This Video Card is NOT for the faint of heart...

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Vince aka KINGPIN has been king in the overclocking scene for many years! So it should be no surprise that he would produce the most insane video cards every created!
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  • Viper vids gaming plus
    Viper vids gaming plus 18 hours ago

    Do the five server fan set up like they did on the 680 and I’m sure they could hit top clock speeds without water cooling but you would go def listening to it

  • Garazdrengi
    Garazdrengi Day ago

    £1900 in the UK, approx $2400... almost double the cost of my whole pc XD

  • XStreams Studio
    XStreams Studio 2 days ago

    U have no use for that, please fed ex it to me

  • Goldenhordemilo
    Goldenhordemilo 5 days ago

    bubble rap 2.0

  • Doug Shiro
    Doug Shiro 5 days ago

    Absolutely no use for this thing. lmao If it needs to be _that_ cool to function at a high enough speed to be a huge improvement. Unless you're one of these crazies that wants to hit world records.

  • ThreeTwo 1
    ThreeTwo 1 8 days ago

    Rich aussie kid opens a case bundle with a knife.... hits the CPU with the knife

  • Thunder Kat
    Thunder Kat 8 days ago

    Would be awesome if this AIO watercooling thing where universaly compatible with all GPUs :P

  • Trenton Bennett
    Trenton Bennett 9 days ago AIO with its own radiator fans, *and* that VRAM fan on the card...and 3 8-pin connectors. The features boggle the mind. :)

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 10 days ago

    2080 extreme is coming

  • Aymn Aymn
    Aymn Aymn 10 days ago

    people who disliked this got offended when he talked about the guy she tells you not to worry about

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart 10 days ago

    Seems like a lot of effort. What next, giant graphic card Coolers you strap to your back?

  • Kirk_Kirksman
    Kirk_Kirksman 11 days ago

    8:00 so do you want that score to be as low as possible?

  • thomas vestergaard
    thomas vestergaard 11 days ago

    My card is on its way:)

  • Miguel Marte
    Miguel Marte 13 days ago

    Name of the soundtrack at the intro and sponsor part?

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 14 days ago

    they should straight pipe it for pure performance!!!

  • South Bronx, NY
    South Bronx, NY 15 days ago

    Gonna need a phase change cooler to benefit from this card.

  • Robert Guerra
    Robert Guerra 20 days ago

    I know from my experience that I get better overclocking resaults using afterburner then precision X

  • Tomasz Różański
    Tomasz Różański 20 days ago

    Hi. Jay , could you check multiple egpu on mini pcie -e x1 (SLI like)and various connectors and bandwidth's based on m.2 standard . Search for best motherboard with multiple x4 , x2 pcie transfer lines

  • EXile
    EXile 20 days ago

    my dream card right there that evga 1080ti ended up with a ASUS Rog Strix 1080 8ag card which is super nice but man that copper on that 1080ti

  • TheBitFox
    TheBitFox 21 day ago

    For that price they should have gone for a full cover block, single slot with one of those EK phoenix pump-res combos.

  • Shahrukh Shaikh
    Shahrukh Shaikh 21 day ago

    1:10 Your girth vs girth of the guy she tells you not to worry about... 🤣

  • Chris Dobson
    Chris Dobson 21 day ago

    4:23 Chewbacca

  • soinelle85
    soinelle85 21 day ago

    Died of laughter after that girth joke. XD

  • Warren Garabrandt
    Warren Garabrandt 21 day ago

    On Newegg right now, that card is more than $1900. :/

  • BensCast Ben
    BensCast Ben 23 days ago

    when an rx 580 by gigabyte has a higher memory clock than the 2080 kingpin card

  • Jo Joseph
    Jo Joseph 23 days ago


  • Mikey8567
    Mikey8567 24 days ago

    Jay, dude I just woke up (10am, on vacation give me a break people!) and I decided to watch your vid and at 1:10 what you said made me laugh so damn hard I spit coffee all of my Razer keyboard and monitor! TY Sir! That was some funny shit!

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson 24 days ago

    My credit rating isn't good enough to afford that beast.

