Republic Juggernaut vs Imperial AT-AT Walker - Star Wars Versus

  • Published on Oct 7, 2017
  • The Republic Juggernaut Turbo Tank vs Imperial AT-AT Walker.
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  • The Lore Master
    The Lore Master  Year ago +371

    Hey guys, so I'm thinking that during the scenario phases of these versus videos, I can have someone animate what I'm trying to depict rather than just use still images like I did in this video. If I were to do this for the next versus video, which versus would you want me to do it for (can also be a previous versus too that I can redo with the new animations).

  • Jack Willard
    Jack Willard 3 days ago

    couple problems i see here
    1. The juggernaut's armor is actually around the same as the AT-AT's, and disperses it throughout the hull
    2. The juggernaut has the weight and speed to simply ram the AT-AT in the legs and wreck it
    3. one of the simplest ways to take out an AT-AT is to deploy troops under it and capture it. The juggernaut can carry up to 300 troops, maybe 200 with the cutting equipment considered.
    All in all, the Juggernaut would definitely win

  • bobcatking 831
    bobcatking 831 7 days ago

    (Didn't watch this) because I know that the juggernaut would win,it's heavily armored so it could take a few rounds from the at-at,the it just needs to close the distance with its fast speed and run right into one of the legs of the at-at

  • Tommy Locker
    Tommy Locker 12 days ago

    take that tank and ram it into a leg.

  • Black Bot
    Black Bot 12 days ago

    Juggernaut. Your argument is invalid.

  • Moises Ramirez
    Moises Ramirez 17 days ago

    Hmm, it depends, both never would be 1v1. So it depends

  • diabutts
    diabutts 27 days ago

    And the juggernaut would just run over the trees

  • diabutts
    diabutts 27 days ago


  • parker l
    parker l 28 days ago

    Just a thought but, what it the turbo tank rammed into the walker's legs and knocking it over

  • TonNum HuntER
    TonNum HuntER 29 days ago

    It is​ turbo tank

  • Natt Jump
    Natt Jump 29 days ago

    Why not rum it

  • Riley Maier
    Riley Maier Month ago

    100 mph isn’t that bad. It’s not like it’s going to be Tokyo drifting everywhere

  • Tay Gumi
    Tay Gumi Month ago

    As a Juggrenaut Driver I would try to ram ATATs Legs, to made the ATAT to fall. Or otherwise I would use the Speed to get behind him, a few direct hits should not be a bit Problem for the Juggernaut.

  • Fluffle Puffle
    Fluffle Puffle Month ago

    You're forgetting the Juggernaut could just ram the AT-AT's legs and wipe it out.

  • Aidan Thongdy
    Aidan Thongdy Month ago

    Nah fam just get a reckless clone trooper get behind the well of the turbo tank and go straight into the AT-AT legs and make it fall and they yell “TIMBER!!” XD

  • James Howard
    James Howard Month ago

    The AT AT can only be used on more or less level terrain. The Juggernaut is rather superior for various terrains. The wheels can be changed to a lighter wheel for more flotation. The Juggernaut's 27' have a suspension travel on average of 13' (from wheels have a little less (11'2" and rear wheels have a little more (13'6")). The Jug can cross trenches up to 60' across of any depth easily, depending on how the weight is distributed, it may be able to cross trenches even wider. The taller AT AT cannot walk on side slopes. If you take the so called height of the AT AT, 72' it cannot cross trenches of more than 10'across and 10' deep. The troops can walk through the neck and there is 6' tall man door on the side of the body of the AT AT, giving the AT AT an actual height of 135' minimum. Even with this height the AT AT can only cross trenches up to 13' across and 13' deep. The body of the AT AT also must move side to side to maintain balance. Large animal through their mid section (stomach and lower ribs) from side to side as they walk. The AT AT would also need ankles, knees, and hi joints than can rotate several degrees in all directions to allow it to turn and twist.

