Showing My Desk to Adam Savage

  • Published on Feb 4, 2017
    Stirling engine from the wonderful
    Hanayama puzzles:
    Ballerby & Co. Globes
    endangered elements:
    reddit thread on blinking:
    Music by
    FEATURING the eye of Eric Langlay
    Eric Langlay also created this video’s kinetic air molecule animations
    Thanks also to Jake Roper for not being a quitter &
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  • Cyanide
    Cyanide 4 hours ago

    "I like 'em flat."
    -Michael Stevens, 2017

  • Fharish Ahmed Clips
    Fharish Ahmed Clips 7 hours ago

    7:50 I am sorry, but, couldn't stop laughing!

  • Iso Gh0sted
    Iso Gh0sted Day ago

    Imagine the combined IQ in that room.

  • Dean Tuneeko
    Dean Tuneeko Day ago

    .....So scientifically nothing sucks.
    Thats not what your mom told me

    Insert meme: OOOOOOOOOOOH

  • Tjmurphy
    Tjmurphy Day ago

    at 14:15 i got so much anxiety because i felt like he was going to dump them

  • Roblox Master
    Roblox Master 3 days ago +1

    I’m meeting Adam at the makers fair hopefully

  • Tashi Tenzing
    Tashi Tenzing 4 days ago

    Can i directly contact u.. i think i have some cool ideas

  • Luca Brattesani
    Luca Brattesani 5 days ago

    This is like my dad showing my friends dad cool things

  • david woods
    david woods 7 days ago

    Man the Churchill Globe is being sold for 100K what the hell man

  • Ac S
    Ac S 7 days ago


  • Tomato Lycopersicum
    Tomato Lycopersicum 8 days ago

    *when you have new toys and your best friend comes over*

  • Time Waster
    Time Waster 8 days ago

    Im gonna name my future daughter salvia

  • Jason Qiang
    Jason Qiang 9 days ago


  • Robbe Mathieu
    Robbe Mathieu 11 days ago


  • Atamosk1221
    Atamosk1221 11 days ago

    300 ml... the ammount of salvia produced by a human in three hours time?

    probs a slip of the tongue...

    please kill me.

  • Harsh Raj Always free
    Harsh Raj Always free 12 days ago +1

    18:15 (i just noticed these numbers rhyme quite nicely)
    I love it and i want to clip it

  • Slightly Unusual Penguin


  • Mishine gluposti
    Mishine gluposti 12 days ago


  • Rustic Bred
    Rustic Bred 12 days ago

    Everyone will blink at the same time... except for Zuckerberg.

  • Vens8
    Vens8 13 days ago

    20:24 Of course we can't see it happen, because we are closing our eyes!

  • Seeaandh
    Seeaandh 14 days ago

    Wait, so what happens if we do all blink at the same time?? Is there another video of this? Whattttt

  • Eli Egbert
    Eli Egbert 14 days ago +1

    "...I've been working with adam savage..."

    *B R U H*

  • Cayidien Jounthous¡
    Cayidien Jounthous¡ 15 days ago

    Do a face reveal man!!

  • Marco La Magra
    Marco La Magra 15 days ago

    18:18 He's losing it

  • Doza
    Doza 15 days ago

    The chance of everyone blinking at the same time is raised when watching this video because people may be blinking more often - and one of those blinks could very well be happening at the same time as many others. Maybe not very many, but the chances of it def. raised

  • crybaby
    crybaby 16 days ago

    i would like to purchase that model of the 3d puzzle he spins. I know it's a Hanayama, but they aren't making it anymore :(

  • Kyle Kellner
    Kyle Kellner 16 days ago

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    C Uni bjkbgjhjmbgjhjh jvkhkvkvjhjhvjhvuhvhjvjhvjhvjhvjhvhvjhjvjhvjhvhvjvjhhmvmhvjhvhgjhghgjhvjhvjhvhjvjhvjhvnhvnhvnhvhgjhgjjhvjhvjhvjhvhvjvhjhvjnhvnhv jhvnhvnhvnhvjhgjhghjghgj

  • Connor Vickers
    Connor Vickers 17 days ago

    I would love to see Adam Savage take a tour to Australia, I grew up with Mythbusters since I was born and I hav loved it all my life it would be my dream to meet him

  • nicolò marchini
    nicolò marchini 17 days ago

    you can see how adam is excited by how erected his nipples are

  • Sneeki Soviet
    Sneeki Soviet 17 days ago +2

    Could the Sterling engine be remade to make renewable energy? Probably a dumb question, but hey, might as well try.

