Making a 20,000 WATT Electric Drift Trike

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Formula E asked to bring a Toy to the Rome E-Prix so I've made an epic Electric Drift Trike.
    See it ride here
    Check out the Formula E youtube channel to see all Races
    Where to watch LIVE
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    1st Track is "Gasoline" by "Braincoats"
    2nd Track is by "Freeze the Atlantic" and is called "Roshambo" from there latest album
    3rd Track is by "Swimming" and the track "Tony Hawk"
    4th Track is called "All you Gotta Do is Ask" by "The Big Peach"
    5th Track is called "I'm Shaking" and is by "Nosebleed"
    6th Track is called "The Plan" by "The Willba Project"
    In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to as all music on this channel is from viewers
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  • TruthandJustice
    TruthandJustice 3 hours ago

    I wish I was smart enough to do something like this. ☹️

  • a mystery
    a mystery 15 hours ago

    1:37 sounded just like mister tumble

  • darine solatorio
    darine solatorio 17 hours ago

    very nice

  • Tesla Grow
    Tesla Grow 18 hours ago

    Solar Tesla coil Plant machine @k--E

  • K A
    K A 21 hour ago

    When in doubt hump it out

    SdJ PARCOUR Day ago


  • Robert Laurain
    Robert Laurain Day ago

    Hey Furze, I'm trying to build a 100 mph e kick scooter, I'm still learning about electricity and how it works, everytime I think I have it, a monkey wrench gets thrown in there, I'd appreciate an opinion from ya, I want to use a brushless motor, with the proper speed control and I've got lipo batteries I'm gonna use, currently it's only a 24 volt 500 watt system, with 10" tires, and I changed the 11 tooth 90 tooth sprocket ratio to 11-55 and I gained twice the speed from 15 mph to 30 mph, so I was happy with that but I'm looking to try to create a world record, it's on my bucket list as I am 52 yrs. Old! My question is would a 48 volt 2000 watt motor get me to triple digits, with the right gearing and if not, what would ? without breaking the bank?

  • Nicholas Giles
    Nicholas Giles Day ago

    Can i have it?

  • aetherseraph
    aetherseraph Day ago

    Trial and error is the best

    MAGA PLAY Day ago


  • N J Cowan
    N J Cowan Day ago

    you wold have more time if you didn't hump!

  • Talen Wongyuen
    Talen Wongyuen Day ago

    Love how he thrusts everything

  • Self Detective
    Self Detective Day ago

    where I found all equipment

  • Javier Calderon
    Javier Calderon 2 days ago


  • Mrlian Jakub
    Mrlian Jakub 2 days ago

    fake 20kw is to much for hands

  • Dange Nation
    Dange Nation 2 days ago

    I need one

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan Ahmed 3 days ago

    First I hated the position of the battery .. and now I just hate the size of that ESC 😑

  • carlos b
    carlos b 3 days ago +1

    U r very good 👍

  • SquishBangBlow
    SquishBangBlow 3 days ago

    Is he a pedophile? This would be a great children's channel if he wasn't so creepy.

  • Сергій Тіщенко

    there is no 20,000 watts, the electric motor is only 9.800 watts of power. but it is very cool

    HARUN AL RASYID 3 days ago

    Homemade secuter

  • Josh Leong
    Josh Leong 3 days ago

    he sounds like lazarbeam

    SICARIO YT 4 days ago

    Big Tony Stark

  • Phillip Williams
    Phillip Williams 4 days ago +1

    The connections look like it can feed the grid lol

  • Adam Morgan
    Adam Morgan 4 days ago +1

    This guy is brilliant and I enjoy his videos but Jesus Christ the sound track of music he chooses is absolutely awful

