Jimmy Carr's IN TEARS Over Joe Wilkinson's Flirting Antics | 8 Out of 10 Cats | Best Series 18 Pt.1


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  • E4
    E4  17 days ago +14

    What was your favourite moment from the series?!
    Watch the FULL series here: bit.ly/2oNpwez

    • It's just myself, so it is.
      It's just myself, so it is. Day ago

      Stop with the clickbaiting, E4.
      And stop repeating clips in these compilations.
      Just make them shorter and stop milking every drop of ad revenue stretching it to 12 mins.
      Quality over quantity.

    • Per Johansson
      Per Johansson 8 days ago +1

      You: "plz turn off adblock because we are entirely ad funded"
      Me: Fair enough...
      You after i have done that: Oh btw you also need to create a account
      Me: Fuck off, i can watch it all somewhere else then

    • J
      J 10 days ago +1

      >1 week ago
      >uploaded today

  • themadplotter
    themadplotter 8 hours ago +1

    Remember Jamie Cullum? Nah me neither.

  • Dave Bonski
    Dave Bonski 9 hours ago

    Murphy's agent getting him to appear on 'pop' culture shows in a feeble attempt to rebuild his profile after making a prick of himself during several A list interviews.

  • hanna thompson
    hanna thompson 13 hours ago

    I was SO HAPPY to see Joe pop up on my screen while watching After Life with Ricky Gervais!!! More Joe

  • Rachael Fisher
    Rachael Fisher 18 hours ago +1

    I genuinely do not understand how Joe doesn't laugh!! He keeps a straight face every time! Absolutely love him

  • KRHH 979
    KRHH 979 Day ago +6

    Ahh. Katherine Ryan at her best. *Silent*

  • keshihead85
    keshihead85 Day ago

    can someone put a mute button on sarah millcan?

  • The Dahlia
    The Dahlia Day ago

    Please do a montage of every time Joe has made someone cry.
    As I am currently howling.

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price Day ago

    That women from the one show is probably the most annoying and unfunny person on tv

  • This Face Believes You

    8:26 It’s Breaking Bad... if Walt and Jesse were comedians instead of meth dealers obviously.

  • Cryian Sky
    Cryian Sky 2 days ago

    this show made to put not funny comedians and try to be funny? is thats the point of the show?

  • Fabiana Guareschi
    Fabiana Guareschi 2 days ago

    god fucking dammit jon is so damn cute ughhh

  • Lejtan
    Lejtan 3 days ago

    Who was that guy singing the Jon Richardson song?

  • Lauren Whittaker
    Lauren Whittaker 3 days ago

    8 out of 10 cars roadshow would be soooooo good 😂😂

  • James Hill
    James Hill 3 days ago +19

    Oh my god, Jon's face during the song while he played with his little rattles ...

  • Krispy Stream
    Krispy Stream 3 days ago


  • Thunder 60
    Thunder 60 3 days ago +1

    99 twits have no sense of humour! 👍

  • Anoushka Babelcock
    Anoushka Babelcock 3 days ago

    Jamie Cullam & Sophie Dahl are one of the most loveliest couples. And Jamie really demonstrated his comic side here, with a full dose of lovely. My crappy Friday has been much improved by watching this, so I thank you much!

  • Edgar Avila
    Edgar Avila 4 days ago

    I'd feel bad for Jon at the end if they weren't kidding.

  • Dean J-t
    Dean J-t 4 days ago +2

    Fun fact, Sean is right, his name was Iain

  • Elis Regina
    Elis Regina 5 days ago

    i burst out laughing when jon applauded health and safety

  • matt robinson
    matt robinson 5 days ago

    Best show on tv by miles! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Batman
    Batman 5 days ago +1

    Mel C is sooooo sexy!

  • Owen Fitzgerald
    Owen Fitzgerald 5 days ago +1

    Kirsty Young is beauty personified.

  • Yokky
    Yokky 6 days ago +1

    I would like a ticket on a train with Joe!

  • Yokky
    Yokky 6 days ago +1

    Lol was the title meant to say "Flirting Tactics"?

    A lot of auto-correct spelling mistakes I noticve on 8OO10C vids recently!

    But it's an official decent channel.
    Clean up your channel dudes!

  • Jason Trump
    Jason Trump 6 days ago

    Joe steals it at the end , Brilliant .

  • dillon bean
    dillon bean 6 days ago +1

    6:50 The crowd woo and boo a bit coz Jon stole Quagmires joke

  • Danny Sutton
    Danny Sutton 6 days ago +3

    Joe Wilkinson used to be my sister.

    • Yokky
      Yokky 6 days ago

      Mine as well.

