IT'S HERE! Collecting My New AMG GT R PRO!

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • It is FINALLY time to collect my brand new AMG GT R PRO! After a long wait, how better to collect the new supercar than for the first time using my AMG G63 with a trailer to transport it to Topaz for PPF to be installed. There's going to be a lot of adventures to come with the Pro, I can't wait!
    Kicking off from the garage, the first stop is to take my AMG G63 over to Topaz, where the Skin was installed, but also to meet with Tony from Turbo Transport to hook up the trailer with which we're going to be collecting the new car. Having passed my test earlier in the summer for towing this type of setup, it's time to finally put it to use and how better than one AMG to collect another!?
    Logistically, a meet point at Topaz would make our day flow best, but also mean that Tony would be able to show me the ropes and help with the actual work to load and transport the new GT R Pro. We set off then to head towards Mercedes-Benz Brentford to take a first look at the new Shmeemobile.
    On display sits the GT R Pro, one of only 750 total cars being made, with mine in designo Diamond White paintwork with the satin grey decals to contrast the main colour, along with the titanium RXE wheels and the exposed visual carbon fibre. Powered by the 4.0l TT V8, the Pro shares a similar setup to the G63 with 585hp but features a 7spd dual clutch as opposed to the 9spd auto used by the G for extra torque and off-roading.
    Why not just drive it? Well as always with my cars, to prevent the risk of stone chips or damage, the car is immediately going to Topaz for the very best installation of Paint Protection Film to ensure it is always going to be in perfect shape. With horrible weather, and weird things happening on the roads around the time of year, not only does it protect the car but also gives an opportunity to use the G63 to tow. As such we unload back at Topaz before Tony is back on his way and it's time for the GT R Pro to head inside for detailing and the PPF install which we will see over the coming week or two.
    If you're interested to know more about finance, and/or receive a quote, take a look at Shmee150 Finance powered by Harrington:
    A special thanks to GT (my salesman at MB Brentford), to Topaz and of course to Turbo Tony for his time to show me the ropes for my first towing outing, give him a follow here:
    Thanks for watching, Tim
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150  Month ago +412

    After a long wait, it is finally the day to collect my brand new AMG GT R Pro! The first stop is to Topaz for PPF installation, so the only way to go about it is for the first time to use my G63 as a towing machine! Let's see how it goes...

    • Geraint Williams
      Geraint Williams Month ago

      Where’s the GTR Roadster that you ordered?

    • arjan matrizi
      arjan matrizi Month ago

      congrats shmee nice job

    • logtec 11
      logtec 11 Month ago

      This guys is a car Dan Bilzerian. After all these cars does any of these excite you anymore??

  • Gerhard Mogg
    Gerhard Mogg 7 days ago


  • vetle33
    vetle33 13 days ago

    Why change plates on the trailer?

  • The Bicycle Guy
    The Bicycle Guy 15 days ago

    Fiancing - you borrowed to buy from a company that I have shares with...I ride a bicycle and you have a fissile fuelled contraction. Thanks for opening my eyes to next AGM.

  • Nick Dodenc
    Nick Dodenc 16 days ago

    How TF do you get a job like this where do I apply man!!

  • i\/
    i\/ 18 days ago

    Paid Promotion ?

  • helpmenow7
    helpmenow7 21 day ago

    What do you do for a living my friend

  • Gregory Woody
    Gregory Woody 22 days ago

    This AMG GTR is so sick

  • Mike Ciulini
    Mike Ciulini 23 days ago

    Star car

  • Chief Juk
    Chief Juk 23 days ago

    Why does he have all this and i have one shitty altima, what makes you better than us? How do you make millions of dollars while i make 20 thousand? Did you sell your soul?

  • Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf

    I sold all mecerdes junk from my car collection.

  • Tj Caldwell
    Tj Caldwell 25 days ago

    Love that car and color

  • George Smart
    George Smart 26 days ago

    It's interesting to see how parking on double yellow is "totally not allowed" at 18:33 but at 20:33, just 2 minutes later, it's cool! :D Just sayin' :)

  • Damian Młynarski
    Damian Młynarski 27 days ago

    An absolute BOMB!!!

  • Ayo Cobretti
    Ayo Cobretti 27 days ago

    WOW unbeliavable what the Power of Money and TheXvid Can give you if you are Good in your Job .
    I Remember 6 years ago 400000 Subscribe and now the Moon 💯👊🏽

  • J Strålis
    J Strålis Month ago


  • Sam Corson
    Sam Corson Month ago

    Wonder what the cost difference is between a AMG GT R Pro and the full GT3 version

  • Mohamed Mesbah
    Mohamed Mesbah Month ago

    really like your way but what would you prefer ?
    -Bentley continental gt
    -Mercedes amg gtr
    which can be better as daily drive because I'm making this comparison

  • Jamjo
    Jamjo Month ago

    Car's beautiful

  • Sentimental Prime
    Sentimental Prime Month ago

    It’s the British version of Doug demeroro

  • George Gagishvili
    George Gagishvili Month ago

    Congratulations Tim, what a fantastic machine, happy for you mate.

