Everything Wrong With Forrest Gump In 16 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump. I'm a movie and I have sins.
    Next week: Action sins and romance sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 13 003

  • Boolyman MC
    Boolyman MC 4 hours ago

    "How did they get the feather to cooperate like that?" Is a sin? Man this channel has gone downhill... do you even try anymore? You just make random comments and ding the tally for no reason.

  • Big Mic2728y
    Big Mic2728y 11 hours ago


  • Brick Powell
    Brick Powell 11 hours ago

    Lots of tea here 🍵🍵

  • Maranda Eaton
    Maranda Eaton 12 hours ago

    "You never go full retard"

  • Jay Ramsey
    Jay Ramsey 12 hours ago

    "I haven't seen someone look this out of place with a gospel choir since Super Bowl 53"

  • Steven Hoffman
    Steven Hoffman 14 hours ago

    The kids on the bus knew he was different cause they heard him talking to the bus driver

  • thugblox
    thugblox 16 hours ago

    I have understanding hate for you

  • Mgalls 654
    Mgalls 654 17 hours ago

    I can imagine him just sitting in a theater doing this live

  • Nabbie
    Nabbie 18 hours ago

    14:55 because every death before Jenny is him "narrating" his past while Jenny dying was happening in the present

  • nomad18074
    nomad18074 19 hours ago

    LMAO @t 15:20 😂🤣

  • harpella
    harpella 20 hours ago

    Not even watching! Down vote immediately for even attempting to F with this movie. Shame!

  • Geoff Hutson
    Geoff Hutson 21 hour ago

    LBJ actually was a creepy perv

  • AssaultToad
    AssaultToad 21 hour ago

    Nothing, nothing is wrong with forest gump

  • Mighty Poopie
    Mighty Poopie 23 hours ago

    You guys have run out of ideas you know how many awards this movie one, they take everything so seriously cus they’ve run out of ideas

  • Adrste241
    Adrste241 Day ago

    How the F**k is this video fifteen minutes long? it's Forrest Gump.
    I expected him to say nothing at the beginning and then end the video.

  • MixItUpWithZak
    MixItUpWithZak Day ago

    Overall this film is supposed to make you laugh

  • Deon Price
    Deon Price Day ago

    Soooo... does forrest have the virus too? Does his son have it? Was jenny still living reckless during and after her pregnancy? This always bothered me with this movie...

  • Jamie Duncan
    Jamie Duncan Day ago

    Video sin ping pong and table tennis are two different sports

  • G4Lproductionz
    G4Lproductionz Day ago

    Jenny died on a Monday and he said "suck it hump" I nearly pissed my pants!!!!

  • Rubin Saffy
    Rubin Saffy Day ago

    Reaching thru and thru.

  • Vlasko60
    Vlasko60 Day ago

    "Cool guys don't look at explosions"

  • Antonydabossman
    Antonydabossman Day ago

    12:48 I don't get this joke please explain.

  • XxGamerCouncilxX

    I can tell you as a fact that 15 dr peppers is totally possible..I like dr pepper

  • Lewy1221
    Lewy1221 Day ago

    I could name one thing wrong with him right off the bat

  • Edward Stephenson Jr

    This fuckers funny with this shit. I like it. It does suck because I like some of these movies but still funny.

  • ThePilotTY_YT
    ThePilotTY_YT Day ago

    Jenny didn’t have aids otherwise gump would have it

  • Pleb Obliterator

    there’s nothing wrong with forrest gimp shut up

  • Andrew V
    Andrew V Day ago

    I watched this at school

  • Jacob Gulley
    Jacob Gulley Day ago +3

    How can you say forest gump is worthy of sins

  • yeetus thefeetus

    I actually went to Arizona where they showed him in the desert

  • Hopen Tiger
    Hopen Tiger Day ago +5

    Sees the title:
    Nothing is wrong with this amazing movie

  • Rikard Nilsson
    Rikard Nilsson Day ago

    I just realized that all the women in forrests life were prostitutes in some way,...Except Bubbas mom, possibly.

  • Brockton Aakre
    Brockton Aakre Day ago +5


  • Syrvonne Mendoza

    Forrest Gump was great

  • Howard Murphy
    Howard Murphy 2 days ago +3

    Ah hell no they went after forest its time for a crusade

  • Silencer thesixthelement

    I believe Jenny represents all bitches and hoes in this movie. I think I just came up with a new name for bitches and hoes. JENNY!!!! "Bro, don't fuck with her,..she a Jenny!" "Yoooo, T got set up by a couple of Jennies last week on boulevard. I'm telling you bro that shit is Jenny central on the weekends!" "Dawg we got some Jennies coming over later, come through when you get off work!" 😂😂😂

  • Reid Edelman
    Reid Edelman 2 days ago

    5 years later and this is still the worst channel on TheXvid

  • Olaf Elsbeurry
    Olaf Elsbeurry 2 days ago +2

    Name one famous national ping-pong player??? Forrest Gump LMFAO

  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4 2 days ago

    There's this youtube show, SMG4, that had an episode, "SMG4 Movie Auditions", where it showed Steve from Minecraft re-enacting the Forest Gump bench scene with the box of chocolates and when he opened the box, the Xenomorph Queen came out screaming and attacked the person sitting next to him on the bench. It's a very strange show.