  • Kelvin D.
    Kelvin D. 24 days ago

    That's one sick graphics card. Nice work J

  • stevin47
    stevin47 24 days ago

    its not the hardware . time and time again we see video card releases after 2-3 month driver update increase the fps by 10-20 % , look at DOOM a vulcan titles , without vulcan ON fps at 60-70 fps, with vulcan enabled 200 fps , did the hardware change NO , the hardware got different instructions . ever knowtist how your video cards get slower before releases of new cards

  • Pastry Bear
    Pastry Bear 24 days ago

    Very interesting although OC is not my thing. I'm fine with a good card out of the box

  • cypherl0k
    cypherl0k 25 days ago

    Instead of blowing A/C through radiator - why not just put the rad in a bucket of ice water (to test)

  • Console Gamer
    Console Gamer 25 days ago

    How does one choose the right video card, when specs like VRAM and Clock Speed are not true indicators of a GPU's performance? I know watching reviews is a big help, but there's not always reviews on a specific product with bench marks. I'm actually looking to buy a RTX 2070. Gigabyte has multiple 2070's for sale. On one end, they have a card with a clock speed of 16xx, and on the other end they have a card with a clock speed 18xx. VRAM the same. How am I supposed to know which card is going to give me more frames per second? There's a $240 CAD difference in price.

  • Old Man Boxing
    Old Man Boxing 25 days ago

    I've been building my own computers since 92 and I've never once thought about buying a video that huge I can imagine a $3000 price tag but I would LOVE to have one to throw in my PC 😊

  • kain hall
    kain hall 25 days ago

    does the memory still shit the bed after a few weeks?

  • Professional Asshole
    Professional Asshole 25 days ago

    EVGA 2080 Ti E-Pen

    But ye... PC Parts..... I am like I need new shoes, its $30 nope too expensive. I want Pizza worth $20 nope too expensive. Darn it i need new Shirt $5 each... damn it is there anything cheaper?

    See's brand new KingPin 2080 Ti for $1899.99

    *Fully paid under 10 seconds of clicking Buy it Now*

    For real... Same for buying a Full Exhaust System for a Car or Motorbike. Nope for everything cause too expensive. But buy without 2nd thoughts a $2000+ Exhaust system lol

  • taylon judd
    taylon judd 25 days ago

    "your girth, vs the girth of the guy she tells you not to worry about" this is why i love this channel

    HI THERE 25 days ago

    Is there not an RTX Titan version of this?

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern 25 days ago

    I think it would be amazing if you built the craziest supercooled PC. Maybe have two kingpins in it, and make them reeeeeaaally cold. Take your time with it 8 months build time wouldn't be a bad thing.

  • TangoXrayNiner
    TangoXrayNiner 26 days ago

    These cards are 1200 to 1500 plus STILL. Thats insane.

    Unless you get these cards for free, why the fuck would you pay so much?

  • Barrettfloyd82
    Barrettfloyd82 26 days ago

    It's an inanimate chuck of plastic and metal. You're using a graphics card, you're not base jumping from a cliff or anything like that. Using terms like "not for the faint of heart" make you look like a douchebag.

  • Lyle Goff
    Lyle Goff 26 days ago

    I want one

  • Game Time
    Game Time 26 days ago

    Its air AND water cooled? Thats insane lol

  • christopher ornoski
    christopher ornoski 26 days ago

    I so need to find a new GPU but I'm not a NVIDIA fan. Curious about AMD and the newer cards. I still use a 480...

  • Rick Lawson
    Rick Lawson 26 days ago

    Upped for girth

  • Alan Walker
    Alan Walker 26 days ago

    Kingpin vs Titan rtx who wins?
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!
    Jays please comment!

  • Oliver Rowe
    Oliver Rowe 26 days ago

    If it's only designed for "extreme overclocking" then why do they waste money adding a 240 aio?

  • Fabian Schwark
    Fabian Schwark 26 days ago

    Reminds me of my build I did with an AC unit and mini fridge combo back in the mining days. Here’s the link of that set up

  • quanb24
    quanb24 26 days ago

    whats the specs of the test bench?

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 26 days ago

    Disliked due to clickbait title.

  • RealMelTan
    RealMelTan 26 days ago

    My heart is VERY STRONG for this card. I can handle it ! Give it to me ! :D

  • stageselectca
    stageselectca 26 days ago

    I don't really get why they bother including any cooler at all if these cards are designed for LN2 anyway..

  • JMW Tech Labs
    JMW Tech Labs 27 days ago

    If anyone subscribes to me, i'll subscribe to you!

  • justin upshaw
    justin upshaw 27 days ago

    But can it handle porn in 8k?

  • Turag Khan
    Turag Khan 27 days ago

    Wait till Asus matrix drops

  • skunkserenade
    skunkserenade 27 days ago

    Jay can you make a video about one particular problem? I face a problem where the gpu suddenly goes to 0% usage during gaming and it's driving me crazy. I investigated as much as I could but couldn't find a poissble cause nowhere.
    I would apreciate it.