    To stop an AT AT on Hoth they just had to dig a 15' x 15' trench around the base. The Hoth Base turrets should have just combined all fire power to one knee joint on one AT AT, which would take down the AT AT.

    The Jug has about 16' of ground clearance under the 6 center wheels. The front and rear wheel due to the rail mount system have about 7' of clearance under the large pinions. The front differential has about 16' of clearance as well as the rear housing. The tank does really need 4 wheel steering at the front and rear, this would allow it to turn on a dime. There seems to be no need to carry speeder bikes as they a scout vehicles and can travel at over 500 km/hr. plus they are too long. The Republic Swamp Speeders are too large to put in the tank. So they may just carry a few AT RT as the AT RT can only travel at 75 km/hr.

    The Jug can also go up and down inclines of steep angles with ease. The AT AT is very limited due to it's center of gravity and the large head and long neck hanging off the front.

    The Jug 6 center wheels have drive shafts from each wheel going up and forward on angle to a side gear box which id then transmitted over to a center differential which is inter connected to the main drive shaft which basically start from the front dif. at the front of the sub frame and runs to the rear either just in front of the rear wheel (as there appears to be no rear dif.) It should run to the rear of the sub frame but no center dif is present. Due to these driveshafts and dif.'s there seems in the lower half of the tank sub frame there seems to be to way to get Clone in and out of the tank.

    Near the front of the center section there could be panels that extend and the Clones could use high speed cable winches to rear the ground. But if the tank is moving they would get crushed by the wheels so. The only pace they can get in and out is off the rear cockpit at 34' off the ground. No room for a platform to lift and lower AT RT's...

    The tank is 100' tall with the spotter completely extended, retracted 69'.
    The main heavy gun is supposed to punch through any armor and shield, so this gun should punch right through the AT AT.
    The rear heavy repeater looks cool but serves no purpose. It is too large for droids and not large enough for aircraft. This turret should have been some sort of rapid heavy firing twin blaster for aircraft..

    The suspension, from the shock size the tank rides on the front and rear wheel which would give it the ride on a cloud effect. The 6 center wheels are main for smashing droids and do not support so much weight.

  • Hiazro Kailindo
    Hiazro Kailindo Month ago

    I don't think the AT-AT were THAT heavily armored. At one point, a rebel managed to drop one of the AT-AT's legs with repeating blaster in Rogue One.

    • Private Arc
      Private Arc 11 days ago

      Those where AT-ACT. They was a cargo variant, not made for combat.

  • Brett Chadwick
    Brett Chadwick Month ago

    The ram from the juggernaut could provide a sufficent effect, the juggernaut is 30 metres tall, the at at is 22.5m tall, so easy win lol

  • zeusz HUN
    zeusz HUN Month ago

    Did you thibk of, if the Juggernaut's rocket launchers have guided missiles, and the crew can drive them into the AT-AT's neck, or lowerbbelly?

  • Ivan Bozhurski
    Ivan Bozhurski Month ago

    Mate, the juggernaut would win in all cases no matter what and by the way Juggernauts were mainly used on Kashyyyk which has a lot of uneven terrain

  • High Marshal Domanus The emperors will

    Juggernaut would win every time because it could ram the walker

  • Kai Jason Lee
    Kai Jason Lee Month ago

    I think AT-ST's were scary too

  • Aydin Fowler
    Aydin Fowler Month ago

    In my battle the juggernaut would just ram the AT-AT maximum speed then fire all of its heavy laser canon's at the AT-ATs underside. clearly the juggernaut in my opinion is the winner

    • Aydin Fowler
      Aydin Fowler Month ago

      Oh and also my battle takes place on Mimban cerca 3bby

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago

    I think the turbo tank would win because it could just ram the legs and boom dead as they can be taken down BY A DAMN STRING

  • Warren Lehmkuhle
    Warren Lehmkuhle 2 months ago

    Designed to cause fear?
    But they look like huge puppies!

