions is; Cut them length-wise and use a spoon to scrape out the seeds. Then take a mandolin to the cucumber to create these kind of macaroni-shaped slices and use that for pickling. Done this way, it kind of folds in on itself, but it's not quite as fragile where the seeds would be.

  • Carolyn Mathison
    Carolyn Mathison 8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your awesome video i really enjoyed i love the sound of vegetables being cut up I'll share with my family and friends Thank you

  • Shay shay
    Shay shay 8 months ago +11

    Tomato: "I guess I'm not a fruit anymore."

  • Ana Montesinos
    Ana Montesinos Year ago +2927

    Someone who has also watched “how to cut every fruit” “how to cut every fish” “how to cut every seafood” and “how to crack every nut”
    And really no one is going to talk about how she used an axe

    • dipper
      dipper Year ago

      i’m more concerned about ✨hammer time✨ from the fruit video i’m traumatized

    • april van pelt
      april van pelt Year ago

      But did you do shellfish and fish, and cocktails?

    • Karam Qinnab
      Karam Qinnab Year ago

      And how to cut every shellfish!!

    • Lord_Dequavis
      Lord_Dequavis Year ago

      @Irene Shelton she has to use the axe because the shell is super tough to open lol tho imagine using an axe do

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 6 months ago +3

    Her: *chopping the veggies*
    Me: I could already hear it...
    That vegan teacher: *PLANTS DON'T FEEL PAIN*

  • Janet Watley
    Janet Watley Month ago +1

    that was awesome I did learn alot! thank you!

  • mplwy
    mplwy 4 months ago

    Being a chef, you've surely heard of boiled peanuts. They're fabulous!

  • sunshine
    sunshine 7 months ago +1

    This video was absolutely wonderful! Keeping this in my cooking rotation!

  • Amuthan Boopathy
    Amuthan Boopathy Year ago +1527

    I just like the satisfying sounds when she cuts the vegetables.

  • Ang
    Ang 4 months ago

    Wait wait one moment. I feel like I have to add that the chayote seed was my favorite part growing up as a kid, it had like a firms soft texture. However the form I had it was almost always steamed or in a caldo

  • ro ri
    ro ri 3 months ago

    I enjoyed the entire video! Loved it!

  • Xavier Leroy
    Xavier Leroy 6 months ago +6

    You don't advise to cook endives, though this is thé way we do it classically in Belgium. It is actually one of our national dishes to braise the white endive until they are soft and tender and then roll them in to the best cooked ham slices you can find, put them in an oven casserole and gratinee them in a cheese bechamel enriched with the deglazed liquid from the endive braising pan... then pour the cheese bechamel sauce over all and put in the oven to gratin, optionally with extra cheese and bread crums and butter on top... serve with mashed potatoes, its fabulous! must try if you can. greetings from Belgium

  • Maartje de Meer
    Maartje de Meer Month ago

    Please caramelize your endive, and do not only eat it raw! It is so great when roasted/broiled/cooked.

  • Crimson
    Crimson Year ago +813

    i love how appreciative she is of aesthetics when cooking it’s like she’s always taking into account how pretty a lot of her vegetables are

    • Josh Reynolds
      Josh Reynolds Year ago

      Well.....she didn't brunoise

    • Angelojd9
      Angelojd9 Year ago

      @Kaii sorry 🤣. I fell asleep with my phone in my hand

    • Kaii
      Kaii Year ago

      @Angelojd9 bro i thought you were having a stroke-

    • Angelojd9
      Angelojd9 Year ago

      @Kaii bro apparently i fell asleep and that's what happened. My bad 🤣🤣

  • Robert Peck
    Robert Peck 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing. I have a wealth of knowledge instilled in my memory bank now thanks to you . What you didn’t tell us is what knife 🔪 making course you attended prior to becoming an illustrious chef..LOL

  • Curiousthan
    Curiousthan 25 days ago

    As a left handed I found this video very helpful! Now I feel more confident while cutting my veggies

    TANUSH VEDPATHAK 5 months ago

    Chef Amy, I learnt your gourmet tip for
    shelling peas. Thanks for your quick help!

  • Selena Bremner
    Selena Bremner 5 months ago

    I like to chiffonade some radicchio into my cabbage coleslaw. I aslo prefer an oil and vinegar based dressing as to cream based. Keeps longer and tastes better!

  • ItsAMeme Mario
    ItsAMeme Mario 2 years ago +1989

    My brain at 3am: "You should sleep."

    • GOLIATHmylittlelion
      GOLIATHmylittlelion 9 months ago

      ……at an angle!

    • Axes
      Axes Year ago +1

      @ItsAMeme Mario wait holy you replied after a year. Your a madlad

    • Axes
      Axes Year ago

      @ItsAMeme Mario exactly

    • ItsAMeme Mario
      ItsAMeme Mario Year ago +1

      @Axes Thanks but graduating just means going from doing assignments at 3am to doing assignments all night for university :))))

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    Please let me share one of my favorite recipes with endive that I've been enjoying since childhood :D
    It's really simple; you take off the bottom of the endive, take away some of the outer leaves if they're wilting, then at the part where you cut the bottom off, go into the core of the endive and slice out a sort of cone-shape from the bottom. Removing this part of the core will help lessen the bitterness of the endive. Then you blanche them in (salted) water for about ten minutes and pre-heat your oven/airfryer in the meantime. Put your boiled endive in a lightly greased oven tray, cover with cheese and ham/bacon and pop into the oven for another 10-15 minutes or until the bacon and cheese are nice and toasted. Enjoy! :)

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      The biggest varieties come from the Norwegian and Russian market, but let’s talk about the Norwegian ones. Now the meat is very very dense in protein and fat, chop the arms at an angle, and use a chainsaw to slice the bone. You want to cut the meat in an angle or dice it, and it goes along with a salad aswell. If you mix this meat with Russian meat your friends will ask if you use steroids. Now for the abs, get through the very thick layer of fat, and cut off the first layer of abs, and this meat is very marbled and delicate. For the pp it’s very big, almost as big as the black variety but not as big.
      You want to marinate it. For the brain eat it’s nice for stock, but for eating I prefer the asian brain because it’s 0.5 times larger, and way more tender.

    • Odin
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      Now you want to buy them in China, because the korean and Japanese variety are more expensive and quite rare. You want to cut off the abs, very marbled and fatty. Now for the genital, very very small, but they say it’s very tender. Now cut the abs in an angle, very good in a soup, and the marbling is very good in stew. The brain is very very big, and tender, you want to cut it in an angle or put them in the oven, but it’s fine raw. Cut off the limbs, when eating these limbs I recommend whites for protein and fat, but black for tenderness. You want to take the bone, now layer it up, thinly slice it up, or dice it. And marinate it or put it in a salad, it goes very nice with white rice.

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      10C is the hottest many "normal" fridges can be set to 0-7 is usually recommended.
      10C is "Cold" as outside temperature if I am waring T-Shirts but the source I took the "fridges" for keeping stuff warm (10C) from was said to have - 19C during filming and have lows of - 25C, both happening in some places.

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