Can You Daily Drive A Stretch Limo?

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • This week, Alex finds out how difficult it is to live with a stretch limo!
    Check out L.A. Stretch Limos!
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Comments • 1 353

  • Ben Vlogs
    Ben Vlogs 4 hours ago

    When you said donuts I thought you were gonna drift the car

  • youxkio
    youxkio 19 hours ago

    A Trabant, please.

  • TheHelifly
    TheHelifly 2 days ago

    9:22 ... push and turn the key to take it out.🤦‍♂️

  • Josh B
    Josh B 2 days ago

    I live near gallows corner

    WOLFZ HYPER 2 days ago

    I had a limo on prom with my friends the limo picked us up from my school and we drove around for n hour and then went to the prom my limo was a white hummer it was awesome

  • barrie Williams
    barrie Williams 2 days ago

    The woman in the red car undertaking would be dangerous if she had half a brain :)

  • Jonis Andrade
    Jonis Andrade 2 days ago

    It’s strange seeing him on the left side and in an American car. Just feels wrong lol

  • Sky Fon
    Sky Fon 2 days ago

    Saw one for 2k near me, would be interesting

  • Marek Veselý
    Marek Veselý 2 days ago

    "Living with"/"Can you daily drive" suggestion: a mini excavator such as GEHL 4640

  • Mustafa Batihan
    Mustafa Batihan 3 days ago

    Gallows corner and a127

  • Beauthe101
    Beauthe101 6 days ago

    Park it in a bad area and half ur stuff will be gone.

  • ZaneZ
    ZaneZ 6 days ago +1

    WTF?! That’s Gallows Corner KFC and that Mcdonald’s is just down the road to it 😂 didn’t realise how close I was to u

    CHEVYDURAMAX 1 6 days ago

    Next do a 4 door long bed dually truck

  • salil gaurav
    salil gaurav 6 days ago

    Rented jacket idiot

  • Yazid Kuhil
    Yazid Kuhil 6 days ago

    9:30 don’t mind me just walking like a Penguin

  • Benedict Ahlquist
    Benedict Ahlquist 6 days ago

    You missed the donut

  • kung-fu hustle
    kung-fu hustle 6 days ago

    A sink to vomit in.🤮

  • ChevyBoy86
    ChevyBoy86 6 days ago

    I actually lived by a dude who daily drove a limo because he had a big family and that's the only car that would hold the entire family at once

  • kukulaylay delapan
    kukulaylay delapan 7 days ago

    Stupid car ever made

  • Rimbang Mulyana
    Rimbang Mulyana 7 days ago


  • Skywalker Hunter Archive

    the only person with a limo that can get to a drive through is donald trump😏

  • Infinite Power
    Infinite Power 9 days ago +1

    I’m legit dying 😂

    DJ SUBARU 9 days ago

    Filmed at gallows corner 😂 why did you do it there and next time you do I want to come and say hello 👋🏽

  • Jooni
    Jooni 9 days ago

    Can you make a video of : Daily driving with a bus?

  • Emilis Valentinas
    Emilis Valentinas 9 days ago

    The dislikes are 666

  • 911shotJFK
    911shotJFK 10 days ago +1

    The tail-lights have been modified, here in the states they're solid red, the amber inserts must be turn signals.

  • Alex Lemon
    Alex Lemon 10 days ago

    The answer is yes I drive one everyday to get free advertisement for my company I can even go to the drive-through at McDonald's

    • Alex Lemon
      Alex Lemon 7 days ago

      There long drive I will post a video of it

    • jr
      jr 8 days ago

      How do you get in the drive threws

  • Hamburgerkop
    Hamburgerkop 10 days ago

    can you living with a dodge demon?

  • No0dLz
    No0dLz 10 days ago

    Isn't rear wheels steering a thing on Limos ? Sound like a thing that could come in handy!

  • Jac A
    Jac A 10 days ago

    Funny thing is, there's actually a local who lives at the trailer park who has a limo thats parked next to his van.
    Dirty and full of storage stuff, but the amount of times i see it driving around town and parked at shopping centres amazes me. Like why a limo? WHY???