    • Levi Blanchard
      Levi Blanchard 16 days ago +1

      Well, I'm not quite sure about that exact design, but geothermal energy uses the heat from inside the earth, to power generators. (Don't quote me on all of this. I'm dumb.)

  • FrostyDragonSlayer 132

    Hey vsauce! Michael here, you SUCK!
    Or do you?

  • the communist furry
    the communist furry 19 days ago

    Don't u mean a mug?

  • game boy
    game boy 19 days ago

    7:41 does that trick work in space to?

  • Jackson the jason
    Jackson the jason 20 days ago

    press 3 on your keyboard

  • its goodstuff
    its goodstuff 21 day ago

    Thanks for parking my lil skoot

  • timwins31
    timwins31 21 day ago

    Salvia. . .saliva. . .no big difference. *takes hit of salvia* OH WAIT! THERE"S A DIFFERENCE!

  • PerchPerkins96
    PerchPerkins96 21 day ago

    I love hanayama.

  • Elon Crust
    Elon Crust 22 days ago

    Adam savage is wearing a SpaceX BFR shirt.

  • Scatter
    Scatter 23 days ago +1

    17:27 lmao i can't tell if Adam is being sarcastic or not. "Uhhh what a beautiful gift."

  • Ender Hugo
    Ender Hugo 24 days ago

    How does this engine work?
    Well, its all about te- M A G I C

  • HunzHurte
    HunzHurte 24 days ago


  • Egon Schwarz
    Egon Schwarz 25 days ago

    that is a wonderfull desk

  • Leinard Esteves
    Leinard Esteves 27 days ago

    Hey, Vsauce! Why doesn't Michael make anymore videos? Is it because of youtube monetization? Or is it because he got bored? Or is it because he ran out of ideas? The answer? We may never know.

  • Rory French
    Rory French 27 days ago

    why his nipples protruding so much

  • Max CX
    Max CX 28 days ago +3

    I love all your videos and the intro was REALLY cool

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson 28 days ago

    13:25 poop? Lol such childlike senses of humor, right up my alley. Awesome!

  • Colin White
    Colin White 28 days ago

    I was waiting for that scooter to fall...

  • Jacob Victor
    Jacob Victor 28 days ago

    At 1:43 how do we know their not just flat dildos

  • Gold Fish
    Gold Fish 29 days ago

    Two cool guys using big words.

  • Bryan Swack
    Bryan Swack 29 days ago +1

    19:00 and in that moment, the Angels will take us all

  • Louis Perks
    Louis Perks Month ago

    Two Balding Boys Bumble around with Bullshit

  • A G
    A G Month ago

    6:15. poop. you're welcome.

  • IllusiveElk 255
    IllusiveElk 255 Month ago

    How bad is it that i once went 30 minutes without blinking?

  • Swanson
    Swanson Month ago

    Adam got nipples

  • juneru
    juneru Month ago +1

    0:59 i thought those were straight up sex toys for a sec there

    KUNAIUCHICHA Month ago

    Big money

  • Willimations / VideoGames

    What's that big skull shaped thing in the middle of the desk. I feel like it was a real skull and Adam just didnt wanna bring it up or *there would be two skulls*

  • Bart B
    Bart B Month ago


  • David Ross
    David Ross Month ago

    Anybody notice that when he misspelled saliva it said salvia?😂

  • de7io
    de7io Month ago

    7:36 soo, do you give a blowjob or does the dick blow you?

  • Night Hunter
    Night Hunter Month ago

    Rip mifmudter

  • Justin The Kid
    Justin The Kid Month ago +1

    "scientifically nothing sucks"
    -Michael Stevens 2017

    THEE HIPPY Month ago

    So is that engine considered perpetual motion?

  • Sherrif
    Sherrif Month ago +1

    Adam Savage is a treasure

  • Speed 3D Prints
    Speed 3D Prints Month ago

    Beginning of video: Let's play tag. (Slaps RFID tag onto camera lens) RFID tags are special tags that let you scan where they are. (10 minutes of science) And as always, thanks for watching.

