Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
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    Over the last few years eating meat has increasingly been associated with health risks, like heart disease, cancer and an early death. How unhealthy is meat really?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  6 months ago +1971

    Here are our sources: It is very fascinating to see that the both extremes, vegans and people on meat heavy diets hate this video. Usually we are attacked more from one direction - in this cases both ends of the spectrums are really upset. Anything relating to nutrition is very controversial unfortunately. Someone on twitter posted this: There is research showing strong links between dietary choices and social identity:

    So if you want to, you can find sources telling you that every kind of diet is bad for you. We tried very hard not to do that and get a real understanding what the health effects of meat are. We also did not have a particular bias, we have vegetarians, flexitarians and meat eaters in the team. And in general, since our first meat video many of us have reduced their meat consumption or at least try to. Others in the team have not changed at all and don't plan to. We don't have an overarching agenda here, one way or the other. There is a video about milk in the making right now and we also just started a video about veganism. Look forward to more diet related videos next year.

    • Lydia Pixel
      Lydia Pixel 3 days ago

      your are doing great, extremes have biased visions.

    • A X
      A X 4 days ago +1

      Great video but can you do one exploring fad diets like the meat only diet? I have a friend who only eats 700g of beef a day and idk what to say to him

    • changchen09
      changchen09 5 days ago

      Can you please review on The China Study by Doc. T. Collins?! Please, it's about my life and death situation. And millions of people out there might get healed if we get to the real cause of diet-related chronic illnesses. I'm suffering from IBD-UC (Ulcerative Colitis). How effective is diet to cure such diseases?! 🧐

    • I Got This
      I Got This 5 days ago +1

      Adityachk2002 tf is game changer

    • Adityachk2002
      Adityachk2002 5 days ago +2

      Who came here from game changer and still didn't find the truth

  • ChillestPlays
    ChillestPlays 2 hours ago

    Of course, they only want to know if it’s carcinogenic so that way companies can put out disclaimers so they’re not responsible. They have no reason to research how much of a risk exists or it’s potential, what people would really like to know.

  • Anders Kremer Franklin

    Well I’m so glad I am vegitarian

  • Joshua Sepulvrda
    Joshua Sepulvrda 3 hours ago

    Just it meat right fully cooked

  • gatocles99
    gatocles99 6 hours ago

    Omnivores have the greatest adaptability... We can eat anything and therefore out survivability when things get hard, are much higher than people who refuse to be flexible with their diets. That being said, I refuse to eat bugs to save the planet. I will eat vegans... there is no shortage of tender, organically fed vegans. :)

  • Sarah Fayecroft
    Sarah Fayecroft 8 hours ago


  • Kalla H
    Kalla H 8 hours ago

    Oh, I need a big fat smoked beef now. 😋

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 9 hours ago

    I am not vegan but u r too much biased towords meat i think u like meat so much
    Yes its the fact that meat is not good for health and processed red meat is deadly
    And meat is actually 1000% certainly deadly for the animal u r gonna make meat of i think u shoulda lso take ethics and fellings of animals too
    Does ur taste of toung matters more than 1000s of animals lives and tortured suffering life

  • Aeรtͥђeͣtͫic Aeรtͥђeͣtͫic

    Stop buying meat, hunt wild animals that don't get fed with antibiotics, that's good meat that won't bring you cancer, plus, if you go around the mountains for 5 hours every week, to get a hog, it can be a physical activity! So i suggest

  • fazed memes
    fazed memes 11 hours ago

    Why dont vegans eat fish?

  • Blade Silver
    Blade Silver 11 hours ago

    I don't like eat fish. Because it smells so bad.

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan Ahmed 11 hours ago

    Why does Kurzgesagt love birds so much?

  • The Nintendo DSi Mapper / Japan Gaming 日本

    I don’t eat that much meat. I think I comuse 500g of meat a week.

  • praveen nair
    praveen nair 17 hours ago

    Unfortunately, nobody can give you proof about it. Only thing which can is your body. Try high quality vegan diet for 1 month and see the difference for yourself and then decide. I am vegan for a year now, I feel lucky to get this idea.

  • s w
    s w 19 hours ago

    Mir egal. Mir schmeckt es.