  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 11 days ago

    I took a limo to my school on my last day
    Cuz it was my last day and i wanted to have something different from those inferno school buses
    It did just that

  • Rasmus Z.
    Rasmus Z. 11 days ago

    I almost got ran over by one of those 🤣

  • shut up fats
    shut up fats 11 days ago

    *insert big chunky boi on driveway*

  • Sam Garr
    Sam Garr 11 days ago

    I’d sleep in it

  • Mario T.
    Mario T. 11 days ago

    i am new her, is thes guy gay or joking? :/

  • Blaise Jeziorowski -gaming & vlogs

    My aunt has a limo that they drive everyday caz they have 8kids

  • OPT MrSquidward _
    OPT MrSquidward _ 12 days ago

    Eventually, limos prolly will be illegal, maybe In just the USA, cause there is no way in hell that would fit into a circle

  • Léon Léon
    Léon Léon 12 days ago +2

    Next video: Can you daily drive a horsedrawn carriage?

  • -Linkzy Zeus-
    -Linkzy Zeus- 12 days ago

    I saw a limo at a mcdonald’s drive thru last week, I was like “how the F* did you get there?”

  • Paul Tougher
    Paul Tougher 13 days ago

    Wait donuts are food???

  • T Bear
    T Bear 13 days ago

    Every lory driver is laughing at you right now 😜

  • GilotoVlogi
    GilotoVlogi 13 days ago

    Why not just make it articulated?
    Sure it wouldn’t look as "fancy" then, but at least it’d be more drivable.

  • Godfrey Rotich
    Godfrey Rotich 14 days ago

    4:42 First best part.

  • read more
    read more 14 days ago

    Limos , the football shirt of the car world!

  • Visakh Jayan
    Visakh Jayan 15 days ago

    Hi Alex , Nice vid. Next time can you please daily drive a camper van ?

  • 20000plus Rpm
    20000plus Rpm 15 days ago

    What this channel needs is a "living with a peel p50"

  • Emily Lawler
    Emily Lawler 15 days ago

    I've got a Lincoln Town car limo.... Only 5 seats tho lol. And 20 years old. Def a nice ride though

  • Che1seabluesdrogba11
    Che1seabluesdrogba11 16 days ago

    Alex shoulda met up with Sung Kang again lol

  • Ryan craft_0902
    Ryan craft_0902 18 days ago

    *we need a bendable limo*

  • Rommy Soeli
    Rommy Soeli 19 days ago

    The only appropriate parking spot for that car at the nearest grocery store in here is at the trucks cargo loading bay

  • Private Hany
    Private Hany 19 days ago +1

    I would never sit in the driver seat even if i got payed 1M bucks. Well i would if there is 1M bucks on the line

  • Humberto Amorim
    Humberto Amorim 22 days ago

    I wonder where Gasly will be racing next year

  • Nexus Hexus
    Nexus Hexus 22 days ago

    Mc Choke N Puke.

    TENSKA PLAYS 23 days ago +1

    Can you daily drive your mom

  • sirchicken food
    sirchicken food 23 days ago

    I don't think the oversized suit helps.... :0

  • M3nj0
    M3nj0 24 days ago

    I'm hungry

  • Matthew Sarll
    Matthew Sarll 24 days ago

    Gallows corner KFC and McDonald’s literally up the road from me

  • ShädLion - Iceman
    ShädLion - Iceman 24 days ago

    Please do loving with a dodge challenger!

  • Lynn Skinner
    Lynn Skinner 24 days ago

    I have one... I only drive it when someone's paying me...

  • Satyryczny
    Satyryczny 25 days ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Nrloolee Gaming
    Nrloolee Gaming 25 days ago

    You live near me I reconised the A127

  • The K
    The K 25 days ago

    Lel when they was trying to drive through the drive through, he looked like an exited Tom Holland

    DELTA DJ 25 days ago

    lol 9:12

  • alright valcano
    alright valcano 25 days ago

    Living in a limo for a month

  • TigerTT
    TigerTT 25 days ago

    If you're an ex-bus driver then this is nothing lol

  • Carbine Melon
    Carbine Melon 26 days ago +1

    I go to that McDonald’s and it’s in mocambe

  • Hilmy Abiyyu
    Hilmy Abiyyu 26 days ago

    Saya kira limo yg di pakai taksi taksi kembaran nya vios hehe

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris 26 days ago

    In America thats an average size of a sub compact
    ( joking don't @ me losers but uou know its commen to drive 20+ foof vehicles as daily's

  • Chris G
    Chris G 27 days ago

    Take it from a truck got to take those bends wider than that my friend XD

  • Robbert van Haaften
    Robbert van Haaften 27 days ago

    You should not promote consumption of animals, That is the leading cause of inveromental and natural destruction en depletion of wild life.