  • Ojisan WTF
    Ojisan WTF 27 days ago

    So much gpu power just to play minecraft.

  • Lyzard
    Lyzard 27 days ago

    Hey Jay can u please do a review on this pc... cause I want to find a new pc to get and my budget is around 850 and I found this one but I dont know if its good or not....

  • ELEMENTJONx216 Elemental-Gaming

    It makes me sad to see all them gpus still in the box.Its like having a Skyline and keeping it locked in a garage... :(

  • Andres Garibay
    Andres Garibay 27 days ago


  • a well
    a well 27 days ago

    One Silly question J, if the point of the water cooler is to dissipate the heat produced by either the GPU or CPU via water and a radiator, why then do I often see just plain water used?? Does glycol clog the pumps? Is the viscosity too great? Would a coolant additive not increase the boiling temp. on water, therefore be able to handle more heat and ergo transfer more heat? And I know from my racing days there are non-glycol additives that can be added to a water system as well.
    OH!! and one other silly thing. With all the RGB lately and fluorescent fluid as well, has anyone ever used iridescent glitter??????

  • Juhuuhy
    Juhuuhy 27 days ago

    I'm about to build my first real rig, is this decent?

  • Panama 001
    Panama 001 27 days ago +1

    Why every card that this company makes looks like its a pretty bad quiality, like EVGA, your cards look low quality for new users, they just look bad, I know its their style but new builders could just spent more when they can buy your cards buy low prices!

  • Andrew Wowk
    Andrew Wowk 27 days ago

    I'm not really savvy with all the clock speed etc. stuff - what would be the practical implications of this card's performance? Like, say you were playing Metro Exodus at 4K with Ultra Settings, what kind of FPS would you expect?

  • Christian McBee
    Christian McBee 27 days ago

    That whole card is more expensive than my rig

  • Bill Hickman
    Bill Hickman 27 days ago

    Slightly off topic question: I'm fairly new to the computer build/technical tips arena. I have found several very good sources and your one, Paul's Hardware, Linus Tech tips, etc... Generally I have found many good sites via your friends lists on your home page... No one lists Tech Deals which seems to be a very good source and he doesn't list the other site I enjoy. Is there a problem with Tech Deals? I really appreciate all the information and advise...

  • AD 2385
    AD 2385 27 days ago

    Time to design cases that can handle CPU water coolers and GPU water coolers and a ice cold water dispenser.

  • TwoEvilOne
    TwoEvilOne 27 days ago +1

    Great video Jay! If your gonna try to kill the KPE at least do it on a video live stream.

  • Animalyze71
    Animalyze71 27 days ago

    Again what's the damn point? There's nothing written that requires these rtx nonsense cards to begin with much less this beast which is a purile fools errand money grab. Seriously I hope one day these tech-thusiasts will stop pandering to these companies and let their garbage rot, maybe then the rest of the community will be able to afford at least something that's current and viable. Bad enough the 10 series was so overpriced it bordered on illegal trade practices.

    The community really needs to come together and start boycotting these 2 companies they have gouged us for years and we keep letting them rip us all off.

  • Michael T
    Michael T 27 days ago +1

    "edible corn starch packing peanuts"
    *WAIT. They WERE edible!?*

  • Archathean
    Archathean 27 days ago

    EVGA *For The Win*

  • Brendin Lloyd
    Brendin Lloyd 27 days ago

    Jay keeps digressing the condensation.

  • Sammy Blaze
    Sammy Blaze 27 days ago

    Kingpin, the only celeb with merch that costs thousands of dollars

  • KarsonNow
    KarsonNow 27 days ago

    EVGA get the best chips they could get... The best ones is reserved only for nVidia cards.

  • click4dylan2
    click4dylan2 27 days ago

    These kingpins are not as tested and hand built as well as they say. Friend of mine bought a kingpin 1080 TI and left it completely stock, never overclocked or did anything and the card started artifacting and crashing windows after about a month. He had to RMA it and EVGA was extremely hesitant to RMA it and tried to blame his system but after back and forth arguing they finally did it and he received a refurbished kingpin in return. But at least it worked this time. He has no intention of overclocking whatsoever, just wanted to purchase the best card there was

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    That´s a very well designed looking card with the power connectors perfectly lined up with the shroud design. something that will help you sort the cable management easier.

  • Nate Goldsborough
    Nate Goldsborough 27 days ago

    In the video description it says "the most insane video cards every created!" do you mean "the most insane video cards ever created!"? or no.

