Planets Could Form Around Black Holes! | SciShow News

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • This week in space. Scientists have discovered a black hole that could possibly everything we know about black holes, and also, evidence that planets, yes planets, could form around super massive black holes.
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Comments • 422

  • Titus Tucker
    Titus Tucker 18 days ago

    There is one serious mis-conception about black holes/singularities, and that is they are some kind of enormous vacuum sucking in everything around it. Black holes/singularities is a gravitational source exactly the same as our Sun is one. Once having feed on the nearby material (that our Sun most likely did in it's formation), the rest of the solar system would still orbit it in a natural way.

  • Robert Gamble
    Robert Gamble 25 days ago

    Random thoughts: Does the universe exist within a “Black Hole”? Could that explain what is known as “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy”. Could the boundary of the “Black Hole” be what limits the “observable” maximum speed which anything can travel?

  • AqWha Water
    AqWha Water Month ago

    Ha! i already knew this

  • RockLobster3
    RockLobster3 Month ago

    As a lay-person, it isn't surprising that:
    1. There are black holes that are smaller than we usually expect.
    2. Normal matter can achieve a stable orbit around a supermassive black hole which can eventually coalesce into a planet sized object.
    3. Physicists find it baffling that these results occur, yet we do not have a sophisticated set of theories to explain this phenomena... yet.

  • Sylkis89
    Sylkis89 Month ago

    is there a possibility of a planet suitable for life orbiting a black hole? There's no sun I guess to create a goldilocks zone, but maybe there are other possible stable sources of energy that could give rise to life given the right conditions on the planet itself?

  • Eddie Junior
    Eddie Junior Month ago

    Yeah they were wrong.

  • nustada
    nustada Month ago +1

    I was hoping this was talking about terrain over a black hole.

  • Quincy Allen
    Quincy Allen Month ago

    "it displays the phase of the moon so you always know what's going on up there"
    **witches have entered the chat**

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch Month ago

    Wow, Star still doing its job after death, now that's what I call dedication!

  • Kyleroo
    Kyleroo Month ago


  • Science Juelz Johnson


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago +1

    Imagine going outside and saying "What a beautiful day, I have everything I need, food, water, oxygen, shelter, and radiation from a black hole!"

  • StellarDweller
    StellarDweller Month ago

    2:05 this is where things get massy

  • Dream
    Dream Month ago +5

    Update: LB-1 was a result of a miscalculation according to 3 studies posted towards that study. In other words, this proposed 70 solar masses black hole- is nothing but potentially incorrect math. But, oh well.

  • denijane
    denijane Month ago

    Ha, the news about planets forming around super-massive BH is actually very interesting. I wonder why they were only 10 times the Earth's mass. After all in 400 millions of years and around a super-massive object, it kind of makes sense to have more variety in the planets, right? Very interesting.

  • W R
    W R Month ago

    Or it was discovered by a Chinese team, therefore it doesn’t make sense because it is as likely to have been made up as it is a new discovery. I dare you to audit the facts with permission from the Chinese government, then let’s talk.

  • Billy Begood
    Billy Begood Month ago

    Aliens. It's definitely aliens.

  • Gerald Michael
    Gerald Michael Month ago +3

    The question is, is there a goldilocks zone for a blackhole?

  • steelgreyed
    steelgreyed Month ago

    I really don't see how planets forming is controversial or unexpected. Every planet we know of is formed from an accretion disk. I really don't see the difference between a black hole accretion disk and a stellar mass accretion disk....

  • Suddenly Bookish
    Suddenly Bookish Month ago +1

    I'd like an astronomical event calendar.

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott Month ago +2

    Maybe the movie interstellar wasn’t so wrong after all?

  • Manol Tonchev
    Manol Tonchev Month ago

    Very surprising, cuz from the name LB-1 I'd think it weighs no more than a pound. I'll see myself out.

  • r f
    r f Month ago

    I was born on a planet orbiting a black hole. By the time i took my first piss i was hundreds of years old to you....It would be a neat story

  • fault3k
    fault3k Month ago

    Does LB-1just mean large blackhole 1? im right arent i

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    How do 85,000(!) planets keep an even slightly stable orbit?

  • Helicondrummer
    Helicondrummer Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that any alien life that forms around one of the black hole planets are the things H.P. Lovecraft would write about.

  • CaTastrophy427
    CaTastrophy427 Month ago

    I was thinking, for some reason, that the title suggest the planet could be formed *around* the black hole... like, as a shell or something. Like, if Earth had a black hole instead of magma as its core.

  • Reaper_ExD
    Reaper_ExD Month ago

    Everytime scientists find things that shouldn't exist i just say this phrase in a german "Einstein" voice, "Everything is relative."

  • The Red Scare
    The Red Scare Month ago

    I'm a blackstar...
    I'm a blackstar...

  • Jose Antonio Pineda Castro

    Planets orbiting black holes, at dr who, season 2 episode 8, named the impossble planet. It was a planet orbiting a black hole.

  • Kris lol
    Kris lol Month ago +1

    maybe we cant account for other mass in the universe because the black holes ate em all

  • syed ali
    syed ali Month ago

    I have to do it... [inside the black hole] Hello darkness my old friend...