  • EDGE blade
    EDGE blade 28 days ago

    Can you make a living with a Jeepney in the Philippines! I would be so happy if you can do guys!

  • David Kenny
    David Kenny 28 days ago

    Top Gear need to sign you up ASAP...!

  • Samel
    Samel 29 days ago +1

    *at least i know his name is alex, now*

  • Lewis Gaming
    Lewis Gaming 29 days ago

    Daily drive a tractor in city’s like London

  • daniel bean
    daniel bean 29 days ago

    That limo is a worn out Piece of shit. How is it still of motoway?

  • Potatoes 9001
    Potatoes 9001 29 days ago

    Next episode: Daily driving an extremely loud V8 muscle car.

  • Bloxxier
    Bloxxier 29 days ago

    Y’know, I think I’ll live *IN* it. 👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • James Kingsford
    James Kingsford 29 days ago

    Bus driving in a nutshell

  • TheHassan2098
    TheHassan2098 Month ago

    This man is too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zart
    Zart Month ago

    7:12 you literally cut her off...

  • Ben Gillam
    Ben Gillam Month ago

    Should have gone to east grinstead their Macdonalds has car park around the drive through lane, reckon you could just about manage it

  • rupertgti85
    rupertgti85 Month ago

    Subtitles? :(

  • Sarkazmo Loafy
    Sarkazmo Loafy Month ago

    Were they not able to find a kid's jacket for Alex?

  • James Drobik
    James Drobik Month ago

    Honey, I shrunk the Alex!

  • Motorenbastler
    Motorenbastler Month ago

    I love the British poeple. But if they are really leaving the EU the EU becomes even more serius. But we all know, british humor, they will never leave us 😂😂

    • Joshua Rosen
      Joshua Rosen Month ago +1

      I hope you are right. I'm not so sure,

  • LTZ_
    LTZ_ Month ago

    Stretch Limos are such a relic from the 90s its insane. Today they are perceived as party mobiles for young people, back then rich people seriously considered owning a stretch limo as a goal lol

  • moon mission
    moon mission Month ago

    I drove a 25 ft camper with a boat on the back through a chinese food drive through in Oklahoma city about 12 years ago, it was sketchy ;)

  • Saurabh Tripathi
    Saurabh Tripathi Month ago

    Overcompensating for your height I see ..

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga Month ago

    Ye mude bhi na sahi se. Kya chutiyapa banaya hai.

  • Mahinda Githaiga
    Mahinda Githaiga Month ago

    Beautiful Limousine, I wish we had them in Kenya.

  • Imran A. Iskandar
    Imran A. Iskandar Month ago +1

    Living with a horse carriage next lolol

  • Learning guitar
    Learning guitar Month ago

    rear wheels dont turn?

    NEWYORK BOSS Month ago

    Left 🔑 in car n 🚪 open 🚗 Jack waitin to happen

    NEWYORK BOSS Month ago

    Only in GTA u can drive limo daily 😂 😂u can crash w e u want n still drive it

  • Montana Said
    Montana Said Month ago +1


  • White Sparrow
    White Sparrow Month ago

    some cars have 4 wheel steering but nonono you apparnetluy cant chuck it in a LIMMMOOOO

  • baldpig2k12
    baldpig2k12 Month ago

    Didn't expect to see CT at my local kfc and McDonald's!

  • Jaime Cantos
    Jaime Cantos Month ago


    Limo: "Finally! A worthy opponent"

  • ᅚ
     Month ago

    Gallows corner KFC

    Saw this limo

  • Jons Joy
    Jons Joy Month ago

    The number plate reads "BIG LIMO" anyone caught that ? 😎