Food For Glowing Acne Free Skin | SuperWowStyle Prachi

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • Food for glowing acne free skin
    Superfood green and herbs -
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Comments • 221

  • superWOWstyle!
    superWOWstyle!  4 months ago +4

    How I got shiny hair in 1 day -

  • Rounak Gupta
    Rounak Gupta 29 days ago

    Make a video on reducing breast size in a week prachi

  • Honey Soni
    Honey Soni Month ago

    I don't know about sponsorship or not but suddenly most of the youtubers talked about same product suddenly ozvia green and herbs. I hope this works.

  • Manisha Gupta
    Manisha Gupta 3 months ago

    Hi Prachi, Could you please make a video on aloe vera juices available in market and suggest the best one.. I have seen some videos on IMC Aloe vera juice, Could you please review it.

  • Chitra Vishal Gupta
    Chitra Vishal Gupta 3 months ago

    Thank you pretty lady..♥

  • Sanchita Naik
    Sanchita Naik 3 months ago

    This was a much needed video for me because I have developed alot of acne on my skin ! Thank you Prachi ❤

  • Aditi Kharb
    Aditi Kharb 3 months ago

    Prachi di continuous consumption of water is good but one time consumption not it from a reliable source

  • craftsand cats
    craftsand cats 4 months ago

    flex seeds do wonder if you remember to take them lol

  • prathibha v
    prathibha v 4 months ago

    Honey and lemon water will also be great

  • kartiki bhute
    kartiki bhute 4 months ago

    Mam etana pani eksath pina is not good for health.u misguid people

  • supriya pasupuleti
    supriya pasupuleti 4 months ago

    Superb n amazing video sooooo Nice and valuable info thanks prachi

  • priyanka mandal
    priyanka mandal 4 months ago

    Your video is very informative but i would like to correct you on one point which is about pee, generally color of should be pale yellow not transparent due to the fact that over hydration puts pressure on kidney which is not good. Drink water 250 to 300 ml per glass and approximately 8 to 10 glasses. water should be consumed more than that according to your acitivity level and weather condition. Pale color of pee is good enough to know body is hydrated darker than that which is datk yellow to golden yellow is actualy is sign of dehydration and also check for smell of it can tell about hydration.

  • priyanka priya
    priyanka priya 4 months ago

    Liquid paraffin topic please

    DIPIKA PAREKH 4 months ago

    Dee can u make video of kojic San acid soap

  • Tarin Sharma
    Tarin Sharma 4 months ago

    Hey Prachi !! Great video!! U r too beautiful

  • Rafeeq Toyota
    Rafeeq Toyota 4 months ago

    most honest youtuber....

    GOTHIC GIRL 4 months ago

    You talk too fast. Try n speak slowly.

    GOWTHAMI SRINIVASA 4 months ago

    Great info Prachi.....lots of love

  • Jass Dsouza
    Jass Dsouza 4 months ago

    Can u tell me wether oziva womens or oziva herbs tastes well

  • Vinodha priya
    Vinodha priya 4 months ago +1

    Tq so much for this information and you looking so cute

  • Meena poddar
    Meena poddar 4 months ago

    Prachi could you please make a video on "what i eat in a day" please!!!

  • Priya Dharshini
    Priya Dharshini 4 months ago

    Carrot tomato soup recipe pleaseeeeeeee😊

  • Andria Pinto
    Andria Pinto 4 months ago

    Much needed thankyou 💖💖

  • harshitha a
    harshitha a 4 months ago

    Loved the video prachi i has been a while since i watched ur videos plz do more videos like this

  • reena d
    reena d 4 months ago

    Most awaited video😍

  • niki nina
    niki nina 4 months ago

    please tel me ur age,,, ur hair style suits u,,, u r losing 25 max here

  • khaja Danish ansari
    khaja Danish ansari 4 months ago +25

    Hey prachi as a medical student the pee should be light yellowish or amber colour because it contains urea and ammonia and other compounds it becomes light yellowish... Our kidneys filter the water and it is very normal to pee light yellow it is sign that our kidneys are functioning properly.. The problem is there when it is dark yellow or too smelly and those who drinks very less water and they suddenly drinks like 10 glasses a day it's burdens their kidneys as it is not habited to filter those huge amounts of water so start increasing the quantity slowly not too suddenly.. And again a very clear transparent pee indicates that your kidneys might not working properly..(btw m researching on nephrology this day that's why commented) stay healthy stay beautiful... And beauty is where there is health😊😊life is very precious and we should never neglect our health!!! U r doing great work prachi dii

    • khaja Danish ansari
      khaja Danish ansari 4 months ago

      @superWOWstyle!😊❤️Pleasure!! Love u so much di..

