• Published on Jun 26, 2018
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Comments • 5 689

  • Samurai
    Samurai Day ago

    I'm a bodybuilder. This pains me to watch.
    I want more.

  • Soul
    Soul Day ago

    Please I can do that in my sleep

  • وجد السماء

    الله يعين البنكرياس 😥

  • Tamera Tychansky
    Tamera Tychansky 2 days ago

    Unhumanly isn’t a word.

  • Amiro Arkvaz
    Amiro Arkvaz 3 days ago


  • Beatrice Caccia
    Beatrice Caccia 3 days ago

    9:05... Im crying 🍕

  • vu phan
    vu phan 4 days ago +1


  • Laurel Charles
    Laurel Charles 5 days ago

    So I'm just going to ask......why does he look so dirty and disheveled? #coughmuch?

  • Michael Tilson
    Michael Tilson 5 days ago

    Why would you be drinking water with the donuts instead of something caloric like milk?

  • Emsong 100
    Emsong 100 6 days ago

    3:39 that’s what she said

  • Valenttina Rivas
    Valenttina Rivas 7 days ago


  • Tall And Awkward
    Tall And Awkward 8 days ago

    anyone else watching this to fight binge urges?

  • azerty 1234
    azerty 1234 9 days ago


  • Petra Mladenovic
    Petra Mladenovic 9 days ago

    "i was a fat kid growing up"
    yeah i can tell😳

  • Jessica Baxter
    Jessica Baxter 10 days ago

    How did you just fill your boot up and only pay $96?? Omg!

  • Jaiku Cucu
    Jaiku Cucu 11 days ago

    You are gonna feel the revenge of your body . 😕

  • Jaiku Cucu
    Jaiku Cucu 11 days ago

    Poor body !

  • Katrina Holtz
    Katrina Holtz 11 days ago

    The average person should eat around 2,000 calories in a day..... He ate the equivalent of about 2 months in two days.....

  • Jens Riis Børlum 8x Tingagerskolen

    Am i just fat as fuck or is it nrmal to eat 2 whole pizzas every time i get pizza?

  • Alexandra BOYER
    Alexandra BOYER 12 days ago +6

    waste of food, while some people starve to death

  • - strawberrymilk
    - strawberrymilk 13 days ago


  • Minnie Britton
    Minnie Britton 13 days ago +1

    19:16 literally what I say to my friends whenever I force them to try new food

  • Minnie Britton
    Minnie Britton 13 days ago +1

    This would be a piece of cake if I were high

  • Harjot .B
    Harjot .B 14 days ago

    Wtf i but two Pizza Hut pizzas for $300

  • Xx_AskPlayz_xX —-
    Xx_AskPlayz_xX —- 14 days ago

    Bruh, when i eat 1000 calories i get fat as fu*k but when dis dude eats 120 times more than that he Looks the same. *the pain*

  • Belen ZG
    Belen ZG 14 days ago

    I just wanna know how much they gained haha

  • dreischorb
    dreischorb 14 days ago

    I Think he is only coughing to cover up his gag reflex.

  • ege deniz
    ege deniz 15 days ago

    dude this is tooooooooo much ım on a diett now consume 1500 calories(all day) but thanks tho ı dont want tto eat junks food anymore

  • markus thompson
    markus thompson 16 days ago

    Mate regards from England...love your channel 👍
    Can't help but notice that you are a different color since you had problems and I know what going grey means ..believe me. Hope you are doing ok. Love from the U.K

  • O'kamea Life
    O'kamea Life 19 days ago

    Aharl you copied ErikTheElectrik 😠😞 @ErikTheElectrik Erik is better

  • Nuria Robin
    Nuria Robin 20 days ago

    Tu penses à ceux qui meurent de faim gros porc ?

  • Cath Doug
    Cath Doug 20 days ago +1

    I don’t understand how someone can shovel peanut butter in their mouth as if it were Nutella 🤢 🤢🤢

  • Roma Patricia
    Roma Patricia 20 days ago +1

    Wanted to watch but he just coughed so much lol

  • Starrydewmelon
    Starrydewmelon 21 day ago

    If he can eat 120 000 calories and not be dead
    I can eat my 1500 calories and still be ok

  • Tania Pannellini
    Tania Pannellini 21 day ago

    You must think that we are stupid.

  • V.Vampire
    V.Vampire 23 days ago

    ive never understood y ppl who do these challenges always do it with like 100% unhealthy food. like u can eat a lot of calories with smthn healthy for example avocado is healthy but has heaps of calories. y cant these ppl eat smthn like that. or a healthier meal that has loads of calories

    HA STAR 23 days ago

    شي عجست افهمه كيف اجسامهم كذا ماتتغير ومعضله؟؟؟ شلون منجد

  • Spazzy Teddy.-.
    Spazzy Teddy.-. 27 days ago

    His jawline do be lookin kinda thicc tho

  • Dominique M
    Dominique M 27 days ago

    1 prot /2 fat (saturated ) /4 carbs: modern food is sugar , the key of loosing weight

  • Xtreme Gaming
    Xtreme Gaming 28 days ago

    You should have weighed urself before and after

  • Xtreme Gaming
    Xtreme Gaming 28 days ago

    I feel like the food is eating him

  • Drew Nancy G.
    Drew Nancy G. Month ago

    It’s so satisfying watching other people eat so much. I don’t know about you guys but it either makes me hungry or full, depending wether I ate that they when I’m watching these or not.

  • Sens au Cœur
    Sens au Cœur Month ago


  • Sydney Yates
    Sydney Yates Month ago

    I kind of feel like he’s doing this on different days that’s why he used a different clock so you couldn’t see the day of the week

  • Skinny Swan
    Skinny Swan Month ago

    Why? And HOW?

  • Keyeda Mcbride
    Keyeda Mcbride Month ago

    What was the point of you wasteing all that food and money. What TheXvid's where you calling out as fake? Because I only see one and thats you

  • kate. Xx06
    kate. Xx06 Month ago


  • Khairuddin Rahmat
    Khairuddin Rahmat Month ago +1

    Been looking at 10k cal per day challenge..
    And this guy do it in a meal..

  • Sammy Limmer
    Sammy Limmer Month ago

    He’s all shit

  •  Month ago

    my man got baby lungs...with food?

  • Dominik Luber
    Dominik Luber Month ago

    24:10 music?

  • むらさん
    むらさん Month ago


  • Bank Buranastidporn


  • Areté
    Areté Month ago

    but at what cost...

  • i Meow
    i Meow Month ago

    i love this video

    ASDSD HSDSADSA Month ago

    That's absolutely not possible ! About 11kg in 2 days. Not possible !!!

  • Ana Clara Pimenta
    Ana Clara Pimenta Month ago

    a loooot of food hahaha

  • Ana Clara Pimenta
    Ana Clara Pimenta Month ago

    i love sweet things but that was .... very sweet

  • Galina Gause
    Galina Gause Month ago

    True love right there

  • Big Bang Squad
    Big Bang Squad Month ago

    This is not going to be able to shit for a while