The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
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    Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
    Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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Comments • 23 454

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  Hour ago

    Live on Twitch!!

  • Wilber Ramirez
    Wilber Ramirez Hour ago

    This give me hungry 😁😂

  • Salman Ahmed-Nur
    Salman Ahmed-Nur 2 hours ago

    I ate it in less than twenty seconds

  • Devilukus
    Devilukus 2 hours ago

    can u eat pussy like that lol

  • Sexy Potato
    Sexy Potato 2 hours ago

    Diabetes down my esophagus

  • Chase Leday
    Chase Leday 4 hours ago

    Ok, question, how is he not fat like at all, at least u cant see it? Im kinda new to his chnnel if hes gone iver before

  • Jake Foster
    Jake Foster 4 hours ago

    I wouldve enjoyed that food

  • Jake Foster
    Jake Foster 4 hours ago

    Thats straight up Diabetes😂😂

  • Yazdan Gamer 2007
    Yazdan Gamer 2007 5 hours ago

    Classic dude

  • Stormie Melton
    Stormie Melton 5 hours ago

    How are you still skinny

  • okimo multigaming
    okimo multigaming 5 hours ago +1

    Qui parle français ?

  • Dingo
    Dingo 6 hours ago

    you fatty

  • Alexa Taco
    Alexa Taco 6 hours ago

    *I tried this and I almost died...*

  • Itz Noice
    Itz Noice 7 hours ago

    Title:eat a grand mac meal under a minute
    Video:8 minutes long

  • Betty Cupcake
    Betty Cupcake 8 hours ago

    Can you eat pussy like that?!

  • Juan Nino
    Juan Nino 8 hours ago

    I think he was youst hungry

  • Uğur Arslan
    Uğur Arslan 8 hours ago

    Krdş ayımısın yavaş aq

  • Let’s get Crafty
    Let’s get Crafty 8 hours ago

    How is he not fat? He must just throw it up after he makes these eating videos

  • nathan kropp
    nathan kropp 9 hours ago

    Next eat Twinkies

  • Hunter S
    Hunter S 9 hours ago

    Holy shit the amount of calories this guy has eaten in his life is larger than fucking infinite.

  • Pastelmoongamer x
    Pastelmoongamer x 10 hours ago

    When your eating and the battle bus horn goes off

  • Éll Gould
    Éll Gould 10 hours ago

    I'm from Africa and starving myself more by watching all these videos. Oh well **sigh**😔

  • Anthony Patterson
    Anthony Patterson 10 hours ago

    McDonald’s would be supper mad if they saw this XD

  • Anthony Patterson
    Anthony Patterson 10 hours ago

    You’ll kill yourself if u eat more 😂😂😂😅😅😅

  • FlameFC
    FlameFC 10 hours ago

    Im hungry

  • Jonas Tilg
    Jonas Tilg 11 hours ago

    For this menu i need 15 minuts

  • Chrystalleni Giannakou
    Chrystalleni Giannakou 11 hours ago

    I need like 1 hour to eat just the burger..

  • Living Jungkook
    Living Jungkook 14 hours ago

    wonder what happened to the Bathroom

  • Xrandom gamingX
    Xrandom gamingX 15 hours ago

    He gon end up chompin on his finger 😂😂

    VIPER TA 17 hours ago

    I want it soo badly....but it ain't healthy

    BIG BOY RJ 18 hours ago

    When I play dous and I jump but eating 😂😂🤣😎

  • Young One
    Young One 19 hours ago

    Ever heard of savoring the flavor of chemicals

  • lütfü Taş
    lütfü Taş 19 hours ago

    Allahın belasi

  • Youtubesquad #1
    Youtubesquad #1 20 hours ago

    Does anyone wonder how he is still so skinny I don’t understand at all🤔🧐

  • Mr Bruce
    Mr Bruce 20 hours ago

    Hope this piece of human garbage has a massive coronary. Lionizing trash like this is what we've become.

  • Ezequiel Rodriguez
    Ezequiel Rodriguez 22 hours ago

    Man dont got time to taste food

  • Layla Collins
    Layla Collins 22 hours ago

    Th ats my sister everyday and she food fat...and skinny

  • Brady V
    Brady V 22 hours ago

    How is he not fat

  • UglyBananaDuck
    UglyBananaDuck 23 hours ago

    Thats nothing ill inhale it in 5 sec

  • Preston Phillips

    Your disgusting

  • Adelyn Pfeil
    Adelyn Pfeil Day ago

    Howwwwwww his stomach is huge

  • Raku Natimo
    Raku Natimo Day ago

    I can eat all of that in 30 mins

  • Baboolian Army
    Baboolian Army Day ago

    under a minute, 1 min 10 sec

  • Riley Roberts
    Riley Roberts Day ago

    It was 1 minute 10 not 2 minutes 10

  • Lurkin
    Lurkin Day ago

    he forgot to finish one French Fri in the first challenge

  • Hamza Zohaib
    Hamza Zohaib Day ago +1


  • kral oyun
    kral oyun Day ago


  • Shorty Carlson
    Shorty Carlson Day ago

    How are you not full

  • babbisp1
    babbisp1 Day ago

    Skip to 4:27 for the challenge.

