The Rise Of Solar Power

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Solar power is on the rise. You can see the evidence on rooftops and in the desert, where utility-scale solar plants are popping up. The picture is not all rosy, but if the recent past is any indication, solar power is going to help lead the transition to a carbon-free future, and it might do it faster than we all expected.
    Elon Musk and Tesla promised solar roof tiles in 2016, but the industry might not need an upgrade as its grown significantly with the solar panels currently available. You can see the evidence both on individual rooftops and in the utility-scale solar plants increasingly popping up in deserts across the country. In the United States, of all about 30% of the new power capacity added to the grid in 2018 was from solar.
    But the picture is not all rosy. Solar power (and sunshine) is intermittent and the price of lithium ion batteries, one of the most popular current storage solutions, is still relatively high.
    These are real problems that the industry needs to tackle if solar is going to reach its potential. However, if the recent past is any indication, solar power is going to help lead the transition to a carbon-free future, and it might do it faster than we all expected. Watch the video to learn more.
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    The Rise Of Solar Power

Comments • 1 910

  • W K
    W K 26 minutes ago

    I tell you, if I lived in a state like California that shuts down power when the wind blows, you bet I'd invest in a solar system to protect my family from idiot bureaucrats. I hear they murdered one guy last week because his breathing machine had no power. It's sad that in some places we have to treat bureaucracy like a natural disaster, but we're at that point. Protect your family.

  • phillip st
    phillip st 15 hours ago

    don't forget water can create power too...rivers oceans lakes plumbing makes as much sense but never gets mentioned in these videos

  • Tim martino
    Tim martino 2 days ago

    Hmm...the rise off ? What does this mean ?

  • David Analyst
    David Analyst 2 days ago

    California is leading the way by turning off their electricity, All their power companies are bankrupt, and they can't pay people to deliver electricity in San Francisco

  • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world

    Just think how many solar panels it would take to charge one P100D within one hour? 100kw size farm!!! Truth is Tesla gets its power from oil and coal.

  • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world

    We need new technology so the old will become much cheaper to buy. What if batteries and solar became twice as powerful per size it would take off.

  • Tim Lucas
    Tim Lucas 3 days ago

    North Carolina doesn't have deserts or plains. Other than that - fantastic news! Great video!

  • Joe Peluchette
    Joe Peluchette 3 days ago

    Not allowed where I live I would dispute this but 12 grand upfront not gonna happen also most of plants shown are only releasing steam into air so that's first thing that raises red flags and me second guesse on weather this is even true

  • Fook Seng Loke
    Fook Seng Loke 3 days ago

    Does anybody try generating energy using carbon dioxide in the air yet?

  • Michael Phelps
    Michael Phelps 3 days ago +1

    Remember: paying off your solar loan doesn't equal break even. It just means you've paid off the loan. It may take another 10+ years of electricity savings before those savings equal the sum of the loan payments. That's the long game of ROI.

    EMIL V.GEORGE 3 days ago

    Please also search for the airport competly run on solar power only ..
    It's in Kerala in India😀

  • Aus
    Aus 3 days ago +1

    i’ll say global warming is the rise

  • Daoharu Boro
    Daoharu Boro 4 days ago +4

    India has world's largest solar park.

  • tomcat8662
    tomcat8662 4 days ago +1

    7-8 years break-even with tax credits. Without tax credits it would likely be 10-11 years break-even which is around the lifespan of a solar panel. So basically there is no cost savings.

  • Danny G
    Danny G 6 days ago

    Do nuclead next

  • Hebe Gebes
    Hebe Gebes 6 days ago

    cold fusion

    • Hebe Gebes
      Hebe Gebes 3 days ago

      @fhd fah what about teslas vibration or cant they extract power out of the envirinment since theres so much energy all around us

    • fhd fah
      fhd fah 3 days ago

      Science fiction

  • Function Motors
    Function Motors 8 days ago

    It doesn't make any sense to install solar panels on residential roofs, I already did the math. It will take 40-50 years to get your money back and life of solar panels is around 25-30 years. Only way it will make sense is if utilities start paying you cash instead of energy credits. Essentially, installing solar panels on residential roofs will only burn holes in people's pocket. Just replace all the light bulbs in the house with LED/SMD bulbs. My electricity bill went from $40-45/month down to less than $30/month, and the bulbs are 2-3 times brighter than halogen or CFL bulbs. I guess the only case it will make sense is, you have two electric cars, you charge them at home, and you drive a lot.

