Bash: Trump trying to clean up John Bolton's remarks

  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • President Donald Trump contradicted national security adviser John Bolton on North Korea policy, dismissing talk of applying the "Libyan model" to the denuclearization of North Korea and reassuring Kim he will remain in power if he gives up his nuclear weapons.

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  • rohan man
    rohan man 2 months ago

    Sheldon adelson the zionist moron who bankrolled trump pushed the president to accept this man with the ugly mustache as security adviser sooner or later trump and mustache-man will clash just like trump and Rex drama became public

  • Syed Ottman
    Syed Ottman 6 months ago

    Bolton is sick war monger Jesus Christ

  • Purple Flame Tarot
    Purple Flame Tarot 8 months ago

    Like Guiliani we'll "get his facts straight." He's new.

  • Zomadee
    Zomadee 9 months ago +1

    Trump fires Bolton, but keeps his mustache! 😂

  • Zhang Zhuisui
    Zhang Zhuisui 9 months ago


  • 1 GMAN
    1 GMAN 10 months ago

    Crap. I didn't know this was cnn. Bye

  • Raphael The Messenger of Fire

    America will be defeated by China simply because of North Korea has fooled USA all along, and North Korea will most certainly drop its nuclear bomb on America soil in near future! Moreover, Taiwan will be used by China to develop AI to crush America in the future war. Cheers everyone!!

    JONNIE TRUTH 10 months ago


  • davmanx
    davmanx 10 months ago

    What model or no model, decimation or decimate.
    If US is going to kill him just say it plain simple
    Why all these beautiful words from a *Terrorist country*
    Just announce that USA will kill off Kim and China is to be blamed

  • riheg
    riheg 10 months ago

    Karl Golden where Bobby goes fire follows

  • Rhiannon Willoughby
    Rhiannon Willoughby 10 months ago

    liberals suck

  • Roland Maruska
    Roland Maruska 10 months ago

    Here is how you clean up the Bolton mess: fire him. So many of these neocons are ashamed of not having served in the military, that they compensate with hyper-aggressive behavior. Bolton loves to mention that he is the son of a fireman. I wonder what daddy thought when sonny boy avoided serving in Vietnam. Another famous draft avoider turned hawk was the late actor John Wayne, whose widow Pilar felt his right wing views stemmed from shame. Wayne was a supporter of FDR and Truman. but later veered to the right. Hey, as long as someone else served, right?

  • Bestoink Dooley
    Bestoink Dooley 10 months ago +1

    Did you hear that! Trump flat out said if they don't make a deal, they're going to be DECIMATED!!! OMG. WTF! And if Kim does make a deal, Kim loses his deterrent and he's at crude idiot Trump's mercy. Kim can't be stupid enough to make a deal with Trump. Trump is like a mafia boss, making an offa ya can't refuse!

  • Dani
    Dani 10 months ago

    How is it "cleaning up"? He made it worse.

  • Seldom Seen
    Seldom Seen 10 months ago

    Chauncey the Gardner, please tell us: "What do you think of John Bolton's remarks regarding North Korea and Libya?" Answer: "Well, a Scarecrow's effect is fleeting , you can keep stuffing it, but it's deception becomes transparent to all!"

  • jamc666
    jamc666 10 months ago

    trump throws many variants of shit at the wall and looks for the one which sticks best

  • Chappie 27
    Chappie 27 10 months ago

    Bolton forced his wife to groupsex

  • Amy Marie
    Amy Marie 10 months ago +1

    The more Dotard repeats something over n over in the same breath the more dumb n delusional he sounds

  • Alan Dawson
    Alan Dawson 10 months ago

    Just how the hell did that crazed lunatic Bolton get ANYWHERE NEAR any point of influence??HE IS totally insane.His ONLY view is attack/invade/war. HE has o else to offer---in fact he is a very dangerous madman.HE wanted to invade Iran---saying it will be bloody,but if we don't do it now,it will be far bloodier later. OK you 4eyed moron--YOU go in with the 1st wave.Show us how brave YOU are.Now the half wit writes an article saying a pre-emptive strike on NK is needed--now.EXACTLY at the same time as very delicate talks are going on with Jong UN About a meeting.Bolton has completely soured the air.THE skinny,stupid,4eyed,moustached one trip pony should NEVER have got near power.HE IS NUTS,insane,and a 700%liability.Bolton must be thrown out onto the srapheap of failed"advisors"HE CAN join the EU.They're full of useless shits like him

  • Bennie Crawford
    Bennie Crawford 10 months ago

    The only one worse for the country than Trump is Bolton. These two together are a dangerous combination.