  • voodoochile333
    voodoochile333 6 days ago


  • Sportacus
    Sportacus 6 days ago +1

    I do like Joe but I feel that when he's on the 8 Out Of 10 Cats, his humour quickly devolves into "look at this random food item".

  • Andrew Coates
    Andrew Coates 6 days ago +1

    Jon Richardson irritates me a little bit

  • mr kai
    mr kai 7 days ago

    My old Gran always used to say it was called a Jellybang of Scotch Eggs.

  • Nunya Goddamnbusiness
    Nunya Goddamnbusiness 7 days ago +1

    Innuendo? I thought that was an Italian suppository.

  • lordvore
    lordvore 7 days ago

    Ow my stomach hurts.

  • Blahblah Bluhbluh
    Blahblah Bluhbluh 8 days ago +10

    jimmy car thinks someone went too far is like jack dee telling someone to cheer up :)

  • single pringle
    single pringle 8 days ago

    My earphones just came out and all my parents heard was Jimmys creepy laugh.... fuck

  • Sue Charlesworth
    Sue Charlesworth 8 days ago

    On ice final

  • Scott Hogan
    Scott Hogan 8 days ago +1

    Guido does mean guy and not Ian btw for anyone wondering

  • bitbatbutttiktaktuk
    bitbatbutttiktaktuk 8 days ago

    Do you not do it anymore ? The countdown one ids shit

  • samtrue3
    samtrue3 8 days ago +16

    Jaime's song to john richardson

  • IM Reviews and News
    IM Reviews and News 8 days ago +4

    Jimmy's laugh ha ha ha harrr hee hor hee hor ahhh ahhhh

  • TheMachineOf3030
    TheMachineOf3030 8 days ago +6

    How are these old clips trending? How much you paying TheXvid C4?

    • TheMachineOf3030
      TheMachineOf3030 4 days ago

      riley so you’re telling me clips from around 9 years ago of 8 out of 10 cats are always just so popular? You’re right it doesn’t take a genius.....

    • riley
      riley 4 days ago

      because they just recently uploaded them in this compilation? its a new video. doesnt take a genius to put that together

  • Justsaying something

    Now the thing is Joe is not that bad looking but something that will always be repulsive to me is people who eat or drink something that's gone from hot to cold or if it's ment to be consumed hot but you eat or drink it cold. It makes me sick. So to see Joe drink a jar of Lloyd Grossman whatever sause would be the thing that would make me go from "meh maybe" to No.

  • emmylou3321
    emmylou3321 9 days ago +2

    Actually the correct translation for Guido would be "I drive", so... Idrive Fawkes. Fellow Italians, back me up here...

  • Harlan Foster
    Harlan Foster 9 days ago +7

    Sean lock is the best

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 9 days ago +50

    Joe Wilkinson is the best and worst in all of us.

  • David Portass
    David Portass 9 days ago +3

    9:08 public transport and Joe Wilkinson, I already know what's coming and it's one of Joe Wilkinson's funniest ever moments that never fails to bring tears of laughter :)

  • Ivan O
    Ivan O 9 days ago +4

    I love Joe, his naturally funny!

  • TheAwesome Ran
    TheAwesome Ran 9 days ago

    Alex Brooker looks 12

  • Claud Bing
    Claud Bing 9 days ago +14

    “If I had those I wouldn’t need to get married”
    “There’s too much in-your-endo, mate”

  • member00
    member00 9 days ago +13

    Bring back old school 8oo10c!!! I cant believe they killed this show :(

  • Earl Francart
    Earl Francart 9 days ago

    guy faukes day falls on my b day.

  • Crab Burger
    Crab Burger 9 days ago

    The biggest amalgamation of dorks ever on television, why do all the UK's so-called comedians have to be absolute f**king geeks or raving homosexuals???

  • Marcos Ma
    Marcos Ma 9 days ago +1

    John playing the maracas like a rattlesnake

  • CharlieA A
    CharlieA A 9 days ago +8

    Why won't they bring 8 out of 10 cats back?

    • CaptainBungonia
      CaptainBungonia 7 days ago +1

      Because 8 out of 10 cats is currently doing Countdown. Boom Boom !

  • Jing Guo
    Jing Guo 9 days ago +3

    “ Stay in.” -Sean

  • Carol B 1412
    Carol B 1412 9 days ago +21

    My friends met Jimmy on a train last year, and he was absolutely lovely. Took photos with them and chatted. It was great to hear.

