• Published on Feb 11, 2018
  • I am sick and tired of hearing about Angry Joe.
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    Jason Hooft
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Comments • 562

  • 8-Bit Eric
    8-Bit Eric  Year ago +119

    Do I look like Angry Joe?

    • Rob Vermeer
      Rob Vermeer 5 months ago

      You are actually internalising his motions so for me this is kinda worrying. Please make your own content, because when servers go down, you have nothing left

    • Falcrow
      Falcrow 7 months ago

      I hate to say this dude but. . .
      Yeeeaaahhh, you kinda do look like him.
      We're still cool, right?

    • Sir Robin And Company
      Sir Robin And Company Year ago

      yeah, your just a lesser version of him

      ZOMBIE NINJA Js Year ago

      You look like his clone

    • West Wood
      West Wood Year ago

      8-Bit Eric you guys do look similar but you are hilarious man keep up the good videos

  • noogailt
    noogailt 24 days ago +1

    Nice bigger TheXvidr bait there.

  • Arcader Kid
    Arcader Kid Month ago +1

    LOL XD (my apologies man, but this video is actually funny)
    suddenly Angry Joe became 8-bit Eric indisguise. lol XD
    don't let it get to you man. Trolls will always try and get attention.
    especially when they are still virgins on the internet. :D

  • Jake henderson
    Jake henderson 8 months ago

    Stop fucking denying it you know you look like angry joe

  • Alan Pilkington
    Alan Pilkington 9 months ago

    I never heard of angry what’s his nuts.

  • Milen
    Milen 10 months ago

    well you dont look exactly like Angry Joe... you are more fat i mean wide

  • XGamingStormX
    XGamingStormX 10 months ago

    i mean.. all mexicans look the same

  • Hydroid 1954
    Hydroid 1954 10 months ago

    Yo angry joe do an angry review

  • Joshua Cannar
    Joshua Cannar 11 months ago

    You dun fucked it up

  • Dragonking1984
    Dragonking1984 11 months ago

    No of course you don't look like angry Joe...You look like pissed jose

  • red hood
    red hood 11 months ago

    I suggest a DNA test

  • bignekidbatzero
    bignekidbatzero 11 months ago

    make an angry Joe parody

  • Lightning Darkness
    Lightning Darkness 11 months ago

    angry joe junior where have you been :O

  • Gary Gatehouse
    Gary Gatehouse Year ago

    Dude you forgot your black jacket with the white stripe on the sleeves..?

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago +1

    Just accept it, you look like Angry Joe.
    I think your reviews are really lackluster too :/

  • William Policella
    William Policella Year ago +1

    Angry joe is better than you....... dude shut your mouth I can't stand YOU!!! JOE is the best youtuber... your a hater

  • MrFrenglish
    MrFrenglish Year ago

    This is hilarious! Gotta admit it though... You do look a bit like Angryjoe.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Angry joes brother is pretty angry

  • JP Aldama
    JP Aldama Year ago

    Angry Joe is Puerto Rican.

  • mcmixael
    mcmixael Year ago

    ты что еще за шлюха ебанная, гнать на энгри джо? Пошёл ка ты нахуй, еблан

  • Joe Godson
    Joe Godson Year ago

    Hey angry Joe didn't no u have a second channel

  • Cypherus
    Cypherus Year ago

    I skipped from 4:28 to 8:30 was legit no difference. You can sum up this video by ''I DO NOT LOOK LIKE ANGRY JOE!! and HAIRCUT!''

  • Rex Rupe
    Rex Rupe Year ago

    7or 8 out of ten angry joes

  • Weyland Yutani
    Weyland Yutani Year ago

    No you dont look like him, even though you share some caracteristicas you look different, thats it. Everything else is just silly comments,simple ignore.

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen Year ago

    It's your beard

  • SniperindaGrave 79

    Are you angry joes brother?

  • Redstrife X
    Redstrife X Year ago

    Dude stop saying that lil bro you aint angry joe

  • fischkopp1234
    fischkopp1234 Year ago

    What's with all the dislikes? Some people need to eat an XXL Humor Burger and watch a video until the end.