  • Christopher Nguyen
    Christopher Nguyen 2 months ago

    The read a book about the juggernaut. It showed massive space for the pilots, gunners, communications officers, and troops. Plus they can drive over any terrain and are very fast. I would choose the Republic Juggernaut.

  • Steven Crouch
    Steven Crouch 2 months ago

    Well the juggernaut would win because all you need to do is just rame the AT-AT legs and it will just fall over.

  • Ubisoft WorkTeam
    Ubisoft WorkTeam 2 months ago

    Comment section: *R A M*

  • The one and only jazz The autobot

    Its easy
    Juaggernaut: kamikaze!!!!!!
    AT-AT: I’ll just walk
    *finally the juaggernaut rams the AT-AT*

  • Jacob Walther
    Jacob Walther 2 months ago

    LOL with the AT-AT’s weak legs the Juggernaut could just full speed ram the AT-AT’s legs and it would just fall over like a mac truck being hit by a ground mine. (Weird example LOL)

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez 2 months ago

    Is everyone thinking that the juggernaut coulda rammed the at-at cuz I would agree

  • Sebastian Reflex
    Sebastian Reflex 2 months ago

    why wont the AT-AT just step on the juggernut

  • Havok Vladimirovich Stalinov

    I'm seeing a lot of comments about ramming the legs and knocking the AT-AT over. However Why ram it whe n the legs are the second weakest points. We've been shown that a singe heavy MG blaster can destroy the knee joints of the AT-AT so the Juggernaut weapons would have no problem taking out legs

  • ARF Trooper
    ARF Trooper 2 months ago

    I would ram the Juggernaut into the ATAT

  • Tank Dyer
    Tank Dyer 2 months ago

    1st one juggarnaught 2nd one juggernaut 3rd one AtAt was know to trip in forests so definetly the jugarnaught

  • Jacob Dahl
    Jacob Dahl 3 months ago

    “I’m going for the legs. ALL FOUR OF THEM!!!”

  • Heath Morris
    Heath Morris 3 months ago

    The juggernaut could just run through the AT-AT legs and trip it in every one of the scenarios except maybe the dense jungle which only favors the AT-AT

  • PandaWolf525
    PandaWolf525 3 months ago

    People say the Jug could just Ram and foot but remember how heavy the AT-AT is. And doing so would cause the Jug to most likely become destroyed in the process from the falling Behemoth or get destroyed in the process of the Ram.
    In the end the AT-AT is a heavier vehicle with heavier fire power but with low mobility. While the Jug is able to race around and attack from all sides.
    A battle just comes down to being situational in the end as does anything else. Is the Jug gets close enough then it can win. But if the AT-AT is able to get a few good shots in then the Jug is done. Sadly statistics are only numbers. So unless we had these IRL and had fights going we could see. Also I feel that a single AT-AT takes more to deploy and maintain than 4+ Jugs would. So cost effectiveness comes into play.
    In the end I would just run both of able. With the Jugs racing around and deploying an entire army in an instant with the AT-ATs in the back slowing creeping up with their Heavy Cannons taking out key defensive positions for the troops from the Jugs to over run.

  • Erik Dragonsblade76
    Erik Dragonsblade76 3 months ago

    Yeah..the Juggernaut could wreck the AT-AT.. Ramming the legs would knock it the Juggernaut hits the AT-AT with missiles in the weak points

  • Tom Ham
    Tom Ham 3 months ago

    What is wrong with your mike? lol

  • Charmander Shepard
    Charmander Shepard 3 months ago

    A few problems, you keep saying the neck but the leg joins are far easier to target. Break a leg and the AT-AT won't be able to hold the weight and still move. It will be a sitting duck. Second, the weapons of the AT-AT are forward only. Circling around the AT-AT, the Juggernaut should be able to get in position to attack without reprisal. Missiles to the underside or at the joints where the body joins the legs. As for in the forest, anything you said about the Juggernaut also applies to the AT-AT. It is big, slow, and incapable of turning except to follow a path. Where as the Juggernaut would have to follow a path as well, the omni-directional weapons would be able to shoot between the trees from positions the AT-AT can't reach. It all boils down to field of fire and maneuverability.

