Dogs 101 - Saint Bernard

  • Published on Oct 14, 2008
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    This drooler is an attention-getter with a sweet disposition.

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  • Miranda Solomon
    Miranda Solomon 4 years ago +729

    I love Saint Bernards. In fact, the first celebrity I ever met was a Saint Bernard. When I was 8 or 9 my family took a trip to Montana. My brother and I went swimming in a river that was located behind the cabin lodge we were staying at. We were squealing and shouting, as kids do, and all of a sudden a huge Saint Bernard comes barreling down the hill and leaps into the water to "save" us. We played and swam with him all afternoon. We later found out he belonged to the owners of the lodge, and they told us he was one of the pups from Beethoven's 2nd! He was certainly the most kind, and humble celebrity i had ever met.

  • sarah0031
    sarah0031 7 years ago +360

    I would love to meet a gentle giant one day... My mom, who loved hiking in the mountains when she was young, told me about Amor, a Saint Bernard she met during one of her many trips. He once had a cold during a winter and sneezed a lot and he loved some simple biscuits which he could have eaten forever. Her stories made me smile. Dogs are wonderful and I do believe that people who own dogs are much happier.

  • Silver04SVTTerminator
    Silver04SVTTerminator 8 years ago +616

    My Saint is such a babysitter when she sees people fighting on TV she barks at them lol

  • Cy
    Cy 4 years ago +343

    Surprisingly mine does not drool as much as I thought he would. He normally just drools after drinking water and a bit after walks, normally just clean it up or it just dries quickly naturally. Don't let the drooling discourage you from getting one, all of them are different. BUT MOST OF THEM ARE VERY STUBBORN MY LORD lol Also some aren't aware of their size and are lap dogs, but that's what makes them so lovable

  • 디바마리피치
    디바마리피치 3 years ago +1

    "Sumo, attack!"

  • Juan Andrade
    Juan Andrade Year ago +15

    My Saint Bernard recently passed away. Watching this hurt but it’s so nice to see people who love these dogs Rest In Peace Cottonete

  • KTChamberlain
    KTChamberlain 4 years ago +36

    In the first 6 years of my life our family dog was a Saint Bernard named Brandy. Speaking from experience, yes, they really are good with small children, I do remember the drooling, and I do remember my dad having to take her to the vet numerous times. To this day, Saint Bernards still warm my heart.

  • Julia Wburn
    Julia Wburn 3 years ago +5

    I honestly love Saint Bernards! I love how gentle and sweet they are! Besides minor things, like they shed sometimes (like most every dog) and they cost a little more to maintain, I haven't heard a single negative comment about them :) Definitely going to get one someday :)

  • Sarah Nater
    Sarah Nater 4 years ago +18

    I have a Saint Bernard, she is a lot of work. The drool is splattered all over the walls so we have a bunch of hanging towels around the house to catch her before she does the “Beethoven head shake” Good personality, extremely easy to train and loves to people please. A bit dumb too.

  • Isaac Stevenson
    Isaac Stevenson 2 years ago +2

    This guy is one of my all time favorite breeds! Taking a look at the personality of these guys, it reminds me a lot of me. Their brave, loyal, lazy at times, love to sleep, love getting dirty, gentle, and most importantly, they have a huge appetite.

  • 0rchids303
    0rchids303 9 years ago +2

    Beethoven! <3 When I was a kid, there was no such thing as a "St Bernard", the breed was called "The Beethoven Dog" until I was old enough to know better. I remember I saw one for the first time when I was 9 in a subway. The dog was bigger than me! I was shocked at how big they were. These dogs will forever hold a special part in my heart <3

  • Darlene Greywolf
    Darlene Greywolf 3 years ago +2

    The dog of my heart! Saints are amazing! So gentle, so loving, so protective! Mine was 200 lbs! Brandy was.a wet mouth! Buckets of drool! Was a lap dog and protected baby chickens!

  • Mars_Hunter
    Mars_Hunter 4 years ago +5

    My aunt has one and he's the sweetest little pup. But they grow FAST! They're tiny for the first 2 weeks you have them but after about a month, they're already giants. My aunt's puppy is only about 3 months old and he's already bigger than her 3 year old son. They grow fast and because they're so big it usually takes about 2 years for them to reach full physical maturity. But don't let the size or the potrayl of the infamous Cujo fool you, these are great dogs! They are excellent with kids and if you're looking to adopt your first dog and want something that is easily trained but still requires some hard work, I'd honestly say that these are pretty good dogs for first timers. Continued practice with training them could give some skill when adopting your next dog. And from the ones I've met, they're also great with other dogs of different breeds, sizes, ages, and genders. Can't say enough good things about this breed!

  • Diana Takes Pictures
    Diana Takes Pictures 11 years ago +1

    Love love love this! Absolutely a great dog to own.

  • Kristyl Robinson
    Kristyl Robinson Year ago +1

    Walked into a pet store to get a golden doodle because I wanted something that wouldn’t shed . Walked out with my saint. A LOT OF SHEDDING but don’t let that discourage you! These are such beautifully dogs and their souls is so precious. I would do it again and again. Mine doesn’t drool like at all. And she is so sweet with everyone she meets. Very gentle giant indeed .

  • Suhani Shah
    Suhani Shah 11 years ago +51

    They are the best.. I love my Sandy (St. Bernard) to the core..

  • TimesNewLogan

    Fun fact: “Cujo” was a difficult movie to make, because of how friendly the dogs were. They actually had to tape their tails to their legs in some shots, because they kept wagging them when they saw the crew.

  • Shan Foxx
    Shan Foxx 12 years ago +2

    I absolutly love these dogs, they're amasing and total sweethearts

  • NahtatRoll
    NahtatRoll 3 years ago +13

    My dad had a couple when I was very young,fell in love with them. Pretty tragic how short lived they are though

  • TheStardust12
    TheStardust12 Year ago

    I had customer bibes made for my girl!! She looks so adorable with them on and it's so much easier than carrying a towel around