FIFA 20 REUS TO GLORY #13 | BIGGEST Pack Pull!! (FIFA 20)

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • The thirteenth episode of REUS TO GLORY in FIFA 20! The ruleless ROAD TO GLORY around Marco Reus! I hope you enjoy episode 13 of REUS TO GLORY FIFA 20?! #FIFA20 #ReusToGlory #FIFA20ReusToGlory
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Comments • 218

    INSANE FIFASKILLERZ120 Month ago +82

    Love ur vidz my man

  • ThatcherDan11
    ThatcherDan11 Month ago

    🎵 Ain’t nobody like Shane Duffy makes me happy makes me feel this way 🎵

  • JGA
    JGA Month ago

    Change your tactics and make haller a target man

  • Muhammad Saeed
    Muhammad Saeed Month ago

    Imagine reev doing a rtg without reus

  • Georgepk 7
    Georgepk 7 Month ago

    I don’t understand how you make so many coins I must be shite on this fifa 😂

  • Dwelt Rhombus
    Dwelt Rhombus Month ago +2

    THE BEST RTG EVER.Even though i am a HUGE Bayern fan
    Edit: Please someone like I don’t get any 😢

  • C NG123
    C NG123 Month ago

    I packed messi

  • Unknown123
    Unknown123 Month ago

    my pack luck this year has been insane and i have only opened a few from objectives and season objectives: godin,alisson,gnabry,depay,thiago and more

  • Dylzz The geeza
    Dylzz The geeza Month ago

    Hate you for buying Duffy mate love your vids tho

    W0RS3THAN Y0U Month ago

    Whats the best chem style for reus at striker

  • The Dons
    The Dons Month ago

    I liked the vid and in my next pack I genuinely packed Zambrotta icon 86 and sold for 560k, no way lol

  • Younis Arshad
    Younis Arshad Month ago

    Can someone tell me how to do the drag back skill? Ps4

  • Akira Kapadia
    Akira Kapadia Month ago

    Sorry how do you do a drag back 😂

  • Cédric Heitmann
    Cédric Heitmann Month ago

    I did the Squad Battle Challenges and 3 or 4 of the Rivals ones. Can‘t be bothered to play more against that stupid Drop back.

  • N1 Clan
    N1 Clan Month ago

    What camera angle does reev use? Does anyone know

    MAX LIKES SPURS Month ago +1


  • Corey 290v
    Corey 290v Month ago

    I haven’t even got fifa 20 😂😂🐐

  • EmerpusYZY
    EmerpusYZY Month ago

    I packed reus untradeble how good

  • Josh Leader
    Josh Leader Month ago

    This is getting annoying now, how am I supposed to keep up with this series when your luck is insane

  • TheBlackAnd BlueManic

    Is this rev or cha boy in the intro

  • Carmen betts
    Carmen betts Month ago

    Like Reus
    Comment Lewandowski

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson Month ago

    Drag back fines is also really good with Martial and werner

  • 10,000,000 Subs with 1 video? \,

    I packed scream Bernard

  • Charlie Boy 88
    Charlie Boy 88 Month ago +1

    Do hulk sbc

  • AshMyBuck
    AshMyBuck Month ago

    I got chewwy suarez in a 2 player untradeable pack

  • Derpy Fortnite
    Derpy Fortnite Month ago

    I packed värane in my reward for the curse of the werewolf

  • Declan Wintle
    Declan Wintle Month ago

    dzeko and immobile??

