• Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • #ksi #loganpaul #ksivsloganpaul2
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  • Fight Hub TV
    Fight Hub TV  28 days ago +495


    • Kacpero24
      Kacpero24 25 days ago

      @Serenity very fucking known! This is how little you know about boxing! You only just a sheep that copies what others have said without no knowledge of your own!

    • Serenity
      Serenity 25 days ago

      @Kacpero24 Is he a known boxing referee?

    • Kacpero24
      Kacpero24 25 days ago

      @Serenity If you not sure who Jack Reese is, he was the ref for this fight.

    • Kacpero24
      Kacpero24 25 days ago

      @Serenity Dont argue with Jack Reese, he has been in this for ponger than you have been born. Stop being so deluded and fucking deal with it. Your idol got fucked up, simple as.

    • Kacpero24
      Kacpero24 25 days ago

      @Serenity i will number the answer. 1) last fight, was last year, it was a draw, and the punch after the bell was in fact acknowledged, and if you look closely, you will see logan punching after the bell also, ans ksi answered.
      2) The hits behind the head this match, some i agree shouldve been warning. But mostly they were shots that were carried through, which resulted in logan getting hit at the back at the head UNINTENTIONALLY. Logans punches were INTENTIONAL as he said himselt right after their fight. Logan himself said "i got carried away" him owning up to hitting ksi purposely after a knockdown, shouldve gotten him DQ'd.

  • Mailyn Sanchez
    Mailyn Sanchez 14 days ago

    Can this son ofa bitch take of his glasses

  • Dude 1
    Dude 1 15 days ago


  • Karishma Prema
    Karishma Prema 21 day ago

    Bulking season

  • Ohigedid91 XBOX
    Ohigedid91 XBOX 22 days ago

    let me save all the spoiled little kids a comment “ok boomer”

  • Ohigedid91 XBOX
    Ohigedid91 XBOX 22 days ago

    i mean it’s clear ksi was the only one taking chances, paul stood around like the highschool douche bag who runs his mouth but won’t throw a punch, fighting might be a little like chess but when you’re playing as predictable as a beginner, you’re just a punching bag

  • Gabriell Salaangsang
    Gabriell Salaangsang 22 days ago

    The Sidemen won't give KSI a drawing book anymore!

    If you're an og fan of the Sidemen, you'll get it

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 23 days ago

    With all do respect.. technically speaking.. he DIDN'T win. He didn't win based on whom had better skill, he won soley as a result of plain ol' human error. Does that make any sense??

    FULL METAL GUNNER 24 days ago

    Intro was cringe af!

  • Yumums
    Yumums 24 days ago

    He should be happy he won, but he won on a technicality. He was outperformed and he knows it.

    • Yumums
      Yumums 19 days ago

      @Elizabeth congratulations?

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth 22 days ago

      I said thee EXACT (almost) same thing above this comment but only i used the word: human error.

  • Alexander Taber
    Alexander Taber 25 days ago

    Dude. His head is so. Fuckin. Big.

  • get this channel to 10,000 subs without any vids

    Now he’s the greatest boxer in the world right? Definitely a real man now. He should definitely go pro.

  • Maison maison
    Maison maison 25 days ago

    Ksi proves the simulation theory

    MrMCBREADBIN 25 days ago

    Production is shit, get a mic crew in the crowd so we can hear the questions.

  • A Sapoluu
    A Sapoluu 25 days ago

    Definitely a stimulant substance racing through his system during this press conference

  • Frederik Kruse
    Frederik Kruse 25 days ago

    shit boy you are loud.. gg take care cant look at this

  • Ivan Anson
    Ivan Anson 25 days ago +1

    Aye...KSI walks the talk.

  • Pootoori
    Pootoori 25 days ago

    Congrats to KSI!! 🙌🏼 I think I had good points in my latest vid

  • Chubsey1995
    Chubsey1995 25 days ago

    Check out my opinion of the fight on my channel would muchly be appreciated

  • Seth Plavsic
    Seth Plavsic 25 days ago

    Wasnt the 2 upper cuts that phased me it was the tap on the back of the head that did

  • Brad Churchey
    Brad Churchey 25 days ago

    The real winner was Josh Pieters lol

  • Brad Churchey
    Brad Churchey 25 days ago

    Ksi should learn to throw more uppercuts.. and he has a bad habit of running at his opponent while trying to swing instead of planting his feet first

  • Vinny Mendoza
    Vinny Mendoza 26 days ago


  • tomwbr94
    tomwbr94 26 days ago

    Everyone saying KSI would have lost if Logan hadn't made that illegal punch go and watch the refs post interview.. what I got from it logan wouldn't have won either way would have been a draw.

  • Michael ray II
    Michael ray II 26 days ago

    Am I the only one wondering why this bs fight is getting so much press?