  • Ja Wot
    Ja Wot Day ago

    I want to stop eating meat but I don’t want to stop tasting the meat.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 5 hours ago

      Hello, Ja Wot! I was just like that, i stopped eating meat gradually. After a while you get used to it and don't crave meat anymore. If you do, you can look for meat alternatives.they are becoming cheaper and cheaper. It's the best thing you can do for yourself, the planet and animals!

  • Sarvagya Saxena
    Sarvagya Saxena Day ago

    in moderation !!!

  • Tom N
    Tom N Day ago +1


  • Min kim
    Min kim Day ago +1

    In Korea, chickens are called gods.
    Chicken + God = Dear Lord 한국에서는 치킨을 신 이라 부른다.....치느님

  • Captive
    Captive Day ago

    Here let me help: No

  • Chan Kit Ying
    Chan Kit Ying Day ago

    That it I stop eating hotdog

  • Chan Kit Ying
    Chan Kit Ying Day ago

    I don’t like meat so .... I am 10 ago ;/

  • Fernando Alatorre

    Just so you know, your translation for the title in Spanish is wrong. ✌

  • Gadolini Rutherfordium

    Diabetes is more linked to carbohydrates and sugar consumption not meats. You are incorrect. And you are also very biased. Insulin is the hormone that causes your body to store fat. Eating carbohydrates and sugars increases your insulin levels. Insulin also makes you hungry, causing you to eat more carbohydrates and sugars also making you store more fats. Once you get severely overweight or have too high blood sugar levels your body cannot take it and starts resisting the insulin. If you simply never ate carbohydrates you would never get diabetes, and you would never over eat.
    Carbohydrates are 8 times more addictive than cocaine.

    • Vitor Cavalcanti
      Vitor Cavalcanti 21 hour ago

      Have you read all the fonts in the description? He has scientific base

  • Gadolini Rutherfordium

    There are lots of nitrates and nitrites in vegetables. Oh no! They forgot to mention that one.

  • Gadolini Rutherfordium

    Meat and fish contains small amounts of vitamin c. Carbohydrates will compete with vitamin c reducing its availability. Diets low in carbohydrates tend to give decent amounts of vitamin c in blood serum levels.

  • 艾尼路
    艾尼路 Day ago +2

    so this is why Asian ages less than westerners, they consume less meat and more carbs and fat combo food

  • 艾尼路
    艾尼路 Day ago

    another reason why chicken sandwiches are the future

  • Vault Boy Steve
    Vault Boy Steve Day ago

    Exactly why I stick to chicken breast, rice and green vegetables, super nutrient combo!
    Red meat is nice, but it has to be an occasional treat given the data, especially if colorectal cancer is in your family history.

  • Μυsιςαl Ριg
    Μυsιςαl Ριg Day ago +1

    This is the reason why only saw obese people in Western countries༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • microRiZu
    microRiZu 2 days ago

    How about eating fish 2 times a week and chicken 1 time a ween and the rest vegetables and fruits?

  • mikeyd7733
    mikeyd7733 2 days ago

    I enjoy the videos on this channel, however, this video showed me sadly while research is being conducted the vetting of the studies isn't great. Clean (Not processed) meat has been demonstrated to not only be healthy but beneficial and promote longevity. Meta analysis are the only researches that show a negative impact which are literally useless studies because there is no isolated test.

  • Xane Graphics
    Xane Graphics 2 days ago

    Lool, 8:13 "meat worse than flying"

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 2 days ago

    Processed meat is in the same category as Plutonium, asbestos and smoking.

    Good luck with your life, bacon, ham and salami eaters.

  • Epapapero il portogallese

    but we know WHY meat cause cancer, heart attack etc??
    it's fault only of fat??

  • Orbite flow
    Orbite flow 2 days ago

    The answer is No.