  • Speed 3D Prints
    Speed 3D Prints Month ago

    Are those Pilot Frixion pens?

  • EpicMarioFan101
    EpicMarioFan101 Month ago


    • MrBaconBoi
      MrBaconBoi 28 days ago

      EpicMarioFan101 *cuts out eye*

  • mare g
    mare g Month ago

    HEHE - Salvia... sorry, but that's funny. :D

  • Captain Fancypants
    Captain Fancypants Month ago +2

    11.16: A tungsten cube.
    Adam: WOW!
    *puts down ball with extreme speed
    Ball: 😥

  • eray Smallehals
    eray Smallehals Month ago

    Life Questions is a TheXvid channel that will help you in your journey called

  • Ethan Bartiromo
    Ethan Bartiromo Month ago

    Damn Michael is married!!!

  • HAWfilms
    HAWfilms Month ago

    0:00 - 0:07 it’s like I watched a meme

  • therealdragonboy2923 tube

    Vsause micle here. Danses

  • Timmy T-roll
    Timmy T-roll Month ago

    My inner nerd takes pride in watching this.

  • dragade101
    dragade101 Month ago

    wormholes suck

  • cicalinarrot
    cicalinarrot Month ago +2

    My mouse pointer covereed "es" in the title but the thumbnail still made perfectly sense.

  • Barry Macokiner
    Barry Macokiner Month ago

    2:07 If you don’t follow me how mike follows Adam, you’re not for me....

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago +2

    when your editor doesn’t follow your instagram

  • sebastian grut
    sebastian grut Month ago

    18:14 absolute fucking legend

  • Bill Barth
    Bill Barth Month ago

    Which Stirling engine is that? Can you link to a place to buy it?

  • Justin C
    Justin C Month ago +2

    14:30 The density rod holder looks like it is made of oak. Red oak has an acid that accelerates oxidation. When stacking boards, if a millwright were to stack one oak board across a layer of maple, the maple would get a dark stain from the oak oxidising the wood. In the wood industry, this is known as sticker shadow.

  • billyunn
    billyunn Month ago

    You went too far in the end!

  • Ronald Jackson
    Ronald Jackson Month ago

    >show Adam the indium and sterling engine
    >explaining boring shit
    >see Adam staring at the stuff on my desk
    > don't think much of it since it's what I was showing
    >Adam senpai reaches out for something on my desk
    >He begins to rapidly take everything from my desk
    >some shit drops on the floor
    >"what the fuck are you doing Adam?!?!???!!!!"
    >Adam runs to the exit and escapes
    > mfw he just cleaned my desk

  • Janeill Smit
    Janeill Smit Month ago

    I am literally looking for a guy named spit down in the comment section...

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey Month ago +2

    What a couple of adorable nerds 😄
    also lolol salvia is completely different than saliva.

  • Lieven Petersen
    Lieven Petersen Month ago

    So does the probability increase when Asia/Africa are sleeping?

  • HesH Gaming
    HesH Gaming Month ago

    Hey vsauce Michael here 🤣 aka idubbz dad

  • Roma Channel
    Roma Channel Month ago

    Fact busters

  • gen_snow
    gen_snow Month ago

    20:14 scp 173 shows up

  • Michael A.K.A ya boi

    *H E Y V S A U S E M I C H A E L H E R E*

  • Bönzeaux Bleügreen

    13:00 “If I didn’t get it right on camera, I’d look like a fool.” Don’t worry Michael, that’s not what makes you look like a fool.

  • Hippo Pilot
    Hippo Pilot 2 months ago

    I think Michael was inside the eye

  • Best of Najim
    Best of Najim 2 months ago

  • savangiinduuri
    savangiinduuri 2 months ago

    Adam is turned on, look at his nipples xD

  • Colin Marsolek
    Colin Marsolek 2 months ago

    What’s up with the weird Adkins starting at 2:07

  • Lunar Boy
    Lunar Boy 2 months ago

    1:15 SIKE!

  • Haxwell Eddison
    Haxwell Eddison 2 months ago

    That's a lotta fuckin salvia dude lol

  • Mr Ewen
    Mr Ewen 2 months ago


  • HankyWank Vlogs
    HankyWank Vlogs 2 months ago

    6:15 “ *POOP* “

  • Yoo Hooo
    Yoo Hooo 2 months ago

    What's the deal with the black clothing and these awful beards?