  • BeastjediCarson
    BeastjediCarson 2 days ago

    Bro you cant even dis this movie

  • Aiyana Collis
    Aiyana Collis 2 days ago


  • Daniel Spidell
    Daniel Spidell 2 days ago

    How could they fuck up the headstone date I mean come on ... like people wouldn't find out this retard was lieing

  • masterhotdog 8
    masterhotdog 8 2 days ago

    I’m sorry, did you sin Dr Pepper?

  • Jon MacDonald
    Jon MacDonald 2 days ago +1

    GUMP 🇺🇸🗽2020

  • Phoenix Blaze
    Phoenix Blaze 2 days ago


  • Weird Howie
    Weird Howie 2 days ago

    Use me as a “Shut tha fuck up” button....... this is the greatest movie ever

  • xTRiPLExViSiONx
    xTRiPLExViSiONx 2 days ago +1

    Also when you drink something it does not go straight to your bladder

  • It’sme Chucky
    It’sme Chucky 2 days ago

    I cried in this movie

  • Junior Carbajal
    Junior Carbajal 2 days ago +1

    But yet this movie will forever be iconic 😭

  • Jared Peterson
    Jared Peterson 2 days ago +3

    13:47 I think he’s standing because he wants to/hasn’t been able to for years, not because they wouldn’t let him sit.

  • Big Nibba
    Big Nibba 2 days ago

    Can u stop fucking talking about this movie shut up fucker

  • James Beggs
    James Beggs 2 days ago

    5:22 That song hadn't been released yet

  • Roman A
    Roman A 2 days ago

    It’s a novel

  • David Jones
    David Jones 2 days ago

    jenny a bitch face.,,

  • Ømıcrøn .
    Ømıcrøn . 2 days ago

    Jenny is a fucking ho.

  • Taylor Imes
    Taylor Imes 2 days ago

    What you drink doesn't go directly to your bladder....

  • The Anti Christ
    The Anti Christ 2 days ago

    This is the worst movie I've never seen and I hate it more everytime I watch it. because I love it so much.

  • KidGanesha
    KidGanesha 2 days ago


  • Roman Channels
    Roman Channels 3 days ago +5

    Yo this video kinda made me mad bc I love forest gump

  • Terry K
    Terry K 3 days ago

    Newsflash: That’s not a bus stop it’s a park bench. The bus is going the wrong way around the park. It’s one way.

  • Hollist King
    Hollist King 3 days ago

    Yo this dude is funny as fuck man big ups

  • Colton Thompson
    Colton Thompson 3 days ago

    I’ve drank 10 Dr Peppers and go to the bathroom until an hour later

  • JME R
    JME R 3 days ago

    Wayyy too hard on this film. You missed the point and idea of the film.

    GLITTER BLITZ 3 days ago

    Wow. Literally nothing was wrong with this movie 🤣

  • Gage Allen
    Gage Allen 3 days ago

    Wow, this episode really hurt my pride in this movie

  • Alex Mendieta
    Alex Mendieta 3 days ago

    It's not supposed to be serious idiot

    • Alex Mendieta
      Alex Mendieta 2 days ago

      +Andy Miller shut the fuck up before I blast a cap between your eyes bitch

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 2 days ago

      This video isn't supposed to be serious, idiot.

  • Andrew Dhulst
    Andrew Dhulst 3 days ago

    U think I can't drink 15 Dr. Peppers? Because bladder stats? No, you're whack.

  • Karsen Kosse
    Karsen Kosse 3 days ago +2

    Forrest Gump is still a good movie.

  • Grady Binion
    Grady Binion 3 days ago +1

    This man sinned Dr Pepper! His subscribers about to drop.

  • Brendon Truss
    Brendon Truss 3 days ago

    Alabama impreson so true

  • Neo Smith
    Neo Smith 3 days ago

    You are becoming an SJW libtard.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 days ago

    Jenny died of Hep C. It was a common disease passed by baby boomers during that time.