    • superWOWstyle!
      superWOWstyle!  4 months ago +8

      Thanks for correcting. I had no idea. Much appreciated :)

    • Jayee Gayakwad
      Jayee Gayakwad 4 months ago +2

      Hey thanks for the information... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    BHAVYA PEELA 4 months ago

    prachi di !! u r amazing

  • Shaistha Jabeen
    Shaistha Jabeen 4 months ago

    hey prachi...spirulina is algae which is used as super food by astronauts ... in Space 😊

  • athulya surendran
    athulya surendran 4 months ago

    But the taste how do you beat that

  • Dimple Saini
    Dimple Saini 4 months ago

    Whats the taste of oliva drink?

  • Priyam Girotiya
    Priyam Girotiya 4 months ago

    Love u diii....really ur skin is looking too superb...!!!! I was having very dull...n enough dark complextion earlier.....but I think.....frm last 2 months I started taking care of my skin atleast every sunday...because I have super oily n sensitive skin ....n started using .....natural products whichever I use....there is a huge difference....!!!dii one request video for summer natural skincare routine!!!

    • Priyam Girotiya
      Priyam Girotiya 4 months ago

      @Dwaraka's every sunday a keep I hour for my skin care ...n in tht I used to do cleansing -scrubbing -steaming -facepack -gel pack - moisturizing. ~(all with natural kitchen ingredients)

    • Dwaraka
      Dwaraka 4 months ago +1

      Mee to have the same type of skin .. can please tell me which diy u r using?

  • Mamatha Shetty
    Mamatha Shetty 4 months ago

    Pls do update video on foreo

  • subhra smita
    subhra smita 4 months ago +1

    Prachi I just want to clear out one doubt. Do wee need to eat pomogranate with its seeds? Or we have to throwout the seeds.plz

  • Shweta S Chahar
    Shweta S Chahar 4 months ago

    Your way of describing everything makes it more reliable..
    We know all these things, but when someone like you talk about it, it becomes more effective.
    And when some other youtube promote anything we randomly think like they are doing sponsored video...But as you said it's not sponsored, I have to trust it..Coz you are saying it...You are that much genuine...Plz do more such kind of videos....Love you prachi Di😊...

  • Madhurima Basak
    Madhurima Basak 4 months ago

    Me along with my family daily consume fruits every evening. Apple, Pomegranate, Banana etc.

  • archana singh
    archana singh 4 months ago

    Guys don't eat all these foods.. Dabba food
    Prepare at home as juice as
    1 spinach
    1 bitroot
    2 amla
    1 carrot
    1 tomoto
    Just grain it in the morning and have this juice daily in the morning empty stomach.. Trust me ur skin will glow

    SIMRAN THAPA 4 months ago

    Di plzzz.... Give remedy for strawberry legs plzzzzzz

  • manasa sagar
    manasa sagar 4 months ago

    Dhee it's such an amazing and informative video which no TheXvidr have explained in such a detailed manner you deserve a special position in our hearts Dhee😘😍😍😍😍

    DIPTI MISHRA 4 months ago

    One question ...receipes to consume amla every day pls

  • Hrutika Maheta
    Hrutika Maheta 4 months ago

    This video was amazing and very helpful ♥

  • akshay patel
    akshay patel 4 months ago

    Pls make a video on glutathione tablets

  • Park Chanyeol is love
    Park Chanyeol is love 4 months ago +4

    Guys imp tip :never drink so much water before going to bed because ua bladder will lose the strength...

    SOWMIYA PRABHAKARAN 4 months ago

    Love from Tamil Nadu... really ur channel is very useful for us..😍.. love you so much

  • Tina Tina
    Tina Tina 4 months ago

    Sbhi isi OZIVA ko promote kr rhe h

  • anupama kumar
    anupama kumar 4 months ago

    Can u please tell how does the oziva food supplement taste ?

  • thatvirgosoul
    thatvirgosoul 4 months ago +1

    Omg Prachi please don't chug down so much water at once. It will do harm than good to you. Please take care

  • Nadia Tanz
    Nadia Tanz 4 months ago

    Amazing vedio... U should make more vedios like this...

  • Karthika Sivanandam
    Karthika Sivanandam 4 months ago

    Spirulina is an algae sis

  • mr. anamica
    mr. anamica 4 months ago

    Amla with honey how to eat yA
    Just cut n eat ah

  • Nandini Satdeve
    Nandini Satdeve 4 months ago

    Hey prachi use products of Altos ,they are also very good . Just try them . Especially Tulsi power it is great

  • Swetha Sweety
    Swetha Sweety 4 months ago

    Prachi, drink water slowly ( one should drink water slow ) its very important

  • ami raval
    ami raval 4 months ago +4

    I'm just not getting rid of my small bumps.....please do a video on it dii

  • Simran Batra
    Simran Batra 4 months ago

    amla carrots r seasonal...suggest any alternative

  • Divya Pasricha
    Divya Pasricha 4 months ago

    When can we have this oziva green and herbs during the day???

