How EVERY Team Got Its Name & Identity!

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Ever wonder how the NFL got to be where it is today? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Evolution of the NFL.
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  • NFL Throwback
    NFL Throwback  Month ago +2078

    Glad to see all the positive reception for this video! We are VERY excited to do more videos like this! We did however make a small mistake. The Buccaneers owners name when they come up in 1976 - we said Hugh Culverson - and it’s Culverhouse. We are sorry about the error!

    • binkyxz3
      binkyxz3 17 hours ago

      Great video. Trivia tidbit: Cleveland Rams were the 1st team to put a graphic on their helmets.

    • Michael Green
      Michael Green 2 days ago

      @chris dube :-D

    • Grant Vasquez
      Grant Vasquez 3 days ago

      Another thing that made me mad is when they featured the Cardinals modern logo and not the classic logo.

    • Graham
      Graham 3 days ago

      A more in depth history of each team would be an awesome 32 part series!

    • Brandon Wolff
      Brandon Wolff 4 days ago

      You should go over why the Pottsville maroons actually dropped out. It’s good history

  • Carlos Tapia
    Carlos Tapia 32 minutes ago

    Tonawanda Kardex Nation for life

  • Quickscope One Eighty
    Quickscope One Eighty 51 minute ago

    I think the NFL has another 10-15 years left.

  • Errortonin
    Errortonin 2 hours ago +1

    Ban foot ball, it causes brain damage. Fuck your game. (no offense)

  • Edward Rueter
    Edward Rueter 2 hours ago

    This was a great video. I really enjoyed it. Go Tonawanda!

  • kirk gauthier
    kirk gauthier 3 hours ago

    The movie Leatherheads inspired me to check out the history of the NFL. The Green Bay Packers was interesting. What is a "packer"? Not an animal or machine. The Indian (meat) Packing Company. They were almost called the Green Bay Indians but the company changed to ACME Packing Co.

  • Daniel Landry
    Daniel Landry 5 hours ago

    Very interesting....I'm a Packers fan and will always be.....

  • Steve Lockwood
    Steve Lockwood 6 hours ago

    Stop saying Jag-wire!

  • Mike Debrocky
    Mike Debrocky 6 hours ago +1


  • Jess E
    Jess E 9 hours ago

    very interesting

  • jamarla bellinger
    jamarla bellinger 14 hours ago

    I noticed how they stopped telling us how much it costs to purchase or enter a team.😏
    At first it was $100 ...then $500...then mumms the word on that! 😑😁

  • Shawn Gross
    Shawn Gross 15 hours ago

    Detroit should the Demolition, Baltimore should be the bonecrushers, Indianapolis ironmen, Oakland oxen, Green bay grunts, Chicago shipwrecks,

  • Jc Brown
    Jc Brown 15 hours ago

    i live in st.louis

  • Phil Sheridan
    Phil Sheridan 17 hours ago

    Awesome. Except for 27:06 - "Jagwire"?! I'm sorry, but that constant mispronunciation irritates the crap out of me.

  • binkyxz3
    binkyxz3 17 hours ago

    Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans had to get permission from previous owners to use those names, I believe.

  • SnowyGrinds
    SnowyGrinds 17 hours ago +1

    If This Is Blue Your A OG NFL Throwback $ubscriber🤤💝
    👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)

  • Christina Sweetheart
    Christina Sweetheart 17 hours ago

    Why do we keep giving LA teams? They cant keep nothing.😂

  • The Train
    The Train 20 hours ago

    The browns desperately need a new logo

  • Codylegitness
    Codylegitness 21 hour ago +1

    Why do the falcons fans from when they won that game when they started it sounded like ghostbuster actors

  • Diego Cabrera
    Diego Cabrera 21 hour ago

    I’m not from the US, but even I know that Washington is not in Virginia, why did you put the Redskins there? Sorry if it’s a dumb question.

  • Nashville Pred
    Nashville Pred 21 hour ago

    It's look Like I Saw Some teams as MLB Teams

  • Tommy Litz
    Tommy Litz 21 hour ago

    Boston Braves changed their name to cash in on the greater notoriety of their baseball teams name. Giving the city Boston Redsox and Boston Redskins. George Preston Marshall was a genius.

  • drewlovs
    drewlovs 22 hours ago

    That's Kyle Brandt narrating, isn't it?

