Cristiano Ronaldo: I don't accept less than top three in the Premier League

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
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    Cristiano Ronaldo has given an extended interview with Sky Sports. Ronaldo believes Manchester United are capable of being better than they currently are and can improve their position in the Premier League. He also says Manchester United 'belong in important things'.

    David James discusses Ronaldo's comments on The Football Show.

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Comments • 2 643

  • Ondela_
    Ondela_ 16 hours ago +931

    "To build new things you must destroy other things" ... daming statement !! He knews some of these players aren't good enough and finally someone speaks up.

  • M H94
    M H94 16 hours ago +922

    Ronaldo came to Man utd at 18, he walked into a dressing room with Roy Keane. Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes etc. Standards were very high, Keane said at times just winning the league didn't feel enough he wanted multiple trophies in a season.

  • Andy Burns
    Andy Burns 16 hours ago +326

    The guy is a natural athlete and carried himself as well as you'd expect in this interview.

  • Brolin Fernandez
    Brolin Fernandez 16 hours ago +166

    Love him or hate him, you can't deny the fact that he truly loves Manchester United and wants to do everything possible to make the team better.

  • Bini Bakos
    Bini Bakos 16 hours ago +142

    This is the guy who came as kid and left as man and came back as a legend…..

  • Kiat
    Kiat 16 hours ago +153

    He's right about the mentality of the players making the difference. How did Leicester win the title, were they lucky, was the squad one of the best? No. It was maximizing what they had, by having a fantastic mental attitude.

  • Reece Aliyar
    Reece Aliyar 16 hours ago +964

    No one else at the club has his mentality, the players need to learn from him and be like him. Players getting upset cause he calls them out is ridiculous

  • Ida Hellblau
    Ida Hellblau 16 hours ago +229

    ‘To achieve you have to destroy somethings to build’... says it all about how he feels with some of the current squad.

  • Rafa
    Rafa 16 hours ago +109

    I respect this man's mentality, standards and brutal honesty in this interview and I totally agree with most of the things he said. However I think we won't make top 3 if Utd keeps playing like this. They would be lucky to even get top 4 let alone top 3. If we give Rangnick some time to perfect his tactics and ditch Maguire for a fat amount of cash to sign a defensive wall such as Casemiro. I would expect utd to finish top 3 and reach the ucl quarterfinals. I honestly don't get the hate or "criticism" of some ppl in the comments who say "Oh Utd have to lower there standards for Ronaldo" or "They only hold on to CR7 as a hope of their former glory". Cristiano contributed more in this goddamn season that Maguire did in his whole damn stay. Cristiano is the one who has to lower his goddamn standards ever since the Pirlo takeover in Juve. He went from playing with the best players and managers in the world with Madrid to finishing 4th in both serie a and the pl respectively with train wrecks of managers like Ole and Pirlo. I sincerely hope the Man Utd players follow this guy's mentality and spirit and bombard us to hopefully top 3 this season. I also hope Ralf Rangnick doesn't drive Manchester United to a freaking iceberg and I hope he can live up to the Manchester United name.

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams 16 hours ago +83

    I’m a Manchester City fan but I’ve been watching this man for over a dozen years now. I really appreciate his desire to win. It’s only thinking this way that allows for greatness

  • Lance Phillips
    Lance Phillips 16 hours ago +27

    Great interview exposing a lot about life behind closed doors at Old Trafford. This man’s work ethic, desire and willingness to listen and learn from advice have taken him to one of the greatest players ever. 803 goals,ballon d’ors, league titles, champions leagues, Euros winner and so on… is an incredible achievement.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 16 hours ago +61

    This is the type of motivation I needed, especially since I watch football until 00H00 while I have work the following day. Viva Ronaldo!

  • shutup2
    shutup2 16 hours ago +2

    ronaldo is a winner, winning trophies is the most important thing to him, unfortunately average players like maguire are happy with second best and always will be

  • Alan Seal
    Alan Seal 16 hours ago +183

    Top athlete, United are lucky to have him, youngsters on the team should look up and listen to him and Ragnick

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman 16 hours ago +171

    David James projecting.... Been watching and listening to Ronaldo for years and I don't agree with James, I think Ronaldo meant exactly what he said. He has the mentality of a winner.

  • ดร. เพียงดิน รักไทย Official

    Respect to Ronaldo!!!

  • gitonga david
    gitonga david 16 hours ago +89

    Lukaku's interview vs Christiano's interviews tells a lot about a guy who would die for his club and a natural winner

  • Lamin Jawo
    Lamin Jawo 16 hours ago +14

    I’m Barcelona fan but I absolutely love his mentality. I even implement this strategy to my college education. Guess what I graduated this semester in Biochemistry.

  • Who Dis?
    Who Dis? 16 hours ago +806

    I find it so incredibly ridiculous to not listen to a man of Cristiano's stature, a man who's done it all, the blueprint to success. Astonishing.

  • Mathew Bancroft
    Mathew Bancroft 16 hours ago +37

    I disagree with David James. The main message I got was ralf needs time and the players mentality has to be better. I liked his part about in order to do something good you need to first destroy. I think he eluded to the fact we need to strip the squad of all the rotten apples and rebuild with the right players. I don’t disagree with anything he said