Are Wireless Gaming Mice ACTUALLY Faster??

  • Published on Jul 4, 2019
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    We tested five wired and wireless mice with the Phantom Flex 4K camera at 1000 FPS to see if wireless mice were faster than wired!
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Comments • 4 736

  • Bob Largecock
    Bob Largecock Hour ago

    My favourite lesbian tech tuber.....😃

  • skiwarz
    skiwarz 2 hours ago

    That camera had dead pixels all over the place lol. Made me think it was my tv

  • Negic Nikola
    Negic Nikola 8 hours ago

    none of this shit matters because it takes 80ms for visual information from the eyes to travel to the visual cortex and our brain to process the information anyways

  • Mike Dg
    Mike Dg 14 hours ago

    Shit I look like Norm

  • Keefer Cabales
    Keefer Cabales Day ago

    You wanna share your mice

  • Mishael Dank
    Mishael Dank Day ago

    This video should be at most 7 mins long

  • CptEngage
    CptEngage 2 days ago

    What about Logitech g304 LIGHTSPEED?

  • alab javilagon
    alab javilagon 2 days ago

    JAKE: im gonna fight one of you clowns
    me: then why aint you fighting yourself

    XLR丶EAGLE 2 days ago +1

    Company will close their brand after this

  • flamingshorts flamingshorts

    I have a graveyard of wireless mice. Next to the tomb of sensor lights. Wired for me until they work reliably.

  • black cricket
    black cricket 4 days ago

    does rechargeable mouse battery life go down over time like a phone's battery gets worse over time?

  • Anime List
    Anime List 5 days ago

    Jesus could you not sell out for one video?

  • Ji! Jim
    Ji! Jim 5 days ago

    wtf so fat 3:07

  • Simple4K
    Simple4K 5 days ago

    One issue with wired mice rarely mentioned, having the cable bend and slide around can cause minor inconsistencies in your aim. Wireless mice stay consistent as long as your mousepad is clean.

  • Catamation
    Catamation 6 days ago +1

    10 million yet?

  • Nita Leonardo
    Nita Leonardo 6 days ago

    you should get a g pro wireless theree @linus :D

  • Racist Chicken
    Racist Chicken 6 days ago

    It's placebo, doesn't matter if it's faster or not. Every gamer knows this

  • Claudia Tabares
    Claudia Tabares 6 days ago


  • Vysulo
    Vysulo 6 days ago +1

    It doesnt matter, im still waiting for the Steelseries Sensei 10 Wireless

  • Nathan Denekamp
    Nathan Denekamp 7 days ago

    I have a corsair dark core and there are other things that separate it from logitech or better mice. Sometimes when you right click (to ads) the mouse registers that you have engaged mouse 2. You take your finger off mouse 2, bit the mouse dosen't register that you have done this, so you stay ads. Also, the mouse has to "warm up". When you first turn it on wireless connection stutters significantly. Like the signaling technology in the mouse fails to send the dongle inputs because it isn't updating as frequently. Its like the connection isn't 2.4 ghz but like .0001 ghz

  • Jan Špaček
    Jan Špaček 8 days ago

    This is really cool experiment.
    I am quite sure that LTT considered it, but Corsair mice has much leaner profile at the hammer impact point. Knowing that the plastic of the mouse is also gonna give a bit upon the impact, it might be possible that the hammer pinches the Corsair mice against the table surface a bit more causing a bit more friction at the beginning of its movement, than how it is with Logitech. Also the rigged surface of the orange one might be the cause of the inconsistencies in the measurements.
    Anyway I like the look of Logitech better though :D
    Thanks LTT for going through the trouble of building a sophisticated hammer-swinging, diod-bliping rig, to show us whats up.
    Awsome work.

  • Armando Estrada
    Armando Estrada 8 days ago

    really good one. do the same test but compare the low latency system of amd and nvidia !!!!! is enable activate has improvment ?

  • Goose Enterprises LLC

    The best way to find out latency is to actually measure it--don't believe any manufacturer's specs, they are notoriously optimistic and also may be degraded by your local conditions, both in RF interference and (more than you might expect) the mouse surface, or even dust on the sensor and/or low battery. The best meter for this is the $95-ish LagMeter from Goose Enterprises (available on Amazon), which is external hardware measurement instrument and doesn't rely on the computer itself--it gives exact lag data down to 0.01 milliseconds on a digital readout on the instrument. Using a LagMeter, you'll see that lag for some mice and surfaces is more consistent than others. If, for example, the optical detector fails to pattern-detect on a particular frame of mousepad fabric, it will simply skip, and the result will be an extra 4-10 milliseconds of lag for that one test. Or, if a wireless mouse packet is dropped, there will be a similar variance in your lag measured. With a LagMeter, you can test repeatedly, say 10 times in a minute, and get a feel for the consistency of latency, which may be equally or more important than the median value of the latency in effect on gaming performance.

