Tilted Towers is Back!

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
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  • Kulbida
    Kulbida 4 months ago +586

    We've been waiting for this for a long time. Finally. 🥳🥳🥳

  • TheRealODG
    TheRealODG 4 months ago +492

    Do you hear that? It’s the sound of 90 people landing at the same location.

    • Amit⚡The king⚡
      Amit⚡The king⚡ 13 hours ago

      The suond is in the game Emily's wants to play

    • Just_Smiley
      Just_Smiley 6 days ago


    • Yoda
      Yoda 11 days ago

      Hiding Under the stairs without a gun a lot of foot steps sounds around you just holding your Axe

    • Gmofo
      Gmofo 18 days ago

      @Charli D'amelio how?

    • Random Oreo
      Random Oreo 24 days ago

      Yea I hear it wait now hear 99

  • connor
    connor 4 months ago +462

    This is both nostalgic and terrifying at the same time 😂

  • Gravimetric Guy
    Gravimetric Guy 4 months ago +376

    This brings back “where we dropping bois” vibes

  • blackninja797
    blackninja797 4 months ago +308

    "You couldn't live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me." - Thanos

    • Clapsalot
      Clapsalot 4 months ago +2

      @Tobias322 Honestly Titled is super overrated, all it does is make fewer people land elsewhere

    • Shade The moonlight lover
      Shade The moonlight lover 4 months ago

      Now we need the infinity Gaunlet mode back

    • Taco on YT
      Taco on YT 4 months ago


    • Marvel Nerd
      Marvel Nerd 4 months ago


    • Omi.FiveEleven
      Omi.FiveEleven 4 months ago +8

      @Tobias322 I disagree, but I respect your opinion. It is a good Poi, probably the most recognizable one to those who don't play the game

  • Infinite Catto
    Infinite Catto 4 months ago +121

    Imagine if we got Neo Tilted instead of OG Tilted, I can only imagine all the disappointed people we would have.

    • JWKing 12
      JWKing 12 Month ago +1

      @Xhocs yeah agree

    • team 7 naruto
      team 7 naruto 2 months ago

      @Xhocs og tilted is better

    • duck
      duck 3 months ago +1

      Idk, I remember neo tilted being better but yeah tilted was still pretty good

    • Studio of The North Wind
      Studio of The North Wind 3 months ago +3

      Nah I like neo tilted better tbh
      Even though og tilted was ok I guess

    • Gengar
      Gengar 4 months ago +5

      @Xhocs fr

  • Viktor Algotsson
    Viktor Algotsson 4 months ago +184

    Feels weird that we haven't seen Tilted since May 4th 2019! Almost 3 years!

    • I ship bkdk SO MUCH
      I ship bkdk SO MUCH 3 months ago

      May the 4th be with you….

    • The Michael Show
      The Michael Show 4 months ago

      @Viktor Algotsson You just never stop do you.

    • The Michael Show
      The Michael Show 4 months ago

      @Viktor Algotsson Why are you bringing up the teeth thing when one I deleted the comment, it’s been deleted for a while, and two the past is the past

    • The Michael Show
      The Michael Show 4 months ago

      @Viktor Algotsson Go reread every comment and you’ll see I deleted it bud. Can’t handle a few words vik. If you can’t handle me you should go see what people in New York are like

  • Yoda
    Yoda 4 months ago +19

    It’s sad when you remember old times with old friends dropping in here and now you got no one 💔

    • Trench33
      Trench33 11 days ago

      Brings me back playground times 😭

    • TARDIS
      TARDIS 4 months ago +1

      Ikr 😭

  • Alpha_4608
    Alpha_4608 4 months ago +7

    Long have I waited for this moment…
    To all the staff at epic games, thank you for bringing back our favorite game from the dead

  • PindaMoes
    PindaMoes 4 months ago +310

    "Search 7 chests in Risky Reels" all over again

  • Rick stonkly
    Rick stonkly 4 months ago +293

    Finally the home of the sweats are back now I don't have to scared about sweats dropping with me

    • Super LoneStar Bros
      Super LoneStar Bros 4 months ago +1

      @Eugene18 lol Spider-Man

    • Eugene18
      Eugene18 4 months ago

      Yo your profile is literally my phone wallpaper

    • Super LoneStar Bros
      Super LoneStar Bros 4 months ago

      @unkowner yeah

    • unkowner
      unkowner 4 months ago

      Sweats back in the old seasons with soccer skins were the hard players to defeat but .... This sweats there good

    • Super LoneStar Bros
      Super LoneStar Bros 4 months ago

      It was literally joke r/wooosh

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 months ago +23

    Then everyone is going to be landing at other places hoping one day they can grow the balls to actually land Tilted just like Chapter 1...💀

  • Fx itz_Fionn-
    Fx itz_Fionn- 4 months ago +7

    I can't believe it's back after all this time it's so hectic the way everyone lands their 😂

  • oof plays
    oof plays 4 months ago +7

    It’s back, and better than ever!