  • Declan Wintle
    Declan Wintle Month ago

    finally got my first bvb shirt REEV

  • Declan Wintle
    Declan Wintle Month ago

    are you going to get tolisso, Zaha or Vazquez for level 30

  • Declan Wintle
    Declan Wintle Month ago


  • Scarlet
    Scarlet Month ago

    thumbnail Suarez

  • Vivid Miracle
    Vivid Miracle Month ago +1

    Hey man, I was thinking and you could have piszczek in full chem while playing him in game centerback. Just swap the team to the opposite side and play Alex Sandro, have piszczek at rb and find a decent cb to play cb.
    Then in the In game tactics switch it to attacking and and have piszczek play cb and have the decent cb play rb. Hopefully this could be a great idea and it would keep them both on full chem while having piszczek at cb. Thanks I love your videos and keep it up

  • John Joe
    John Joe Month ago

    Hey Reev,
    What’s the main stuff you’ve been doing to trade? Ur pack luck hasn’t been too much better than mine but you’ve got like 500k more. Been trying to see stuff in the videos but haven’t really picked up on anything.

  • Dustin Knudson
    Dustin Knudson Month ago

    Please get Basti, even if you don’t play him, absolute legend

  • Tom Lomas
    Tom Lomas Month ago

    Tbh Reev. Only Series' I look forward too watching is Reus to Glory and Building Bolton. My Top 2 to watch over anything else. Subbed to you years before you got all the muscle. Love that your back making vids. Keep it up my g. Much love 🤙

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Month ago

    I make short videos about my nights out😂 check them out

  • Henry Hughes 10
    Henry Hughes 10 Month ago +1

    Where’s the bolton career mode??

  • Nicky Power
    Nicky Power Month ago

    Duffy is a God

  • Ginger 13
    Ginger 13 Month ago +1

    I got Varane in the Tomb Raiser SBC

  • Cameron de Player
    Cameron de Player Month ago

    Is patricio worth buying?

  • Ray Ward
    Ray Ward Month ago

    Get Amine Harit

  • Daniel Lindsay
    Daniel Lindsay Month ago

    play werner over gnabry

  • PhoenixFlame Games
    PhoenixFlame Games Month ago

    I got grieZman and lengelet in my two rare gold packs from pre order lol im doing an rtg and I already have a team worth 500k flashback walcott and potm lewmandoski with 1.2mil coins so all i do is alt sbcs then put coins on my main

  • Kurupt Mc
    Kurupt Mc Month ago

    Ur a legend mate

  • barak avni
    barak avni Month ago

    Mabye in this totw there will be a marco reus

  • Lucas Freire
    Lucas Freire Month ago +1

    Play Suarez love your vids

  • Louis Scott
    Louis Scott Month ago

    More lad love the vids

  • Cr Siiiven
    Cr Siiiven Month ago

    Anyone know how to do scoop volleys on this fifa? XBOX Thanks

  • Frederik Max Tvorup Sørensen

    Hey Reev, I did the Amine Harit POTM card, and i changed him into a CM (im playing 4-3-3 with two cm and the cam), And Harit is just a monster for me! 12 goals in his first 10 games. Everytime I make a pass wiith him to my attacker, he just sprints towards the goal for a 1-2. he's amazing! you have to do him.

  • Matt E
    Matt E Month ago

    I packed Messi he's sick i got it from Dracula's army

    ARYAN THAKUR Month ago

    Best fifa series ❤️❤️❤️

  • Caelan
    Caelan Month ago

    love that you took big shane duffy im a brighton fan

  • Albin 1891
    Albin 1891 Month ago +17

    Is it just me that likes every video and Never packs an icon

  • Matthew Becker
    Matthew Becker Month ago

    sell haverts (sorry for bad spelling) and get his inform

  • Unarmed Crab
    Unarmed Crab Month ago

    He a rb


    I got mane and de brune yesterday and they went for a lot of Mony.keep up the Good work man Love your vids.

  • Jonno Hicks
    Jonno Hicks Month ago

    I just packed messi so lets go

  • BouncyPinball
    BouncyPinball Month ago +1

    Opened one 2 rare gold players back opened it got a walkout and it was Brazil,GK and Liverpool. Got 89 Alisson and he's great but can't sell him cos it's untradeable

  • Joseph Super fan
    Joseph Super fan Month ago

    Love this series❤️ , most underrated TheXvidr.