  • SerGio Str
    SerGio Str 27 days ago


  • Brian Conner
    Brian Conner 27 days ago

    Got a 2080ti FE luckily with Samsung ram, strapped on ekwb waterblocks and 2 radiators, slim 360 on top and a thick 140 in the back. I don't overclock since my theory is I'll only get a few more fps which is negligible, but I don't want any of my stuff to thermal throttle to a lower speed.

  • Lucca Antonucci
    Lucca Antonucci 27 days ago +3

    Thought my 1070 ti was incredible
    Jay be like here’s a ladder to get up to my level

  • Randy Rodriguez
    Randy Rodriguez 27 days ago

    the biggest thing with cooling something like this is that as long as the cold air temperature is above the dew point its fine. someplace like the desert the dew point is regularly close to freezing, so i could easily cool my entire pc to 35F and not have a drop of condensation. if i was in florida in miami where the dew point is 70F for today, i could only cool my pc to 71F otherwise the colder parts would start forming condensation. o and btw the la area is pretty dry so the dew point is normally very low compared to the rest of the country

  • David
    David 27 days ago

    These ridiculous setups that show how far some cards and chips can be overclocked while using Liquid Nitrogen or Dry Ice are just silly. Who really cares what it runs at under those circumstances... it's not usable like that on a daily basis. And if you can't use it on as a daily driver it really doesn't matter.

    DILLIGAF Dude 27 days ago

    Hey Jay, are you planning on doing any more videos with the Radeon VII? I'm going to be getting into video production and editing pretty soon and wanted to know if the 16 GB of HBM2 would be any sort of advantage over GDDR5/6. Plus it'd be pretty cool to see you do some more stuff with AMD products like getting the absolute most performance out of your AMD hardware as you can without risking breaking something or something similar. Thanks, man.

  • Nedim Tabakovic
    Nedim Tabakovic 27 days ago

    Sounds like: I sold my house, my wife left me, but hey I got 10 FPS :)

  • donald frost
    donald frost 27 days ago

    Discrepancy in the discription!! "... every created."
    Please monetize this comment.

  • The Man
    The Man 27 days ago

    Will this card work good on my 300 watt PSU.........

  • joe white
    joe white 27 days ago

    4:24 rip Peter Mayhew....

  • alex monteiro
    alex monteiro 27 days ago

    Its not massdrop... its just drop

  • Juneao Alfred
    Juneao Alfred 27 days ago

    i think..
    i think..
    i think..


  • Reedy
    Reedy 27 days ago

    my aorus water force extreme has liquid cooling over the vrm's great for me whos not in to extreme oc but normal oc. great cards. just a tad pricey 😂👌

  • Suat Iseni
    Suat Iseni 27 days ago

    Jay i am amazed by your videos and I've watched a couple of them. Your videos helped me showing how to clean a pc. But everyone in 2019 like this but me still 2006.
    I have a 2.80GHz CPU with E5500
    A invida gforce 3900 i think
    A Foxcon motherboard
    A 4 GB Ram each 2GB
    A power supplier with 400w
    But the problem is it wont be a good at games.
    In 2009 it worked on the high games like GTA 4 with medium grafike and today if you play WORLD OF TANKS in medium it will freez the whole system and shutdown. As you are a proffesionel i want to know why my Pc keeps turning off it shut down without any sign just kaput shut down. I can't understand either the CPU is damaged either the Mother board isn't getting any power supply..
    Can you help me???

  • wiggin wiggin 27 days ago +1

    12:46 us XOCers know exactly what Jay means when he says VWOBLOBLEH spot

  • Trippie Redd
    Trippie Redd 27 days ago

    why are you no longer friends with jerry?

  • Tosa
    Tosa 27 days ago

    what do you use this shit for? bragging rights?

  • Kirk Hysell
    Kirk Hysell 27 days ago


  • Sean Price
    Sean Price 27 days ago

    tbh this card does make sense for gaming. and will make more and more sense (this style of OC card).
    there is a small group of the most nerdy of nerds who like to game overclocked af.

    i honestly think LN2 gaming will be a regular thing very soon based on how software is pushing hardware to its thermal limits.

  • A C
    A C 27 days ago

    Jesus Jay, Toss me a card lol

  • John Moore
    John Moore 27 days ago

    Bios and biahs back and forth. Which is it Jay?

  • Scott deMoor
    Scott deMoor 27 days ago

    Oh, that card is only been given to reviewers, and will not be on the market. You can only get the single fan aio version at retail. Talk a bout your benchmarks being false advertising. Thumbs down.

  • Scott deMoor
    Scott deMoor 27 days ago

    all Amazon links broken