The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
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    Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
    Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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Comments • 45 229

  • Gargensmer Mcarth
    Gargensmer Mcarth 12 minutes ago

    Why would you drink a Diet Coke if you eat as much as you do?!?!?!?

  • Master Rob muralitharan
    Master Rob muralitharan 22 minutes ago

    Fastest person to get obesity

  • salseed
    salseed 33 minutes ago

    this is unhealthy

  • My Food Rieviews
    My Food Rieviews Hour ago

    He said under a minute my ass its under a minute

  • Mind Visionzzz
    Mind Visionzzz Hour ago

    im still questioning how this man hasn’t ate pinecones by now

  • fat dork
    fat dork Hour ago


  • KylEr Gambardella

    U cheated I bet there French fries at the bottom of the bag

  • Mary Unberhagen
    Mary Unberhagen Hour ago


  • Tanyaa i
    Tanyaa i Hour ago

    i got full watching this

  • Savanna Ramirez
    Savanna Ramirez Hour ago

    When your friends ask for some of your food

  • 21,000 with no vids challenge

    Imagine working at McDonald's he pulls up and ask for a grand mac meal and gobbles under in front of you

  • Dev
    Dev 2 hours ago

    Before I watch the video, impossible.

    • Dev
      Dev Hour ago

      Well I’ll be damned

  • Sally Jannoun
    Sally Jannoun 2 hours ago

    You can just enjoy ur meal 🤦‍♀️

  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley 2 hours ago

    You must hate food Matt.

  • Vidal Cruz
    Vidal Cruz 2 hours ago


  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley 2 hours ago

    I love how he just plows through 3 grand macs like they’re tic tacs

  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley 2 hours ago

    I feel like I could beat that.

  • Patty Lack
    Patty Lack 2 hours ago

    you mean above a 1 minute😂
    keep your videos are great!

  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley 2 hours ago

    My only critique of your channel is it always leaves me hungry

  • mikaela! 💖
    mikaela! 💖 2 hours ago +1

    How was he not full the first time he eat the burger and fries as fast as he can?! If I did that! After just drinking the coke I would be full!

  • cannon sword
    cannon sword 2 hours ago

    According to the thumbnail, only 1/8 of the video is you eating

  • Porythefish2 345
    Porythefish2 345 2 hours ago

    Matt sonie: eats burger upside down

    He ate the burger upside down idek why but it bugs me🍔😂😂😤

  • Drewskii. BTW
    Drewskii. BTW 3 hours ago

    I ate one slice of bread and feel sick

  • ImpartialBeast
    ImpartialBeast 3 hours ago

    When you have a minute till lunch ends

  • Fady Wael
    Fady Wael 3 hours ago

    Watching this while eating a double big tasty burger from McDonald's lol

  • Savannah Rose
    Savannah Rose 3 hours ago +1

    All the dislikes probably stopped watching after the first attempt haha

  • YOUNGGOD Young
    YOUNGGOD Young 4 hours ago +1

    Nice under 1 min

  • Sameul Ullah
    Sameul Ullah 4 hours ago

    That's faster than it take for my little sister to open her burger box .
    She always opens the toy first and looks at it and read what came with it. She starts eating 2 minutes later.
    8 mins to eat chips. 10 mins to eat burger. 5 mins to drink half her coke.
    25 mins whole meal.

  • Carson Hoover
    Carson Hoover 4 hours ago

    When she says she’s home alone, but you eating lunch🤪

  • Shayan Siddiqui
    Shayan Siddiqui 4 hours ago

    Do u eat PUSSY LIKE THAT

  • ToastFaceGamerz
    ToastFaceGamerz 4 hours ago

    Man, I'm just like this guy, I eat loads and i don't gain shit, what I *DO* get is a face full of acne

  • Da Goat
    Da Goat 4 hours ago

    Yo dis dude wack

  • Itz_ Zcord
    Itz_ Zcord 5 hours ago +1

    You literally eating your hand ^()^

  • N1ghts
    N1ghts 5 hours ago

    Lets cut this short. You get money from eating -.-

  • Natas Flores
    Natas Flores 5 hours ago

    How are you still alive

  • P2W_Snipezz
    P2W_Snipezz 5 hours ago

    When your mom tells you to share it with your siblings

  • pink.
    pink. 5 hours ago

    “Can u eat PuSsY like that”

  • Krypton
    Krypton 5 hours ago

    Are you ok

  • Callum O'Toole
    Callum O'Toole 5 hours ago


  • Yee Yeung
    Yee Yeung 6 hours ago

    How about you eat the two large frenchfries in one min

  • EmeraldTNT 17
    EmeraldTNT 17 6 hours ago

    So what do you do as a job
    Oh I eat Big Mac under a minute

  • shadow mask
    shadow mask 6 hours ago

    Something feels good about watching a guy eating like a savage that never seem food in his whole entire life 😂

  • Lemuel Kay
    Lemuel Kay 6 hours ago

    how dis dude so skinny

  • wolfann4
    wolfann4 7 hours ago

    I think my dad likes these more than me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • RalleHof
    RalleHof 8 hours ago

    It wasn’t under 1 min Tour little clickbaiter

  • MercX SM
    MercX SM 8 hours ago

    56 seconds still not bad!These videos are enjoyable but dont torcher your body cause food might choke inside the food pipe!

  • SSK_Hdizzle
    SSK_Hdizzle 8 hours ago +1

    *But have you ever enjoyed your grand Mac meal*

  • GAMERgame 1
    GAMERgame 1 8 hours ago

    How do you eat so much but your still skinny

  • Teresa Chavez
    Teresa Chavez 8 hours ago

    I want a boyfriend like him

  • dead kid
    dead kid 9 hours ago

    Matt: *eats 20,000 Calorie meal, still stays skinny*
    Me: *eats one meal gets fat forever*

  • oscu mab
    oscu mab 10 hours ago +1

    It looks like you haven't eaten In like 20 years😁

  • Anarchist Sintek
    Anarchist Sintek 10 hours ago

    That breathing. Matt that could be used for a hentai flash.