  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen 8 days ago

    Solar power is nice but we should do an "everything in the toolbox" approach like the IPCC suggested. Incorporate nuclear power and carbon capture with renewable. Net-zero carbon is the goal and a combined approach gets us there the fastest.

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 9 days ago

    Solar/Eolic by day, nuclear with thorium by night. There, perfect solution!

  • Udum Spam
    Udum Spam 10 days ago

    why does solar and wind need subsidies if it is so great. Just another way to bleed tax payer money from us.

    • Andrew Breiter-Wu
      Andrew Breiter-Wu 8 days ago +1

      Because all other energy sources are heavily subsidized across our country (Oil, Gas, etc)

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis 11 days ago


  • Axel C
    Axel C 11 days ago +1

    Nuclear pls

  • Finance Junkie
    Finance Junkie 11 days ago +8

    This was informative and the interview clips were good. Ignore the negative comments.

  • shara 995
    shara 995 12 days ago +2

    When the sun, wind and hydro power is giving free energy supply, why are you digging the earth for crude? Fossil fuel should be inside the earth. But it is getting burned regularly. Say no to petrol and diesel vehicles.

    • MsSunhappy
      MsSunhappy 9 days ago

      Oil is used to make plastics and clothes

  • OffGrid Wanabe
    OffGrid Wanabe 12 days ago

    Hydrogen could be the answer for solar storage

  • Onoff314
    Onoff314 12 days ago +2

    Strange how Solar is so expensive in the US for households. Here in Australia you can get a 6KW system for 3-4k USD.

  • Brian Zack
    Brian Zack 13 days ago

    things with battery is they get wear up over time. imagine having to replace all those batteries on every power provider centre. imagine if it is installed in every home. how are we gonna dispose them appropriately? So we gonna need another plant/regulatory just to take care of the worn out batteries. not to say Li-Po can catch fire easily had something gone wrong.. so... yeah... the future of energy can be a difficult puzzle to solved

  • Bolivian Prince
    Bolivian Prince 13 days ago

    there is a lot of lithium in bolivia we should be having those batteries at 500 bucks in my town.

  • aslesh
    aslesh 14 days ago +1

    In India banks are not ready to finance solar projects ...
    because power produced from solar is itself cheaper then other sources that it does not make sustainable to fund these projects..

  • Jurgen M.
    Jurgen M. 14 days ago +1

    Go Solar

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R 14 days ago

    Why don’t we just use nuclear energy more

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 7 days ago

      @Anthony R: Ever hear of a solar power plant contaminating its surrounding area with radiation after an accident?

    • Anthony R
      Anthony R 14 days ago

      Thatyou GoOn High initial cost. However, lower kWh cost

    • Thatyou GoOn
      Thatyou GoOn 14 days ago

      @Anthony R

    • Anthony R
      Anthony R 14 days ago

      Thatyou GoOn Nuclear has the lowest cost per kilowatt hour compared to all sources of energy

    • Thatyou GoOn
      Thatyou GoOn 14 days ago

      Because of the cost per kWh

  • Ptguy0618
    Ptguy0618 14 days ago

    Completely impractical, massively expensive, non consistent, major maintenance required.

  • Sandeep Darpel
    Sandeep Darpel 15 days ago

    Very informative and looking forward to give innovative services globally from Smart Solar India.
    Sandeep Darpel

  • perf b
    perf b 15 days ago +1

    Right on! Kudos to all the solar cell engineers! How about a video on China's rise in solar?

  • Bahadur Ali
    Bahadur Ali 15 days ago

    Rosen the best brand me too have risen on my roof top.... dont know why risen left working with inverex pakistan...

  • Johnny MaC
    Johnny MaC 16 days ago +1

    When I lived in Europe it was common to see solar farms used to raise livestock also.

