• Published on Sep 15, 2019
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Comments • 141

  • Anoniem ?
    Anoniem ? 24 days ago +2

    Good leeds From you friends from the netherlands top Oss ⚪️🔴🍻

  • Alan B’stard
    Alan B’stard 24 days ago

    Where’s the Fight?

  • Catherine Brownhill
    Catherine Brownhill 26 days ago

    John ya mad eye ha

  • David  Morris
    David Morris 27 days ago +2

    Football is a business not a sport. Played by mercenaries, watch by FOOLS!!!

  • TSM Hazza123
    TSM Hazza123 27 days ago +1

    Great vlog! Eddie📞📞💙♥️#MOT#ALAW#LUFC

  • James Field
    James Field 27 days ago +1

    Barnsley banged Leeds fans

  • Lloyd Gittens
    Lloyd Gittens 27 days ago

    Bamford sucks

  • Bradley Fraser
    Bradley Fraser 27 days ago

    Leeds were fucking dire all game until last 10 minutes and ur fans were shite until you scored and retards were throwing coins and watches at us and scummy cunts knocked an old woman over in the middle of the road

    • Mick
      Mick 27 days ago +1

      21 shots to your 17, 66.6% possession to your 34.4, 2 goals to your none plenty of empty red seats to our sold out allocation yeh we were dire for not winning by more.

  • Tom Double Yah
    Tom Double Yah 27 days ago

    You got some great footage. Keep it up

  • Fergus
    Fergus 28 days ago +1

    Good vid 💙💛💙💛

  • Dylan Thynne
    Dylan Thynne 28 days ago

    Love the scraps

  • LewisHarrisonFilms
    LewisHarrisonFilms 28 days ago

    ‘He’s getting fucking leathered’ hahaha

  • Oliver March
    Oliver March 28 days ago

    Love beating Barnsley 😍

  • Oliver March
    Oliver March 28 days ago +2

    Basically what happened a Barnsley steward was giving like giving Leeds it all so Leeds fans ran down to the bottom of the stand at the steward. Supposedly the Barnsley steward is getting done.

  • Jp Morgan
    Jp Morgan 28 days ago

    Great vid lad thank you

  • Louis Boothroyd
    Louis Boothroyd 28 days ago

    Stewards were asking for a fight

  • MrTaximusic
    MrTaximusic 28 days ago

    Super stuff good to the videos back up we all love Leeds

  • Cfn benny craven
    Cfn benny craven 28 days ago

    Alaw we r going up MOT

  • Tom 1592009
    Tom 1592009 28 days ago +2

    9.24 see the one leeds fan in the barnsley end getting done over 3v1 while his mate takes on two barnsley lads and does them both over before getting chucked out by police. 2 leeds fans vs 10+ and held their own. 👍😂

  • Bobgob8
    Bobgob8 28 days ago

    Got the score right lol, another great vlog . Watched the Essex whites video of steward incident, he was just trying to throw his weight around, dont think he will be back in that high vis again. Over next week for Derby game looking forward to staying top. MOT

  • 4drecord
    4drecord 28 days ago +1

    Best LUFC vlog on YT 👍🏼 mot

  • It’s amelia x
    It’s amelia x 28 days ago

    I bloody love Eddie💙💛


    When's Eddie going to start a game with Costa? Great to have ya back lad 😁

  • HarrisonHD
    HarrisonHD 28 days ago

    You need to stop rendering your videos in 48p / 48FPS as it fucks up ur upload! just a word of advise for you. other than that good video

  • LeedsLeedsLeeds
    LeedsLeedsLeeds 28 days ago

    Welcome back mate! MOT.

    RUFC YT 28 days ago

    Class support

  • Kieran O'Brien
    Kieran O'Brien 28 days ago

    Welcome back
    We All Love LEEDS

  • Karen Casey
    Karen Casey 28 days ago

    Didn’t realize you were on hols Woodey but great to have you back and what a great result also loved your vid, best wishes from Tony in Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪.

  • Marcelo Bielsa
    Marcelo Bielsa 28 days ago +2

    ⚽️💛💛Eddie Nketiah💛💛⚽️

  • Marcelo Bielsa
    Marcelo Bielsa 28 days ago

    ⚽️💛💙Super Leeds United💙💛⚽️

  • john barker
    john barker 28 days ago +1

    It appears that a Steward was over Zealous. The Penalty was class. Good Video Chap.

  • MrBeeF2204
    MrBeeF2204 28 days ago +2

    Barnsley away. Always eventful. Good day and good result. MOT

    • Dave Duck
      Dave Duck 28 days ago

      @MrBeeF2204 in the lovely county of Nottingham,

    • Dave Duck
      Dave Duck 28 days ago

      @MrBeeF2204 36 quid,you must be fucking mad

    • MrBeeF2204
      MrBeeF2204 28 days ago +1

      Dave Duck you’re* 😘

    • Dave Duck
      Dave Duck 28 days ago

      Your all Yorkshire pricks,

    • MrBeeF2204
      MrBeeF2204 28 days ago

      Tom 1592009 yup. They’ll blame the tickets prices... but us dummies still paid £36 yesterday 😁

  • Victoria Jane Firth
    Victoria Jane Firth 28 days ago +13

    Hahahaha that steward won't have a job tomorrow. Prick!!

