Introducing: The Players! - Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018


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  • Grandma
    Grandma 2 hours ago

    Leo is daddy

  • Mariomario50 1
    Mariomario50 1 2 hours ago

    I’m PUMPED

  • MaxMH10
    MaxMH10 2 hours ago

    Who’s that homeless man at the end?

  • El Rojo
    El Rojo 3 hours ago

    Mkleo 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Romoló Potassio
    Romoló Potassio 4 hours ago

    Why are they all fat, virgin or asian?

  • Carlos Benitez Ortiz
    Carlos Benitez Ortiz 7 hours ago

    goku in smash

  • epic gamer miiba
    epic gamer miiba 7 hours ago

    yo why is no one paying attention to that sick music

  • TheDark Speeder
    TheDark Speeder 7 hours ago +1

    Look at all these NintenPlebs Black cocks 4 just got revealed and the that is *so much better*

  • TheLordOfThePigs
    TheLordOfThePigs 8 hours ago

    I miss M2K on this list

  • Timmy
    Timmy 8 hours ago

    I hope the Swedish guy wins we both love sm64

  • Luckey TheSlime
    Luckey TheSlime 13 hours ago

    Who do u think will win?

  • BDSP 123
    BDSP 123 18 hours ago

    Its nice to see some xenoblade chronicles fans here.

  • Blacknickplays YT
    Blacknickplays YT 19 hours ago

    Please bring Nintendo land back to the switch

  • Willboy
    Willboy 20 hours ago

    Get fortnight on the switch.

  • Patricio Paredes

    Queremos un nuevo F-ZERO !!! Hasta cuando tendremos que esperar, no nos importa sus Mario Kart !!!!!

  • Wisdom Wink
    Wisdom Wink Day ago

    Where is Nairo

  • KeyofTime15
    KeyofTime15 Day ago


  • Papyrus TheTemmie

    i shouted and cried of joy when i heard this

  • foxxylove 101

  • Allan Rabanales Art

    Man Go ..... Just Go for it!

  • selena6967
    selena6967 Day ago

    0:14 plays fire emblem 100% respect gained

  • Sam Gibbard
    Sam Gibbard Day ago

    Please add Nia to smash 5. She is my favourite Nintendo character and I love xenoblade 2.

  • Nightplayer 81
    Nightplayer 81 Day ago

    I thought this video is about revealing some characters for smash, well I guess I'm gonna play as someone who likes to watch anime

  • Autumn Clouds
    Autumn Clouds Day ago

    *Patiently waits for details*

  • Anderson Tenecela

    Yes Zero is coming back!!!!

  • Antonio boomJR
    Antonio boomJR Day ago


  • Lowrina Levi
    Lowrina Levi Day ago

    Esse jogo vai ser maneiro.

  • samsun akmal
    samsun akmal Day ago +1

    Hi nintendo pls add overwatch to the switch pls answer

  • Lap Guy31
    Lap Guy31 Day ago

    For some reason i want plup’s cat to win the invitational! 😂😂😂😂

  • EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGuns

    NINTESTAMENT - Suzanne Caldwell Riddell - Patented

  • Jo Cox
    Jo Cox Day ago

    I thought this was going to show new characters in the game lol

  • RSblader8
    RSblader8 2 days ago

    I thought Zero retired

  • Jennifer Sandiford-Rochester

    Come on Nintendo bring fortnite to the switch pleas

  • JosiahWillSee
    JosiahWillSee 2 days ago

    Where is hungrybox????

  • Adrian Eduardo
    Adrian Eduardo 2 days ago

    Nintendo ustedes se pelan ese juego es ta chido ezpero a que salga y que si gan creando juegos les ase falta mansion luigi y se pelan con la nintendo sicwh

  • Wilkwolf
    Wilkwolf 2 days ago

    Lotta Xenoblade fans for good reason

  • User
    User 2 days ago

    Favorite Game: Xenoblade


    ALL IN ONE TV 2 days ago +1

    No german maffaka?

  • mrconsoleguy2315
    mrconsoleguy2315 2 days ago

    Blah blah blah add r.o.b. to the switch game

  • Sebastian Flowers
    Sebastian Flowers 2 days ago

    Zero po wn xD que weon mas penoso

  • rashit mukhranskiy
    rashit mukhranskiy 2 days ago

    Ss saw

  • ImaFlying cactus
    ImaFlying cactus 2 days ago +1


  • Retrodox
    Retrodox 2 days ago

    No women even im saying it

  • sonicfan1479 9109
    sonicfan1479 9109 2 days ago


  • Waz
    Waz 3 days ago

    surprised a mario kart 8 player got in he's probably gonna do poorly......