  • Darnoc234
    Darnoc234 Year ago

    I can’t tell if you are trying to look like angry joe on purpose or if you actually mean what your saying
    Edit.just saw the whole video

  • Ryan Bunce
    Ryan Bunce Year ago

    You look like angry joe

  • Uli Volga
    Uli Volga Year ago

    Joe is puerto rican, not mexican...

  • Brian Gilley
    Brian Gilley Year ago

    Angry Joe is my hero

  • Antonius Maximus
    Antonius Maximus Year ago


  • VitaKet
    VitaKet Year ago

    there's an opening at the jelly school

  • D
    D Year ago

    holy shit discount angry joe

  • ScifiKitty
    ScifiKitty Year ago

    To me you look more like the Liberal Redneck than angry joe

  • rendhy utama
    rendhy utama Year ago +1

    yeah, you are not like angry joe...but



    20 million out of 10

  • SoGx Delta
    SoGx Delta Year ago

    lol dude your just making it worst. Just accept that you look like angry joe and do a cross over with him

  • SnarlyTrain
    SnarlyTrain Year ago +1

    oh look its angry joe!

  • Dinu Quiti
    Dinu Quiti Year ago

    Who cares?

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife Year ago

    uhmm why is it a big of a deal though??

  • tyler smith
    tyler smith Year ago


  • Raymond Perez
    Raymond Perez Year ago

    I thought I was watching the angry Joe show

  • NCKYG2X3
    NCKYG2X3 Year ago

    shut up you little poof

  • elektron Zer
    elektron Zer Year ago

    Man who gives a fuck

  • Skill Shot
    Skill Shot Year ago

    70 likes, Y I K E S

  • Nanoplasm75
    Nanoplasm75 Year ago

    Heyyyy..... Is that Angry Joe?

  • Noe Torres
    Noe Torres Year ago


  • Luke Kleinhen
    Luke Kleinhen Year ago

    hes not mexican cry baby

  • George Bentchev
    George Bentchev Year ago

    you look like angry joe, solid 5/7

  • t0talimm0rtalz
    t0talimm0rtalz Year ago

    You look like Angry Joe except that you're less attractive, less entertaining and a lot more annoying

  • Vincenzo Ianuale
    Vincenzo Ianuale Year ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 10... With a badass seal of approval

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star Year ago

    u need to smoke some weed and chill

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star Year ago

    a shitting contest

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star Year ago

    4 out of 10

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star Year ago

    dude who cares

  • Cyka Blyat500
    Cyka Blyat500 Year ago


  • Josfur Gaming
    Josfur Gaming Year ago

    the only problem here is your haircut. nothing wrong for being angry joe. hes a decent dude!

  • Leviathan Gaming
    Leviathan Gaming Year ago

    Dude people are kidding with you about the angry joe

  • uoilo
    uoilo Year ago


  • Billy Reynolds
    Billy Reynolds Year ago

    I'm sick and tired of small channels trying to get recognition by badmouthing bigger channels. DO YOUR OWN THING.

  • phonix13141516
    phonix13141516 Year ago

    don't wanna look like joe? don't get his haircut and change your look problem? well joe's not the one bitching about it lol more like joe copy 8/10 with the epic fail metal!!

  • Ambrose
    Ambrose Year ago

    up next angry joe show!

  • Sean Crotty
    Sean Crotty Year ago

    Shut your face..A Joe is my idol..u loser

  • David
    David Year ago

    You sound like Angry Joe.

  • Toxoambcames
    Toxoambcames Year ago

    "Machismo"? EXPOSSED!!!

  • Cernos
    Cernos Year ago

    It's the Other Other Other Joe, it's Eric JOE!!!

  • I Watson
    I Watson Year ago

    Brothers from another father lol dude I'd be pissed too if I looked like one of the cheesiest guys on YT

  • Ceedubs Entertainment

    Tired of another TheXvidr because he looks like him. Seems legit.
    This isn’t abuse you sensitive bitch.
    Angry Joe didn’t copy you, you got the haircut after him.
    Making a completely justified comparison isn’t annoying.

  • DJ AMTB Modern Buddhist Youth Remixes

    I swear if it was a mexican thing, people might even mistake you for Danny Trejo

  • liam white
    liam white Year ago

    AngryJoe wins with the mustatache and haircut

  • Chris P
    Chris P Year ago

    Trust me, you are no Angry Joe.

