• Published on May 26, 2018
  • Happy to bring you guys an updated Living Room tour! It will be the first part of the series as I slowly upgrade my studio, bedroom, and the rest of my new place. Definitely looking for your input and let me know on some future upgrades!
    Hisense 100" 4K Laser TV:
    Google Home Max:
    Xbox One X:
    Dyson Lamp:
    Phillips Hue Light:
    LG 4K Monitor:
    BlueLounge Cable Box:
    Barcelona Chairs:

    Email for business:
    Facebook: twomobile
    Twitter: karlconrad
    Instagram: karlconrad
    Periscope: @karlconrad
    Google +
    Snapchat: karl.conrad
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  • BossDogg14
    BossDogg14 14 days ago

    Link to TV stand?

  • David Anaya
    David Anaya 3 months ago

    What model is the TV stand? I cant seem to find it

    • David Anaya
      David Anaya 3 months ago

      And the living room little table?

  • firestonegraywolf
    firestonegraywolf 3 months ago

    My phone only responds to my voice

  • thilini mendis
    thilini mendis 4 months ago

    must be an expensive house tech but cool

  • Nyai Waringin
    Nyai Waringin 4 months ago

    Too much talking

  • Zwarte Zeurpiet
    Zwarte Zeurpiet 4 months ago

    How much cost and where do u get the money and don't tell me your work minimum wage job.

  • Marie Joy
    Marie Joy 4 months ago

    Your home is literally goals. That's one of my dreams to have one.

  • david hernandez
    david hernandez 4 months ago

    what couch is that

  • Sai Edupuganti
    Sai Edupuganti 5 months ago

    Hey Karl, what's the accent wall color ?

  • Cameron Hodgson
    Cameron Hodgson 5 months ago

    Area Rug?

  • Lemonfil Loren
    Lemonfil Loren 5 months ago

    Nice place! But i think people have the wrong idea of what minimalism is. 😁

  • D1SStRoY
    D1SStRoY 7 months ago

    This video is very stupid ...

  • Lu Mar
    Lu Mar 9 months ago

    Bro I lovvveee your crib it’s just the perfect for everything, you inspire me a lot keep doing what you do.🙌🏽 By the way I’m waiting for an update vid😅

  • Faiz Jalal
    Faiz Jalal 10 months ago

    Do a full condo tour!

  • J O R D A N
    J O R D A N 10 months ago +1

    Karl’s condo>>>>>>any house. IDC

  • Ken Crystal
    Ken Crystal 11 months ago

    Awnn,i was expecting HomePod exept odf google home. I think Google Home is great but if i have money to splurge i would go for Homepod

  • Ayite
    Ayite 11 months ago

    You're getting a thumbs down just for making my google home go off.

  • cubedmack
    cubedmack Year ago

    Great home!

  • Bryan T
    Bryan T Year ago

    Bruh u activated my google assistant.

  • motta joao
    motta joao Year ago +1

    that setup is my dream, holy shit man! congratulations

  • Izhar ul Haq Izhar ul Haq

    Very Nice Room setup tour

  • arne retsoolcnav
    arne retsoolcnav Year ago

    Too bad the barcelona chairs are cheap replicas

  • Michael Hoops
    Michael Hoops Year ago

    Bro you TV cost more than my jeep!!!

  • Travis Bonta
    Travis Bonta Year ago

    Guess I'll just sell my car to buy a 4k projector 😂

  • Knights Tale
    Knights Tale Year ago +1

    how to be you po?

  • Vic G
    Vic G Year ago

    Hisense is cheap Chinese electronics. Should have gotten a Samsung or Sony; the only brand to buy.

  • MrSkaterfan21
    MrSkaterfan21 Year ago +1

    An absolutely perfect home. One day I will have something like this, hopefully 🤞🏼

  • Arthur Watts
    Arthur Watts Year ago

    Nice pad, Karl, but you really need a pair of conversation-starter speakers to replace those Sonys. Sony *does* make high-end speakers, but the pricetags on the Sony speakers I saw in Tokyo would make most people wonder if they were going to get shares in the company with their new speakers ;)
    Kevin will happily (!) sell you the electronics to make it all happen - movies AND music. Thanks for the video.