  • Attacker 72
    Attacker 72 3 days ago

    Characters I want in Smash for Switch:
    1. Waluigi
    2. Sans
    3. Geno
    4. Tails
    5. Shadow
    6. Shovel Knight
    7. Crash Bandicoot
    8. Isaac
    9. Banjo Kazooie
    10. Impa
    11. Dark Samus
    12. Decidueye
    13. Spring Man
    14. Spyro
    15. Goku(I guess)
    16. Rayman
    17. Main Fire Emblem Character
    18. Rex, Pyra, and Mythra
    19. Heihachi
    20. Shantae
    21. Kumotora
    22. Naruto
    23. Monkey D. Luffy
    24. Lloyd
    25. King K. Rool
    26. Proto Man
    27. Tetra
    28. Yooka Laylee
    29. Dixie Kong
    30. Paper Mario
    31. Ashley
    32. Wolf O' Donnel
    33. Ice Climbers
    34. Labo Man (maybe)
    35. Lyn
    36. Bandana Dee
    37. M. Bison
    38. Chibi-Robo
    39. Sora
    40. Cuphead and Mugman
    41. Bass
    42. Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans
    and finally....

    43. Shrek

  • حسن محمد
    حسن محمد 3 days ago

    Super Smash Bros bendy
    Super Smash Bros sans

  • haziq youtubeHD
    haziq youtubeHD 3 days ago

    nintendo make another pokemon game in nintendo switch

  • NintendoNewsNetwork
    NintendoNewsNetwork 3 days ago

    i thought Etika (EWNetwork) told us that he gew to the smash invitational..

  • Angel :v
    Angel :v 3 days ago

    viva mexico kbrones

  • Yáron Alencar
    Yáron Alencar 3 days ago


  • The Legendaraycheese HE

    I thought this was for super smash bros five I'm disappointed

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude 2 days ago

      The Legendaraycheese HE We don’t know if it’s even a fifth game yet.

  • JJ The Mememaster
    JJ The Mememaster 3 days ago


  • JohnTheGuy
    JohnTheGuy 3 days ago

    Absolute noobs. I can destroy them with my main, which is Luigi.

  • Aggie Schmidt
    Aggie Schmidt 3 days ago

    add super mario 3d world to nintendo switch

  • Shahwaiz Rizwan
    Shahwaiz Rizwan 3 days ago

    what about angry birds

  • DarkInklink
    DarkInklink 3 days ago


  • Mark James
    Mark James 3 days ago

    Plup deserves to win everything based on his hobbies alone.

  • Shad Stewart
    Shad Stewart 4 days ago

    How many came here thinking it was introducing new characters in Smash?

  • Meezowhub
    Meezowhub 4 days ago

    this is about the 8th time ive clicked this video thinking it was new content

  • Debra Cormier
    Debra Cormier 4 days ago


  • Christian Hendrickson
    Christian Hendrickson 4 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh, Dunkey got invited to the Smash Invitational!! Oh my bad, it's just some guy named Zero...

  • Kaiden Schuurman
    Kaiden Schuurman 4 days ago +1

    Nintendo plz add shadow the hedgehog and silver the hedgehog but if it,s too late then add them in 2019 plz

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude 2 days ago

      Kaiden Schuurman Why Shadow and Silver? Wouldn’t Tails or Knuckles be more interesting given how different they are? Shadow and Silver are so similar to Sonic Amy sometimes confuses them for him.

  • Karrie Morris
    Karrie Morris 4 days ago

    yo can we get isaac from binding of isaac in smash

  • Jose Zamora
    Jose Zamora 4 days ago

    Why are hard core gamers so ugly

  • Little Cupcake Gamer

    Yooooo I been waiting

  • Mario Crunch TUBE
    Mario Crunch TUBE 4 days ago

    i thought this was the characters for the new game when i saw the title

  • Dereck Bracero
    Dereck Bracero 4 days ago

    Add sora from kingdom hearts 3 in super Smash Bros on switch

  • Ray Pelletier
    Ray Pelletier 4 days ago

    Could you make 8 bit mario jumping for mario oddessy and when mario inters the pipe make him like small when he inters it thank you for making my memories back from old school mario games give u over 9000 out of 90000.likes

  • Nightmare Freddy The MLG Bear

    *Sees gameplay footage*
    (Gameplay Footage From Super Smash Bros. For Wii U)
    Me: oh

  • Mattaius Hux
    Mattaius Hux 4 days ago

    Now I'm really going to tell you add toad to smash switch

  • Dr Awesome
    Dr Awesome 4 days ago

    To bad I live in Canada :(

  • Abdecker
    Abdecker 4 days ago


  • Prime Jeremy
    Prime Jeremy 4 days ago

    I think the cat is going to win.