  • Tt Miller
    Tt Miller Month ago

    P.s.: who would ever want to live on one of those planets anyway? I'd hate to think of what would be coming/falling towards wonder they take 3 to 4 times longer to form too...but...just imagine the tan you'd get on a planet like the X-rays AND gamma Ray's coming off of matter being annihilated...forget cosmic rays like we get'd get the "patented" "Chernobyl tan" there
    (I said 'patented' like that up there because they were truly the ones who gave a name to how tan ALL of your skin looked after just a few minutes trying to clean up after the blast there in Chernobyl...)

  • Tt Miller
    Tt Miller Month ago

    At about if it came from somewhere else closer to the center of the galaxy that did have more of those two...AND...what if this binary system got to where it is by way of a even bigger b.h. - like the one at the middle of our galaxy is way bigger than this, so I'd expect it to have formed there in one of the huge gas clouds circling the central b.h. ...?

  • Junokaii
    Junokaii Month ago

    And if we could somehow harness the power of a black hole we'd be set for almost an eternity.

  • deisisase
    deisisase Month ago

    How could a black hole orbit a star or have a star obit it? Shouldn't companions break free of there partners when one goes supernova and loses a large portion of its mass?

  • Rodovan Ra
    Rodovan Ra Month ago

    skip to about 4:06 to have him talk about the subject, the first 4 minutes of this video is about something else.

  • Rudy Ortiz
    Rudy Ortiz Month ago

    It’s a movable alien spaceship planet that’s black duhhh

  • Mark Hancock
    Mark Hancock Month ago

    Could this account for Dark Matter?

  • Mikkel Højbak
    Mikkel Højbak Month ago

    Your lunar calendar appears to need room to write stuff. I use calendars to track *my* plans, any other info is just extras.

  • Magnus.
    Magnus. Month ago

    nice hoodie hank! keep it coming

  • Scott Gray
    Scott Gray Month ago +21

    "Just when you think you understand the universe, black holes once again show up and ruin everything." 😂

    • Scott Gray
      Scott Gray Month ago

      @HoshiSanada JINX! 😁

    • HoshiSanada
      HoshiSanada Month ago +2

      I read your comment at the same time as he actually said it. xD

  • Raymond Licon
    Raymond Licon Month ago

    Like planet 9?

  • Grandpawns Here
    Grandpawns Here Month ago

    I honestly don't care if a black hole gulps down the earth

  • M S
    M S Month ago

    Isn't this like the black hole in the middle of our milky way galaxy?

  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy Month ago +1

    *Interstellar theme crescendos*

  • Chris Bentley
    Chris Bentley Month ago

    Weird question.. but could a star orbit a planet? What if a much, much bigger planet formed around a black hole and caught the star? Idk just a thought

    • Paul Gardner
      Paul Gardner Month ago

      Stars are too big to orbit a planet. You could fit over 1 million earths inside our sun.

  • Mighty Tighty Whitey And I'm Smuggling Plums

    "I'm glad our planet is orbiting not a black hole"
    for now

    • TheoQuazar
      TheoQuazar Month ago

      Idk, the sun is never going to become one, and any rouge black hole that passes through our solar system is more likely to eject us than to capture Earth in a stable orbit.

  • KuK137
    KuK137 Month ago

    "Planets ""Could"" Form Around Black Holes" Gee, it's not like first 4 alien planets ever found were around black hole. OH WAIT! THEY WERE! What a stupid clickbait...

    • Glaceon Studios
      Glaceon Studios Month ago

      The first *three* planets were found around a *neutron star*. Neutron stars are not black holes, namely because they emit light without accretion disks.

  • Icajax
    Icajax Month ago

    I loved this episode of doctor who

  • Matt G
    Matt G Month ago

    I love the WORM.

  • Novasapien
    Novasapien Month ago +1

    I completely misunderstood this as planets forming as a globe surrounding a black hole, with the black hole at its core
    Now THAT would be wild

  • Rebecca Gaskins
    Rebecca Gaskins Month ago

    okay but black-hole-planet aliens.

    Like, I assume the radiation would be inhospitable *somehow*, but I don't know that, I studied mostly pure math at university. What parts of the spectrum would these planets get from the black hole's accretion disk? could recognizable forms of life theoretically happen, or are we just going to end up with sterile spheres of god-knows-what?

  • Papallion Sunspell
    Papallion Sunspell Month ago +1

    is there a calendar that shows the phases of the Earth from the Moon?

  • Novah Ghost
    Novah Ghost Month ago

    Our discoveries are only gonna get stranger from here.
    Brace yourself

  • GamerbyDesign
    GamerbyDesign Month ago

    So that one planet around the black hole in interstellar could be possible?

  • DragonSheep
    DragonSheep Month ago

    Yannow, could LB-1's orbital companion be made dark matter?

  • -?-
    -?- Month ago

    This makes me think of the black hole at the center of brittle hollow in Outer Wilds

  • L1GHT D3M0N
    L1GHT D3M0N Month ago +1

    So planets could still exist in a post-star universe (I.E. not enough fuel left for stars to be sustainable)?

  • its just luke Revive

    Nothing beats a black sunrise.