This Video Card is NOT for the faint of heart...

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Vince aka KINGPIN has been king in the overclocking scene for many years! So it should be no surprise that he would produce the most insane video cards every created!
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  • Hatchit
    Hatchit 5 days ago

    You ramble too much. Just get to the point.

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless 5 days ago

    You should've mad the text on the GPU say "I digress".

  • Nathan Harris
    Nathan Harris 7 days ago

    Aight guys. I am just gonna tie all my water rads to my ac for ridiculous overclock. Thanks Jay!

  • hom3r
    hom3r 9 days ago

    Bought 5700xt but still watches this with excitement :o

  • sushant mhatre
    sushant mhatre 11 days ago

    Clickbait as always

  • cuthbut1
    cuthbut1 15 days ago

    Rear mounted power connectors give me the horn.

  • michael mctigue
    michael mctigue 16 days ago

    Evga is a unreliable card overall. Better off with a MSI or ASUS version.

  • Will4May
    Will4May 16 days ago

    So not only can I not afford this card, but its limited so 100% no chance of getting one, I am very Jealous though, to the point I really wanted to thumbs down the vid out of sheer jealousy, but I digress, thumbs up as always :)

  • supernothing
    supernothing 17 days ago

    what is the case behind jay with the silver front panel?

  • Koolio124
    Koolio124 22 days ago

    I need it

  • Vanlaar
    Vanlaar 24 days ago

    How long is the tubing to the dual cooler?

  • Wael Elassal
    Wael Elassal 25 days ago +1

    AHi Jay ny chance to review Galax HOF RTX 2080ti 10th Anniversary vs EVGA kingpin

  • DiffuseSpy
    DiffuseSpy 26 days ago

    When did jay eat I assume a packing peanut can someone please tell me which vid that was

  • T H I C C boi
    T H I C C boi Month ago


  • Daniel Dixon
    Daniel Dixon Month ago

    not gonna lie I thought jay was promoting gas masks at the start HAHAH

  • Dave N
    Dave N Month ago

    lol..just put the pc inside a 5 ton air conditioner duct and fire it up. I was able to get great overclocking results.

  • Michael Huey
    Michael Huey Month ago

    Can you Just send me one of ur spare graphics cards 😂

  • Smiling Man
    Smiling Man Month ago +1

    Review the 2080 ti Waterforce AIO from Gigabyte!

  • Lssm
    Lssm Month ago

    Google is too mentally disabled to understand what Watts converted to volts mean can you tell me what 520 Watts to volts mean

  • T C
    T C Month ago

    the worry about condensation is this.

    youre making an extremely cold spot on that card. and there is moisture in the air. The moisture does not come from the A/C itself.

    So just like your mirrors in the shower, when warmer moist air hits them and condenses. This is because warmer air has a higher capacity to hold moisture. If you get that warmer moist air to a section of cold air (like what is radiating out of that card from the A/C) it will condense and make dew.

    So while they are wrong if they think youre blowing moist air at it (A/Cs will have moisture separators and condensate drains), they are right to be concerned about condensation on the card

  • landoishisname
    landoishisname Month ago

    Sad that there wasn't a caption for "slightly moist"

  • J Walker
    J Walker Month ago

    I always wanted a Kingpin card. It's like having top tier quality and best of the best.

  • Glen DeKoker
    Glen DeKoker 2 months ago

    I don't think this card is worth the money want new laptop price is crazy everything is overpriced like X570 not worth it everything too expensive

  • Timothy Lowe
    Timothy Lowe 2 months ago

    I can dream can't I?

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago

    but what hash rate does it mine at?

  • Ell C
    Ell C 2 months ago

    When is the vid with you at the hq trying it with professional evga people?

  • Anderson Santiago
    Anderson Santiago 2 months ago

    Que video bosta, o equipamento foda e mesmo assim o cara consegue fazer um video bosta...

  • Gabriel Seamen
    Gabriel Seamen 2 months ago

    *feint of heart

  • Brian Kenney
    Brian Kenney 2 months ago


  • Freshkleets
    Freshkleets 2 months ago

    My wallet is empty before the main vid even started, $300 for earphones lol

  • VPXM
    VPXM 2 months ago

    1:08 best verbal part of the whole video LOL
    Good show guys! 😁👍

  • Zfast4you
    Zfast4you 2 months ago

    sell only pcb's god damn it, so we can put proper blocks on those cards.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 2 months ago

    Amazon links just goes to Amazon's home page. No card.