  • Left anti pc
    Left anti pc 10 months ago +1

    US is so lucky that it’s past administrations have accumulated a lot of good will and the US military is such a dominant force. Otherwise, with a dotard president like this? The US will get so *decimated*

  • Momszy Cat
    Momszy Cat 10 months ago

    What a moron.

  • Lazarus Woods
    Lazarus Woods 10 months ago +1

    John Bolton's mustache is evil. Lol, I don't trust it! It lurks the street at night...

  • PS Wright
    PS Wright 10 months ago +1

    For the love of God! Stop saying "decimated." That's the opposite of how you convince them not to worry. Stop saying it. Don't say it. DARRRR! He couldn't resist saying it one more time. Decimated. Well, I'm sure NK feels much better about this deal now. Decimated.

  • Brian Allen
    Brian Allen 10 months ago

    Decimate.....Decimate.....Decimation......Decimation ! Boy, he loves that word. Any deal with the DPRK is now decimated. What an idiot.

  • BibleOrTraditions
    BibleOrTraditions 10 months ago +1

    Bolton is the same neo-con Zionist that talked George W Bush into Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. Of course we know there were none. Bolton is a warmonger, and his placement into the Trump admin was a huge mistake. Everything Bolton touches turns to blood.

  • Matthew Dobbs
    Matthew Dobbs 10 months ago +3

    Do people know the meaning of decimation, because trump's multiple use would infer his lack of understanding. Train wreck president!

  • Mary Boyle
    Mary Boyle 10 months ago

    "We decimated that country" he is so proud. Thats exactly what america does to every country they attack and Kim Jong Un knows that

  • Skanzool
    Skanzool 10 months ago

    Trump was an idiot for bringing Bolton on board. Kim Jung Un is not stupid, he knows what's going to happen to him if he gives up his nukes. So much for his laughable Nobel! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • jpkjnn
    jpkjnn 10 months ago +1

    Trump is decimating our country. It will be a generation for it to recover - if it ever does. The amount of damage he's done is truly incalculable.

  • peope1976
    peope1976 10 months ago

    The rest of the world knows that WH cannot be trusted and will be completely different after Trump.
    There is no point in making deals with USA. It is a matter of riding out the storm and hope for better times.
    Any big deal could take years to complete anyways. Like a trade-deal between EU and USA.

  • tino v
    tino v 10 months ago

    And you want Kim to BELIEVE YOU ?? HA HA HA !! sureeeeeeee we know Americas Signature's....(dont mean SHIT) !!

  • Haywood Giablomi
    Haywood Giablomi 10 months ago

    Is warmonger Bolton looking for somewhere else to fuck up?

  • Darren Hawkins
    Darren Hawkins 10 months ago

    Moral of the story keep your nukes and America will not Fuck with you. FACTS

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 10 months ago

    Look at Bolton in the background, bricks are falling... Get out now Bolton! hehe I'm really starting to feel sorry for this Trump family... Sad

  • chakra25king
    chakra25king 10 months ago

    Decimate means to destroy exactly 10% of something, no more no less. Learn English Mr. President.

  • Marietta K. Harris
    Marietta K. Harris 10 months ago +1

    Another trump leaky Depends moment . KIM CAN'T TRUST TRUMP NEITHER CAN AMERICA PEOPLE.

  • Mr Jee
    Mr Jee 10 months ago

    Oh. Donald Dumb learned a new word. ”Decimation”
    As always his context is off. president???