  • Loxey
    Loxey 3 months ago

    Epic is really redeeming themselves from last chapter. Props epic and keep it up with the frequent updates

    TWEAKER LXO BTW 4 months ago +2

    i cant believe the community complained tilted back to life, that's crazy

  • Ricky RxZER0X
    Ricky RxZER0X 4 months ago +79

    Coney Crossroads: Everyone comes here everyday.
    Rocky Reels: No, Everyone comes here.
    Tilted Towers: We’ll See.

  • The TARDIS
    The TARDIS 4 months ago +9

    Damn epic you didn’t have to make the place feel scary 😳

  • Mia Withey
    Mia Withey 4 months ago +1

    I’m so happy this is back !!! Me and my friends love fortnite so much can’t wait till next season

  • name
    name 4 months ago +5

    Now we need the old weapons back again instead of the new ones lol

  • KnightMysterio
    KnightMysterio 4 months ago +27

    Not shown - The entire goddamn lobby descending on Tilted like vultures.

    HACKGNER 4 months ago +1

    Agora sim, finalmente TT Voltou. Foda-se as edições, vou é jogar em TT.

  • B M
    B M 3 months ago

    After years of waiting tilted towers has finally returned

  • imaLigzx
    imaLigzx 4 months ago +1

    Everybody has been waiting for this almost 4 years finally it is back🥳🥳🥳

  • Jack Num Num
    Jack Num Num 3 months ago +1

    I couldn’t wait for tilted towers to come back when I heard it was coming back

  • Jellybean or camman18
    Jellybean or camman18 4 months ago

    "It's not a mistake" ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

    • Sam gamer
      Sam gamer 3 months ago

      Jelly bean stan

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty 4 months ago

      Epic talkin bout removing tilted if anything happens to the klombos if you guys do it again I will come to Cary North Carolina and have a tazer with me

  • Arman Cabrera
    Arman Cabrera 4 months ago

    this map is nostalgic, i was wondering where did tilted towers go in the newer maps.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty 4 months ago

    The biggest "You couldn't live with your own failure, where did that bring you? Back to me" of all time

  • Sky Beat Easton
    Sky Beat Easton 4 months ago +1

    Home sweet home clock tower, the landing of the top brings back C1. Memories

  • Ugene Quagmire
    Ugene Quagmire 4 months ago +1

    Ive been replaying for abit I remember being a straight up beast late chapter 1 I practiced so long back then but its been so long im just bad again now whenever im in tilted i feel like im reliving 2018 Fortnite but when i leave for the storm I realise the rest of the game is still ruined 😮‍💨

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone 4 months ago

    The biggest "You couldn't live with your own failure, where did that bring you? Back to me" of all time

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu 4 months ago

    The biggest "You couldn't live with your own failure, where did that bring you? Back to me" of all time

  • DMG iCris
    DMG iCris 4 months ago +2

    A legend is back

  • Zactizm GameZ
    Zactizm GameZ 4 months ago

    I’m glad to see Tilted Towers to Come Back in Chapter 3 Season 1

  • Jakey1110
    Jakey1110 Month ago

    The legend said ‘The building at Tilted Towers is still trying to be built’

  • TheCoolestYoutuber1234
    TheCoolestYoutuber1234 4 months ago

    Let's go , I've been waiting for it to come back

  • HA-_EU
    HA-_EU 3 months ago

    Thank you very much for these memories that you bring back

  • Anco
    Anco 4 months ago +8

    Omg, We all have waited for this moment.

  • Spartan 300
    Spartan 300 3 months ago

    I like titled a lot i used to drop there every single game when i was playing duo squads with my friend or squad but anarchy is something else man i love this place👌

  • Legend_mwn
    Legend_mwn 4 months ago

    Took long enough but worth the wait!🤩

  • FAHD Gamer
    FAHD Gamer 3 months ago

    love tilted thanks for giving it back one question are all the chest spots the same from the og tilted

  • PabloEmbananado
    PabloEmbananado 4 months ago

    Welcome back tilted towers we missed you

  • WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen

    We now want Dusty Depot back too.