  • 96 69
    96 69 26 days ago

    whats 2+2

  • Bri Smith
    Bri Smith 26 days ago

    Reading salty comments from Logan’s fans is my new hobby 🤣

  • Azed Zbinden
    Azed Zbinden 26 days ago

    Lmao if the ref didnt take the 2 points away from logan then he wouldve won

  • Shaun Codona
    Shaun Codona 26 days ago

    So how do I get a fight with ksi or logan Paul. Am. Skint nd could defo go 6 rounds with either one

  • Roc Opulence
    Roc Opulence 26 days ago


  • Nathan McCarthy
    Nathan McCarthy 26 days ago

    He talks about the knockdown and how he didn’t give up, this dude got like 2 minutes to recover 😂😂😂

    • TheOnlyHumanBeing
      TheOnlyHumanBeing 22 days ago

      Because he got hit in the back of the head and that could really mess you up that's why it's illegal

  • Josh Turner
    Josh Turner 26 days ago

    Logan got robbed 2 points was super harsh without a warning if anything 1 point ksi was sloppy the hole fight Logan was accurate all night with the jab he shut down the rematch right off the bat couse he knew logan was whipping him and by the next fight logan would be way better trained

  • mob saitama
    mob saitama 26 days ago


  • Plague Doc
    Plague Doc 26 days ago

    Logan actually looked like a boxer, KSI just looked like a street fighter who took some boxing classes and swung like a madman.

  • Freddie Timpson
    Freddie Timpson 27 days ago

    Yeah but ksi didn’t win though in my eyes

  • Brían Regan
    Brían Regan 27 days ago

    Big ups to morpheus bro. Much respect.

  • He-Man
    He-Man 27 days ago +1

    I think he has a concussion. Either that or delusional

  • IkaikaFrom Hawaii
    IkaikaFrom Hawaii 27 days ago

    Got lucky with the 2points don’t give yourself to much credit 😂😂😂😂

  • Galaxy123
    Galaxy123 27 days ago

    Remember a month ago when Logan told ksi to go bake a cake before his career gets ended all ima say is ksi whipped out the uno reverse and now its time for Logan to get to baking

  • Chris Pineda
    Chris Pineda 27 days ago

    Wait so... let me get this straight... people are claiming this foo legitimately won? Did i not watch him get rocked? Im sure i saw him struggle to get up. And Logan lost 2 points. What would have happened if the match hadn't been stopped and that extra hit hadnt happened? Do people not take that into consideration? KSI in my opinion got that extra time to recover and logan lost because of that foul hit. Other than that, i really think Logan was more well prepared and had a better performance than this clown.. claiming a victory over the ref feeling sorry for him 😂

  • Danster Dan
    Danster Dan 27 days ago

    JJ is going to turn insanely vain now and it's disappointing
    Glasses indoors = a prick

  • Hazzy77 TV
    Hazzy77 TV 27 days ago +1

    Ksi: I’m soooo much better this year
    Also ksi: does nothing different than the last fight
    Logan: 1st round decapitation
    Also Logan: looks worse in the fight than last year
    Vidal: it was a good fight
    The fight: shit and only 2 things happen

  • Columbus 5
    Columbus 5 27 days ago

    This guy is delusional

  • Columbus 5
    Columbus 5 27 days ago

    Ok buddy retardwd

  • Lord_SoSa
    Lord_SoSa 27 days ago

    Ksi still talking lmao ksi threw to the back of the head non stop with wild swings and got legitimately knocked down with the 2 uppercuts homeboy was lost , not by that little tap going down lol and the ref gave him all the time to recover and took 2 points from Logan. Other boxers and the commentators were so shocked the ref did that and disagreed. Ksi was so wobbly after that knockdown if the ref called a fair fight and let it continue without giving Ksi all the time to recover... Ksi would have been asleep on the canvas. Those wild punches were going to cost him. But the ref in his own words “ tried to make the fight even and go on” .... ridiculous

  • Faiq_ 099
    Faiq_ 099 27 days ago

    My man talks like he is a real boxer
    Megamind looking ass forehead

  • Peter Mwungura
    Peter Mwungura 27 days ago

    Lets go home champ 😂👍

  • pm
    pm 27 days ago

    Will someone tell ksi he's English and not American, also he lost that fight, those 2 points made him win

  • Shan Khan
    Shan Khan 27 days ago

    That forehead is legend

  • ILYAS 95
    ILYAS 95 27 days ago

    Stop acting like real fighters! Both of you are clowns

  • Jay BRZY
    Jay BRZY 27 days ago

    Niggas saying KSI rigged the fight knowing he didn’t 💀💀niggas just mad cause celebrities were backing him up too much and they needed something to fall back on

  • ICanBeat it
    ICanBeat it 27 days ago +1

    @loganpaul here is ksi without headband

  • Junior W
    Junior W 27 days ago

    Logan is the better fighter. I was rooting for KSI but i feel like he lost this one

  • Joshua Lagrimas
    Joshua Lagrimas 27 days ago +1

    KSI -> 2-0-1
    LP -> 0-1-1

  • Lucy Redford
    Lucy Redford 27 days ago

    Go on jj u legend

  • mOsT sUbScRiBeD EgG So ICanBeat Kylie Jenner UWU

    Can we all get a moment of silence for those who paid to watch

  • iiwatcher
    iiwatcher 27 days ago

    Someone told me about this, and showed me a video of their "boxing match" lol. These two clowns sold PPV and DAZN? Wow, welcome to the world of sub-mediocrity. Thanks social media, and the tard fans who love them for bringing everything down to dirt level quality. Idiocracy in action.

  • Gustin
    Gustin 27 days ago

    the refree proved them wrong 🤣🤣🤣jkjk

  • Dj Hughes
    Dj Hughes 27 days ago

    Bro I'm glad you won because your blac......😒 But don't over due it...... 🙄 Blac people from the United Kingdom are weak 😐

  • Naomi Meme
    Naomi Meme 27 days ago

    He is super handsome