  • riheg
    riheg 10 months ago

    Warmongering CNN... here we go again. How about making it clear that the Libya war was based on a lie (like two Iraq wars and Vietnam), and you americans have not rebuilt one country before you talk about destroying the next. Do your jobs and ask those critical questions. You have no idea how unpopular America has become around the world and why, because of biased media like CNN

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain 10 months ago

    Let's not forget the criminal activity of Clinton foundation in the state department in Libya

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain 10 months ago

    Let's not forget the crimes of the Democrat politicians uranium one Hillary Clinton

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain 10 months ago

    let's not forget the reason that North Korea has nuclear weapons President Bill Clinton Google CNN news 1995 gives North Korea nuclear reactor

  • Freethinker NJ
    Freethinker NJ 10 months ago

    I cannot believe how racist this horrible man! I can't believe how blind people are🤔 is

    DANI SMITH 10 months ago


  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt 10 months ago

    And CNN spreading lies like shit in a cow pasture..

  • raven beast
    raven beast 10 months ago

    This is what you get when an orange buffoon contradicts EVERYTHING that he himself railed against during his campaign!! Then he brings a bunch of war loving neo-cons "SWAMP" into his administration to rinse and repeat the Bush policies!

  • Priscilla Parisi
    Priscilla Parisi 10 months ago +1

    I'm so embarrassed he's our president

  • PaulTooLive
    PaulTooLive 10 months ago

    We decimated that country!? SMH

  • Andre Cabezas
    Andre Cabezas 10 months ago

    CNN bubbling...

  • James Ricker
    James Ricker 10 months ago

    If Trump is contradicting Bolton, Bolton is getting fired soon

  • M
    M 10 months ago +1

    Excellent reporting even if everyone looks ridiculous trying to decipher insanity.

  • supreme lokki
    supreme lokki 10 months ago

    Trump and Bolton playin Good cop n Bad cop with Kim here ..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fukuzo Moguro
    Fukuzo Moguro 10 months ago

    You people have to consider what will happen if a nuclear bomb manufactured by North Korea falls into the hands of a terrorist organization. It is NO time to jeer about President Trump.

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
      Nurlinda F Sihotang 10 months ago

      +Johan Mahoney-Berg HEAR!HEAR! how rich is USA, talking about NK while they profitted from weapon dealings like a good death merchants are.

    • Johan MB
      Johan MB 10 months ago

      +Fukuzo Moguro Have you Americans considered that the weapons you sell to Saudi Arabia end up in the hands of terrorists

  • Lynn Cameron
    Lynn Cameron 10 months ago

    Trump's playing a game of chess? The man is incapable focusing his almost nonexistent attention span on playing checkers let alone having the intellectual capacity for a thoughtful game of chess! lmbo

  • Niklas Gestlöf
    Niklas Gestlöf 10 months ago

    NK is celebrating, they want the US to be disarrayed give some concessions that don't matter an continue as they have been while allowing Trump to call it a success and eliminate the risk of war!

  • Roland Oliver
    Roland Oliver 10 months ago +1


  • Blue B
    Blue B 10 months ago

    We just can have America and Israel have any nukes as well. Wow, Trump the tyrant and a war criminal taking about killing, murdering and destroying any coutries that does not bend backward for the US. And what diplomacy are these bimbo sluts are talking about? This is not diplomacy, this is bullying and attack on international laws.

  • Robert Sørensen
    Robert Sørensen 10 months ago

    The reason you attacked Libya/Gadaffi by proxy, was their effort to get away from using the US dollar in trade for all African countries, and make a new valuta based on gold instead of the dollar...

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
      Nurlinda F Sihotang 10 months ago

      pretty much. but of course the western devils would say it is because Gaddafi was monster...dictator...etc..

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones 10 months ago

    Will The anti-christ save us from Trump? To learn more, buy my book!

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones 10 months ago

    Negotiate to our benefit or face war. Since when did we turn into the baddies? To learn more, buy my book.