  • Jiawei Ke
    Jiawei Ke 2 days ago

    Eating meat is not unhealthy, you need to eat both meat and plants. You can’t be purely a herbivore or carnivore. People that are watching this video should realise you need to consume both/

  • Maineiac fishing
    Maineiac fishing 2 days ago

    I still don't know how to say your channels name but every video is golden

  • shayelad shayelad
    shayelad shayelad 2 days ago

    Human can eat everything but in balance as for meat we arent suppose to eat meat cus the animal are suffering there best time is when they are dead and its not right

    FrAnK IV WILLSON 2 days ago +1

    I’ll answer this question without watching the video we’re all dying and scientist and world leaders are going to do nothing about it not that they can just that they won’t as much as money made the world it’s killing it fast and no one cares that we’re all dying we’re just excepting it We don’t have to no progress just 30 years wasted going to school the USA sucks and so does the rest of the world unless you have money then your life is manageable

  • Vikrant Singh
    Vikrant Singh 2 days ago

    Wrong about vitamin B12

  • mega minecraft communist gaming

    too bad i'mma eat my meat anyway fools

  • Pancake Rila
    Pancake Rila 2 days ago

    that kind of "high cholesterol levels caused by nutrition" is somehow rubbish thinking without fact check .... SO I DO REALLY HATE THOSE PEOPLE REPEATLY SAID THAT cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol ....... !!!!

  • ShadowZZZ
    ShadowZZZ 2 days ago +1

    I love Kurzgesagts channel but this video is so misleading and false on many levels. For real intellectual enlightening, and relevant facts I can recommend Dr. Michael Gregers Lecture "Uprooting the Leading casues of death", as well as the documentary "What the health" and maybe earthling ed's lecture "eye opening speech" for ethical arguments.

  • Julia Dias
    Julia Dias 3 days ago

    I work on animal production industry and liked this video a lot. Only disagree with statments without foundation like it is impossible to treat animals with diginity and produce and bovines are spreading antibiotics resistence. What are the evidence for that? Can some one point out an antibiotic used as growing promoter on cattle? I suspect there is a lot of missinformation about it.

  • WhiteZess
    WhiteZess 3 days ago

    certain meat is bad, certain carbohydrates are bad, certain fats are bad - what am I gonna eat?

  • AE Pérez
    AE Pérez 3 days ago

    bullll$hit = )

  • Mael
    Mael 3 days ago

    Why is this Channel named Kurzgesagt but english

    • Matt K
      Matt K Day ago +2

      They have it in multiple languages

  • Kliche travels
    Kliche travels 3 days ago

    The people of Okinawa had a diet of vegetables while meat only made up 3% of that diet. They lived longer and better than the rest of us but all their sources didn't have additives or other junk.

  • Schmeagol
    Schmeagol 3 days ago +1

    1:51 - 1:55, Incorrect, in the absence of carbohydrates (only meat and fat) creates an environment (low blood glucose/sugar) that doesn't lead to scurvy. Watch out for those details, nutrition is a bitch of a topic. Most of the RDI's are based on the western high carb diet, not ketogenic (The picture of the guy with a bunch of meat getting scurvy can be a little misleading).

  • Rage of ores
    Rage of ores 3 days ago

    Lol my whole family of four eat 2kgs of meat a week XD

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 3 days ago

    Meat is peasant food for animal abusers.

  • aKa Donut
    aKa Donut 3 days ago +2

    We smoke, we drink alcohol and we work in dangerous enviroments without thinking of health. Dude, WE DON'T CARE IF SOMETHING IS UNHEALTHY. :))

  • augusto ornelas
    augusto ornelas 3 days ago

    All these meat eaters mad that vegans are right

  • pororo888
    pororo888 3 days ago +1

    I am done eating meat.

    I am going to be vegan in the future (because i don't want to die)

  • Anthony Gretz
    Anthony Gretz 3 days ago

    Most people say meat is bad others say 🧀 🍔 farts will 🔥 the 🌎 but really if you cut the in take of meat you should be fine. But hell we all 💘 white castle. 10 cheese burgers here to stay fry and a ice coke. :)

  • Ronaldo Simatupang
    Ronaldo Simatupang 4 days ago

    2:10 it's jojo reference

  • Paige Perricone
    Paige Perricone 4 days ago

    help me!!!!! I am now depressed

  • John Azhderian
    John Azhderian 4 days ago

    Gravity, oxygen, electricity and watching TheXvid videos cause cancer.

  • Davide Del Zin
    Davide Del Zin 4 days ago

    Nitrates aren't really that bad,if u are really scared of nitrates u shouldn't eat green salad,specially if grown in a greenhose and all the vegetables and fruit in general ahahahahah counting that the body has a great capacity to eliminate nitrates being scared of nitrates its just a bullshit for idiots that don't know human biology.
    ps the vegetables that has the highest concentration of vitamin c are also thoose with the highest concentration of nitrates...