  • Memes for lif
    Memes for lif Month ago

    My dad has a light blue hurricane that is the same color as ur Aston.

  • Rezka Ermanda
    Rezka Ermanda Month ago

    Ferrari roma bro

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago

    Don’t you also need secondary wingmirrors when towing?

  • darksoul 6776
    darksoul 6776 Month ago +6

    i have a red GTR just like this one

    but in gta online

  • Ash the Dash
    Ash the Dash Month ago

    Damn this guy got dat moolah. So many new cars in a year till I can’t even keep track

  • Home2022 Peace
    Home2022 Peace Month ago

    its a car hahahaha!

  • sean norris
    sean norris Month ago

    What on earth do you do for a living Shmee? I want to do whatever THAT is

    • Kaif Din
      Kaif Din Month ago

      Pretty sure he owns a business/businesses or he does something to do with property. Don't get this much money from your average job anyway.

  • Ahmed Rs
    Ahmed Rs Month ago

    He’s collocation is beautiful!

  • Paulfastbikes
    Paulfastbikes Month ago

    Hello mate. Only recently found your channel . I just retired from the police. I want to get a sports car for about 50k just had a poor experiance with a old 911 any tips ?

  • Taufik Hermawan Official

    I see that this guy so Rich

  • Nightslasher 809
    Nightslasher 809 Month ago

    i think the tires are more expensive then my car...

  • Caleb Cross
    Caleb Cross Month ago

    You have an addiction to buying cars. Help is available.

  • BgMcTV PH
    BgMcTV PH Month ago

    G wagon and amg gt shares engine people love it but when Ford raptor and Ford GT shared engine people who can't buy it hates it😂

  • Peter La Anguila
    Peter La Anguila Month ago

    atrocious weather hahahahaha.

  • Phil Razzi
    Phil Razzi Month ago

    So this is what 2M subs gets you....

  • Enzo p Pagliarulo
    Enzo p Pagliarulo Month ago

    Congratulations Sir. Enjoy your videos for years and finally decided to subscribe.

  • Rocco R36
    Rocco R36 Month ago

    Good Job TOWny 😂👌

  • keethan m
    keethan m Month ago

    The real GTR was right behind his G

  • Matt Berry
    Matt Berry Month ago

    Those chrome door handles don’t work, I’d personally get them sprayed black

  • Samsung Samsung
    Samsung Samsung Month ago

    BMW /// 😭😭😭

  • Duy N
    Duy N Month ago

    So is this better than the AMG GTR XL PLUS?

  • Human
    Human Month ago

    You sound like a spoiled little kid with no real life.
    It is just a man made auto. Nothing special in life.
    Oh! I got topaze paint. Lol. Do you do anything of value in life?

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung Month ago


  • Car Culture Nation
    Car Culture Nation Month ago

    Wow those trailer hitches look wierd

  • Street Wise
    Street Wise Month ago

    Every angle of this car looks stunning. Nice buy Tim!

  • Limello
    Limello Month ago

    I like cars 😆😆

  • Ronald Thompson
    Ronald Thompson Month ago

    I wish I could get 700k views of a video of me hooking up my trailer to my Cayenne.. :)

  • Kassimoo
    Kassimoo Month ago

    omg you talk too much xDD

  • Micah Miller
    Micah Miller Month ago

    What is the mechanism connected to the hitch? Is it some sort of hydraulic dampener?

  • Ben & Justin
    Ben & Justin Month ago +1

    0:01 to 0:02 is the best part of the vid.

  • Ibrahim Fawad
    Ibrahim Fawad Month ago

    Best car

  • Philipp Koerdt
    Philipp Koerdt Month ago

    can someone tell me how he can afford all of this

  • muamama GT
    muamama GT Month ago

    Omg my dream car! The amg gtr 😱😲

  • ehjhey7
    ehjhey7 Month ago

    I'm gonna need an explanation for the Random Sonic the Hedgehog mural around 18:05

    **Edit** nevermind. Found out that's actually's SEGA's office in Europe lol

  • Steve St. martin
    Steve St. martin Month ago

    Nice cars what dose this guy do for money??

  • Russeroo
    Russeroo Month ago

    I would enjoy sneaking into your garage, pulling my pants down and emptying my bowels after a full-on dose of salmonella all over your bonnet.
    Thank you 😊

  • RemixRocket 101
    RemixRocket 101 Month ago

    Hi guys it’s shmee

  • Gregory Maxwell
    Gregory Maxwell Month ago

    How many cars does he have?

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    Y. OCT Month ago

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