  • Joey Keenan
    Joey Keenan 4 months ago +45

    Out of the 100 people in my last game, I think 758 of them went to Tilted. 🙃

    • NickIzAnewb
      NickIzAnewb 4 months ago

      @Squid Brick Productions Oh my bad.

    • Squid Brick Productions
      Squid Brick Productions 4 months ago

      @NickIzAnewb that is true, that was only a quarter full loby

    • NickIzAnewb
      NickIzAnewb 4 months ago

      @Squid Brick Productions I have a feeling you are trying to making 1,500 seem like a lot

    • NickIzAnewb
      NickIzAnewb 4 months ago

      @Squid Brick Productions Well, the other half might have landed at the mecha arm. I don't get great lobbies!

    • Squid Brick Productions
      Squid Brick Productions 4 months ago +3

      @NickIzAnewb where's all your lobby gone?? I saw at least 1,562 ppl land at tilted

  • Just a gamer. UKRAINE LIVES MATTER 🇺🇦

    I think the editors forgot some things:
    1. The entire lobby landing tilted whilst going insane.
    2. The entirety of tilted destroyed after like 5 mins in the match.
    3. No destruction of middle building.

  • RezzaRex
    RezzaRex 4 months ago +2

    Well this short feels ominous

  • PlaY1E
    PlaY1E 4 months ago

    This doesn't bring back memories... It brings back the sweats

  • Taikue
    Taikue 4 months ago

    Only OGs remember dropping tilted when hop rocks were in the game

  • KingOfDairyQueen
    KingOfDairyQueen 4 months ago +2

    The perfect loop doesn’t exi…

  • KhasFn
    KhasFn 4 months ago

    esta pequena parte de mi vida se llama felicidad

  • The Axolotl King
    The Axolotl King 4 months ago

    Thanks for bringing it back... but the feeling is gone the where we dropping boys feeling it doesnt feel the same but still thank you it was a great update

  • Little Timmy
    Little Timmy 4 months ago

    Would’ve been more unique if they remade the og tilted trailer in season 2. Still glad it’s here nonetheless

  • peachybun
    peachybun 3 months ago

    " _evil laughter_
    Welcome to Tilted Towers."

  • NRG Scythe
    NRG Scythe 4 months ago +2

    Omg 😭 Thank you so much Epic Games!!! We're back home!!!

  • Lego's for days
    Lego's for days 4 months ago

    thank you I haven't been playing Fortnite for like a long time so I can finally experience tilted towers

  • Jrel Jones
    Jrel Jones 7 days ago

    Thanks Fortnite I support this very much i’m literally about to cry in happiness🥺🥺

  • allison🇲🇽#roadto200

    AYEEEE LETS GO!!!TILTED IS FINALLY BACK AFTER AFEW YEARS!! I remeber when Tilted was hella sweaty!!

  • FatLilNerd
    FatLilNerd 3 months ago +1

    This is the first time epic have added tilted in season 1 on a chapter. In chapter 1 it was season 2, and in chapter 2 it was in season 5.

  • Yetanotherdude
    Yetanotherdude 4 months ago

    In the first time in 4 years I know where we are dropping bois

  • just john
    just john 3 months ago

    i think epic is fixing their mistakes from chapter 2 now we need the old weapons and old mobility items. Fortnite is finally becoming fun again :)

  • ChristopherAnimations
    ChristopherAnimations 4 months ago

    Brings back good memories

  • kxromiix ♡
    kxromiix ♡ 4 months ago

    i remember back in chapter 1 season 6 my friend was spectating and i was looting tilted towers and all of a sudden the loot lake event happened. memoriess

  • SonZilla MarioCraft
    SonZilla MarioCraft 4 months ago

    "The return of the king"

  • Mr Pineappleplays
    Mr Pineappleplays 4 months ago

    It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece

  • ɔıqɐɹɐ uı ǝlddɐ ʇɐǝɹɓ ǝɥ⊥

    Fun fact : The clock sound was came from tilted towers but the clock is not working 😂

  • JakeTGB
    JakeTGB 4 months ago

    Welcome Back, Tilted Towers

  • Rayan Bouhenna
    Rayan Bouhenna 4 months ago +2


  • Kayden Begaye
    Kayden Begaye 4 months ago

    Let’s go the legend is back

  • mrdriftman
    mrdriftman 4 months ago

    Finally!! Also epic, please release the building behind the no sweat insurance building the red and white one into creative, i love it

  • 『 Vrai VFX 』
    『 Vrai VFX 』 4 months ago

    I have a feeling tilted won’t last long…

  • MrNotPro Fortnite
    MrNotPro Fortnite 3 months ago

    We've been waiting for this for a long time. i love you fortnite

  • Red MOON
    Red MOON 4 months ago

    Even if tilted returns, it's not the same. Almost every OG weopon is gone. Reduced to atoms.
    It doesn't quite feel the same. Q .Q
    I miss the 5 shot Burst too.