  • ForeZone
    ForeZone 4 days ago

    hobbies: watching anime

  • Cosmic Shadow wolf
    Cosmic Shadow wolf 4 days ago

    I was hopeing elegant would be competing

  • snowy man dude
    snowy man dude 4 days ago

    If this is just a DLC with putting Smash Bros 4 on the switch you guys are so DEAD all the smash fans will hate you guys

  • LifeIsStrange Max and Chloe

    Wind waker for Switch PLEASE

    MARCMØDE 4 days ago

    I Guess Hbox Doesn't Get Invited Because He Roasted Reggie.

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez 5 days ago

    woah wait a minute!!!!1 HOLD ON!!!!
    A chilean one... just wow, im proud Nintendo :D

  • Twitter
    Twitter 5 days ago

    If im not in the new smash...

    Im breaking your all of your golf clubs, baseball bats, and tennis equipment. Your japanese dont act like you dont play these sports.

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude 2 days ago

      Twitter Just because they’re Japanese doesn’t mean they play sports.

  • Super Hylian Kid
    Super Hylian Kid 5 days ago

    The new super smash bros that is on switch?

  • Giovanni Mateo-Ramos

    Let's go Mexico !!😄😄😄 damn he is so lucky he can play the new Smash😭😭😭

  • do you know the way
    do you know the way 5 days ago

    Donde esta zeta ssj >:v

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 5 days ago +1


  • Warfu ­
    Warfu ­ 5 days ago

    Mexico wey!!!!!!

  • Douglas Medeiros
    Douglas Medeiros 5 days ago

    no brazilian :(

  • Agnieszka Slowatynska

    i want ice climbers! just do it or i will be upset!

    *D O I T N O W !*

  • Omun
    Omun 5 days ago

    Lol what is this? expectet a new Gameplay trailer and not this

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude 2 days ago

      Omun You’re not getting one until E3.

  • Take W's
    Take W's 5 days ago

    How tf could u not invite M2K he’s played all smash and been at least top 3 in each smash game professionally

  • DiringDash 2
    DiringDash 2 6 days ago

    Are you guys doing another Pokémon game? Plzzz say yes!!

    • DiamondXP
      DiamondXP 4 days ago

      At E3 2017, they confirmed that they were working on a “core rpg” Pokemon game, so yes they are

  • Uros Kesic
    Uros Kesic 6 days ago

    Can amiibos from smash 4 be used in smash for switch

  • Yonatan Yarkoni
    Yonatan Yarkoni 6 days ago

    am I the only one who expected some of the other big names in competeive smash like nairo and mew2king to be on the list?

  • will reeves
    will reeves 6 days ago

    So was this for the invitational or a new game or both?

  • Spartan 360434
    Spartan 360434 6 days ago

    Please, have qoute and curly from cave story pleasee

  • omaewa
    omaewa 6 days ago

    wheres nairo?

  • Ian MacEwen
    Ian MacEwen 6 days ago

    Hi, just wanna say, plz put waluigi in this time. Shadow would be cool too 😁

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude 2 hours ago

      Ian MacEwen You don’t want a portion of the roster to all use the same motif. You’re also ignoring my other points.

    • Ian MacEwen
      Ian MacEwen 7 hours ago

      DylanDude What does visuals have to do with any of this anyways? If they have an interesting movset, they should be in.

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude Day ago

      1. Big nose, big mustache, hat with emblem, matching shirt, overalls, and gloves. I would certainly say that puts him within the same motif as Mario.
      2. Again, I’m speaking visually. In terms of a move set, Shadow and Silver have vast potential, but they look too similar to Sonic. Tails and Knuckles are entirely different species.
      3. Tails doesn’t do anything but follow Sonic? He has his own games and a refined technical and mechanical mind. You label Knuckles as a “frenemy” in order to make him seem lesser than Shadow... but couldn’t Shadow be classified under that title as well?

    • Ian MacEwen
      Ian MacEwen Day ago

      DylanDude 1. Waluigi looks nothing like Mario, a bit like Luigi and a bit like Wario, but his lanky body makes him look very different.
      2. Shadow would have a more interesting moveset, and is more popular. Plz explain how a sidekick who does nothing but follow sonic, or a frenemy would be more interesting than an edgy anti hero who can warp space-time.
      I see your point for 3 though.

    • DylanDude
      DylanDude Day ago

      Ian MacEwen 1. Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Wario, and Waluigi all have a similar character motif. Something more different like Geno would be preferable.
      2. I never said there was a Sonic look-a-like. I said we didn’t need “another Sonic.” Tails or Knuckles would be better.
      3. Dark Pit was included because they had extra time and he could behave very similarly to Pit. He’s nearly exactly the same. Shadow and Silver on the other hand, are not so similar to Sonic. Their animations would need to be redone and their models couldn’t be so simply modified from Sonic’s. Their movesets would especially need to be revamped. This isn’t an avid reason.