  • Raheel Pervaiz
    Raheel Pervaiz 16 days ago +1

    Solar energy god willing will be for the masses. No more scummy electric companies.

  • TheHvk
    TheHvk 17 days ago

    There may be hope for the future yet!!!

  • Golden Spatian
    Golden Spatian 17 days ago

    Solar panels still take rare earth elements

  • Tony Philip
    Tony Philip 17 days ago

    Cochin International Airport located in Kerala, India became the first fully solar-powered airport in the

    BOB MINION 17 days ago

    Until the cost of Li-ion batteries depreciates why cant energy be stored in like Pumped storage plant ?

  • Sridhar Natuva
    Sridhar Natuva 17 days ago

    0.29 64M US homes? Then why yiu start using the word "world" if your not talking world. Show some respect to other countries in the world.

  • Andy Erkfritz
    Andy Erkfritz 17 days ago

    Not excited about solar until battery tech catches up to help the duck curve

  • Travis Williamson
    Travis Williamson 17 days ago

    We need to reach those tech plateaus in order to develop new tech. That becomes the driver of innovation.

  • Travis Williamson
    Travis Williamson 17 days ago

    Tho Moore's Law was for the number of transistors that could fit on a microchip, it can be applied to almost everything in the universe.

  • ottawa
    ottawa 18 days ago

    We need some solar panel that is a lot cheaper than what is available currently to speed up the replacement of fossil energy source , e.g perovskite solar cell that has at least same efficiency as the silicone counter part but about 20-30% of the cost.

  • zane johnson
    zane johnson 18 days ago

    Why doesn't the landlords put solar in , and use it as positive reason for people to rent from them??

  • Tom G
    Tom G 18 days ago

    Need to discuss the toxic chemicals used in solar panels and how disposal of solar panels will be a huge issue in the future. Just trading one fallout for another.

  • Callandor
    Callandor 18 days ago

    Tesla leading the world in the green revolution. The Chinese are rapidly following behind.

  • Norman Byler
    Norman Byler 18 days ago

    without NG, & Oil solar components can not be built , but go ahead & spread your Fantasy!

  • Peter K
    Peter K 18 days ago

    That sound terrific but what about solar panel disposal? I understand panels have a finite life, are not easily recyclable and pose an environmental hazard if used in landfill.

  • Francis Weber
    Francis Weber 18 days ago +1

    Q. Can you power an aluminum smelter using solar and wind?
    A. NO!
    South Australia has the largest Tesla battery in the world, it can power an aluminum smelter for 8 minutes!

  • Omnipitous
    Omnipitous 18 days ago

    Gen 4 and 5 Nuclear is the way to go. Molton Salt Thorium failsafe reactors work day and night with extremely little waste. It can also burn current nuclear waste. If a Volcano blows up in Indonesia as it did in 1883, solar is screwed for years. Nuclear will power on. Chew on that for a while. Same thing if an asteroid hits like the one which nearly hit in August of 2019. Solar is screwed for years,. Nuclear will power on.

  • ZzHasbrozZ
    ZzHasbrozZ 18 days ago

    How much water is used to clean the dust off the desert solar plants?

    • ZzHasbrozZ
      ZzHasbrozZ 10 days ago

      Ryan Massie the wind is what causes it to collect the dust in the first place.

    • Ryan Massie
      Ryan Massie 11 days ago

      The wind handles it for the most part, occasional cleaning and they're good.

  • Aref Khairan
    Aref Khairan 18 days ago

    Because of war here in Yemen. Electricity produced %100 by solar panels

  • KIM I
    KIM I 18 days ago


  • Chi Tsang
    Chi Tsang 18 days ago

    down with dirty fossil fuels

  • James Wilsin
    James Wilsin 19 days ago

    The rise of socialist power😂😂

  • GOAT Gaming
    GOAT Gaming 19 days ago

    Solar is a scam.

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 19 days ago

    At night time the sun doesn’t shine.
    Listing maximum possible capacity as if it’s a thing is misleading at best.
    These all need back up. For every solar farm you need a real power station.
    They do more harm than good.
    Unless you can value the smugness greenies feel.