  • 10Frame
    10Frame Day ago

    Where did your camera man go?

  • abdullah bayram
    abdullah bayram Day ago

    Bit mac bu adam için mini mec

  • Yolianna Gutierrez

    ste chino come como Venezolano:v

  • PortuESP CS:GO
    PortuESP CS:GO Day ago

    You have a square face xD

  • Mostafa Hamoda
    Mostafa Hamoda Day ago

    fynscg gthu nhtrvfj njbuvcbinomo zuhjdih jomoninno onom njjjojom kkpk,fu! Jyjiffy

  • Defne  Dönmez
    Defne Dönmez Day ago +1

    am Defne Dönmez it is turkıs



  • Rayane Gantt
    Rayane Gantt Day ago

    He ate that in 1:10 not 2:10

  • rishant goenai
    rishant goenai Day ago

    How do you not get FAT??!!

  • Nihad Bayramov
    Nihad Bayramov Day ago +1

    soxun icivize

  • puppylover24 2018

    You are greedy cause how you can't get full of of this stuff cause I know I will !

  • Heat
    Heat Day ago

    3:38 you didn"t finish eating what's in your mouth. Cheat Fail.

  • MyLittleBronny
    MyLittleBronny Day ago

    you're meant to be obese

  • Rylee Harper
    Rylee Harper Day ago +1

    Man I eat one sandwich and get full 💀

  • # sanyi
    # sanyi Day ago

    wow you are amazing

  • Ibrahim All night

    How do eat soooo fast how ?!

  • Isaac Antunez
    Isaac Antunez Day ago

    I wonder who would win in a eating contest matt or furious pete

    NC SINO Day ago

    Omg that’s so fucking bad 😂

  • Amaya COULAHAN
    Amaya COULAHAN Day ago


  • play4fun
    play4fun Day ago

    Kamina harami bhanchod

  • Belinda Thai
    Belinda Thai Day ago

    I love your vid

  • lilamos _2007
    lilamos _2007 Day ago

    How are you not 500k pounds

  • [Lexter Dude]
    [Lexter Dude] Day ago

    How are you not fat yet😂😂 (not hateing) in the good way

  • ClasiFumes 11
    ClasiFumes 11 Day ago

    Best 3 minutes of his life

  • Tj4l Gang
    Tj4l Gang Day ago

    The first one was 1:10

  • Awoken
    Awoken Day ago

    No you didnt

  • Momentum For Gaming

    Must suck a bunch of dick cuz how you not choking yet

  • Totoposh Plays
    Totoposh Plays Day ago

    When you haven’t finished breakfast but have 2 minutes to get to school.

  • Catchat 543
    Catchat 543 Day ago

    Don't you get a stomach ache

  • Me Troll
    Me Troll Day ago

    How? Why?

  • new gamer playz
    new gamer playz Day ago +1

    holy s***

  • new gamer playz
    new gamer playz Day ago


  • Tenacious
    Tenacious Day ago

    when mom says you get ice cream if you finish your food

  • Wmily •Emily Diaz•

    When you’ve had nothing to eat all day and your mother brings you McDonald’s 😭

  • Baenana Bruh
    Baenana Bruh Day ago

    Does he like starve himself or is he always just hungry because if I did that I would be like 500 pounds so..either he works out a lot or starves himself or just has high metabolism..

  • BlueVoltage
    BlueVoltage Day ago +1

    Do this at a restaurant and film people's reactions

  • Just KPOP
    Just KPOP Day ago

    when your in class and bored......

  • Георгий Хорошилов



    I can barely eat a chicken sandwich 🥪 and watches this

  • Disabled battlefield Woman

    This guy is a fucking beast

  • Harnoor Thind
    Harnoor Thind 2 days ago

    It was actually 1 minute and 10 seconds not 2 minutes and 10 seconds. 2:30

  • Gurung pasang
    Gurung pasang 2 days ago

    Your stomach is probably bloated af now

    COLYT 2 days ago

    How is he still skinny?

  • Osman Sarp
    Osman Sarp 2 days ago +2

    Sen nasıl kilo almıyon aq biz yesek 1 haftada 3 kilo alırız hatta daha fazla

  • abracardabra 77
    abracardabra 77 2 days ago

    That was insane stonie. Rock n roll

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 2 days ago

    Is this how you normally eat XD

  • GamerGirl RQ
    GamerGirl RQ 2 days ago +2

    I’d get a stroke if I ate like that

  • Nassima Khnati
    Nassima Khnati 2 days ago

    Put the fries in the burger then put everything in your mouth

  • F Beats F
    F Beats F 2 days ago

    I Think he got it! And i will tell you the different about Brock lesnar and matt stonie. The different is that matt stonie is a Beast by eating and Brock lesnar is the Beast by fighting

  • Thejus Krishna Saji
    Thejus Krishna Saji 2 days ago

    You are the king bro

  • Jake Daly
    Jake Daly 2 days ago

    U didn’t have to do da second one