  • Bill P
    Bill P 10 months ago

    Aww. Someone taught him some new words. Isn't that nice

  • a hellenic pagan
    a hellenic pagan 10 months ago

    No, not chess, chicken

  • Back Porch
    Back Porch 10 months ago

    Trump is such a damn clown. He's giving out this fairytale that stuff will be better if North Korea gives up its nuclear deterrent. He's babbling if a deal isn't done then what happened to Kadaffi could happen to Kim. Well, guess what? What happened to Kadaffi happened to him because he gave up his offense. Kim isn't dumb. He saw the video of Kadaffi being killed with a metal pipe up his ass and he sees that could very well be his future trusting America.
    Trump is a pathological liar. Anyone who trusts him is a fool with a death wish.

  • KB Peters
    KB Peters 10 months ago

    So let me get this straight. By combining two different events which happened in Libya, Trump has sent a fucked up message to NK:
    The Libyan model is when a country does give up its weapons and then a few years later the US backs the decimation of said country.
    Oh, that should reassure NK that the US is a totally cool country to make treaties with....oh course, let's forget the whole make a deal with Iran and then pull out of said deal thing.

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
      Nurlinda F Sihotang 10 months ago

      stupidly, he forget that Asian had once trust US in 1940s( well, far older than 40s for Japan and Republic of China), and once trust western devil, both resulting in backstabbing and colonization.
      you know how USAn always thinks asian are all nerds and good in school? yeah, if we learn something..we tend to remembers it.

  • fu2hong2
    fu2hong2 10 months ago

    Trump makes big and right and creative decisions

  • desiguy55
    desiguy55 10 months ago

    john bolton needs to be fired. he is an idiot.

  • sydney wellington
    sydney wellington 10 months ago

    Trump is playing politics. That's it for him: a game. Like everything else.

  • jimi
    jimi 10 months ago

    trump is the perfect example of a republican

  • martin ruffley
    martin ruffley 10 months ago


  • Fred Fernackerpan
    Fred Fernackerpan 10 months ago

    Is it possible to get any more idiots into the US government ?
    You have to despair at the US education system when it produces people like Donald Trump & John Bolton as outputs.
    Jeez, America, is this the best you can find to lead your country ?

  • E. B. C.
    E. B. C. 10 months ago

    He sounds insane.

  • Hashim Shata
    Hashim Shata 10 months ago

    So the Libyan people had nothing to do with it

  • Kasper Utz
    Kasper Utz 10 months ago +1

    Trump is so weak here. He's told everyone he wants the Nobel Prize, he desparately wants a legacy, Trump has maximum another two and a half years in office.... Kim can afford to wait him out. So long as he conducts no further missile or underground tests, the international community won't support an attack on North Korea. One of the advantages of being a dictator is not having to worry about elections and term limits....

  • SIG
    SIG 10 months ago

    Bs....trump claiming credit for accidentally solving the north korean issue....doh

  • Emia Main
    Emia Main 10 months ago +1

    One zero not always happened, sometime it happened opposite or zero zero. So don't make illusion before you make decisions!!!!

  • Freewheelin' Franklin
    Freewheelin' Franklin 10 months ago +1

    John Bolton has only been on the job for a couple of weeks. He'll get his facts straight in time. I only hire the best.
    What a clown show.

  • Kim Heewon
    Kim Heewon 10 months ago

    Trump he is the only man who deserves the nobel peace prize for great deal with north korea toward the peace of the world!

  • 990scar 990
    990scar 990 10 months ago

    Someone is going to get tired of the BS, take matters into their own hands and this is the end.

  • MacGregor Wiggins
    MacGregor Wiggins 10 months ago +1

    Unfortunately, North Korea's insane dictator is smarter than our insane dictator.