  • Enjoy your life !
    Enjoy your life ! 11 hours ago

    Actually you guys didnt noticed he fast forward the speed of eating(in the burger part) but not the time

  • FlamingDude
    FlamingDude 12 hours ago +2

    Who was biting on their teeth while watching this?

    Only me?

  • Mister Infinity
    Mister Infinity 12 hours ago

    Doctor:You have 1 minute to survive
    Me:Watch Matt Stonie eat McDonald pack in 1 minute....

  • عالم السيارات

    He calls and does not fill you but you are seductive you want to eat and dont sell

  • Chelsey Todd
    Chelsey Todd 14 hours ago +1

    i just want him to eat it slow so then u can get that big mac yum yum in ur tum tum

  • Mustafa Alo
    Mustafa Alo 15 hours ago

    Holy fuck what did I just watch?

  • Sahil Sharpie
    Sahil Sharpie 15 hours ago


  • Kuriakose Eldho
    Kuriakose Eldho 16 hours ago

    You are super fast man!!!👌👌

  • I Like Food
    I Like Food 16 hours ago

    When ur mom finally buys you McDonald’s

  • Daniel Vilchis
    Daniel Vilchis 16 hours ago

    bruh i would literally shit myself after the first attempt

  • I Like Food
    I Like Food 16 hours ago +1

    *sees Matt Stonie do a McDonald’s challenge*
    *sees him beat it in under one minute*

    Me: *hold my coke*

  • Rudyyyyy
    Rudyyyyy 17 hours ago

    I wanna see this in public and see others reactions

  • Sockziey
    Sockziey 17 hours ago

    Under 1 minute my ass

  • Its ursa
    Its ursa 17 hours ago

    I cringed when he said sandwich

  • Melina Monteiro
    Melina Monteiro 17 hours ago

    Umm... that said 1 min 10 seconds in the beginning not 2

  • Kevin Xu
    Kevin Xu 18 hours ago

    That's how long it takes for me to drink a small coke

  • Aldrin Quines
    Aldrin Quines 18 hours ago

    He be eating big Mac's and fries like UP DOWN UP DOWN.

  • SavageAculis YT
    SavageAculis YT 18 hours ago

    How tf is the mic capturing his swallow

  • Link
    Link 18 hours ago

    When lunch ends in 1 minute

  • que te importa? :v
    que te importa? :v 18 hours ago

    R.i.p toilet

  • freedom ofwords
    freedom ofwords 18 hours ago

    Lmao the last French fry that fell out your mouth when the time stopped

  • Weird Person
    Weird Person 19 hours ago

    He high on grand mac meals

  • Nova Rose
    Nova Rose 19 hours ago

    His palms must be so soft after eating all those fries from the Greece on them and how does he eat 3 meals in like 3 minutes without puking

    FMFREETAYK 19 hours ago

    This dude is fucking disgusting

  • sophia the baddie
    sophia the baddie 19 hours ago

    bro this makes me loose my appetite 🤢.

  • Jake Bacchus
    Jake Bacchus 19 hours ago


    THE SGX 19 hours ago

    I thought that your crazy russian hacker when you intro😂

  • Bliss Hearts
    Bliss Hearts 19 hours ago

    That's not under a minute that an HOUR

  • Rickyrmr24
    Rickyrmr24 19 hours ago

    All you got to do is put the fries on the burger

  • Big Bones
    Big Bones 20 hours ago

    Title: in under one minute
    Full length video: eight minutes

  • Andrew Voltz
    Andrew Voltz 20 hours ago


  • parallel ant
    parallel ant 20 hours ago +1

    When my mom says you can play when your done eating

  • xQuacks
    xQuacks 20 hours ago

    How have u not choked yet throw all these years

  • Dynamic Dogs
    Dynamic Dogs 20 hours ago

    just enjoy ur meal mg

  • Kat uwu
    Kat uwu 20 hours ago

    When you're late for work and forgot to eat.

  • Lilly crystal Sad crystal

    If you got a tiny burger and small fries and small cup
    *10 secs later*

  • Zion Cheney
    Zion Cheney 20 hours ago +1

    When a bully asks for your food!!

  • Pollens
    Pollens 20 hours ago

    And my mom says I eat to fast

  • Polar Nugget
    Polar Nugget 21 hour ago

    Lol wtf did he just straight up drink three diet cokes, eat three grand Big Macs, and a three cups of large fries in under 10 mins? 😂😂😂😂

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce 21 hour ago

    That...low key looked painful how he ate the burger

  • Soft_Box
    Soft_Box 21 hour ago

    I could eat it faster I think

  • Soft_Box
    Soft_Box 21 hour ago

    That looks delisous but my mouth is too tiny 😭😭😭

  • I'm. not. Famous.
    I'm. not. Famous. 21 hour ago

    Where's the thanksgiving dinner?!

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino 21 hour ago +1

    He gets 1 minute 10 seconds the first time but he thinks it's 2 minutes 10 seconds
    Then he gets 59 seconds the second time but thinks it's 1 minute 10 seconds
    Coincidence? I think not

  • Logan’s The Name
    Logan’s The Name 22 hours ago

    I feel like he never enjoys his food

  • Supersavage Logan
    Supersavage Logan 22 hours ago


  • Rafael Javier
    Rafael Javier 22 hours ago

    Ur brother opening the door but u don’t want to share

  • Deadswert34
    Deadswert34 22 hours ago

    put the fries on the burgen then eat