  • zaftra
    zaftra Year ago

    How 'crystal clear' an image is depends on the source. If you have the most modern 4k hdr dics and a film filmed in digital it will be sharpe, anything else a screen that size will amplify every fault on the source material; even with upscale.
    DVD version of Buffy the vampire slayer wont like sharpe on it.

  • Big0281
    Big0281 Year ago

    What brand is the paint?

  • tootingb
    tootingb Year ago

    What do u do for a living

  • Jay Bautista
    Jay Bautista Year ago

    Where did you buy your tv stand ?

  • Atis
    Atis Year ago

    Plz do a house tour

  • Kratos The God
    Kratos The God Year ago

    Where did you get your black tee from, looks like a good fit?

  • MXD
    MXD Year ago

    I'm jealous

  • petluv214
    petluv214 Year ago

    Nice place

  • Pandana
    Pandana Year ago

    I sense your style...but I think you can better execute it. :)

  • Collin Andrew Sherriff

    Why didn't you mute your "hey google" ?

  • Sebastián
    Sebastián Year ago

    The trick is to hide all the damn cables of all that tech.

  • Elfajé Moeridjan

    What is the color of the wall?

  • travguy56
    travguy56 Year ago

    I find it really interesting that I unconsciously said you should redo the island in a light grey color before you mentioned it lol But love the minimalistic setup!

  • sayhellomonster
    sayhellomonster Year ago

    You’ve got modern and contemporary switched. Modernism is a a style from 1920-1950 and it is characterized broadly by a clean unadorned interior containing open and raised furniture to give the feel of airy spaces and often use white walls to give a feeling of an expansive space. Contemporary means of the time, what is popular at the moment, it is ever changing. I guess what’s popular now is the minimalism of the modern style.

  • Geoffrey Gordon
    Geoffrey Gordon Year ago

    Very nice! Love what you’ve got going on! Take a look st the EcoBee for a superior thermostat. I’ve got a pretty smart tech heavy home and love my ecobee with remote sensors.

  • epiNoesis
    epiNoesis Year ago

    What have you studied?

  • Ilya Melihov
    Ilya Melihov Year ago

    i was pretty sad when they killed you in 13 reasons why...

  • Saiyan Prince Gaming

    Does anyone know the name of paint colour used on the feature walls? I've googled web grey but this looks way different.

  • JeffiBuilt EJ1
    JeffiBuilt EJ1 Year ago

    10k dollar tv is just absurd

  • Relle Roberson
    Relle Roberson Year ago

    gaming channel!!!!!

  • Tigre01
    Tigre01 Year ago

    Be bold make the island lowers orange.

  • GrizzlyTV
    GrizzlyTV Year ago

    What do you do for a living?!

  • Kaushal Kumar
    Kaushal Kumar Year ago

    How much bucks you spent on this....... 😂😂😂😂

  • Clan Killas® Gaming!

    Seriously? You think you’ve spent an arm and leg for a large 400lb marble table, but getting a 100” laser smart tv at a price of $9K is nothing? Love your setup and I’m happy to see someone besides myself who knows that “art and value” have NO PRICE! 🙌🏾💯👋🏾👍🏾😝😎

  • Aaron Hale
    Aaron Hale Year ago

    What tv stand is that? Thanks!

  • Nicholas Vouis
    Nicholas Vouis Year ago

    Keep the island the way it is. Remove the cooktop hood, and maybe get a slimmer stainless steel one or a brushed copper one to match the faucet.
    Light gray, white, or charcoal for the rest of the cabinets other than the island(keep island the same, wood is a cool contrast, but subtle)
    The "built in" fridge is showing the kitchen's age. swap for new stainless to match the wall oven.
    Uprate the can lights to ones with more brightness.

  • marcoarturos
    marcoarturos Year ago

    you like the brazilian player firmino

  • Rekkless
    Rekkless Year ago

    The TV Cabnet is awesome, where did you get it from or what is the manufacturer?

  • Julio Lagara
    Julio Lagara Year ago

    Where's the link to that gorgeous marble table?

  • David Beiler
    David Beiler Year ago

    what screen is that for the projector? you didn't list everything...

  • Ghost Ghost
    Ghost Ghost Year ago


  • Harry Winter
    Harry Winter Year ago

    Do you own this place or are you renting it?