  • 007Goomsta
    007Goomsta 2 months ago

    me staring at the dust bunnies in my wallet as jay pulls out the K1NGP|N , must be nice

  • Cody Pledger
    Cody Pledger 2 months ago

    the joke at the beginning caught me off guard

  • Daniel Sayles
    Daniel Sayles 2 months ago

    Most overkill GPU is my evga 2080ti XC running a 1920 x 1080 screen at 144hz for most of the time lol that changes when VR is active but yea

  • Jesse kitchen
    Jesse kitchen 2 months ago

    the problem is if you go ln2 .............. whos gos ln2 nobodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • bigdog95321
    bigdog95321 2 months ago

    Should def start a raffle for some of those gpus...

  • Wuking
    Wuking 2 months ago

    I have one of these ;)

    FARELL 2 months ago

    "Should probably RTFM" xD

  • BNL
    BNL 2 months ago

    The card has a s c r e e n

  • ginsengjin
    ginsengjin 2 months ago

    All these pc upgrades especially gpus right now is useless because games just aren't good enough to be worth it. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a $150 or even $100 dollar used gaming card that does 1080p gaming perfectly for the next year or two.

  • Brent Arnold
    Brent Arnold 2 months ago

    You have more parts than most computer stores ; )

  • Joshua Wigginton
    Joshua Wigginton 2 months ago

    Jay: "Your girth, versus the girth of the guy she tells you not to worry about."

  • eisenklad
    eisenklad 2 months ago

    for a moment i thought the thumbnail was of him holding a car battery and jumper cables.
    so obviously shocking yourself isnt for faint of heart

  • Fear CS
    Fear CS 3 months ago

    My 2070 is running 1155MHz on core and 7500MHz on memory with voltage at 706mV with power limit at 114% and temp limit set to 80c. Is that a decent OC for my GPU?

  • Angel C
    Angel C 3 months ago

    Here i go again, g.i. shopping.

  • Jessy Normand
    Jessy Normand 3 months ago

    For the price i would be pist off if the box came smashed up like this one !

  • ThatWolffe
    ThatWolffe 3 months ago

    Its just another 2080ti then? thought it would be something special considering the title.

  • Simons World
    Simons World 3 months ago

    "Maybe I should RTFM", Gold !!!!!

  • FireStorm81318
    FireStorm81318 3 months ago

    This is a beautiful and practical shroud. See this EVGA/ASUS/MSI/GIGABYTE/[...]? Take notes!

  • Viper vids gaming plus
    Viper vids gaming plus 3 months ago

    Do the five server fan set up like they did on the 680 and I’m sure they could hit top clock speeds without water cooling but you would go def listening to it

  • Garazdrengi
    Garazdrengi 3 months ago

    £1900 in the UK, approx $2400... almost double the cost of my whole pc XD

  • XStreams Studio
    XStreams Studio 3 months ago

    U have no use for that, please fed ex it to me

  • Goldenhordemilo
    Goldenhordemilo 3 months ago

    bubble rap 2.0

  • d0ugl4s_m0
    d0ugl4s_m0 3 months ago

    Absolutely no use for this thing. lmao If it needs to be _that_ cool to function at a high enough speed to be a huge improvement. Unless you're one of these crazies that wants to hit world records.

    • Caitlin550
      Caitlin550 Month ago

      Yes, there's a reason to buy this thing

  • V3yk
    V3yk 3 months ago

    Rich aussie kid opens a case bundle with a knife.... hits the CPU with the knife

  • Thunder Kat
    Thunder Kat 3 months ago

    Would be awesome if this AIO watercooling thing where universaly compatible with all GPUs :P

  • Trenton Bennett
    Trenton Bennett 3 months ago +1 AIO with its own radiator fans, *and* that VRAM fan on the card...and 3 8-pin connectors. The features boggle the mind. :)

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 3 months ago

    2080 extreme is coming