A Surface Pro for HARDCORE Gamers!

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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Comments • 6 195

  • wisico640
    wisico640 16 hours ago

    3:35 take notes Asus, take notes...

  • Daniel Pliszka
    Daniel Pliszka Day ago

    In this one, he sounds like Michael Scott from The Office.. *NO NO I DON'T WANT THE ANSWER*

    SSD WIRED Day ago

    REVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why Google?
    Why Google? Day ago

    That thing is _awesome_

  • no name
    no name Day ago

    This will be the new standard for laptop designs in the future.

  • Oscar Mayer
    Oscar Mayer Day ago

    you cant speak normally?

  • WherAmxZnHappns
    WherAmxZnHappns Day ago

    Does it have a touch screen? Can you use a surface pen with it?

  • derpaufler
    derpaufler Day ago

    linus, what is in your pocket, you touch it in every video

  • Titus Overmyer
    Titus Overmyer 2 days ago

    The concept is not a bad idea for a LAN Party Device or portable desktop, but the cost alone will make it not realistic. Probably cheaper to buy an external GPU and get a nice high end laptop.

  • cr pk
    cr pk 2 days ago

    I like it :)

  • 6massa6cre6
    6massa6cre6 2 days ago

    Is this touchscreen.?

  • Immortal Believer
    Immortal Believer 2 days ago +1

    What's the link for buying this??

  • Pranab Mahanta
    Pranab Mahanta 2 days ago

    This guy is off earth 😂😂😂

  • Nasmera Nasmera
    Nasmera Nasmera 2 days ago

    this thing is very impressive I'm sheikh from Qatar I don't worry about money

  • Ross Craig-Browne
    Ross Craig-Browne 3 days ago

    Did anyone else catch the throwback to Home Imporovement? (the noise about the upright laptop)

  • Andy Kantorovich
    Andy Kantorovich 3 days ago +1

    I really want to see a 18 inch mothership with rtx 2080 sli with the same performance as a pc! Isn't that would be nice? It would replace my current pc!

  • ibrahim basic
    ibrahim basic 3 days ago

    Does anyone know how much this would cost, like a ruff estimation?

  • Spooky Factory
    Spooky Factory 3 days ago

    I considering buying this just as a Workstation PC

  • Harris Papadopoulos
    Harris Papadopoulos 3 days ago

    A right gamer should have a very good desktop and a crapy laptop with gt 525m for cs go

  • Danilo
    Danilo 3 days ago

    How many costs it ?

    INSIDEoutGAMERxD 3 days ago

    if they made these things with 1060's or 1070's a plate like that in the middle wouldn't be necessary and they could make it alot cheaper.

  • Andrei Ochoa
    Andrei Ochoa 3 days ago

    Can i have that i dont have a gadgets only cellphone

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson 3 days ago

    Well done on handling all of those components and not dropping a single one of... _hits himself in the head instead_ I honestly have no idea if we've made progress here.

  • El Buhdai
    El Buhdai 3 days ago

    I'm guessing it starts at $2000

  • Wolves On Wheels
    Wolves On Wheels 3 days ago

    Unnecessary shouting, rip earphone users

  • bioburn
    bioburn 4 days ago

    this is exactly the kind of thing life savings are for. I'll take 5

  • Dadric Riggs
    Dadric Riggs 4 days ago +1

    I need some help guys. What messenger do you reccomend to store a thick 17.3" MSI GT73 laptop. I'm looking to carry it daily, and still house headphones, mouse, charger etc. Thanks

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 4 days ago

    Fuck no I don't want to see a full review of this piece of trash.

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 4 days ago

    I'd be even more Pro in full screen.

    • mjc0961
      mjc0961 4 days ago

      Actually never mind. This product is stupid as fuck no matter what aspect ratio you render the video at.

  • Nate
    Nate 4 days ago

    Linus's smile after 'right, and you're going to see if you can learn to like this...and I'm taking away your laptop' has made me weasel laugh like 5 times.

  • Simpson
    Simpson 4 days ago

    now put in on your lap and watch it fall apart and hit the floor. there is a reason laptops are bottom heavy.

  • Mike Li
    Mike Li 4 days ago

    please add more details on the full review, thanks.

  • Louis Oliveros
    Louis Oliveros 4 days ago

    Why did their vids become 100% funnier

  • Anthony Varela
    Anthony Varela 4 days ago

    I was hoping for a product like this. I was planning on building a node 202 PC and attach a portable monitor to it for lan parties but this is way better

  • Daniel Lamping
    Daniel Lamping 4 days ago

    8:16 really he can just do that? Is Linus like Alex’s Daddy or something? How many people even live in that house? How big is their house? Why do I have so many questions?

