Brandon Routh Reacts To His Return As Superman

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • San Diego Comic-Con has revealed some super-special news for the CW's Arrowverse - and it's a development we never thought we'd ever see. A familiar face is donning Superman's cape once again, and he has some feelings about the impending comeback.
    As part of the festivities of Comic-Con 2019, it was announced that the CW is cooking up a crossover of epic proportions: former Superman actor Brandon Routh, who played Clark Kent in the 2006 film Superman Returns, and current Man of Steel Tyler Hoechlin, who portrays Supes in a recurring capacity on Supergirl, will both be suiting up as Superman as a part of the Arrowverse's upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event.
    It's a role Routh hasn't played since 2006's Superman Returns, and at this point, almost certainly never expected to play again.
    The announcement, first reported by Deadline on July 19, got fans in the best kind of huff: a fast-talking frenzy that left some commenters already declaring "Crisis on Infinite Earths" as the greatest crossover event ever. Not long after the news hit the 'net, Routh took to social media just like the fans did to react to his return as Superman.
    Routh tweeted in response to Deadline's post confirming the news, saying that he was "Honored, humbled, grateful, and still pinching myself."
    Hoechlin, who first slipped into the Superman suit in 2016 for Supergirl, expressed his own anticipation for the forthcoming clash of the Supermen by tweeting at Routh,
    "Let's go brother!"
    Routh bantered back with a punch and a wink emoji, as well as the comment,
    "So excited to share the screen with you as Supes @tylerhoechlin! So fun! I'm so ready!"
    Routh also joked that he was immediately heading off to the gym to get into tip-top shape for the crossover, though we doubt he actually needs to, considering that he's been playing superheroes for years. Arrowverse loyals will already recognize Routh from his role as Ray Palmer, better known as the Atom -- a role which he's taken to Arrow, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, on which he's currently a main player.
    The actor also opened up to Entertainment Weekly about his return to the role that put him on the map as a younger man. He admitted that he initially experienced mixed feelings about the news before letting himself feel excited. Asked about his outlook, Routh said,
    "It's an opportunity for me to kind of say hello and goodbye to the character in a way I didn't get to the first time."
    Routh and Hoechlin's eagerness about playing duelling Supermen is nothing compared to the reactions of their fans, one of whom tweeted,
    "The fact that both of you will be sharing the screen as Supes is blowing my mind! Can't wait to see you both back in the red cape!"
    Another said that the news was the best thing they had heard yet from this year's Comic-Con - even more incredible than the surprise Top Gun: Maverick trailer Tom Cruise dropped on Thursday. According to that fan,
    "I was buzzing like a happy bee over the Top Gun trailer… then this Brandon Routh news drops into my hive like a dollop of sweet unpasteurized honey. Yes! Yes! Yes! Best DC news in ever."
    What makes the news of Routh's return to the Superman role so exciting is that many thought it would never be possible. The idea of seeing Routh as Kal-El again was pretty unthinkable after Superman Returns failed to generate the kind of box office that studio Warner Brothers Pictures needed to greenlight a sequel, taking in just over $391 million worldwide. That's not much compared to other DC Comics-based fare from WB, which has tended to scoop up anywhere from around $750 million globally on the lower end to over $1 billion at the top.
    While Routh did pick up praise for his performance, Warner Bros. decided not to pursue more films with him in the role. The studio wound up rebooting the character seven years later in 2013's Man of Steel, the film that started the DC Extended Universe as we know it.
    It's unknown which installments of the five-episode "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event Routh and Hoechlin will appear on. Much like previous crossover events in the Arrowverse, the expansive story is set to once again bring together the casts of the CW's superhero series, this time including Arrow, Batwoman, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.
    Even without the Superman news, it's clear that the event will be the biggest one in the Arrowverse thus far, spanning two months of real time, with three episodes of the crossover seeing release in December, and two more to follow in January 2020.
    The crossover's story is likely to follow, or at least draw inspiration from, the DC Comics storyline of the same name, in which the heroes fight against the nefarious Anti-Monitor with the help of alternate versions of themselves from different universes.
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  • Looper
    Looper  6 months ago +545

    Which actor was the all-time best Superman?

  • JBear Antonicic
    JBear Antonicic 6 days ago +1

    I like cavils Superman, but i do think Routh fills the character better

  • Vladimir Manosalvas
    Vladimir Manosalvas 23 days ago +2

    Batman Begins and Superman Returns should’ve started the DC Cinematic Universe. Warner Brothers made a mistake not combining the two worlds together.
    Both movies were one year apart from each other. Both movies were fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with fans and critics. Both movies looked and felt like they could’ve been in the same universe. Both movies brought the two most popular superheroes back on the big screen after a long hiatus.
    Superman Returns referenced Gotham City. Not to mention, it grossed more money at the box office than Batman Begins whose sequels went on to hit the one billion dollar mark.
    I Am Legend teased a crossover between them for May 2010. The billboard in Times Square had Bale’s Batman logo and Routh’s Superman logo merged together.

