Barcelona & PSG To Finalise Neymar’s Return This Week! | Transfer Talk

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
    Neymar to Barcelona might be finally happening, a transfer that we're all truly bored of.
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  • Joshua Brondenstein
    Joshua Brondenstein 4 months ago +1

    neymar go back to barca and barca will be strong

  • Imrah Ebrahim
    Imrah Ebrahim 4 months ago

    Neymar come to juventus

  • tino T kat
    tino T kat 4 months ago

    Neymar please come back Barcelona we miss you

  • Hip Hop for life
    Hip Hop for life 4 months ago +1

    I only clicked because I saw one of the GOAT Mustafi

  • bous s3lmi
    bous s3lmi 4 months ago
    like and share please

  • Daniel Dimensions
    Daniel Dimensions 4 months ago


  • Saikpu Gibba
    Saikpu Gibba 4 months ago

    will this deal happen

  • Eros Orellana
    Eros Orellana 4 months ago


  • Mindless
    Mindless 4 months ago

    neymar? on the move? haha yeah, its just one of those transfer stories that are used to make his value spike

  • daniel somba
    daniel somba 4 months ago +1

    Barca deal will be done on Tuesday . PSG have accepted the offer of a loan deal until season ends . Then barca buys him for 150 m

  • licinleno JUNIOR
    licinleno JUNIOR 4 months ago

    neymarJR will be depart to barca at camp Nou this summer

  • Marco kam
    Marco kam 4 months ago

    Neymar is barca now so happy 😀 😀

  • SladerPlays
    SladerPlays 4 months ago

    I really hope we get Neymar back in Barca again

  • Radwa Mohamed
    Radwa Mohamed 4 months ago

    I think will stay psg finally nemar not back it's Clown and Undefined and he wants that do

  • ZeroTo Hero
    ZeroTo Hero 4 months ago +3

    remember when you could buy a world class player like torres for 35 mill

  • myx younus
    myx younus 4 months ago

    Ohhh come on plz someone buy or sell or do something with his transfer my ears r bleeding...😫

  • Ameerah Behardien
    Ameerah Behardien 4 months ago

    Neymar to Barca

  • Davlat 55
    Davlat 55 4 months ago

    Barca are gonna try to loan neymar and next season they buy him.

  • Arasbulut iynemli
    Arasbulut iynemli 4 months ago

    Barcelonaya geliyormu?

  • ShinyKingX
    ShinyKingX 4 months ago +9

    I don’t get it is Neymar really that special? Let’s swap Valvarde instead

  • User Use
    User Use 4 months ago

    neymar shold come

  • Fernando Gallegos
    Fernando Gallegos 4 months ago

    is there a highlight video for camavinga?

  • Fahad Al Khlaqi
    Fahad Al Khlaqi 4 months ago

    Tomorrow is School I can’t watch that for five hours no

  • Fahad Al Khlaqi
    Fahad Al Khlaqi 4 months ago

    Tomorrow is School I can’t watch that for five hours no

  • Emperor Reign
    Emperor Reign 4 months ago +1

    This is just pathetic.

  • Jake Lee
    Jake Lee 4 months ago

    Too lightweight for premier league

  • Global updates
    Global updates 4 months ago +1

    to see neymar to Barcelona is a greatest things so it will lead Barcelona to 2019 champions league cup

  • Miro
    Miro 4 months ago

    I was so angry and sad when neymar goes to psg

  • allthatihave14
    allthatihave14 4 months ago

    This not real surely?

  • Zig Zager
    Zig Zager 4 months ago

    Eriksen is over rated I think Tom cleverly was a better player than him

  • Dáire Reilly
    Dáire Reilly 4 months ago

    Where is stat wars ffs

  • Manoj Shrestha
    Manoj Shrestha 4 months ago

    Psg fan now don't like neymar whereas all barca fan in the world want neymar go back to barc

  • peo world
    peo world 4 months ago

    @peoworld. I don't know why barca need neymar

  • The Boring Channel
    The Boring Channel 4 months ago

  • pomnarayan pandey
    pomnarayan pandey 4 months ago

    Messi , Neymar , grezzman forward
    pogba, rakitic, virgil
    Mid filder
    ramous, pique, di maria, rafinha diffence

  • Miki ted
    Miki ted 4 months ago

    Just tell Neymar sign for bar...

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Jürgen Klopp

    Make it happen nowwww so the next uefa super cup arseanl vs Barcelona

  • Kyros games
    Kyros games 4 months ago +1

    Neymar go to barcelona

  • Shae869 e869
    Shae869 e869 4 months ago

    PSG need Neymar they never release it.

  • Cole Parton
    Cole Parton 5 months ago

    Fee of 57,900,000

  • Phillip Noetzel
    Phillip Noetzel 5 months ago

    Neymar will end up rolling around all over the ground regardless of where he goes.....just as always.

  • TheHellogoo
    TheHellogoo 5 months ago

    I say this as a Neymar and Barca fan: I don't want him back.

  • Allen Severain
    Allen Severain 5 months ago

    Neymar plane stuck in traffic

  • SlinKid
    SlinKid 5 months ago +1

    England should stop being so scared of refugee families. They always produce highly motivated children who want to create a better future for their family. This includes footballers! You see France profiting from it with their absolutely insane depth in their national squad

  • 999celticsfan
    999celticsfan 5 months ago

    Messi needs help fsfs

  • wilan grg
    wilan grg 5 months ago

    Is it only me who wants to see Neymar play from a English club now??? Epl 'll be on 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mathew Ev
    Mathew Ev 5 months ago

    We need a neymar

  • Jonathan Chavez
    Jonathan Chavez 5 months ago

    Fake news

  • fitz_muisc
    fitz_muisc 5 months ago

    97m an dybala is a sweet deal

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 5 months ago

    What a shite video

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 5 months ago

    Barcelona offered a 40 mill loan deal, with an obligation to buy, but PSG are not interested, as they will not be able to get a replacement for Neymar this season with that amount.

    RDN BDB 5 months ago

    Get the f...out of psg and back to the barrios or bois de rapist ....lmao

  • Junior Dexter
    Junior Dexter 5 months ago +1

    Neymar is the GOAT of Transfers. Just Wow

  • Xolityy-
    Xolityy- 5 months ago +4

    Barca fans:VALVERDE OUT!

  • juicelee
    juicelee 5 months ago

    But I thought it was a farmers league, Is it a farmers league because ligue 1 farms a bunch of talent?🤔

  • Melzo Bigg boss
    Melzo Bigg boss 5 months ago

    Neymar to barça

  • Zak Quinlan
    Zak Quinlan 5 months ago


  • Storm in a Teacup
    Storm in a Teacup 5 months ago

    Dybala + 100 million for Neymar would be a fantastic deal for PSG and seeing that Juventus have been willing to let Dybala go it could be on the cards.

  • jontra volta
    jontra volta 5 months ago


  • JoshNificent
    JoshNificent 5 months ago

    Guess Rugani didnt want to play for Arsenal or we didnt make it an obligation to buy.