  • Steven Moeller
    Steven Moeller 5 days ago

    Linus demonstrates shadenfreude at the end of the video. Poor Alex! LOL ;P

  • Ry Lanfersieck
    Ry Lanfersieck 5 days ago

    i hate the smaller is better trend, like i understand lighter, its supposed to be portable but i dont like smaller, if i buy a laptop i am going to because i need a portable desktop, so while yes i would rather have a lighter laptop, i would prefer the heavy g703 over a gram, cause while yes it is a hell of a lot heavier, im not using it for its lightness im using it because it is equivalent to my desktop and i can bring it to class or to lunch, being in college having a high powered computer on the go would be amazing since i spend a lot of time out of my dorm and the only computers i ave are my desktop and an older Chromebook, so if i want to get any work done that isnt an essay i need to go to my dorm, and i would say this beast gets the job done for me, also come on, if you saw someone sit down in class or in lunch and just pulled this thing out of their bag, tell me you wouldn't want to go sit down and be like what the hell is that, and then they just pull the keyboard off their laptop like its nothing, i want that in my life

  • Ry Lanfersieck
    Ry Lanfersieck 5 days ago

    not gonna lie i would use that on a day to day basis and like take it to class, that is freaking cool

  • House Station Live .com

    lot of investments in design and reasearch from ROG !

  • PhantomMark
    PhantomMark 5 days ago

    I really love this channel so much, I don't do stardom or any of that crap, but you are such a natural behind the camera and so easy to watch, I even watch the crap I am not interested in ........great job.

  • sei shin
    sei shin 5 days ago

    Stupid Shield Heat with Pressed Carbon, best Shield not Aluminum ..tss

  • Timo Faust
    Timo Faust 5 days ago

    Can't wait for the review!!!

  • pesticide001
    pesticide001 5 days ago

    a mothership infested with mcaffee ? no thanks ....

  • keinertu
    keinertu 5 days ago

    Linus saying "Schadenfreude" made my day

  • Reo shuレオ周
    Reo shuレオ周 5 days ago

    now the price.....

  • Mr. Awesomepants
    Mr. Awesomepants 5 days ago

    I've found my new LAN machine

  • Nathan Bahr
    Nathan Bahr 5 days ago

    Haven’t even finished the video and this thing is freaking awesome!

  • Jarrett Polkinghorne

    poor Alex 😂😂

  • Jarrett Polkinghorne

    4:06 Tim the Tool Man Taylor?? 😂

  • Ichirou
    Ichirou 5 days ago

    This video is an ad that also has 2 more ads in it

  • Duncan Brown
    Duncan Brown 5 days ago

    The problem witht these titles is when i search rog mothership looking for an ltt video on the machine i simply cant find it cause i gotta guess since the tittle is vague clickbait bs. Nobody clicks the video because the title says "wow i cant believe this..." These titles arent peaking anyones curiousity. Its the same viewers as always searching for entertaing wacky af pc talk. The only difference now is nobody knows wtf their clicking on anymore

  • Taiwo Olaleye
    Taiwo Olaleye 5 days ago

    pay big bucks for a laptop you cant use on your lap

  • cody lacy
    cody lacy 5 days ago

    That ToolTime grunt though

  • ECHO
    ECHO 5 days ago

    Damn I wanna work with Linus

  • Kuunib
    Kuunib 6 days ago

    Is it Windows pen enabled cause if not it is basicly useless.

  • bobx dark
    bobx dark 6 days ago

    Anyone know why Steam is using 100% cpu while idle ?
    maybe it's mining monero ? who knows....

  • Thank You
    Thank You 6 days ago

    I'd like to know if this has touch screen and pen support. This has potential as a creative powerhouse.

  • Dispie Dark
    Dispie Dark 6 days ago

    Yeah we want to see the full review,
    And so laptops come full circle again this is a modern version of my dads first laptop it looked like this one in the link. amp.businessinsider.com/images/4df51a7bccd1d56f6d010000-750-527.jpg
    The hardware was in the back and the keyboard could be klicked on to the front to cover the screen, think it weight about 8 kilo.

  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T. 6 days ago

    Cool, i kinda like it. Interesting

  • Mr. Pie
    Mr. Pie 6 days ago


  • Music Mills
    Music Mills 6 days ago

    Here I was thinking my surface pro 4 was working just fine.

  • Player4595
    Player4595 6 days ago

    6:00 ohhh that is supposed to be Schadensfreude ... gosh I´m german and I did not get that :D

  • Ali Nadim
    Ali Nadim 6 days ago +1

    Can you describe the specs of mothership in written?