  • Creepa99
    Creepa99 3 days ago

    She tasted like cig a rettes

  • The Operator
    The Operator 3 days ago

    They take soldiers by heli because its Vietnam not really necessarily New Jersey

  • samara_w
    samara_w 4 days ago

    im actually scared because today my drama teacher was running across the school to get somewhere so i screamed "run forrest run!" and now i get home and this *happens* to be in my recommended.... hm

  • ThaminBoy
    ThaminBoy 4 days ago

    This channel make valid points sometimes but on certain movies like this one, tries too hard to find fault in such a master piece.

  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott 4 days ago +1

    6:38 Only Cinema Sins would've spotted that because I didn't even pay no mind to that

  • Sean y
    Sean y 4 days ago +1

    *"There's an angry mob outside Jeremy, what should we do?"*
    *"Block the doors, where keeping that video up"*

  • Thomas Bonnes
    Thomas Bonnes 4 days ago

    They didn't mean AIDS Jenny died of Hepatitis C

  • Doug Kramer
    Doug Kramer 4 days ago

    What movie did you right again?

  • tyler gnosis
    tyler gnosis 4 days ago

    I hated this movie

  • jack thomas
    jack thomas 4 days ago

    Ahh, Forrest Gump. A movie that I liked when I first saw it, and over time, have come to dislike so much that I gave the dvd away. Bad acting by Hanks, and pretentious writing make this movie unbearable to watch anymore. The Happy Face gig on the T-shirt was the beginning of the end.

  • Faze Shwoovi
    Faze Shwoovi 4 days ago +1

    Just fuck you fuck off I’m done with this god damn channel I’m tired of you making mockery of these Oscar deserving or beloved movies by people so yeah you just lost ure longest subscribed person I was one of the first hundred subscribers

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 2 days ago

      +Faze Shwoovi No, I don't agree. Like I said, there's no good reason why any movie shouldn't be sinned or otherwise reviewed.

    • Faze Shwoovi
      Faze Shwoovi 2 days ago

      Andy Miller I see what you mean and I don’t want to argue but some movies like Forest Gump should just left alone don’t you agree

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 2 days ago +1

      Lol. You have clearly forgotten the point of this channel. No movie is without sin. This is a movie, which means that it's sinful. There's literally no good reason why it shouldn't be sinned. No matter how many Oscars a movie has won or been nominated for, it's still worthy to be sinned.

  • Adam Hohnadel
    Adam Hohnadel 4 days ago

    Anyone who doesn't like Forrest Gump is not a human being. That also goes for field of dreams.

  • Pinch The Cat
    Pinch The Cat 4 days ago

    You missed the Boston accent at 1:51 poser Alabama kids

  • John Kyle
    John Kyle 4 days ago

    Because it was known as the helicopter war you putz

  • Jack of Knives
    Jack of Knives 4 days ago

    I think the only thing wrong with the movie is the fact that his mom banged the principal, his best friends dad is an incestuous pedophile, and Lt Dan's hookers were rude to him.

  • Rusty Jackson
    Rusty Jackson 4 days ago

    Everything wrong with full metal jacket!!!

  • T Lathan
    T Lathan 4 days ago

    You have my subscription sir, based solely on your wordsmith. Excellent, if I do say so myself. Cheers!

    EXPLOSIONEN1 4 days ago

    You can remove the second sin. I am a real Busdriver and wouldn't even have done a full stop if he didn't get up from the Bench.

  • Laidy Bug
    Laidy Bug 4 days ago

    Jenny is a sin in this movie because her father was an even bigger one

  • Kenneth Cabauatan
    Kenneth Cabauatan 5 days ago

    Aww, pooo boy... yo analysis so bad, youse seems to forgit that the film wuz a work of fiction.

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 2 days ago

      You seem to forget that he sins fictional movies.

  • tubes42024
    tubes42024 5 days ago

    Too bad back then a bottle of Dr. Pepper was only 10oz cutting your amount to 150oz not 300

  • Logan Mackenzie
    Logan Mackenzie 5 days ago

    Fuck u, i love ur videos but i came across this and didnt even watch it because forset gump is the best.
    (soz for rudeness) :)

  • PVGamers
    PVGamers 5 days ago

    if its not 0 im hunting you down

  • rager1969
    rager1969 5 days ago

    Hmm, I don't remember the KKK, nude Forest, or Gump/Mao ping pong paddle scenes.

  • Eric Fortune Jr.
    Eric Fortune Jr. 5 days ago +1

    “Sometimes I guess there just isn’t enough rocks”
    Forest Gump:

  • Dude Fest bug outs
    Dude Fest bug outs 5 days ago

    This movie great asf... still love it u will never ruin it!!

  • Go pack Go 12
    Go pack Go 12 5 days ago

    Life is like a box of shrimp sometimes youll get some cocaine