  • James Murphy so far
    James Murphy so far 3 months ago

    If the juggernaut could flank into a ramping position it could take out the legs there for leaving the at-at defenceless or even destroyed

  • Yusuf Karrim
    Yusuf Karrim 3 months ago

    Just ram the at at

  • ARF Trooper
    ARF Trooper 3 months ago

    I disagree. Simple star fighter lasers can completly destroy a walkers leg, which happens to be at firing hight for the juggernaut. Theres no way all of its lasers combined with the misiles would be unable to break the leg. Also the juggernaut could ram the walker sweeping its legs out from under it

  • TWREX06
    TWREX06 3 months ago

    Why can't the juggernaut just ram it like full speed ram. This would not destroy it but kill the crew

  • Asian sitting Duck -
    Asian sitting Duck - 3 months ago

    All the Hug has to do is drive full speed into te legs of the ATAT

  • McWumpis
    McWumpis 3 months ago

    Clones on Jugernaut Turbo Tank: *We're gonna rip you in half now*

    DANIEL DAVIS 3 months ago

    Just drive into the legs

  • DoommasterAM
    DoommasterAM 3 months ago

    Based on physics the Juggernaut could simply ram the AT-AT's leg at an angle and cause it to fall. Sure the front of your vehicle gets all smashed up, but the threat is down. I imagine because it is really tall that the AT-AT would be top heavy and any direct ram to its leg would cause it to fall over.

  • A Dog
    A Dog 3 months ago

    If the AT-AT had a windshield why not break the glass and send a rocket inside

  • Patrick Volpone
    Patrick Volpone 3 months ago

    What about a scenario where the Turbo tank uses its mass and greater speed to topple the AT-AT? A building traveling at nearly 100mph would ALOT of damage if the tank got the drop on it

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy 3 months ago

    The juggernut would win have you seen the rockets they are powerful

  • Kishor Manjula
    Kishor Manjula 3 months ago

    The AT AT will win because it is huge

  • TK -2507
    TK -2507 3 months ago

    The science guys, impossible to trip an at at with just a rope thingy. The thing is huge!!! It's heavy!!! IMPOSSIBLE to trip just with that!

  • John Dope
    John Dope 3 months ago

    100mph knee bash

  • Big Hill
    Big Hill 3 months ago

    What if the juggernaut ram it

  • Sierra Mike
    Sierra Mike 3 months ago

    Ram it.

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob 3 months ago

    What about the 300 clones in the juggernaut??? They all have jetpacks and thermal detonators, we all saw how effective lukes a detonator was. The clones could fly around the atat and throw detonators up under its legs.

  • Lawrence Gaming
    Lawrence Gaming 3 months ago

    They look awesome af

  • oraj aklahan
    oraj aklahan 3 months ago

    The At At is completely stupidly designed

  • Carol hilder
    Carol hilder 3 months ago

    Can you make echo v fives

  • Will K
    Will K 4 months ago

    If i see another ‘ram’ comment

  • Badders1977
    Badders1977 4 months ago

    Quality video. I agree that the AT-AT would smash any land based vehicle. But I may be bias due to the AT-AT tattoo i proudly have. :-)

  • Silver Dragon
    Silver Dragon 4 months ago

    *Hits the gas*

  • John Pewzey
    John Pewzey 4 months ago

    I disagree. I think if the driver of the Juggernaut being a Kenoian Clone (let me know if I spelled that wrong) wanted to he could turn around after the first barrage and ram the entire juggernaut into the AT-AT’s legs doing serious damage to both vehicles but rendering the AT-AT useless. The clones get out and seize the vehicle. Could you do an alternate ending scenario?