  • mared seeley.
    mared seeley. 9 days ago +1

    Oml, johns little face

  • Mildly Aggressive Desk
    Mildly Aggressive Desk 9 days ago +17

    Got to love our British mentality

  • Robzy roberto
    Robzy roberto 9 days ago

    What's with the dislikes

  • Ganja Mike
    Ganja Mike 9 days ago +125

    "Then I downed a jar of Loyd Grossmans Bhuna Curry sauce..."
    -Joe Wilkinson, fucking legend

    • A Nobody Called Galbi
      A Nobody Called Galbi 7 days ago +4

      I wanted to thumb this up but it was at 42 likes and as a hitchhikers fan it just seems wrong to me to ruin that :)

    • David K
      David K 7 days ago +3

      Ganja Mike 😂 it’s so randomly specific. Absolute genius

    • pleviousryonrost
      pleviousryonrost 7 days ago +5

      "And then she got all weird so I said fuck off then luv!" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mwoakill09
      Mwoakill09 9 days ago

      "boner curry sauce"

  • mort1122
    mort1122 9 days ago

    So quiet

  • Adams ultimate adventure show

    A constipation of scotch eggs, or (a shit load of eggs)

  • Crazyayy
    Crazyayy 9 days ago

    He'll always be the weird neighbour to me,if you know you know .

    • mrglock
      mrglock 9 days ago

      Crazyayy Good old dan.

  • EG:UK
    EG:UK 9 days ago +8

    He's gonna take her up the aisle...

  • ilkhgs
    ilkhgs 9 days ago +5

    14 thumbs down, hmm... ...hmm, I wonder, did their parents have any children that lived?

  • Izzy Hodson
    Izzy Hodson 9 days ago +1

    jon was so awkward at 3:30

  • Ivan Belanger
    Ivan Belanger 9 days ago +36

    I mean, all I'm saying is that the Guido actually is the Italian version of Guy, and the Italian version of Ian and John is Giovanni

    • marko M
      marko M 7 days ago

      Di Molto!

    • Ivan Belanger
      Ivan Belanger 8 days ago +3

      Yea that's accurate to my understanding, I was merely referring to the naming comparison, not commenting on what he himself went by

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
      Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 9 days ago +2

      I thought the name was Spanish, and he himself was truly English and really called Guy, except when in Spain?

  • KT926
    KT926 9 days ago +5

    What would you call a big bag of scotch eggs? Um... an ovary XDXD Someone had to

  • MrLuwid
    MrLuwid 9 days ago +4

    Joe, Sean & Jon are absolutely hilarious, id love to go for a pint with them down the pub 😂

    • Marlene j Binzer
      Marlene j Binzer 8 days ago

      Me to and I'm a Sheila. I reckon it would be a hoot!!!

  • Rob C
    Rob C 10 days ago +138

    Were I not male, straight, and repulsed by the look of him, I'd marry Joe!

    • Hitman
      Hitman 17 hours ago

      +Lacy Kyle Ouch, someone's a bit salty on the internet today, huh? Just poking fun, calm your tits.

    • Lacy Kyle
      Lacy Kyle 17 hours ago +1

      +Hitman Sometimes, a witty remark loses it's impact if you over analyse it..........There's probably a support group somewhere for joyless pedants.........

    • Hitman
      Hitman Day ago

      +Rob C Well, you said that if you were not male, straight and repulsed by the look of him, you'd marry Joe, a.k.a. if you were female, gay and not repulsed by his looks, you'd marry him.

    • Rob C
      Rob C Day ago

      +Hitman i've got to think that if i were a lesbian, i'd be more interested in your mum regardless of his looks.

    • Hitman
      Hitman Day ago

      So you'd marry him if you were a lesbian who wasn't repulsed by his looks?

  • Samara Weaving
    Samara Weaving 10 days ago +3

    I died 😂😂😂😂😂

  • MrFunxy
    MrFunxy 10 days ago +7

    Jamie Cullum was so great hahaha

  • Dean TM
    Dean TM 10 days ago +3

    Joe Wilkinson is absolute jokes 😂

  • Dursun Sahin
    Dursun Sahin 10 days ago +64

    imagine getting invited to the *Ch4 christmas party* with this bunch 😅😂

    • Brad Wood
      Brad Wood 3 days ago +1

      Is Jon Richardson invited to imagine along with us?

  • Conor Malone
    Conor Malone 10 days ago +106

    Joe Wilkinson is one of the best comedians out there.

    • Sv P
      Sv P 5 days ago

      He is the Salvador Dali of comedy

    • Carl Stroud
      Carl Stroud 9 days ago

      +john bloggs hahaha no point breaking stereotypes

    • john bloggs
      john bloggs 9 days ago +1

      And the next Jimmy Savile

  • JojoKitty 1601
    JojoKitty 1601 10 days ago +2

    Omg! Remember Jamie Cullum!? No? Yeah, me too.