    • Divya Pasricha
      Divya Pasricha 4 months ago

      And any hint that u can give about its taste???

  • Drawing world
    Drawing world 4 months ago

    Di 1 litre Pani Ek Sath Pina thik nahi hai health ke liye aur kidney liye.pani Thoda Thoda Karke Din Mein Peena chahiye ek saath Itna Pani Peena thik nahi hota

  • Gundicha Sahoo
    Gundicha Sahoo 4 months ago

    My fav youtuber😘

  • Suman Mohan
    Suman Mohan 4 months ago +1

    Spirulina is aah algae has Lott's of health benefits...Keeps our bodys efficiency high

  • shweta sharma
    shweta sharma 4 months ago

    Am glad you choose this topic❣️❣️
    You're always up to expectations of your subscribers 💕💕

  • siva sivedhaya
    siva sivedhaya 4 months ago

    Prachiii really health series video are more helpful prachiii..can u make these as series

  • Dikshita Devda
    Dikshita Devda 4 months ago

    Hiii di...can you make a video on how to deal with oily hair..??

  • Ratchna Ganesh
    Ratchna Ganesh 4 months ago +20

    Prachi di..once again this video is life saving 😍 a very long time ago you have posted a video called "I've not used any chemicals on my face and this happened" till this day I'm following that. The reason why I said this now is recently I've started eating pomogerenate continuously for about 8 days and you won't believe damn my skin looks so good! No chemicals + healthy eating like this literally beats away the beauty products(but I just applied sunscreen everyday) and I must say that your wild turmeric treatment for De-tanning works so good on me ! Thank you so much prachi di 😍 lots and lots of love ❤

    • Tina Tina
      Tina Tina 4 months ago

      @khan farzana haa islie ab m natural gel use kr rhi hu

    • khan farzana
      khan farzana 4 months ago +1

      @Ratchna Ganesh thank you😍

    • khan farzana
      khan farzana 4 months ago

      @Tina Tina i think ur alovera gel is not pure..patanjali k product real nhi h

    • Tina Tina
      Tina Tina 4 months ago +1

      @Ratchna Ganesh i'll use it for sure. thnku.

    • Ratchna Ganesh
      Ratchna Ganesh 4 months ago +1

      @Tina Tina blossom kochar aroma magic.. aloe Vera and cucumber are the 2 flavours which I use regularly.

  • Praisypaul K.k
    Praisypaul K.k 4 months ago

    When and what dryfruits should we take daily

  • Mahadeva123 Mahadeva123


  • Nisa Tandel
    Nisa Tandel 4 months ago

    Your weight loss journey please ❤

  • Priyanka Chaudhary
    Priyanka Chaudhary 4 months ago

    Hey Prachi...u are my favourite youtuber...u r very intelligent, naturally beautiful nd sweet,away from showoff nd negativity

  • Avantika Mathur
    Avantika Mathur 4 months ago

    I really love how honest open and down to earth you are ❤️

  • drashti thekdi
    drashti thekdi 4 months ago

    Di please make vedio on premature hair greying.. how to stop this..

  • shalini Pandey
    shalini Pandey 4 months ago

    Wont having lemon on daily basis cause any joint pro. In d long run ??

  • Aparajita Kushwaha
    Aparajita Kushwaha 4 months ago

    Can Alma juice be taken in place of amla?

  • Tejaswini Dewangan
    Tejaswini Dewangan 4 months ago

    Does this Oziva supplement contain gluten?

  • Pribilika Samuel
    Pribilika Samuel 4 months ago

    Hi prachi.. i'm little confused on taking a litre of water at a time. Because our body organs have a certain limit of amount of water they can take based on the rate of time.. and if we drink litres of water at a single time, it leads to water intoxication where the cells get swollen and the organs get swollen as it becomes excess and is absolutely very serious condition.. this is what i know but i'm not a very genius person.. since u research a lot, get to know about that specific limit to intake water on a time.. cause i forgot how much it can be or if one litre is good.. u do a great job and congrats..

  • Diksha Seth
    Diksha Seth 4 months ago +11

    Hi Prachi I read somewhere recently that whenever we have water, we should actually sip it slowly, one should not gulp the whole bottle in one go like you did... Whenever you have water, have it slowly (ek ek ghoot kar ke) :)

    • Srinidhi Ramachandran
      Srinidhi Ramachandran 2 months ago

      Yes it's because the water should actually mix with the saliva , because saliva is alkaline in nature and therefore water mixed with saliva alkalise body. Also should not drink water while standing

  • I'm Lawyer
    I'm Lawyer 4 months ago +1

    this is one of the best videos I have seen on your channel 👍👍👍

  • Deepa K
    Deepa K 4 months ago

    Very informative👍