  • Mr Raw Tv
    Mr Raw Tv 28 days ago

    I seen u in maccies before game

  • Baylee Bellis
    Baylee Bellis 29 days ago

    Glad your back m8.Great result! looked a great Leeds awayday as usual.Eddie and Costa have to start at Derby.MOT

  • Theo coupe
    Theo coupe 29 days ago +4

    Who else loved the grandad giving it at 7:54

  • Barnsley On Tour
    Barnsley On Tour 29 days ago +15

    Great video lad , deserve the win, goodluck for the season👍

  • Theo coupe
    Theo coupe 29 days ago

    To improve ur videos I would like to see a little montage of u getting to the ground through the turnstiles and stuff

    • Mr Nobody
      Mr Nobody 28 days ago

      @Chris Cross I don't think he'll remember the tracing paper .

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross 28 days ago

      @Mr Nobody depends if they have tracing paper or proper bog roll

    • Mr Nobody
      Mr Nobody 28 days ago

      @Chris Cross but will it improve Theo's match day experience? lol

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross 28 days ago

      @Mr Nobody I can get on board with that lol

    • Mr Nobody
      Mr Nobody 28 days ago +2

      @Chris Cross Maybe one of him having a dump in different grounds etc?

  • Allen Rodgers
    Allen Rodgers 29 days ago

    Eddie .... 📞⚽️

  • Jack Kenny
    Jack Kenny 29 days ago

    Klick is scoring goals 💙💛🎶🎶

  • Billip God
    Billip God 29 days ago

    I went Swanansea game

  • snowblindwizard
    snowblindwizard 29 days ago

    wait why were u singing we all hate leeds scum?

    • snowblindwizard
      snowblindwizard 26 days ago +1

      Mr Nobody got ya, cheers for reply, I live in usa now so not been elland road for years!

    • Mr Nobody
      Mr Nobody 28 days ago

      It's basically saying "and what?" to all the boring/lazy/shit house fans that chant that chant at us.
      Imagine trying to goad the opposition and them just chanting it back at you, only louder and for longer...
      There's not much you can really do after that is there? Other than keep quiet and know your place.

  • caleb Milner
    caleb Milner 29 days ago

    Some prediction , imagine being bent enough to dislike

  • Robert Billing
    Robert Billing 29 days ago

    Probably get a fucking points deduction since it's Leeds

  • craig
    craig 29 days ago

    get the steward arrested wanker

  • Shane Shanks
    Shane Shanks 29 days ago

    Should Eddie start next game or should he stay super sub? Top video pall ✊

    • Mckenzie Hardaker
      Mckenzie Hardaker 29 days ago +1

      Shane Shanks tough one cos he may not performe as well as coming off of the bench, class performance👏

  • craig
    craig 29 days ago

    onononon lad

  • Mr Stamp
    Mr Stamp 29 days ago

    Cracking vid fella nice one can’t believe our Lewis vid bombed you tho that lad gets everywhere these days! Hahahahahaha

  • Mk Dons Vlogs
    Mk Dons Vlogs 29 days ago

    Fantastic video 👍

  • hinchiejosh_ 9
    hinchiejosh_ 9 29 days ago

    Should have been 3 💙💛

  • luca milanesi
    luca milanesi 29 days ago +7

    Didn’t watch the game, thank you for posting this great video. You was fantastic, as usual, no one away like you. MOT!!! Forza Leeds!!! Grazie ragazzi, ciao.

  • Tommy Bartle
    Tommy Bartle 29 days ago

    Top of the league 💙💛🤩

  • Yee Machine
    Yee Machine 29 days ago +4

    Great game! Dunno if Eddie and Costa should start because they bring extra pace against tired defences off the bench. And if it ain’t Broken, don’t touch it haha! MOT

  • Sham Soni
    Sham Soni 29 days ago

    Brilliant vlog still would like 2 forward together- how Manchu chances does Bamford need MOT

  • Josh Denman
    Josh Denman 29 days ago

    Your shit

  • Dirty Leeds
    Dirty Leeds 29 days ago

    Get in leeds.made my day,after last week.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 29 days ago +8

    funny how Barnsley never fight us at Elland road, they are always well behaved.

    • i like to watch videos
      i like to watch videos 27 days ago

      @Bambo Have my kids original😴

    • Dirty Leeds
      Dirty Leeds 28 days ago +2

      @Bambo Have my kids you can have one corner at elland rd,just enough for around 50 fans,which is all you normally bring.

    • Johns Vlogs
      Johns Vlogs 28 days ago

      Bambo Have my kids no point in them giving the away fans any more when they sell out at home, obviously teams that don’t will give away fans more in order to make more money thought that was obvious

    • LUFC dougie
      LUFC dougie 28 days ago +2

      Bambo Have my kids you don’t sell it out though🤷‍♂️

    • Bambo Have my kids
      Bambo Have my kids 28 days ago

      @Chris Cross Your club sits away fans in 1 corner. You are that insecure about getting outsung. Didn't hear you jimmy saville fanboys till the 80th minute

  • Neal Holden
    Neal Holden 29 days ago

    Leeds fans getting excited beeting Barnsley. God your sad. Scum fans and scum club

    • Mick
      Mick 28 days ago

      Says the wendie coming on Leeds United site

  • Sean Roberts
    Sean Roberts 29 days ago +1

    New rule. You can't go on holiday again😁 Missed your blog matey. Great result!! Entertaining game in many ways. 😆 ALAW USA

  • Prince Jetlife
    Prince Jetlife 29 days ago +4

    Nkiteah 💯