  • Tjar Roenhorst
    Tjar Roenhorst 6 days ago

    Eyy linus tech tips plzz can i get a 1050ti because i got a cheap crap rx 460 2gb🙁😕

  • Revadana Gunantara Lucky

    @Linus Tech Tips While waiting the official price for this piece, could you do a review on ASUS Huracan G21? Especially on the cooling system for the CPU temperature. Is it worth the price? Or do I miss your review on it? Thanks.

  • Mo Ha
    Mo Ha 6 days ago

    I could buy 2 High End PC with that

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 6 days ago

    Why did he even ask about a full review? Of course!!!!

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 6 days ago

    It's a surface that doesn't suck

    SRPHD 6 days ago

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  • Nitzney Mann
    Nitzney Mann 6 days ago

    Very smart!

  • JerryTheSlime
    JerryTheSlime 6 days ago

    For a whopping 6.9k usd you could buy this special edition machine!

  • Oodle Richhy
    Oodle Richhy 6 days ago

    Damn! this title again. Surface pro for gamers. Seriously?😑😑

  • Un1corn
    Un1corn 6 days ago

    oh my freaking god-sent from my surface pro2017

  • श्रjin नेवार

    Hey Linus if laptop's are equipped with camera's like today's smartphone's selfie camera , they would be pretty damn good, look at Google pixels camera small but powerful ( I am not saying notch them😂) just if there was small but nice camera

  • T Ahonen
    T Ahonen 6 days ago

    The video has Black Borders!!

  • Eric Rex
    Eric Rex 6 days ago

    laptop cant be used in lap any more.........sad reality.

  • Jacob Roal
    Jacob Roal 6 days ago

    Walmart now sells a $20 PC VR 4k with dual hdmi and 360 tracking. Review it or I will :)

  • scrambl3
    scrambl3 6 days ago

    *ON YOUR LAP?*

  • Mellysia
    Mellysia 6 days ago

    Has Alex quit his job yet after having all of this officially sink in?

  • zORg alex
    zORg alex 6 days ago

    This thing is BEAUTIFUL!
    I wish I could throw my money at ASUS to get this sweety when It's ready. But I bet, I won't have enough to not deplete my bank account while doing this.

  • Rikardo Trevino
    Rikardo Trevino 6 days ago

    Linus is gay we kissed once

  • Aleksandr Strizhevskiy

    I want this so bad. Its beautiful.

  • Riley Patterson
    Riley Patterson 6 days ago

    Full review plz!

  • Riley Patterson
    Riley Patterson 6 days ago

    Bigger and better performance is 100% better than light weight and low performance.

  • Athaariq Ardiansyah
    Athaariq Ardiansyah 6 days ago

    *Did you see Apple?* This... Is... Innovation

  • Scott Guo
    Scott Guo 6 days ago

    This is actually a good design for people who have a two computer setup but would like to move their "primary" gaming computer from time to time.

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 6 days ago

    TIL Linus sounds like Steve Carell

  • Bricklimits
    Bricklimits 6 days ago

    what the fuck is that abomination?

  • Carl
    Carl 6 days ago

    i like it

  • Shubham Garg
    Shubham Garg 6 days ago +16

    What do you call someone who sees a robbery at an Apple store?


  • LightningGmr
    LightningGmr 6 days ago

    I will never afford this but its pretty cool and I would love to have it :D

  • Travis Hill
    Travis Hill 6 days ago

    Willing to accept a review product to put it through it’s paces

  • zelfreak
    zelfreak 6 days ago

    This is pretty awesome, as someone who owns a gaming laptop that I only ever take to LANs this is a much more reasonable LAN pc, makes a lot more sense than standard Uber "laptops"

  • Jakob
    Jakob 6 days ago

    LIke it and like the concept way more than the previous bulk of a laptop that just looks dated and the attachable keyboard you can have up close or wherever. perfect...I reckon touch is implemented.
    a thumps up from here.. minor cons would be the relative big bezels that take a toe on the screen area.. but very interesting Asus..

  • FastLikeUNO
    FastLikeUNO 6 days ago

    Im estimating around $4,500 for this beast. Maybe $4,OOO? I wish I could afford it but I will snag a cheaper option with 4K and a Core i9.

  • ChronoXShadow
    ChronoXShadow 6 days ago

    8:28 "And I'm going to take away your manhood while I'm at it, too." [smiles creepily with suppressed joy]

  • Ashlan el hamizan
    Ashlan el hamizan 6 days ago


  • ChronoXShadow
    ChronoXShadow 6 days ago

    This behemoth looks nice.

  • Ryan Zmolek
    Ryan Zmolek 6 days ago

    They should release an unpainted/coated version.

  • Biastuna
    Biastuna 6 days ago

    The design of that laptop is nice because in a students case you don’t have to buy a desktop pc and a laptop because it’s both. Now this is truly epic