fortnite but it's very satisfying

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • fortnite but it's VERY SATISFYING
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Comments • 3 437

  • McCreamy
    McCreamy  26 days ago +4861


  • Rand0mness
    Rand0mness 36 minutes ago

    One time I was on mobile and I just clicked the ping button and I got a llama!

  • Kble Stormz
    Kble Stormz 7 hours ago

    Mccreamy is the best player

  • Joud Zamrik
    Joud Zamrik Day ago

    3:51 i thought my power went out


    do a sky base with the wierd dodgy builds

  • Builder Cobra
    Builder Cobra Day ago

    I have found a llama from spawn Island 3 600m

  • Chase_nono 1
    Chase_nono 1 Day ago

    Bro what’s your graphics😂?

  • XsBrandon
    XsBrandon Day ago

    0:56 LOL he lag

    LCD SYNX Day ago

    Did any one see the smiley face Made out of looted 5:42

  • xd Fares123011
    xd Fares123011 3 days ago

    3:25 first kill?

  • Krate Tay_tay_taylon
    Krate Tay_tay_taylon 4 days ago +1

    Change ur name to llama spotter XD

    • I Like Tacos
      I Like Tacos 4 days ago

      Krate Tay_tay_taylon u are 3 weeks late he won’t see ur comments

  • Gerhardus Britz
    Gerhardus Britz 5 days ago

    McCreamy is better than Comikazie

  • lithixm
    lithixm 5 days ago +1

    How did he get the footage of himself I’m so confused 😂

  • Good Gamer75
    Good Gamer75 5 days ago

    Nice tune in the start

  • laurits sørensen
    laurits sørensen 5 days ago

    What is the first song in the vid

  • Oliver Guitarplayer
    Oliver Guitarplayer 5 days ago

    Yo fortnite is veeery satisfying😀😀 You are best

  • Vuurwerk Boys
    Vuurwerk Boys 6 days ago

    Mrcreamy jumps with the stairway and than you take falldamage

  • Pyro Wolf
    Pyro Wolf 7 days ago

    WTF There's not even lama texture they just look like fucking dots

  • spasti x_x unt
    spasti x_x unt 7 days ago +2

    When headspace ads keep on interrupting the pure ADHD of McCreamys videos

  • Billytinnsonn
    Billytinnsonn 7 days ago

    noice vid

  • Allu spurgu
    Allu spurgu 7 days ago

    I was sad before this video now i am happy

  • Allu spurgu
    Allu spurgu 7 days ago

    You are the best youtube channel what i ever seen👍

  • kobi2fye_yt
    kobi2fye_yt 8 days ago

    3:09 that was disgusting

  • Flix _Matrix
    Flix _Matrix 9 days ago

    Llama bot

  • Taehyumi Kim
    Taehyumi Kim 9 days ago


  • Landon Diggz
    Landon Diggz 10 days ago +1

    I thought Tfue could spot llamas, but wow you are fucking incredible!! 🌝👍👍

  • AMB Gaming
    AMB Gaming 11 days ago

    Imagine being so bored you scroll down and find my content

    • AMB Gaming
      AMB Gaming 8 days ago

      @zombiehuntingspartan shh we don't gotta talk about it

    • zombiehuntingspartan
      zombiehuntingspartan 8 days ago

      Imagine stealing someone else's comment 🤣🤣🤣

  • ninjacanman25
    ninjacanman25 12 days ago +1

    Chicken nugget

    UNKNOWN-PLAYZ-_- 13 days ago

    It’s joogey??? No it’s mccreamy

  • PhantomGamers
    PhantomGamers 13 days ago +1

    How do you take no fall damage?? 🤔

  • PhantomGamers
    PhantomGamers 13 days ago +1

    You are legit a sniping beast

  • Th_Nex Nex
    Th_Nex Nex 15 days ago +2

    You guys are not going to say any thing about the girl that say is gougi.

  • Driftyyz
    Driftyyz 15 days ago

    Mcreamy protecc
    He also attacc
    But most importantly
    Winning is what he has a lacc

  • Barrett Blake
    Barrett Blake 15 days ago

    No one frickin cares for vbuck

  • Assasn
    Assasn 15 days ago


  • Cherish Dominger
    Cherish Dominger 16 days ago

    I wish I was that good you are the best I wish I could play with you my name
    is dominger360

  • Lukas Donaldsen
    Lukas Donaldsen 16 days ago

    May I ask what monitor you use my good sir

  • محمد القحطاني

    كيف يبوي

  • known ethan
    known ethan 16 days ago

    He makes some of his sipes look “shaky” so they look more cool

  • Vishal Chaudhary
    Vishal Chaudhary 16 days ago +1

    What's the name of the song at 2:38?

  • ElDuco
    ElDuco 16 days ago

    ESP Hack and the mark IT -_- report this Guy

  • ElDuco
    ElDuco 16 days ago

    ESP Hack and the mark IT -_- report this Guy

  • ElDuco
    ElDuco 16 days ago

    ESP Hack and the mark IT -_- report this Guy

  • ElDuco
    ElDuco 16 days ago

    ESP Hack and the mark IT -_- report this Guy

  • ElDuco
    ElDuco 16 days ago

    ESP Hack and the mark IT -_- report this Guy

  • ElDuco
    ElDuco 16 days ago

    ESP Hack and the mark IT -_- report this Guy

  • Snow Rhee
    Snow Rhee 17 days ago

    Wait but like how do you see those llamas

  • Miker 1114
    Miker 1114 17 days ago

    This is the most annoying and obnoxious TheXvidr I have ever listened to. And that is saying A LOT.

  • Trckzz ._.
    Trckzz ._. 17 days ago


  • Parallel Gucci
    Parallel Gucci 17 days ago

    The reason that girl thought you were Joogie is because you were a pink ghoul trooper and that’s Joogie’s favorite skin and he always wears it.

  • Christian Gaming
    Christian Gaming 17 days ago +1

    Well I already know the thumbnail is clickbait cuz there’s only 3 llamas in a game

  • Dominic York
    Dominic York 17 days ago

    Literally played the best music in this video.

  • David Blehm
    David Blehm 17 days ago

    You went from weaping to Sweaty that is the half of the map I went wayford I went from the wood factory to retail row and I jumped on the sip line

  • Brian’s Journey
    Brian’s Journey 17 days ago

    The steamer looks like Lana rhoads

  • Griffin Howell
    Griffin Howell 17 days ago


  • green taku
    green taku 18 days ago

    why you dont play whit Bakbak

  • Harness25 25
    Harness25 25 18 days ago

    Hey Creamy Who Do You Think Is Better At Spotting Lammas You Or Tfue

  • Prayer - Hypixel
    Prayer - Hypixel 18 days ago

    most satisfying thing is hitting the blue dot and mining trees :>

  • TehLucifer
    TehLucifer 18 days ago

    Lmao mate at 4:05 your ass got reported for bug abuse. Knocked you and your mate from several staircases high and you were using the no fall damage bush bug.

  • beany 5
    beany 5 18 days ago

    i found a llama from spawn island omfg😭 dm shan._.mainn on insta for proof aahahaha