  • Jaden Ramos
    Jaden Ramos 28 days ago +1

    I did not realize it was him until crisi on infinite earth

  • Eric71751
    Eric71751 Month ago

    Is christian bale’s Batman going to show? If not, then that would be a let down. If so, AWESOME!! 😊

  • The J-Man
    The J-Man Month ago

    I liked Superman Returns

  • Natasha Jean
    Natasha Jean Month ago

    Yes, I liked Brandon’s portrayal of Superman!! Can’t wait for the crossover!!

  • Malemleima Huidrom
    Malemleima Huidrom Month ago

    I think he is the most handsome Superman ever..

  • Ninja Master
    Ninja Master Month ago

    Should be NO pants above the costume.

  • Raihan Mahajana
    Raihan Mahajana Month ago

    BRING 90's BARRY

  • Derek J. Evans
    Derek J. Evans Month ago

    If DC is done with Cavill bring Routh back to the role as the Kingdom Come Superman...he looks great now

  • Jonny T.
    Jonny T. 2 months ago

    WB shot themselves in the foot with superman returns

  • lnb29
    lnb29 2 months ago

    the only superman there is

  • Kameelah Harper
    Kameelah Harper 2 months ago

    Bring him back for good. Period.

  • salman shah
    salman shah 2 months ago

    brandon needs to add some more muscles mass then he would be the perfect superman

  • GhostLink92
    GhostLink92 2 months ago

    So my girlfriend and I just got into Legends of Tomorrow. And the entire time we've been watching, we've said that he would make a great Superman. He has the look, the mannerisms, everything.
    Little did we know that not only did he have the role previously, he's coming back in the next Arrowverse crossover.
    I guess great minds think alike.

  • Juwel Ahmad
    Juwel Ahmad 2 months ago

    Brandon Routh Is Looking So Real Super Hero🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Jacob Grimes
    Jacob Grimes 2 months ago

    Brandon Routh is MY SUPERMAN and finally they gave him another chance also Michael Keaton is my Batman

  • Petrus Kelaetswe
    Petrus Kelaetswe 2 months ago

    he was the best superman looks a lot like Reeves.guy has physique and clumpsy as clark as he should .

  • Gregg Martian
    Gregg Martian 2 months ago

    Brandon return as superman i hope tobey maguire return as spiderman.

  • Valkyra Sonara
    Valkyra Sonara 3 months ago

    Wuhu Brandon is back!!!!! 😍❤️

  • Gotham Knight
    Gotham Knight 3 months ago

    I like Routh more for Superman than The Atom. He very much was a good fill in for Christopher Reeves.

  • Because of reasons lol
    Because of reasons lol 3 months ago

    Superman returns is a sequel to the Christopher reeves superman movies so bassichly crisis on infinite earth's is also a sequel to the old movies

  • 420 gamer
    420 gamer 3 months ago

    Superman returns - great cast, shitty story writers.

  • Ersen Foy
    Ersen Foy 3 months ago

    my crush when i was like 7 or 8! He was at it finnest in Superman returns!

  • Stan GOT7
    Stan GOT7 3 months ago

    Superman returns was by far my fav superman film

  • Mateusz Woźniak
    Mateusz Woźniak 3 months ago

    The fact that Atom's alter ago from another universe is acually from completely different planet doesnt make any sense... They just gathered superman actors from the past beacuse it is catchy. Because you know, if there are alternative universes there is no logic in making supermanfrom another universe look exactly the same like Atom from abother universe. Those are alternative similar universes, not completely different worlds.
    Beside, following things make all cw-dc-series un-watchable:
    scenes where they walk in one row in slow motion, teenegers-like emotional problems which most people dont care about, schematic episodes (most of them) where actually you can see this kind of plan: 1. Flash run to discover new Villain, 2. Flash gets beaten, 3. Flash and his friends come up with an super idea how to stop new foe, 4. Flash finally does it. The end. ( ok, there were some cooler episodes where something unexpected happend... but lets be honest, it was like 5-10% of all...)

  • Savitar the God of Speed
    Savitar the God of Speed 3 months ago +1

    Writers: So how many crossovers do you want?
    Crisis: Yes.

  • Capronice
    Capronice 3 months ago

    I think if after Crisis the universe is changed, I would really like Routh to take on the role of superman on TV for good.

    PHILL SHIVELY 3 months ago +1

    I Want Brandon Routh as Movie Superman again Superman Returns Deserved a Sequel

  • Soepieman99
    Soepieman99 3 months ago +1

    Finally !! I've literally been waiting 13 years for this AMAZING news !! Always hoped for another movie, but this is just as sweet !! Brandon Routh was always that classy Reeve-like Superman and it felt like the proper passing of the baton back then. Dare I hope for a spin-off too... 🙏🙏🙃🙃

  • Gabriel Lezli
    Gabriel Lezli 3 months ago

    I’d there going to be like a new serie or just like an episode for the crossover

  • ramon jr tan
    ramon jr tan 3 months ago

    My superman.
    1. Christopher Reeves - charismatic superman,
    2. Henry Cavill - present superman, real-world superman, fighter, most powerful superman
    3. Brandon Routh - kindness aura, Kingdom Come superman(spin-off movie please...)