  • DatDragon Boi
    DatDragon Boi 4 days ago +1

    When your eectric engine starts to smoke, and you get a new one: stonks

  • iiBxcon
    iiBxcon 4 days ago

    Sell these

  • Michaelangelo St. Paul
    Michaelangelo St. Paul 4 days ago +2

    @colinfurze could i buy one of these trikes off of you plzzz

  • 5sec2HELL
    5sec2HELL 4 days ago

    I will pay you to make me one of these

  • Sadiq Gadir
    Sadiq Gadir 4 days ago


  • Sadiq Gadir
    Sadiq Gadir 4 days ago


  • Sadiq Gadir
    Sadiq Gadir 4 days ago


  • cy bay
    cy bay 5 days ago

    You quite like humping that bike don’t you

  • lukey 2494
    lukey 2494 5 days ago +7

    What I wanna know is were the hell does he store everything hes built?🤔

  • Tunel
    Tunel 5 days ago +1

    Funny differential

  • DAULTO_ sound_car
    DAULTO_ sound_car 5 days ago

    Br aqui representando kk✌

  • PipKaS53 Pip
    PipKaS53 Pip 5 days ago +5

    Ты конечно крут, но тебе до нашего ДаниКрастера как до Китая, ну ты знаешь как))))

  • Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins 5 days ago

    Is there any link on how to charge those batterys you have?

  • Joel Cox
    Joel Cox 5 days ago

    What tips u going to 😂

  • raj balan
    raj balan 5 days ago

    I need to join ur channel

    PATOPADRE 5 days ago

    Your channel is amazing but please stop this weird fucking thing ;)

  • Joelan Magbanua
    Joelan Magbanua 5 days ago

    Luso muh

  • Kami Vids
    Kami Vids 5 days ago

    well what if you make something like that with tesla batteries? huh? huh?

  • indoorpie 167
    indoorpie 167 5 days ago

    Few it wasnt a good bmx it was zinc 😁

  • PeteyDWitch
    PeteyDWitch 5 days ago

    The Austin Powers of DIY

  • Pounamu Monk
    Pounamu Monk 5 days ago


  • Issac Tohme
    Issac Tohme 6 days ago


    МУЛЬТИКИ 6 days ago

    *подпишись на мой канал и твоя мама будет жить вечно!!!!*

  • Deb Knecht
    Deb Knecht 6 days ago

    Dick head

  • HenryManson
    HenryManson 6 days ago

    the idea is great, but the video itself is crap!

  • Owen Dorrell
    Owen Dorrell 7 days ago

    Why does he hump everything?

  • TDCRetiree2013
    TDCRetiree2013 7 days ago

    Your skills are stellar

    E.D.M MASTER 7 days ago +1

    Love this guy. These connections look lile they could feed the national grid 😂

  • james Videos
    james Videos 7 days ago +3

    50% work
    30% messing up
    20% thrusting your project

  • Jim Conrad Gobot
    Jim Conrad Gobot 8 days ago

    In Philippines we called that tricycle

    SLT GFX 8 days ago

    Jesus this is garbage...

  • RadenGaming
    RadenGaming 8 days ago

    how much for one xD a petrol one

  • jjj1951
    jjj1951 8 days ago +5

    Several kids in Colin's neighborhood are wondering where their BMX bikes went.

  • zhane peart
    zhane peart 8 days ago

    I wish I was your in paed testdriver

  • Nik & Ali
    Nik & Ali 8 days ago +1

    OMG your channel is amazing! I hope you're doing something really clever and valuable for a living coz you're a genius. Now, where do I buy one? :)

    • Andrew Delashaw
      Andrew Delashaw 7 days ago

      Having 9M TheXvid subscribers IS "for a living."

  • Wasi Khan
    Wasi Khan 8 days ago

    Wow sir very nice , good and all the besttt for other future videos ,,
    Wow 👌👍👍👍 i m your big fannn 😍💪and i m your New Subscriber🤓 ,,,,
    Sir i have a question - what motor yor are using for this project,?, and how we can buy online ?🤕🤕🤕 please replyy me its very important 😭😭,,,!!!!

  • Jaron Basjes
    Jaron Basjes 8 days ago

    My dad 9:29

  • Kill Mind
    Kill Mind 8 days ago

    Make iron man

  • Æpot potatus
    Æpot potatus 9 days ago

    9:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣 when u pregnant it give me the baby ill take care of it 🤣😌

  • redcrow l
    redcrow l 9 days ago +1

    Not to bust your bubble but you should have put the motor on the front tire that's a way better because then I could pull you I have brakes on the front check out other videos good job 👌

    • Andrew Delashaw
      Andrew Delashaw 7 days ago

      Derp. You obviously missed the entire idea of a DRIFT trike. And even if you didn't want to drift it, a motor on the front would be way to bulky and with the powerful motor he used, wouldn't be able to go on the front anyways. You want the motor on the back. That's where all the weight is. That's where you have TWO 10 inch wide tires, creating a MUCH wider contact patch than that skinny tire in the front. Leave the designing of things with wheels to other people who are a bit brighter.