  • Minaz Khan
    Minaz Khan Year ago

    why do u even bother
    because u r a angry nerd

  • ChilledLadmcr
    ChilledLadmcr Year ago

    Who is angry Joe???

  • Lunar Vania
    Lunar Vania Year ago

    Ive never noticed until you said it, and I watched Angry Joe before you, but yea man holy shit you look like Angry Joe big time! Id LOVE to see a vid with you two!

  • Bucketbot The Casual

    U even sound like Angry Joe 4:20

  • Some Blue Dude
    Some Blue Dude Year ago

    @2:05 When you showed us your comment responding back to, whatever that thing is, you basically showed us how this blew up to proportion, haters/trolls feed off on reaction, and when you respond to anything negative, it just fuels them. This a problem that Angry Joe had, and another TheXvidr, Worthabuy, also has this problem. My point is, you're basically giving them fuel for their fire, so chill out, stop responding to hate, plus you're also a TheXvidr, of course people are going to make fun of you, it's like one of the untold negative effects when being a TheXvidr. Plus, you look like Joe's younger, calmer brother. #CalmJoe.

  • SmilyGamer962
    SmilyGamer962 Year ago


  • Kendall Miller
    Kendall Miller Year ago

    Collab hahah

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    Huge majority of your vids are you complaining. Is this intentional?

    • 8-Bit Eric
      8-Bit Eric  Year ago

      ummm a huge majority of them arent. also this was obviously sarcasm and meant to be taken as a joke. i have 1000s of videos go back and look.

  • anakinejo
    anakinejo Year ago

    Are you feeling any better after that stream you posted? I know you're gonna have a good future ahead of you Eric, you're gonna do wonders. And I'm sure you will surpass AngryJoe

  • Aaron Ruiz
    Aaron Ruiz Year ago

    Angry joe is a hack. And why did he pick Angry ... there is a Angry video game nerd.

  • Michelle Labarre
    Michelle Labarre Year ago

    You should use the comparison as a potential opportunity. Team up with angry Joe on something. The two of you could utilize the comparison. ....perhaps there is an evil Joe out there...hiding in his man cave...plotting his demise like a proper villain o.0 or...you could play the role of the twin brother he didn't know he had.....unknown and mysterious (soap opera style). The two of you could have serious fun with this if you wanted too.

  • The Gaming Station

    You do kinda look like angry joe

  • Grey Hawkins Ben
    Grey Hawkins Ben Year ago

    your a big fool

  • Throne of Games
    Throne of Games Year ago

    I googled Angry Joe and got this video :'D

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    You talk just like Joe.

  • Chad Thundercock
    Chad Thundercock Year ago

    You guys are related, can't deny it.

  • spacenintari
    spacenintari Year ago

    Yes eric you sort of look like him...i would rank it about an 8 out of 10.but you are a hell of a lot cooler and funnier then that annoying jizzmop...just Please for Christ sake don’t ever wear a douchy leather jacket!!!!

  • Ducus
    Ducus Year ago

    The facial hair is similar, and the haircut is also a little similar.

  • Brayden Miller
    Brayden Miller Year ago

    You look like Angry Joe

  • Centrevez
    Centrevez Year ago

    apart from the leather jacket that is way tight for his stomach and the superman tee plus the black jeans and the swagger other than that you are great. frankie croft smales

  • ShinJaber
    ShinJaber Year ago

    10 out 10 angry joe!

  • Maxximus Corrales


  • King Jonny
    King Jonny Year ago

    Why is angry joe talking about my Boi Ricky?

  • Evil Paradigm
    Evil Paradigm Year ago

    I could totally tell you were joking. Perfect comedy right here. I know you're not that into drama. When you do drama videos they are obviously purposefully hyperbolic.

  • Evil Paradigm
    Evil Paradigm Year ago

    Et tu, Trail Drake? Et tu.

  • Da_Gamers_Loft 0
    Da_Gamers_Loft 0 Year ago

    For what it worth, you dont look anything like him😂 lol

  • TheSwordmanDrake
    TheSwordmanDrake Year ago

    I feel your pain...