  • ramon jr tan
    ramon jr tan 3 months ago

    Am I the only one to hoping to see Brandon Routh Kingdom Come spin-off movie?

  • Kenny Kharkongor
    Kenny Kharkongor 3 months ago

    Yes Brandon Routh.

    G D JONES 3 months ago

    Routh should be superman again on the big screen

  • Squidward The Gamecat
    Squidward The Gamecat 3 months ago

    I always liked Brandon as superman. 😁

  • rock GOLD
    rock GOLD 3 months ago

    he's the reason why i like superman in the first place

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq Madiq 3 months ago

    Top gun is the gayest movie ever

  • R OwO
    R OwO 3 months ago

    I like Brandon auto man so cute

  • spaghetti now
    spaghetti now 3 months ago

    What about him in legends of tommrow??

  • John Tad
    John Tad 3 months ago

    Brandon Routh is the closest to a look alike to Christopher Reeve there is compare to other guys. imo

  • Incognito One
    Incognito One 3 months ago

    Looking forward to this. Should be great. I saw the interviews with the cast already. Between this, the continuation of Star Wars and the renewal and continuation of Ghostbusters, this is going to be a great 2019 -2020

  • Teyon Alexander
    Teyon Alexander 3 months ago

    Can we please have him meet the Atom?

  • Yoketat Foo
    Yoketat Foo 4 months ago

    I would like to see Brandon Routh return as superman in the big screen.

  • Mark Appel
    Mark Appel 4 months ago

    Good lord Routh is SO MUCH BETTER than that stiff Henry Cavill.

  • Saiyaman g
    Saiyaman g 4 months ago

    I just hope they don't use that stupid looking cape that Tyler Heochlin wears on his suit for Brandon's suit.

  • Gabriel Nore
    Gabriel Nore 4 months ago +1

    Brandon routh was thé bestttt

  • Albert Kieran Zinn
    Albert Kieran Zinn 4 months ago

    What will happen with Henry Cavill?

  • Xian XT
    Xian XT 4 months ago

    But what about Nicolas Cage as Superman huh? I think I speak for all Superman fans when I say that Superman needs Nicolas Cage!

  • Victor Djinn
    Victor Djinn 4 months ago

    CW's Arrowverse aside, Brandon belongs in another Superman movie. There's no reason why it couldn't be done. I remember back in 1983 when two James Bond movies came out. Octopussy starring Roger Moore, and, Never Say Never Again starring Sean Connery. I saw both movies in the theatre. I liked both movies. Originally released on VHS, Octopussy could be easily found while Never Say Never Again was difficult to find . I've noticed that in DVD sets, Never Say Never Again is not included because it's considered "counterfeit" because it wasn't done by United Artists. So What? United Artists might like to know that in spite of them I have several copies of Never Say Never Again on VHS and on DVD. I watched Superman Returns 3 times in the theatre, bought the special edition 2 disc version on DVD and also have two other "back-up" DVD's which I have watched a few times. I normally only watch a movie "once". The only recent exception that I can make to that is Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. I watched it in 3D. I watched it in 2D. Bought the special edition DVD and a couple of additional DVD's. I'm not too easily won over. Gal won me over, the same way Brandon did. Both of them..."nailed it"! Brandon Routh not in a Superman movie is a terrible waste. The clock is ticking. Somebody with deep pockets could make this happen.

  • bond 007
    bond 007 4 months ago

    Depois de Cristopher Reeves! esse é o melhor Superman da atualidade eu parei de ver filmes do Superman porque trocaram o ator. Que volte o brandon routh.

  • wnerk o
    wnerk o 4 months ago

    tom welling is stepping in as superman again also👍👍👍

  • Citizen Steel
    Citizen Steel 4 months ago

    im so glad he gets to do this huge thing before leaving legends of tomorrow 😭

  • Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees

    Routh should go back to the Big Screen... Movie Screen since Cavill is gone. I loved him as Supes in 2006

  • Marcus Dedracus
    Marcus Dedracus 4 months ago

    He’s is good as Superman but the movie suck

  • Crimson Doodlebear
    Crimson Doodlebear 5 months ago

    So that essentially means we got Christopher Reeves Superman. Because Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeves played the same incarnation of Superman.

  • Cameron Karr
    Cameron Karr 5 months ago +1

    Oh shit the Super Vegan Todd is returning?

  • Chimen Express
    Chimen Express 5 months ago

    The movie universe decides not to do anything with their Superman, good thing we have the TV universe.

  • Landon Biondo
    Landon Biondo 5 months ago +2

    well that's it I'm off to see my lawyer to draw up my will. i can finally die happy.