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 4 months ago

    Galatic battlegrounds juggs win 1v1 all research

  • Master Wolf 892
    Master Wolf 892 4 months ago

    what if the juggernaut just rammed the AT-AT Walker at high speeds would it be enough to cause the Walker to fall over and be disabled because if there was a truly desperate situation for survival I imagine all options would be available.

  • Puxorb gaming
    Puxorb gaming 4 months ago

    What if the turbo tank where to ram the at at's legs from the side?

  • Viktor Vokhmin
    Viktor Vokhmin 4 months ago

    The empier uesed a jugger nut in rouge one

  • NjK
    NjK 4 months ago

    How come ground vehicles don't have any kind of shielding in Star Wars? couldn't they use a larger version of something like The Droidekas?

  • Yama 123numbercauseYTdemandsname

    I think the Juggernaut would have no problem to circle the ATAT because the head of the ATAT is not very rotatable so it must rotate its entire body to keep on firing. So in a flat terrain I think the Juggernaut could easily rush past the ATAT and then circle around it in close range so that the ATAT cannot bring its weapons in position. And if none of the weapons of the Juggernaut could penetrate could even the weak spots of the ATAT then the Juggernaut could either easily outrun or ram the ATAT in its flank or rear due to its large speed and mass. All in all in an area that is flat and wide enough for the Juggernaut to use its full agility, it would have no problems to win in my eyes.

  • Noot Noot
    Noot Noot 4 months ago

    The scene where the rebels have the juggernauts that came from the Star Wars commander game

  • Emanuel Gonzalez
    Emanuel Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Everybody is arguing over how the juggernaut would just ram the AT
    But I’m trying to put scenarios together on how the separatist army would combat these things
    They were tactically smart droids and had massive fire power

  • Clover The Gun Nut
    Clover The Gun Nut 4 months ago

    It would be cool as hell if in Episode 9 the Outer Rim allies to the Resistance are the Imperial Remnant (separate entity from the First Order in the new canon) and the Remnant has a mix of Republic and Imperial era weaponry and gear

  • Empire Captains
    Empire Captains 4 months ago

    Also, the mass driver cannon on the AT-TE had physical shells, so it wasn't just shooting energy blots. 6:25

  • Heather McIntire
    Heather McIntire 4 months ago

    You do realize the Juggernaut is much much bigger than the at at

  • David Hahn
    David Hahn 4 months ago

    Or the juggernaut just drives against the legs and breaks them😅
    I personally like the juggernaut better

  • Shane K
    Shane K 4 months ago

    I never liked any walkers granted they look cool however they seem so tatically useless, idk tats just me

  • lolroflroflcakes
    lolroflroflcakes 4 months ago

    Just a head's up being a taller easier to shoot target does not make it easier to traverse tight terrain.

  • Baba The Hutt
    Baba The Hutt 4 months ago

    In rebels you see ATAT shots hitting and penetrating the other ATATs side with around 4-6 shots of a heavy laser cannon. I think that the heavy repeating laser cannon would do damage

  • Kioti Gamer
    Kioti Gamer 4 months ago

    This is so stupid the juggernaut could easily destroy the at-at with its homing missiles and blasters and If all else failed it could ram the at-at



  • leon fierce
    leon fierce 5 months ago

    The atats legs are fragile
    In rebels a rocket launcher hits the leg and its brung down hard and if that can break the leg
    The juggernauts mussels can surely do the same
    And then some

  • Влад Игнатков

    Atat doesn't have any chance against missiles.

  • lubo70
    lubo70 5 months ago

    If the juggernaut is close, the at at walker could just step on it🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤑🤑😶

  • lewis aldred
    lewis aldred 5 months ago

    i prefer the AT-AT

  • crazy pokemon master
    crazy pokemon master 5 months ago


  • Galactic Music of The Milky Way

    AT-TE vs. AT-TE
    All Terra - Sorry? The giant beast can't walk up hills or mountains. It'll tip
    All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
    It can legitimitally walk on 180 degree land ( facing upwards )
    Pls tell muh if all terrain is something else

  • jiro
    jiro 5 months ago

    I am pretty sure one of the missiles will it the bottom of the belly

  • Snapshot the Mad Hatter

    The turbo tank could push it over, I love the at-at, but it does have it’s flaws...