    • Emmett Hardie
      Emmett Hardie 10 months ago

      I see an entertainment opportunity for A WWF, Insane Dictator takes all series. First Up, Bashar The Basher Assad vs Evil The Turk Erdowan. Then Bibbi Nooseman Netanyahu vs The Iranian Punisher smack down. And the Main Event, a multi indiscipline showdown between Donnie The Douchinator, Twoface Trump & Xi I own Your arse Zing Ping. Referee is Vladimir, peacemaker, open book Putin. Let the fun begin

  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis 10 months ago

    Got to ask yourself, if you were kim, would you give up your nukes, which you have built at great sacrifice from your people, as a safeguard, in order to strike a deal with donald trump? Would you trust him? Bearing in mind the majority of americans dont ! Well, no.

  • N.G.H. Calmarena
    N.G.H. Calmarena 10 months ago

    "The art of the deal" ..... is mainly, to keep and defend it, which never is a lying moron's first thought.

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore 10 months ago

    0:19 -- Hooray -- Dumbo Donald shows off that he learned a new word today: "decimated"! Say it again for your dumbo supporters to learn it, Dumbo Donald. Yeh, go on, say it again. Say it again. See? You CAN teach an old rapist new tricks.

  • CREvothegreater
    CREvothegreater 10 months ago

    he did it beautifully.....

  • Steve Kambiski
    Steve Kambiski 10 months ago

    All our govt cares about is more wars while the normal people lose, he helps China more.

  • p ace
    p ace 10 months ago +1

    For sure KJU can't trust this administration.... KJU without nukes will be much worse than Qadafi coz after denuke N.korea its just enough KJU wouldn't be agree with a small matter with this new administration then US base in south korea will invade N.korea......,now trump realizes what big mistake he made by hiring bolton..... Bolton is a war criminal and he must be in jail, not in WH

  • John_ Carter
    John_ Carter 10 months ago +1

    tiny trump just defended JOHN BOLTON... let that sink in!!!!!

  • Ronald Tipton
    Ronald Tipton 10 months ago

    oompa loompa has no idea what he's talkin about lmao

  • Richard Willford
    Richard Willford 10 months ago

    Trump is such a pro!

  • CJ CJ
    CJ CJ 10 months ago

    The best president America ever had,hypocrites won’t agree,as if they can do what he has been doing for the respect of America-Trump is a wonderful leader.
    Trump can clean up any mess that’s one of the qualities of a good leader-“To Clean all Mess”-That’s what a leader does-Learn.
    Congratulations “You all knew what Libya Model was and couldn’t do anything to say either it was good or not”-Shameful.

  • poplife123
    poplife123 10 months ago +1

    He is totally out of his depths ....America needs to wake up fast

  • peter deed
    peter deed 10 months ago +1

    Kim could not believe anything from the obese orange moron

  • peter deed
    peter deed 10 months ago +1

    He made no sense at all - old fatso has lost it - then again he never he had it

  • peter deed
    peter deed 10 months ago +1

    Incoherent old fool

  • peter deed
    peter deed 10 months ago

    Old fatso looks like he is ailing and senile

  • peter deed
    peter deed 10 months ago

    Bolton is another moron appointed by the obese orange man

  • poplife123
    poplife123 10 months ago

    Leader of the free world huh.....

  • hendrick parks
    hendrick parks 10 months ago +1

    LOL!!!!!! Bolton got burned already!!!!!!! Anyone that works for Trump is an idiot. Did anyone see that video where Sarah calls CNN fake news. So far everything they've said about Trump, his cabinet and his life has been on point. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tirpitz19
    tirpitz19 10 months ago +1

    A fifth grader would sound more intelligent than Trump.

  • Don Brown
    Don Brown 10 months ago +2

    I knew Bolton would find a way to blow this rapprochement up -- he can't operate in a peaceful environment...

    • Don Brown
      Don Brown 10 months ago

      Yeah...there goes that Trump Nobel Peace Prize, I guess. Pity.

    • Bennie Crawford
      Bennie Crawford 10 months ago

      Don Brown Bolton has always had one objective, he wants war. Although he dodged Vietnam. So here we have two old draft dodgers itching to start WW3. Unbelievable.

  • Jack Jammen
    Jack Jammen 10 months ago

    Bolton is an insane fossil that needs to go away. drumpfff too