  • Javier Clark
    Javier Clark 22 hours ago

    22:35 falcon fans still sound like that till this day

  • Cryo
    Cryo Day ago

    I'm from VA but so glad Redskins aren't a part of it 😂

  • J McClain
    J McClain Day ago

    Future teams include the Montana Militia Men, The Kentucky Red Necks, the Arkansas InBreeders, and of course the San Antonio Fat Asses. Sadly however, ten years after their inception, the Fat Asses will move to Maine to be now known as the Bangor Socialists.

  • HarbingerOfBattle

    The 1945-6 Rams were not the only pro football team to move immediately after winning a championship. In 1962 the AFL's Dallas Texans won the league championship and then in 1963 they moved to Kansas City where they were renamed the Chiefs.

  • Dregs
    Dregs Day ago

    if only you could do this for baseballl, basketball, and hockey..

  • Mr05chuck
    Mr05chuck Day ago

    When a team moves from now on they should do it like the Browns/Ravens. So when the city regains a team (like the Browns) they keep their legacy. Sorry Raiders.

  • Mr05chuck
    Mr05chuck Day ago

    Imagine how much the first trophy cup would be worth if you found it at a yard sale?

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H Day ago

    This is actually false. The Green Bay packers started in 1919, this year is there 101st season

    • sean richardson
      sean richardson Day ago

      you should pay more attention...the graphic states they were founded in 1919...they joined the NFL in 1921.

  • Max Greineder
    Max Greineder Day ago

    22:36 Me watching Edelman catch in Super Bowl 51

  • J DoritoHead
    J DoritoHead Day ago

    Your videos are great

  • Nate
    Nate Day ago

    Browns is definitely the worst name.

  • nongthip
    nongthip Day ago

    Why do the Jets and Giants say they represent New York? They are both based in and play their home games in New Jersey.

  • Mark Suarez
    Mark Suarez Day ago

    Good to know my lacker team one the first and second ever superbowl

  • 864 Pescador
    864 Pescador Day ago

    And the NFL still lets a blatantly derogatory and historically racist stereotype in the league.

  • D.A.K
    D.A.K Day ago

    Atlanta peaches 😂

  • Kyle Billie
    Kyle Billie Day ago

    I love how they played 1930's jazz music
    All I've been hearing is trap and 90's rock

  • King Niko
    King Niko Day ago

    We need this of hockey

  • Kyle Billie
    Kyle Billie Day ago


  • Ivan Daniel
    Ivan Daniel Day ago

    now THAT was 30 minutes VERY well spent!
    not to mention, I don't hate myself after watching it as I do every time I watch other certain short films.

  • Jessica Shilts
    Jessica Shilts Day ago

    Please make a MLB and NBA and NHL video like this too very informative

  • jaim haas
    jaim haas Day ago

    Sad that they didn't really mention the fact how a small town team has remained PUBLICLY OWNED....amazing and a truly successful operation the GREEN BAY PACKERS.

  • callynt
    callynt Day ago

    Wow, this was quite interesting. So many changes over the decades.

  • pokepress
    pokepress Day ago

    I like to pretend the Jets are named after the gang from West Side Story. Probably helped the name stick.

  • Boris Sztorch
    Boris Sztorch Day ago

    Kansas City also held a competition to name the football team the Chiefs.

  • Hakan Uğur
    Hakan Uğur Day ago

    They forgot the London Europeans in 2024

  • Ignacio Alberto
    Ignacio Alberto Day ago

    Is there any documentary like this but related to mlb?

  • Nbewz
    Nbewz Day ago

    And there are just the Broncos. Chillin there in butt fuck nowhere

  • Yilmaz Ayten
    Yilmaz Ayten Day ago

    1936 is when players lost their right to determine where they wanted to live, play.

  • Lupe Rodriguez
    Lupe Rodriguez Day ago

    Always gonna be oakland raiders

  • TheGreatKrystoff

    Thank you for not forgetting the Panther's change in 2013! SO many places still use the old one

  • Phil Frazier 123
    Phil Frazier 123 2 days ago

    when is the gay's going to get there own team rainbow 🌈 Warriors you can place them in LA too LMAO

  • Kheldaurus
    Kheldaurus 2 days ago

    aah, american hand-egg, the most boring sport there is

  • Tanner Hazelton
    Tanner Hazelton 2 days ago

    Where are my redskins fans

  • S M
    S M 2 days ago

    So the patriots is the only name that represents our country. The rest are silly names after animals and etc

  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones 2 days ago

    Dude Apollos would of been dope.

  • Robert Avila
    Robert Avila 2 days ago +1

    Can you do this again but with baceball, or soccor or ,volleyball or nascar plz

  • RAVE Ace
    RAVE Ace 2 days ago

    The raiders didn’t move to Las Vegas yet