      D SAUSZSZS 8 days ago

      Its a DRIFT trike. You can't drift with front wheel drive...

  • Aina Magamedova
    Aina Magamedova 9 days ago

    I feel sad for those bmx’s

  • Mrs Funny
    Mrs Funny 9 days ago

    To much talking...

  • Brett Rushing
    Brett Rushing 9 days ago

    Colin really like humping his work lol

  • wrathful Eel3660
    wrathful Eel3660 9 days ago

    Drift trike

  • John P
    John P 9 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ this trike

  • Some One
    Some One 9 days ago

    11:25 So Colin

  • Baris Cankaya
    Baris Cankaya 9 days ago +2

    This guy is fucking crazy.... and i love it!

  • JaK K
    JaK K 9 days ago

    Electric cars r shit

  • Liam The Potato
    Liam The Potato 9 days ago

    Yo uh colin so if u wanna get rid of any of ur inventions hit me up... ill take

  • zappafan11
    zappafan11 10 days ago

    ..... and the music really sucks.

  • zappafan11
    zappafan11 10 days ago

    Don't act like such a douche, just show us what you do.

  • I’m to lonely too Have subscribers

    I wonder how much these projects cost.

  • Artmor Production
    Artmor Production 10 days ago +2

    Your workshop is amazing, can build almost anything...

  • robbie versteeg
    robbie versteeg 10 days ago

    You are crazy man xD btw could be a handy fireman tool

  • Boiling Tea-cup
    Boiling Tea-cup 10 days ago


  • patch069
    patch069 10 days ago

    His face at 10:35 is just pure joy haha

  • Yohafel zapata
    Yohafel zapata 10 days ago

    Cin la palta qu tienes quen no lo haria pero yo que nada tengo que envidia en verda

  • Calthecool
    Calthecool 10 days ago +15

    I was gonna say, that starting gear ratio is
    *W A C K*

  • Bruce G
    Bruce G 10 days ago

    Obviously a genius

  • king Monkey
    king Monkey 10 days ago +1

    Man I wish I was blessed with this mans brain

  • Diversity
    Diversity 10 days ago +2

    Awesome! You're the best inventor of 21 century!

  • Charles Nuara
    Charles Nuara 11 days ago +1

    Dude you should of used a toilet for the seat. lol

  • Sean Spencer
    Sean Spencer 11 days ago

    Your music sucks

  • Anonymous 123
    Anonymous 123 11 days ago

    Now this is an actual job I’d want

  • Дима Горбунов

    Лайк если русский)))

  • Ваня Иванов
    Ваня Иванов 11 days ago

    Ё...нутый))))) в хорошем смысле слова)))) считай что граната без чеки по жопой....

  • Rahmat Abadi
    Rahmat Abadi 11 days ago

    Please make a reverse steering car or motorcycle for fun!

  • Chris M
    Chris M 11 days ago

    Cool video, but the music is cringe. That’s the type of shit me and my friends would listen to when I was 13-14.

  • Sean DePoppe
    Sean DePoppe 12 days ago

    Cool shop wish i had that

  • Josh Deets
    Josh Deets 12 days ago +17

    Visitors to Colin's town, " What are those loud explosions!"
    Townspeople, " oh that's just Colin"

      BANE JONES 4 days ago

      Cool, you can read and copy others comments 👍 well done, there are no explosions on this though so leave it with the fireworks yea

    SOLDIER OF ALLAH.SWT. 13 days ago +1

    you or shall i say you's skipped the fun part how to put the puzzle together. why is people so paranoid and dont wanna share theyr genius work so all can make and have fun buuuuuuuh im not a fan anymore :D

  • Jason Winrow
    Jason Winrow 13 days ago

    Hey Colin do you use tig welding for everything now ??

  • C L
    C L 13 days ago

    Another amazing build