  • Israel Punzal
    Israel Punzal 5 months ago

    why are you guys are in the jug side im in the at-at walkers

  • Donald Russell
    Donald Russell 6 months ago

    We blitz every play ram the legs

  • Knight ingale
    Knight ingale 6 months ago

    You said the AT AT could be destroyed by a missile to the underbelly, then completely skipped that fact and said the Juggernaut's rockets wouldn't harm it. Like, hello, you JUST SAID the AT AT's underbelly is vulnerable to those weapons. Because the Juggernaut is much lower to the ground, a volley of missiles would easily hit the underbelly multiple times.

  • Comrade Skywalker
    Comrade Skywalker 6 months ago

    One way to take out a at-at is digging a deep trench in its walking patent

  • phillip ireland
    phillip ireland 6 months ago

    I'm sure I'm not the first to say this but I don't think there is any scenario where an at-at could could win unless it had a platform or some higher ground that the juggernaut couldn't traverse. With it's mass and speed and powerful armor the juggernaut could all out ram the atat. Even at point blank range the atat stands zero chance. with all the armor the juggernaut has the atat couldn't possibly do enough damage in time to prevent a collision. Even in the forest scenario where the atat some how demolished the.juggernaut. all it did was close itself off ass well and if the juggernaut slammed it then it's game over. With the atat firmly planted into the ground the Juggernaut rotates it's cannons backwards and just unleashed a barrage of destruction down on the walker. Like I said unless the atat has the "high ground" it isn't winning these scenarios. Greater speed and mass and enough armor to tank hits way overwhelms the atat. It's not called the "juggernaut"for nothing.

  • Rowdster Rex
    Rowdster Rex 6 months ago

    Apparently, I'm not the only one who thought that ramming the AT-AT was an option. I'm surprised that so many people wanted or at least expected the Juggernaut to win.

  • Ricky Wavy
    Ricky Wavy 6 months ago

    I think the juggernaut would have enough time to ram the AT-AT and maybe disorientate the crew.

  • psiDefect
    psiDefect 6 months ago

    Why not just ran the At-At because the force could tip it over.

  • Josh Bull
    Josh Bull 6 months ago

    People get the height of the AT-AT wrong too much and mix up the Juggernaut with other models like the smaller Imperial version. The Clone Wars era Juggernaut was much bigger than a AT-AT both in height and length and just by looking at it was overall massive thus arguably heavier. The Juggernaut is also more than twice as fast. There is no argument for the crazy and insane people sitting their pulling bullcrap out of the ass about the Juggernaut not being able to ram and knock over the AT-AT, the Juggernaut most certainly could ram and knock over the AT-AT. For christ sake in this very video they showcase the episode where we see a AT-TE ram the AT-AT and it didn't knock it over but was clearly felt by the AT-AT and they were able to lift the AT-TE briefly and the AT-TE is a much smaller vehicle. Also there is no stipulation that the Juggernaut has to use clone wars era missiles in a modern face off scenarios. The form of the rockets have to stay the same to be launched by the rocket launcher, but the kind of rockets and their power if advancements or new materials have been found don't prevent rockets of higher power output than normal. Also a few people mention the AT-AT being able to blast it before the Juggernaut gets into range, the Juggernaut isn't only much faster but its missiles have a range of 30km so no idea what people are talking about there. So the argument that the rockets won't do anything to the AT-AT is highly debatable. The Juggernaut is clearly the superior vehicle it simply wasn't cost effective by comparison with the AT-AT being almost 1/3 of the cost(Based on AT-ACT as a reference) and it was prone to breaking often and hard to do maintenance on.

  • Seif Aboayasha
    Seif Aboayasha 6 months ago

    I think an emp could bring at_at down