  • EggieBoi
    EggieBoi 9 days ago

    my computer lags so much that i wont even notice if my mouse is fast or not or even have to pay loads for a fast one

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark 9 days ago +1

    You should collab with rocketscience's halfwaydead. He released a cool video recently about response times in controllers. His test seemed more accurate than this lol

  • Pathetic Jamie
    Pathetic Jamie 9 days ago

    When I worked with a phantom flex I did the same thing and also let somebody slap my face lol

  • Maheer Ali
    Maheer Ali 10 days ago +1

    now its time to do it with the 360hz monitor Asus just released

  • czxn _
    czxn _ 11 days ago +2

    Who else is watching in 2034

  • Kamran Kambang
    Kamran Kambang 11 days ago

    I wish they test all mouse they have. I'm now curious on the g304

  • Dante Nero
    Dante Nero 12 days ago

    Fu## mice , you need test sensor

  • MeikäPoika
    MeikäPoika 13 days ago

    What is the monitor in the test???

  • eltouristoduo
    eltouristoduo 13 days ago

    common headline, really? If that's true then wired is done wrong.

  • NZgamer
    NZgamer 13 days ago

    So I have and use the MX Anywhere 2S for gaming. TIL that I should grab a new mouse soon...

  • JPvrb
    JPvrb 13 days ago

    that mic quality at 5:34

  • ventsii
    ventsii 15 days ago

    I don't get how you get such an elaborate set up done and ready to go, and you only test like 5 mice 5 times. Why not use the opportunity to test say 20 mice 100 times, so that you can determine the average response time more accurately and compare them...

  • D C
    D C 15 days ago

    You should have also tested a wired non-gaming mouse. It would really help out mouse buyers if you included more mice in a test like this. Good video, but more mice would be much appreciated.

  • marion91is
    marion91is 15 days ago

    You should write a short Python script to output a timestamp or a this_millis vs last_millis time. That should allow you to see the actual time the input was received without having to draw an entire frame before recording the next input.

  • Felix White
    Felix White 16 days ago

    Hey when will u do a video about 240hz vs 360hz monitor? And the 2k Ram?

  • Hamster ツ Sebbo
    Hamster ツ Sebbo 17 days ago

    Could you maybe test the Logitech G903 with the Powerplay Mousepad?

  • Boku No Rainbow
    Boku No Rainbow 17 days ago

    would have been better to test hero sensor vs hero sensor. 703 still used the 3366

  • Isaiah Quantz
    Isaiah Quantz 17 days ago

    Yo, I have been using a MX Anywhere 2s for the past year and a bit; I started my play through of AC Odyssey with that thing. Super happy to have got a Razer Basilisk Ultimate for my 19th B-Day.

  • Nick Sewerwater
    Nick Sewerwater 17 days ago

    i like wired mice

  • Hewatza
    Hewatza 18 days ago

    Anyone else notice the footprint on he wall behind him?

  • Matt R
    Matt R 18 days ago +31

    "That removes the reliability of our experiments"

  • lilliputti 21
    lilliputti 21 18 days ago

    You sound like you are on helium

  • Boundless Being
    Boundless Being 18 days ago

    “Do mouse pads matter?”...vid idea

    • Alecksss
      Alecksss 16 days ago

      Oh boi, it does, I'd love seeing linus testing artisan pads

    • TheLaztGamer
      TheLaztGamer 17 days ago

      Pretty sure someone has done that before, but getting it from Linus perspective is also good

  • seef25
    seef25 18 days ago


  • C h i p
    C h i p 18 days ago

    Plot twist: this is all paid stock footage

  • Rayyan Shaikh
    Rayyan Shaikh 18 days ago

    Linus are you gay its supposed to be the other way around wired mice are faster

  • MrJacqques
    MrJacqques 19 days ago

    One thing is that the mouse dongle thingy is on the table. If i had a wireless mouse it would not be on the table. It propably wouldn't matter much but might introduce some inconsistency similar to normal internet wifi.

  • Sarcom Sarpedon
    Sarcom Sarpedon 19 days ago

    Why dont you do the same test but with mouse equipment that has laser sensors . I have that kind of mouse from thermaltake and i am so happy with it

  • ay brn
    ay brn 19 days ago

    There's a dragon Balls in 8:40

  • Not Torres
    Not Torres 19 days ago

    competitive shooter global offensive

  • MobileChaos
    MobileChaos 20 days ago

    Are you going to do a comprehensive test of every gaming mouse? Obviously the G703 doesn't have as good of reviews as the G305 or G Pro, but not sure if those fair the same in the results.

  • Fortnite Days ??
    Fortnite Days ?? 20 days ago

    Video starts 1:20 thank me later

  • Juib Morrowind
    Juib Morrowind 20 days ago

    No Linus, a 24fps video doesn't make a cinematic experience. Next time upload a 60 fps video so i don't have to watch an audio embedded slideshow.

  • Fetus Annihilation
    Fetus Annihilation 20 days ago

    Well I actually have an excuse for being bad. My mouse continuously disconnects and reconnects because of what I assume are issues with the mouse’s wire. Will be switching to wireless now.

  • Cpt. Shmitt
    Cpt. Shmitt 20 days ago

    Wired mice don't require hundreds of dollars worth of batteries.

  • Tracts _5
    Tracts _5 21 day ago

    See you in 7 years

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised 21 day ago

    I just got a Wireless Razer Mamba and LOVE IT. The feel of playing CSGO with no wire drag is worth it alone, but the Mamba has top notch sensor and the best palm grip shape for my hand. I've trade almost every mouse and the Steelseries 600 and Mamba fit me best. Looking for a good White Wireless keyboard, only one I can find are those Anne Pro's. Anyone have experience with the Anne Pro mechanical wireless keyboards? The White one would fit my White\Black theme perfectly.