  • Xeroy
    Xeroy 4 months ago +1

    Me and my friends were crying i am so happy is back i love you Epic

  • Kyberguy
    Kyberguy 4 months ago +1

    After 2 years in Retail Row It’s time to go home

  • Swizzy
    Swizzy 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for sweats to crank 90s on me. Ohhhh the memories

  • Random Wolf Boi
    Random Wolf Boi 4 months ago

    Normal people: nice! Im happy it's back

  • Assasaingguy_p3
    Assasaingguy_p3 3 months ago

    Thanks alot bringing back the sweats

  • Andreo CODM
    Andreo CODM 4 months ago

    this is terrifying to land there but also it came on the 4th anniversary of tilted!

  • Galapagos
    Galapagos 4 months ago +25

    I can feel the drop in FPS.

    • yorusty aka yorusteez
      yorusty aka yorusteez 4 months ago

      @Saad Syed *Screams in switch player*

    • Saad Syed
      Saad Syed 4 months ago

      @yorusty aka yorusteez thats what i told man u get only 30 fps

    • yorusty aka yorusteez
      yorusty aka yorusteez 4 months ago

      @Saad Syed Wait I only get 30 fps

    • Saad Syed
      Saad Syed 4 months ago

      I think switch player get only 30 fps rigth. Then my man rip to switch 😔

    • yorusty aka yorusteez
      yorusty aka yorusteez 4 months ago

      I really hope you don't play on switch like I do because that fps drop is well ...

  • Best ark player ever
    Best ark player ever 4 months ago

    Epic we love you, but we need the OG pump back I can not stand hitting 1 damage.

  • skiser
    skiser 4 months ago

    back then when people were dropping there and it was a good round when killing one enemy before getting killed by a shoot gun player

  • ꧁POG FISH꧂
    ꧁POG FISH꧂ 4 months ago

    We were waiting for this since the day it left... 😃

  • Steph Mod
    Steph Mod 4 months ago

    finally i can now land on my dropspot without any sweat following me!

  • PBRJ
    PBRJ 4 months ago

    The no sweat insurance building looks weird. Considering its the same color as big birtha. Back in chapter 1 the building was a bit lighter.

  • Baran S
    Baran S 4 months ago +5

    The best news after Chapter 2 ...

  • Arta Xhokola
    Arta Xhokola 3 months ago

    I’m so happy tilted towers back

  • WaitWhatF
    WaitWhatF 4 months ago

    i feel like im landing at daily bugle, still nothing can change the OG tilted towers or they can put the chapter 1 graphics and then i will feel like im in the real tilted

  • Me myself And i
    Me myself And i 4 months ago

    Thank you for adding back tilted. But can you please nerf or remove the stinger. I cant play the game with people just spraying stinger. thank you.

  • Rigil Kent Tulang
    Rigil Kent Tulang 4 months ago

    After years and years, its here.

  • Jp's Gaming
    Jp's Gaming 4 months ago +3

    “Where we droppin bois”

    VENOMIZED_GHOST 4 months ago

    The bell ringing is the sign of your already timed fate in this cursed town

  • NᎥgeℓ :)
    NᎥgeℓ :) 4 months ago

    Bring chapter 1 back pls, the old vibes, graphics and guns plssss

  • Harry Peter
    Harry Peter 4 months ago

    Yes finally tilted is back baby!!!!

  • Eggg
    Eggg 2 months ago

    You hear that? That’s the sound of them getting rid of it in the next season

  • Retro Coyote
    Retro Coyote 4 months ago +28

    I’m ready for the chaos as half the server is swarming in tilted towers

  • Travancore Tydus biggest fan and RyRy End MS gamin

    OMG Thank you so much for returning to the towers

  • FrostyToast Lol
    FrostyToast Lol 4 months ago

    It doesn’t feel the same when I drop there I miss the old times😪

  • Rising Star
    Rising Star 3 months ago

    On the First 2 Minutes of Landing here again I already got Obliterated by 4 People one with a Pistol and 3 With a Pickaxe.

  • Arthiman 2005
    Arthiman 2005 4 months ago +5

    "Peace was never an option"

  • CioLuvsUrNan😏
    CioLuvsUrNan😏 4 months ago

    Tilted looks less like a wacky cartoon 😍