  • Saab93Dan
    Saab93Dan 10 days ago +55

    Joe Wilkinson is actually a gift from the gods

    • Mugshot Marley
      Mugshot Marley 9 days ago

      Saab93Dan I’d let him leave his nuts hangin out

    • Rob C
      Rob C 9 days ago +2

      Damned right mate!

  • Remy NeoJaff
    Remy NeoJaff 10 days ago

    catherine ryan should just fuck off, she fake laughs everything.... so off putting.

  • Willow Arran
    Willow Arran 10 days ago +4

    Been waiting for you to upload that last part with Joe Wilkinson for ages! Thanks E4 👍

  • lame game
    lame game 10 days ago +14

    bring this shit back!

    • KELGE
      KELGE 10 days ago +1

      It is coming back! www.channel4.com/press/news/8-out-10-cats-back

  • xercon
    xercon 10 days ago +165

    Jon Richardson is absolutely adorable, and I say this as a heterosexual man.

    • X Y
      X Y Day ago

      +Adeel M I guess I'm not really sure what your views are, but either way I'm not really here to debate. Just thought I'd give my two cents. Regardless...have a nice week.

    • Adeel M
      Adeel M Day ago

      +X Y Masculinity is control. It is harder to walk away than to fight. Also a control on emotions. Not to follow the desire of lust and selfishness. I couldnt care less if a lad was crying into his pink hankercheif.
      Surpressing masculinity and spreading the wrong of idea of masculinity is wrong.
      Not every man can be a leader of men but no need to egg them on to becoming vain and succumb to their anxieties.

    • X Y
      X Y 2 days ago

      +Adeel M By if turning into women you mean not suppressing our emotions and romanticizing abuse and violence, then sure. Being scared of the color pink and feelings is what's actually weak. Besides, what we consider feminine changes with time. Pink used to be masculine and men would wear dresses. Femininity and masculinity are societal constructs.
      Edit: It's also differs from culture to culture. Eg kilts.

    • Adeel M
      Adeel M 3 days ago

      +Yokky I understand your ethics, but why is depression in young men skyrocketing during times of relaxed control and more choice? maybe because these choices aren't right.
      And men can compliment each other but not too much lol otherwise others get defensive. It's just how people are wired

    • Yokky
      Yokky 3 days ago

      +Adeel M Lol you're funny, but it's actually ok to do whatever you want except what harms other people too much. High heels or clown outfits or bikinis on their head with nothing else on - everything is fine. As long it's not KKK outfits.

  • David Howard
    David Howard 10 days ago +13

    11:44... We've all been there.

    SJASL SE 10 days ago +51


  • Just Vin
    Just Vin 10 days ago +42

    I can't believe Jamie Cullum said Jon has a small face...wtf...

  • jay
    jay 10 days ago +202

    i dont think anyone couldve predicted what joe was about to say

    • david la rose
      david la rose Day ago

      I don't think anyone can ever predict what Joe will say except for, let's play countdown

    • Mal
      Mal 8 days ago +3

      this could be the summation of his whole life.

    • Thomas Raabjerg
      Thomas Raabjerg 9 days ago +4

      Not even Joe. The funniest phrase ever said on that show.

  • g davies
    g davies 10 days ago +17

    Nice way to start the Saturday👍

  • Evelin G
    Evelin G 10 days ago +248

    The most mind-boggling thing about this is picturing Jimmy on a train... next to Joe. 😂

    • liquidminds
      liquidminds Day ago

      The weird part is when the conductor comes to check their tickets, jimmy jumps on joes lap pretending to be a ventriloquist puppet.

    • Brad Wood
      Brad Wood 3 days ago +1

      Is that before or after he chugs a jar of curry sauce?

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
      Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 9 days ago +4

      Pinocchio meets Homeless 70's Dad. On public transport.
      That would be wild to see.

    • Kojii Naz
      Kojii Naz 9 days ago +16

      Jimmy's up for anything, as long as it's tax deductible.

  • Dan Cp
    Dan Cp 10 days ago +533

    No one cracks up Sean and Jimmy the way Joe does, it's brilliant to see

    • Daniel Wallace
      Daniel Wallace 7 days ago +4

      My folks all but stopped watching the show, after getting totally sick of him. I must say I prefer him as a contestant rather than pulling his random shenanigans.

  • Zailey Sabastian
    Zailey Sabastian 10 days ago +18

    Girl"s world lol

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
      Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 9 days ago +1

      That had me briefly very confused. I thought, "I'm a woman: I should know all the euphemisms by now".

      Also, "how hairy was she?" but that's getting a bit questionable...